Welcome. My friends today were going to be looking at this. It is a lulin x, 26 drone, its uh. Basically, an indoor drone for the majority. You can fly outdoors, obviously on a very calm day and i have tested that um in private and it did work. Okay, you have to just be very, very careful and its made by lulin, but we can see here that its actually, the manufacturer is simia if thats, how you pronounce it simia model aircraft industries limited. So my very first drum was a simia. If thats, how you pronounce it, and so, therefore, the quality should be okay and before we get started, this is a full channel pressure. Fixed position, hovering drone. Okay, its got features such as, as you can see here, on the on the lid optical avoidance mode. One key take off and landing a six axis: gyroscope flashing led lights, headless mount and it does 360 degree. Flips lets have a quick look around the box here, so you can see it. This is what you get in the box, but well have a look at that in real in real time now the good thing about this as well, this box is its got a magnet on. I like a good box. So look you see i like that. Now this does come better packaged than this and there was no rip when i had it thats down to me, and it does state that it is for age 14 plus now, whether or not they have to put on there.

For certain reasons i dont know, but i suppose they have to, but any child thats sensible and got some kind of supervision could play with it in fairness and probably fly pretty well as especially like it with obstacle avoidance on okay. Now it does come better packages than this, but bear in mind. I have obviously taken a lot of stuff out, so this is the drone it comes in blue and yellow. I will put links in the description below for you to have a look. However. The yellow is around 77.78 pounds on the uk amazon store and the blue one is about 44 pounds roughly ill put a link in the description below. So you can have a look at that: okay, so thats the drone. Now it does come as well. Obviously, like i said better packaged, it comes with two of these one, for each of the analog sticks to protect it from any kind of distortion or kind of knocking it out of calibration, so thats a really big thumbs up for me, and this is the controller As you can see here, well go for that a bit more in a minute, but it does feel pretty well made. Okay, so lets just tip all of this out. Applause and well go from there lets get rid of the box okay. So this is what you get in the box. You get your drone okay, drones, very nice. Its got some lights on as well, some green and some red lights.

Is it very, very good? I like it? Okay, so thats good, uh, very light as well. Nice. You got your manual uh in different languages, and it uh explains things actually pretty pretty well, so that does say age 14 plus, but, like i said, you know, with supervision you can go down to as probably as young as five or seven years old depend on The ability of your child and obviously thats supervision as well uh we have four propellers uh therell, be two with a beyond. If you can just see the b there, maybe yeah and oh not the camera there and therell be two a so these ones will be a and these two opposite diagonally will be bs because they have a slightly different profile so that they can fly. You get your controller. Okay, your control is actually pretty nice. You get your screwdriver where which you can undo the screw at the back and put four double a batteries in there. Okay lets put that down uh, so your controller feels very nice. These two dont do anything uh. This one does your 360 degree flips. You have to press and hold it and then move the right analog stick in whichever direction, and then that will do your 360 degree flips and then you can just let go other drones. You have to press it once and it beeps and it does it, but this you have to press and hold okay, and this one here is for your auto takeoff and lanky very, very landing key, not lanky, london, key, okay, very, very useful.

These are your left and your right, analog sticks and for those of you that are beginners. So this one here, if you press forward, you will go up and then you will go down. If you go to the left, you will spin on x axis to the left. If you turn to the right, it will spin to the right and this one. If you go forward well move forward back well, move back, and if you go to the left, you will bank to the left like that. Okay and that one will bank to the right, okay and obviously thats your power button as well, and that i used to think that might do something like you could go, but no you cant, okay, you obviously get your screwdriver, as i explained for your batteries and You can take off your propellers with these as well, and if you need to like change your housing or do something with the housing theres, also several about five or six screws, or so there you can take off under each one as well. Youve got your batteries. They are 700 milliamp hour batteries. If im going to show you there at 3.8 volts uh they take. It says in the book about 90 minutes to charge uh realistically id say, probably takes a bit less than that. Probably around an hour from empty, give or take depends on your power source. You can charge it using these supplied very nice, yellow usb charging cables to charge it.

