Remember hit that subscribe and that notify button for me, so you dont miss any of my upcoming videos today, im going to review a drone that is made specifically for kids and its lulands x, 26 mini drone. This is a great drone for kids. I wanted to do one for the kids, so you guys can see it if you have a son or daughter or grandkid like i do, thats always wanting to fly your drones. This is a great drone for them to start learning on it made for flying indoors. The blades are completely enclosed, so the little fingers cant get to it best feature on this thing, though obstacle avoidance thats right. They cant run it into anything in the house, including mom. It will just stop and back itself up when it gets close to it. I cant wait to try that feature out. It even does a couple of tricks: the price not too bad 59.99 on amazon right now there is a 10 off coupon uh, so youre getting it for right around 50 bucks. I believe somewhere right around. There still think this is a great drone for kids were gon na unbox. It ill show you everything you get with it, well, set it up, which there aint much to do to set it up its pretty much just a gyro calibration to set it up, then were gon na put it up in my drone arena, or, as my wife Likes to call it her living room and were gon na see how well the obstacle avoidance works.

I really hope it works. Good, too lets go, get started and check this little dude out Music. All right guys lets unbox this little dude and see what we got its the lulan x, 26. Four channel pressure, fixed position, hovering drone here is the box. It comes in some of the features here logo. Here everything thats in the box is on the side thats. It pretty much it cool box too, because its a magnetic box here we go ready, some tissue on the top very cool. So right off the top here we have four bright: yellow spare propellers and one propeller removal tool. Yes, you know its a phillips head. Screwdriver fluorescent orange phillips head screwdriver too heres the drone wow its cool, its actually bigger than i thought it was going to be cool. It feels pretty good. It doesnt feel cheap at all its actually really strong wow im im surprised. That is absolutely really really cool. I like how the blades are completely enclosed, again perfect for a kid they cant get their fingers in there. My fat, ass fingers wont fit anyway, but itd be hard for them to get their fingers in there. So really it really is geared and made for kids. You can tell already just by looking at even the bottom is somewhat protected. You get four spare propellers, but you probably will never have to use them, but if you do you have them as protected as these propellers are, i cant see them getting damaged? It would be really hard to damage them, so it has four led lights on it.

I believe theyre, red and green and four obstacle avoidance uh system in here all four obstacle avoidance, so its four way directional obstacle avoidance. Now the obstacle avoidance only works in speed. One, if you put in speed two, it wont work it cant, detect the wall or the person or the dog or cat, or anything like that, quick enough, because its going too fast. So it will only work in speed one. But when we put this thing up to test flight were going to see just how good the obstacle avoidance work. It is an infrared obstacle avoidance, so its not like a laser sensor or anything like that. So you want to make sure youre in a well lit room for it to work. Well, the lower the light, the harder its going to be for those sensors to work. Your power button is right here, its hard to see it and its really hard to determine what is the front and back on this drone, but there is a way to do it so ill turn it on. I think theres a battery in it already. Oh, there is look, thats cool, yet green leds there and they highlight the propeller red in the front. Thats cool you just heard me say it. So the red leds is the front of the drone, and the green is the rear of the drone or you can do it by the power button. The power button is in the back of the drone um.

It can get confusing when you go to take it off, because you really cant tell front from back but thats how you tell just like that and you just press it again and it will shut off now on the bottom. Is your battery compartment and theres? Just a little clip right here and you just open it up and then slide this open and thats where your battery comes now, it does come with three batteries. So when you first open it guys, if you only see two batteries, dont freak out, the third battery is actually in the drone. Already theyre, not real hard to put in. It takes a little bit of finesse and finagling, but you can get it in there. The little fingers can probably do it even easier. My fat fingers made it really hard for me to get it in there and then you just kind of push this closed and just clip it back on and its its in there its in there really good too. Very cool all right so lets see what we have here. Oh well, lets just go to this since its sitting right here on the bottom of the box. That is one thick ass manual. You guys look how thick that thing is its got to be in some different languages: right yeah. It is in a bunch of different languages, but your manual, i know its a toy drone, and i know this is for kids, but read the manual top to bottom.

