Its really for indoors flying in the box or the screwdriver a little bit clip quite a quite a big booklet. Actually it says on here, thats for 14, plus so its really a kids drawing. So we have a drawing screwdriver and a little box with other goodies lets see controller okay. This is the screwdriver for the controller for the battery cover and the controller. It takes four double a batteries, but like the dji controller, its actually quite a nice feeling controller. It has its two two joy pack joysticks here and it looks like four triggers spare set of props one two, three four speed: four: four speed: props thats, quite handy and inside here we have what looks like connections and spare batteries; okay, so heres the battery pack And this these batteries will last 10 minutes. It says so theres one already fitted in the drawing i fitted it earlier and two spare batteries. You also get the two charging points usbc to the special connectors on the batteries to charge them up, so you just connect them charge them on any usb power outlet and charge up the batteries. Ive pre charged these batteries. Actually, okay, so thats what you get in the pack, but what you all want to know suppose this is how good is this? Is it any good at all? Well, theres an offline switch on the controller which you hold press down once and theres a little on off switch, which is quite hard to see on the top of the drawing and when you switch that on youll get flashing leds.

Two green and two right now. Thatll, let you know the orientation of the drawing when its in the air, the joysticks move in any direction, and they also click and then out for extra functions which are all explained in the manual Music. So there we go, we cant actually get it Music thats, not bad thats, not bad at all. Okay. So what do you think well, after having flown about only for a few minutes, i can see it as a really fun little drone. I think kids would have good fun. Its got quite a lot of different modes, speed mode, uh, slow mode, and it says you can do stunts with it as well. Um im not gon na try to do those stunts, but put, i think, three batteries. The battery will run for 10 minutes and you get three batteries: thats 30 minutes of flying time, thats thats going to use any good, any kids who gets gets this for their birthday or the christmas, its 50 quid 49.99 pounds sterling it retails up and do i Think its worth it yeah i do actually 50 quid is, is not not a lot for a present like this, its a good good quality, little drawing and uh, and it flies well. It has auto takeoff mode, Music and auto, and the obstacle avoidance is pretty pretty good. Would i recommend this drone for a child to play with as a starter drone? Certainly cant start them off on a dji mini 2 at 500.

Pounds attend the price 50 pounds to give them an idea to see whether they like flying a drone or not, and then then you could think about later on if they want to take it off as a full time hobby moving them up to the bigger drone. Then yeah, this is a good starting point. I havent tested it against any of its competitors, so i really dont know what other drones are like here, but i can see how it could be. It can be quite fun and in a bigger, a bigger indoor area than i am flying it here or in an outdoor area. It can be quite fun too, but lets see what the kids think hello there. This is the luan x26. This is max and hes going to test the woman for you and show you what it can do. Take it out, relax, hello, everyone so lets get flying controls on drones. On put these two buttons in together and away, we go fly the drone back down to me easy to fly. The controller has only got a few buttons, so its just a simple control for down and up left and right forward and back as you can see its hovering itself im not doing anything about the controllers away from me and its just hovering itself. Im going to control im going to do a collision avoidance test as this one does come with a collision avoidance feature, it does work against solid walls and it works against things such as curtains show you against a solid object, such as the fire exit door in Front of us just now ill fly it towards it and it bounces straight back.

Come back coming back to me, it will avoid me there you go and its easy to fly. Im going to show you now the thing about this void, its not so good. Is it doesnt? Have it up the it just bounces straight against the roof? So if you are flying this throne indoors, then that is something to watch out for this drone does come with the ability to do tricks and i have tried them a couple of times, but im going to need some more practice because they take a little bit Of time and a little bit of effort to master and the instructions for this do come in this manual, but i havent been able to master them yet its going to take a little bit of practice. If you want to try them im, not showing you what its like to change the battery, the battery replacement is pretty quick. If you know how to do it, but it can be a little bit fiddly since the plugs are very small heres. The next battery its pretty easy, though, as i have said slip it in, get the plug line it up and slip it in there. You can fly this road outside, but it can be a little bit floaty, as the winds can carry it away because its so light, but if you do end up crashing the case is very sturdy. This drone comes with two speed modes: low speed mode and high speed modes im now flying it in low speed mode, very controllable and good for beginners.

Once you get a little bit more practice, you might want to try it in hybrid mode im just about to flick it into high speed mode. Now, youll hear the two beeps from the controllers, and now it goes a lot quicker. It can also go without mentioning that this drone does not have collision avoidance in high speed mode heres. What happens in high speed mode when you fly it towards a wall and heres? What happens when you fly into a wall at low speed mode? It wasnt avoiding sticking in there, so that was the luland x 26 max. What did you think of that? Lowland x, 26 overall, actually thought it was great. It was good fun to fly. It was avoiding things because im a beginner and i was flying it towards things and it was just great fun overall. So thanks for letting me try it there, you go.