You just slide these into here, like that theyre going very easy, very secure, and you put that into your usb wall outlet or your computer or whatever. As long as its safe and theyll take around an hour to charge realistically id say, give or take and youll get around 10 minutes up to 10 minutes, give or take of fun time as well. Okay, so thats a total of 30 minutes in total, which is actually pretty amazing. So, as i said that this drone they sent me is blue uh, you can get a yellow one, but it is almost heading towards twice the price uh less ten pounds. Okay, but i will put a link in the description down below just so. You can check out the features yourself and look at the different colors as well. I will put a color. I will put some photos on the screen for you to look at comparing the two, the yellow and the blue, okay, which is taken directly from the amazon side. Just so, you got a better idea, but otherwise just click on the description. In the description, the link – and it will take you there to look for yourself now – this has got a six axis gyroscope, which means it can its actually pretty pretty level. I have to say it does 360 degree flips its got headless mode which, for those of you that arent sure is once you set a headless mode, that the direction of the front facing away from you, even if you spin it around like that, will still go Left and right away from you, okay, its very hot, easy to get disorientated as a beginner and for those of you that arent, maybe practiced and and have that kind of experience.

Yet, okay, so yeah, if youre, not sure you put in headless mode and then even if you, if youre facing that way, that way will always be uh forward and that will always be back. That will be left. That will always be right. And then, if you spin it on its axis and get completely muggled up, i dont know where i am now, then that would still go forward when you press forwards. If that makes sense to you uh, you get led lights on this as well. You get red on the front on the front here and green on the back, actually its green on the back and red on the front, okay and when they come towards you as ill. Try and show you in one of the uh, the video at the end. Uh, it looks like little eyes the way that theyre shaped as well very, very fun, very good uh. I enjoy the lights on there very, very much. You get lights on other little mini indoor drones as well, but you know like this. You can actually see these as well. The all lights up are very, very nice, its just the right amount of light as well, especially and the kids will love it too. Now it does come with two speeds: uh speed, one and speed two now speed. One is obviously a slower mode, uh perfect for beginners to get used to it and speed. Two is a bit more zippy.

Okay, now speed one! You can change the speed just by pressing the stick in okay. So if you do a short press, it will move to the next speed and move to speed. Two so itll always start off in speed one or it should do so, if youre not sure, just press the stick in and it should beep once if its in speed one the slower mode and beep twice, if youre in speed two now the point to make. As well is because this has got obstacle avoidance on that in speed, one obstacle avoidance is automatically on okay, which is actually really really good, so it stops beginners and children forgetting to so you dont have to put it on manually speed, one its slower. Its got obstacle avoidance, itll, just kind of get close to stuff and thats, actually really quite good. In that sense, ive tested it out, um yeah, very, very good, and even if you push and hold the key still wont go near that object. It says i dont think so i dont think so youre not getting me to touch that thing, its not like an ocd, okay, um and speed. Two has got no obstacle avoidance and obviously its a little bit more zippy as well. So just bear that in mind. Theres no way of turning off the obstacle avoidance in speed one or turning it on in speed two so its either on in speed one or its, not in speed two.

Now this drone does have a built in barometer and optical flow sensor. It does keep its height very well ill. Try and show you that in the video at the end, its i just got ta say i do feel it even outside. I tested this outside on a kind of calmish day, theres a little bit of a breeze, but not too much. You have to be careful. You know, obviously its not very heavy at all, but in speed 2 it helps a lot better outside. Although you have to be careful of the wind, so ill, just kind of keep it lowish to the ground about a meter and dont get too close to any kind of fences into your neighbors garden, because you might just lose it its got these little cages. On top uh to protect it, theyre not really rock hard, but they are a little bit soft, but just the right amount actually its like the happy medium. So if you crash it its not going to damage at all, in fact, i think youd find it very hard pressed to do so. Okay, it has got a safety feature that if youre flying it and say i dont know something gets jammed in there, it will try and move and if it cant it will just shut off okay, it does have a range im, not sure what the range is. Im guessing its normally around 50 meters, but you dont want to fly anything like this anywhere near to 50 meters.