So you know everything how the drone works, what it does, how everything works on it. It will tell you, in the manual as well, about the obstacle avoidance not working in high speed, all that other stuff sit down with your kid educate them. Have them go through the manual with you, its really fun to do with them, and it gives them a sense that theyre theyre doing something right. You know its really well detailed. I dont know if theres a glare and you can see it, but its got great illustrations. The wording is pretty decent size for a manual. This small and just everything you need. It even has the parts accessories. So if you want to order more parts for it, you can, this really is cool. It has an exploded view of this drone, which i have five six hundred dollar drones. That dont have this kind of a picture in the manual. This is really cool. Tells you the motors, the all that other good stuff the size of the motor its an 07. The batteries are 3.8 volt, 700 mah battery, but all that good stuff in there remember dont, be a drone. Dummy read your manual top to bottom. All right lets get in here and see what we got here. All right here is our controller one controller with some bumpers on it. Dont fly with those on that probably wouldnt work very well decent sized controller perfect for little hands, though nice joysticks on it.

There really isnt much to uh this controller at all. To be honest with you, so you have your left. This is a again will be your descend and descend if you press the joystick in this is how you trim the drone, this isnt a gps drone. So its going to drift on you um, the kids may have a little harder of a time trimming it, but with a little practice i think they can do it its not real hard. You just push this left one down, hear it click there. You push it in and you just tap this joystick in the opposite direction. The drone is drifting so if its drifting forward tap it backwards, if its drifting left tap it to the right that all that other good stuff and that will fix the drifting on the drone, it wont be perfect, but itll fix it perfect enough to fly it. Then you have your forward and backwards now, if you long press this one which im not a fan of these being on the joystick, because when youre getting into it and youre going around – and you can sometimes press it in on accident, this activates the headless mode. If you long press it so if you press it and hold it, it puts you in headless mode if you short press it. This changes the speed on the drone, its a two speed, which is pretty cool and use one and two youre in speed.

Two on the top: you have your auto takeoff and lan button. You have your 3d stunt button, which is really cool. You just tap this hold it in and take this joystick and tap it in the direction you want. The drone to flip – and it will flip – does a 360 degree flip its really cool. They call it a 3d stunt button, but it does it and its really cool ill. Show you, when we test fly im, definitely going to do the flip, because its really really cool, so it does take four double a batteries and your power switch is here. You turn it on and well power on the drone here. Wheres my power button at see. Add it backwards so power it on now to pair the two, its really easy, its just the left joystick up and back like any normal drone. You have to pair the controller to thats, normally how they go up and back the lights quit thats. It youre paired and youre pretty much ready to go so well set him aside here for a minute. I want to get into this stuff here, theres a box of goodies in here. If i can get it out, oh here comes: what do we got? Hey all right lets check it out, see what we have in here. Oh so, its a boxed bag of goodies, its really well packaged im impressed with the packaging. So far, all right lets dump this out and see what we got here.

So this is where our other two batteries are. So again they are a 700 mah mini drone engine. You get three of them: theyre 3.8 volt 90 minutes per battery to charge and each battery will give you 10 minutes of flight time, so whats really cool. They do send, they didnt send three, but you do get two chargers to charge them two charging cables. You can use a 5 volt 2 amp charger box like the one you plug your cell phone in or you can plug it into a usb port on your computer im, going to take a little longer to charge it. That way, i think, but anyway you can use your charger box from your cell phone 90 minutes whats, that about an hour and a half to charge it and you get 10 minutes per battery. So with three of them you get 30 minutes which is pretty cool. Fly one go pop: the battery on the charger, real quick, continue flying by the time. Youre done, you wont, have to wait long at all, so not bad get two of them. I remember right. There is a little led light on here. That will let you know its charging and it will either turn off or stay solid when the battery is fully charged. Thats pretty much that so well pop these back in here, real quick, its cool, they send two chargers: normally you get one and you have to charge all your batteries with one cable and you do have to use this usb cable to charge your batteries because it Has that special connector on the end, so you cant charge all three at the same time, but im sure if you reached out to the company, email them or whatever they could probably sell you another charging cable.

