We got this super cool drone were gon na. Do a review of today, um really cool, looking guys uh. If you guys havent heard of lulin, they make a lot of cool drones, and this is one of their newest ones. They sent it to us to introduce it to yall and do a quick review of it. Uh guys its a weighs in at about 133 grams, which is only a quarter pound which uh that means we dont have to register it with the faa. It is recommended for ages 14 up, but i mean you know with me. I would say, probably 10 years old, if you with adult supervision, uh, be fine flying this drone, so were just going to open it up super quick and then were going to do what we came here to do, and that is fly on this awesome beautiful day. So lets just take a quick look at what we get in here. Theres, the drone. It is a folding drone, really sweet. Looking drone guys right here is your battery compartment. Oh guys, you get three batteries with this, so you should be able to get about 20 minutes for battery out of it uh. We did charge them up. It took about an hour to charge the battery, so battery goes right in there and youre good to go so thats. The drone well just take a quick look. What you get in here, theres our controller, you guys you will need four double a batteries for the controller Applause.

What else we get in here, all right, so guys what i thought was really cool about this thats unique! You get two chargers, so you got three batteries, but you get two usb chargers. You get a whole four extra blades, because if you fly like me, youll probably need these Applause that ones empty, and over here we got a bag of goodies with our screwdriver. Our two extra batteries – and this is the clip for our phone for the controller um. It does come with prop guards, guys uh if youre prone to running into stuff. You might want to throw these prop guards on there. I dont like flying with them. Just for balance issues, but that does come with the prop guard. So if you all want those on throw them on you more than uh likely need them uh all right. What else we got in here? Obviously, the user manual guys it is a drone, so get yourself familiar with the drone, and there is your quick start guide. This is the app that youre going to use to fly the drone. This would let you record video on all the goody stuff, so give us a few minutes here, guys well get set up and well get the lulin z3 airborne all right guys. So what youre going to have to do now? Just turn on your controller turn on your drone enter the luland drone app. I think it was fpv and a couple numbers there, and this is.

You can already see that the camera is working so go to your wi fi settings on your on your smart device and connect to the drones. Wi fi and you should be all ready to go so were about ready to fly here. So lets go ahead and do it lets see what it does left toggle forward, then back activates, the motors and were ready to fly were airborne. So remember guys it has that optical flow sensor on the bottom. So this isnt, like a drone thats just going to fly away. If you can see how steady it sits, there are trim adjustments that will make the super fine tune it, but that is pretty darn steady right there thats the optical flow technology that allows it to hover in place. When you let go of the controllers, it doesnt. Just fly away so pretty awesome, pretty stable. We are dealing with about a 12 mile, an hour wind, so that is steady, hover technology, so by default guys when you first start flying its going to be in slow mode, which is already pretty quick Applause. Oh, this thing is awesome, guys Applause. There was our 360 flip Applause, oh thats, so cool Applause, all right, guys, im gon na. Let you guys check out the video from the drone for a little bit and then well talk a little bit in a minute: Music. Music, Music, Music, my Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music – all right guys so to engage and get out of slow mode.

You just click in the right button and it has some pretty good speed on it. Now those little flips are pretty awesome. Remember it does front back side to side, flip Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, yeah, very safe bro. I did not know how to fly that. Oh Applause straight so now its facing Applause Applause. Look how stable that is guys very impressive. You can feel the wind coming down from the blades, so the stability of the drone, if you just wanted to let it auto hover very impressive, very impressive Applause Applause dont forget guys. The drone also has a headless mode if youre into flying. That way, i am not, but it is available. Applause, Applause, Applause, all right guys. So what did you think of the lulin z3 drone um? I thought it was pretty fantastic. I thought it was awesome. Um like a lot of drones. I enjoy flying them. Uh im. Obviously not the best pilot, but i really have a good time with them and had a great time with those uh. Some of the the particulars with it guys remember its about 130 grams, which is about a quarter of a pound here in america. The flight time on the battery when we were just flying around and having a good time taking some video and some pictures, we actually got about 25 minutes out of one battery uh when we, when we clicked it up to see the uh its got a high Speed and low speed when we just ran it all out the whole time on high speed, got about 18 minutes.

So pretty awesome battery life with the three batteries you get with it uh you can easily get over an hour worth of flying time. Uh. Nothing ever got hot or warm. The drone responded great to to the controller uh. The app was simple to use, guys uh easy to follow instructions on it uh. Obviously, if you have any questions about it, just leave a comment. Well answer anything you need to know about it: uh remember guys its just about a hundred bucks for this drone, so ive seen these features on drones. That are, you know three, four hundred bucks, so absolutely a great deal, uh luland, im glad that we found these guys uh. They have a pretty nice line of drones, uh one thing guys when youre putting that battery in something i struggled a little bit with it. Doesnt, if you just give the compartment lid just a little squeeze, it opens up nice and easy battery tucks away in there. No problem uh, like i said guys at 25 minutes on that its a 1500 milliamp battery. That is an awesome amount of fly time. You can really go out and have some fun with it. Uh well see what those pictures look like. The video remember records in 720p, uh dont forget guys that optical flow sensor, giving you that that great stabilization, when you just want to hover you know, take some good pictures and some video awesome make a great gift for kids.

Guys, like i said its 14 and over per the manufacturer, but i would say about 10 – maybe even a little less, with some adult supervision, no problem flying in this room. I had a real good time with it. Just leave it on the low setting. Let them fly around a big open field, they will love it. I promise all right guys so the luland, the z3 foldable camera drone great pictures, great video uh, definitely two thumbs up guys completely recommend it had a great time with it all right guys. I hope youre enjoying this spring weather. Finally sunny here in michigan.