You just wont see it. I mean you might do it when its a little bit darker with the lights on, but youre not going to be able to enjoy it as much okay, okay, so lets have a quick look again at this controller. So to turn it on you press this button and youll get a beep and a red flashing light. As you can see there. You would then also turn on your drone beforehand. Once youve connected your battery and youll get some flashing led lights on there. The red and the green lights will start flashing, okay and then, to pair this. To that you just press all the way up on the left, stick and then all the way down on the left stick as well. That will start flashing that will stop flashing and then these two will then be paired, so you can control it. Okay, so lets just turn that off for a second. So, as i said, these two dont do anything uh these bottom right at the top here button you press and hold that and then move in whichever direction while youre impressing that held down – and you will do your 360 degree flips uh. This one is your auto. Take off and lamb button, so you just press that it will take it to start up and take off to about a meter roughly in height and if you press it again, itll just slowly come down and comfortably land, a very, very good feature to take off.

As well, you can just press up once youre paired and the mounters will start to prime and spin, and then you can press it again and hold it up and youll start taking off as well on this as well. The left stick, if you press it in as well, you will enter trim feature and i wont go into that because its a bit more lengthy. If you look into there, it will explain so if you hover in and it always keeps going, maybe to the left or to the right or forwards. You know ive been obviously going to get some kind of drift and away from the wind or from the breeze from the propellers, but if its always going off the same direction all the time, no matter what, then you can press that center one and enter trim Mode now the right stick here, as we said that if you press it once it enters this different speed modes, a quick press like that and youll get one or two beeps. If you press and hold it a longer time, you enter headless mode, as i explained earlier, and for more information on that see the manual as well. Now another way of arming the motors on this, as well as up like that to start off and then up again to fly and obviously that one to take off. If you just want to arm the motors like, i said, you can go up and leave it or you can press them both down to the bottom middle and and they will start to spin up and get ready to fly.

Okay. So a safety feature in this as well is that if your battery and your controller runs out while youre flying or if it gets too low, then what will happen is your. This will start flashing and then just descend and land yeah. It does exactly the same thing as well if you start to fly outside of the range of whatever the range of this is, and that will depend obviously on any interference locally as well. Okay, so if you get slate so if its like 10 meters – and you got to 11 meters, you thought, oh, i cant. I cant detect any any control here, im free on freelance yeah and it will just flash a little bit and go whoop okay and nicely land its a very, very good feature, a good safety feature. So hopefully it shouldnt fly away unless it gets blown away by the wind, so dont fly outdoors in a gale force, wind or any kind of wind really so weve talked about arm in the motors, but no lets talk about disarming the motors. Okay. Now, as i said here, if you press the top right button here, this one, you press that it will just land and turn off. Okay, you can also hold down the left, stick for about two to three seconds and that will do exactly the same. It will just start landing and turn off. Okay, now in an emergency, maybe youre, flying towards the cat or the dog or or grandma.

What you can do is just again like just like you did to on the motors. You can press them to the bottom corner. The bottom center corner – and it will just stop and just well fall from the sky so but it is its its very, very durable. So i wouldnt worry about that at all its built to last its built for kids, its built for beginners. You can have no problems at all. An important feature as well is the ability to complete a gyroscope calibration if youre, not sure that is its got six axis gyroscope on it. So if your calibration is out, maybe its at a crash landing or whatever or you change the battery, then its always good on your first flight or if youve crashed to complete a quick gyro calibration. Okay, because the last thing you want is it kind of being tilted and thinking that is level, so, if its like that, you might think thats level or thats level or just even slightly okay, so you want it to be as level in the air as possible. So, to do this, you want to place it on a nice flat level surface. You want to turn attach the battery to the drone. Obviously press this little on button here you can just see there the on button. Okay, then you want to turn on your transmitter. You want to pair it up so its all paired together and then all you want to do then is pushing down to the bottom right corner here.