I would imagine so well have to check into that and ill. Let you know later all right. So now we have it paired, so we did the joystick. We paired it. So now not gps, so theres no compass calibration, but you do have to calibrate the gyros, and this just helps the hover and all that other good stuff really easy to do. You just take both joysticks down and to the right so like this and youll see these lights. Will blink really quick so down and to the right there they go thats it did you see it watch again here we go one more time. Theyre calibrated now to unlock the motors you can take both joysticks and down and in and itll unlock the motors and lets start this dude up and see what it sounds like here. We go down and in come on hey. Why arent you doing it didnt! Do it there it goes. I was doing something wrong, so if you didnt see what i did you can down and in well start the motors and then you can also push this left joystick up once and let it go and that will unlock the motors too. You can hear its not brushless motors, naturally its just too small, of a drone to pop a brushless motor on there, but they sound pretty damn strong and to stop it down and in turns them off thats pretty much it youre set up theres no app for This drone again, this is really is a great drone for kids to start learning on.

They cant run into anything they dont have to freak out about it. They can actually just fly it and and relax about it and have fun and learn how all the controls work and all that other good stuff. I really like this drone for kids. This will make a great christmas gift this year. Grandson, yes, thats! It lets go put it up in the air and check it out, well see how the obstacle avoidance works. Well, do the flip see how it flies? Well, trim it all out lets go! Do it? Okay, guys here we go were going to test flight. The lulin x 26 – this is the drone with the obstacle avoidance were going to try it out ill. Do the flip well check out the obstacle avoidance? One thing you need to remember on this drone again guys the obstacle avoidance only works in speed, 1 or low, and the flip will only work in speed, 2 or high speed. So i will switch the speeds to show them to you and well check them all out see how they work. Here we go unlock the motors up. He goes hes pretty loud sounds like your typical mini drone. He flies really good. The controllers are super responsive, so thats good, theres, no delay in it, and he he banks pretty good, so im going to the right and to the left and ill stop him, and he goes right back so thats really cool so lets see here.

Lets get him in speed one and well check out the obstacle, avoidance and ill get him over here and im. Just gon na run him into the wall and well see if he stops or not. So here we go Music and there you go. I have the joystick completely floored and he stopped so that was super cool lets, see if he does it here and back he comes so the obstacle avoidance works, pretty damn good im, surprised, thats, really cool all right, so now im going to go ahead and put Them in speed 2 here we go and were going to do the flip. So now on the flip, you just push the flip button and you got to hold it in and then tap that right, joystick in the direction. You want him to flip and ill. Do a forward flip here and well well check it out. So here we go ready cool. I like the led lights. They give it a really cool effect. So lets do one more flip onto the side and he doesnt hit the ground and i didnt have enough that high, so thats pretty cool. So again, this is speed, two very easy to control, put them back in speed one and there we go nice cruising speed. Thats, a really good speed for kids to practice on too its not too fast and again thats perfect for the obstacle avoidance because it works lets see if it works again.

Here we go ah look at that didnt break any of my wifes collectibles, so its awesome. So im going to try it out on my camera man because he wants to know if it works on a person and its supposed to, but im going to fly it into his chest. So i dont take his eyeballs out in case it doesnt work and well see if it works ah, and there went so very cool, absolutely safe for the kids to fly. I, like it well get them back over here and ill hit the one key land and well land him and ill. Give you my final thoughts on the lulan x 26.. Here we go nice landing cool, well, wrap it up! Im gon na give you guys. My final all right time for my final thoughts on the x 26 by lulan. This really is a great starter drone for kids. It was super easy to fly. I was really impressed at how well the obstacle avoidance worked on it. It did the flip. It stayed up in the air all around great drone im. Definitely gon na give it five stars. I would absolutely recommend this drone for kids go get them one ill put the link in the description now that ive flown and seen how well it did fly that 59.99 price point is actually spot on. To be honest with you, and now the 10 off coupon is still there. So go get it while its there 50 bucks go, get your kids one hell go, get two of them fly around the house.

Have a ton of fun with the kids thats gon na. Do it for this video you guys, thanks for watching, remember, hit that subscribe and that notify button for me stay safe out.