The lights on this will flash. I havent got the batteries in a moment and that will complete a jar of calibration it flashes for about a couple of seconds and then youre done so its always best to do that moving forward. So the size of this drone is approximately 13 from the widest point: 13.1 centimeters or 131 millimeters, and the height is roughly four and a half centimeters as well. Okay, so just to reiterate really really quickly on the bottom of this actually im going to show you about the where the drone goes. So you open this compartment. You got this kind of plastic bar here, so the drawer, the battery, just slides right underneath here like that and then youll connect the two cables. They can be a little tricky once in, but, as you can see, i got it in there not too bad this time on camera, not bad, it can be a bit fiddly and it does feel like thats going to snap off at some point by keep on Bending it but im going to have faith in them and presume that they have got some decent quality and im sure if there was an issue from the contact that ive had with them im sure they would be more than happy to help and assist with it. You do get a six axis gyroscope, so it keeps it nice and level and you do get altitude hold as well via the optical flow sensor.

You get a nice. What feels quite well made controller. You get three batteries, one in there and the two here for up to around 30 minutes of flight time, depending on what you do with your drum two charging cables to charge two batteries. At the same time, four spare propellers your screwdriver and your manual. Okay, you can do 360 degree flips headless mode by pressing holding this in speed, one, which is your slower speed. Dont forget for beginners and obstacle avoidance is automatically included in that and then pressing that one again you get two beeps and youll get a bit more of a zippy flight. Okay and this one here, if you press that one as well, you will enter trim mode. Uh 360 degree flips by pressing and holding that auto, take off and land very, very good button. There very nice clicks on these as well, auto take off and land with that. Ive already showed you how to pair it uh overall, not bad on first impressions. I think we need to go and test it out so ill, see you on the test flight, okay, guys so very quickly before we do the actual flight test and show you some of the uh the tricks and that that it can do in the real world. Well, in my living room, uh im just going to show you really quickly how to pair it and to do the gyroscope it because i didnt get a chance to actually show you how to do it so were just going to uh power on the drone there.

As you can see, so you can see here its flashing youve got green at the back and red at the front, so thats flashing, but then youre going to turn on. You can see. Thats flashing as well on the transmitter and all were going to do, is just put this up and then down and there we go so they are paired and then just to show you here, im just going to put them down to the bottom right hand corner To do a gyroscope calibration and thats it so now lets fly and test it out. Okay, guys, so here is the test flight were just going to take off and let it hover were not going to do any trimming, etc. Uh. It will be in speed 2 for the hovering part, because speed 1 has the obstacle avoidance mode built in so that can kind of send it a little bit pushed away from things. Well then, im going to put into speed one and im going to show you the obstacle avoidance, actually pretty good uh for the size, the front and the back, and also well, try it in speed 2 and ill show you the they cant have obstacle avoidance in That well have a little flow around for about 30 seconds, just showing you the zippy speed of speed, two and well do some free 60 degree flips. So without further ado lets get on so im gon na take off Music.

Okay, so lets just bring that down somewhat lets, just try and aim the camera there. Obviously we got the down draft. You know from the propellers so that its indoor so theres going to be a degree of moving but thats absolutely fine yeah. So it does go to the one side very slightly, but normally its actually okay. Okay, if we take up a little bit higher, we might not have the same issue. If i can still show you a bit further back, not as bad is it, you see its hovering quite well there, its always going to be a degree of fluctuation and thats about doing anything at all to it as well, and now what im going to do Now is show you speed number one, so im going to press and hold the right stick: okay, you get one beep and then were in obstacle avoidance now. So this is the speed of speed. One lets put it a little bit higher so thats as fast as speed. One is thats all the way forward, so were going to test out the obstacle avoidance so im going to go towards the curtains just hold it straight down and youll see just bounces back. Okay, well, do that again and it bounces back okay, so its a bit like a ping pong machine. Okay, so lets get this a little bit closer for you and what were going to do is were going to turn the camera to the water wall and were going to go towards that wall.

I say all the way back so im just going to show this and hold it so im just going to hold it all the way across and it just holds back and im going to hold. It continue to hold it and it will just bounce back thats. Actually, pretty good, okay, so thats not bad at all. Okay, so lets just land it. For one moment, im just gon na hold down the left button and it just lands and turns off. Okay, now, dont forget to start it. We can just go like this and it will start up and like that will shut down. Okay, so we know were gon na press this button two beeps and were gon na now going to speed two and just have a little zip around just so you get an idea of that, and well also do some free 60 degree flip. So its gon na move the camera back a little bit for you just so you can see and well go from there. So this is in speed. Two, so were just gon na have a little zip around, as you can well, maybe that didnt okay lets lets redo, that one okay lets pause that okey dokey. So we are back so lets just try that one more time. Okay, so were gon na go forwards and backwards, so this is. This is the speed of it forwards and backwards its decent enough, like i said this is aimed at beginners lets just turn that back around the good thing about the lights as well on this, as if you can see the lights very well, it looks like you Got looks like youve got eyes there lets just raise that up a bit okay ill go forwards on it and youll see what i mean you see there, the lights.

Look like eyes, you see, you see there. You got the eyes that look like red eyes. Okay, so lets just turn that around so you can see here. You know we have a little fly around theres, no optical avoidance on. If you want to hit the curtains, we can ill. Just show you that, straight into the curtains, if you want to hit the wall ill, just move that across. If you want to hit the wall, we can okay lets show you that one more time, okay, so thats, exactly what its like ill show. You, the three 60 degree flips as well, so were going to press the top right back button hold it down and we got there so lets get that back on track and ill show you again, Music, not bad at all. Lets. Try that one more time, Music, Music. So overall guys, i mean final opinions on this. I like the fact that youve got one mode for obstacle, avoidance and slow speed. It makes sense, i suppose, for beginners, but you know it would be nice to turn it on and off as well. Just in case you want to just do slow speed without the obstacle avoidance um, but overall, its a really good drone, its really fun to fly. You get about a good eight to ten minutes, sometimes a little bit more out of each battery. You do get three batteries thats about an average of around 30 minutes as well.

So not bad at all. I love the little red lights at the front. Lets just uh not get too carried away with this, its very fun its aimed at children and beginners, but you know what i think im having fun with this, and it will definitely stay in my collection as well so yeah. I hope youve enjoyed this video. I will put a link in the description down below where you can buy it from amazon. Just have a go and look at it. If you want to look at the description, its about 45 pounds in the uk for the blue version – and i believe for some reason, the yellow version is a little bit more well a lot more expensive about 70 odd pounds ill put a link in the description To both of them just so, you can see what i mean. So i hope that is helpful to you, guys, um yeah um stay tuned. If you are new to the channel um you know or if youve enjoyed this video, give it a big massive thumbs up and also any comments or questions as regards this drone or the company of lulin, let me know and ill see if i can try and Answer it for you uh. Hopefully i can test out some more of lulus, slash, samias, uh drones because um, you know this seem pretty decent and the quality is very good as well. So if you are new to the channel uh, please consider subscribing press the notification bell and hopefully you can stay updated as to new videos as they come along.

So thank you for joining me on this test. Ive enjoyed it immensely lets do another couple of flips. He bounced off the floor there, the flips never get old. Do they now lets just fly towards the camera and see how it ends.