Lets check it out: Music, heres, everything that comes in the box, the drone itself, the remote control, which has two joysticks and a couple of buttons very simple to use. It takes four double a batteries that it do not come in the box with it theres a screw there that you need to take out in order to open that compartment. The drone itself takes one of these batteries. Its a small rechargeable battery one at a time flies about 10 minutes on a charge takes about an hour or so to charge one of these guys up and the charging unit. For that are these things. It comes with two charging units, so, while youre flying you can charge up your other two batteries just plugs into the into there, and this end goes into the any usb outlet that provides power on your computer or a wall outlet or anything. Anything like that comes with full instructions in multiple languages, pretty clear, not too bad um. I will be going through all the procedures for how to to start the drone up and and fly it. So you youll be familiar with that comes with four spare propellers in the unlikely event that you break one and a screwdriver, its just a simple small phillips screwdriver to replace the propellers, also handy for taking out that battery compartment thing, and it all comes in this Nice little box, everything will go back in the box, which is nice and its kind of cute.

Its got a little magnetic catch there. So all good all right lets go through the remote control to understand what the different buttons are and what they do very simple. First thing in the middle here is the on off button. You just push it to turn it on once once to turn it off, then theres, two joysticks, and they do multiple things and theyre also buttons. If you push them gently youll hear they, they click a little bit alright, so the left joystick is used to pair to your drone pair the controller to the drone and ill show you this in a second. It also is used to activate the propellers, and it is used to control the direction that your your drone is flying up means it goes vertically up down means, it comes down. Left means it rotates to the left. Right means it rotates to the right and the longer you hold it. The more it rotates the right joystick over here is a little simpler left means it moves to the left and right means it. Moves well to the to the right and forward is forward and backwards is backwards. Now. One thing to know about drones is that most most drones operate relative to the pos to the direction theyre pointing so, if theyre pointing in this direction – and you tell it to go to the left – it will go to the left like that. But if its turned a little bit so the front of the drone is pointing in this direction, and you tell it to go to the left with your right joystick.

It will move relative to the direction its pointing and that can be a little confusing, especially for beginners, who are you know, just trying to learn how to fly and all that kind of stuff. So theyve introduced something called headless mode and headless mode means that the drone will move always in the same direction relative to you or at least to the room. So when youre in headless mode and you activate headless mode once youve started the the drone up, you push the right button down the right joystick down and wait for it to give you a long beep. So its a long press and itll give you a long beep, then youre in headless mode, headless mode means that it always operates relative to the room, regardless of which direction the drone is is facing. So if the drone is facing say this direction and i tell it to go forward – it will go away from you if youre still facing in the same direction. Okay, if you tell it to go to the right, it will go to the right, even if that thats, the back of the drone heading in that direction, okay, so headless mode is, is cool um and it and its a fun way to learn how to operate. Your drone all right so to activate that long press on the right joystick. The other thing to know is the left joystick. I mentioned its also a button if you push that it will help you to adjust what they call the trim on the drone.

When you start your drone up, you might notice it starts. It starts to drift, maybe a little bit left or right. It will do that, first of all because of air currents in your room, if youre inside or wind, if youre outside you cant, do much about that. But if its sitting, you know say, i dont know two meters off the ground. Nowhere around any furniture or walls or anything it should not be drifting, it should be pretty stable and that trim function will allow you to adjust any drift, that it might have all right, theres instructions in the in the instruction manual how to do that. Its not a big deal, two other buttons uh on this side. On the right hand, side the the buttons on the left im, not sure what they are supposed to do, but they dont do anything. So the buttons on the right are are pretty easy. The top one is your one touch: take off and land button, so once your drone is connected, is powered on and connected to the remote press and hold that, and it will activate the props and hover automatically and once its in flight anytime. If you push that it will gently descend and land on its own all right, the bottom button allows you to do an acrobatic flip in the air and ill show you that once once weve activate activated it. Oh one other thing. So normally this drone will start up in low speed mode all right.

So once you start it all up and everything itll be in low speed mode and in low speed mode, its still pretty quick, its kind of cool it will have obstacle avoidance, which means that youll see and youll see this when im flying it. It will approach something, but it will kind of bounce away and you can also bounce it with your hand, which is cool when you, if you touch this this right, joystick and push it down quickly, it will beep twice and that will say its in high speed Mode when youre high speed mode well guess what it goes faster, but it also turns off the obstacle avoidance. So you dont want that. If youre just beginning, you want to be in low speed mode to go back to low speed mode, you push that button. One more time, itll beep once telling you that youre in low speed mode all right lets, put the battery in the drone and take it for a flight charge. The battery fully always fly with full batteries thats the best plan when the light goes off on the charging device. That means the battery is fully charged. Dont leave the the battery on the charger once it is fully charged. Take it unplug it its always safer to keep this kind of battery, not not left on a charger. Okay, open the battery compartment theres a little little catch there on the outside. It hinges backwards. Now this is the fiddliest part of the whole deal.

You have to get this connector onto connected to this little red connector here, which you probably cant, see. It only goes one way. I would recommend that the battery be positioned so that the wire is on the left and youll see why, in a minute plug it together, i was lucky and got it right, oops right the first time so again, the wire sticking out on the left side tuck. It under that little strut and heres. The reason why you want that wire over there is you got to fit all this stuff inside the battery compartment, so just like that, okay, easy little fiddly, at least for me all right to turn it on. You start with the controller you turn it on. It will flash on the drone itself. It might be difficult to see on the camera, but theres a little tiny button there. That is the on off button, just press it and hold it for about a second. You can see that the lights have started to flash green lights are on the back of the drone. Red lights are on the front, and the power button is on the back as well. I always like to start it pointing away from me all right. So its flashing, whenever your drone is flashing, means something needs attention in this case it needs to connect to the controller. So you do that by taking the left joystick going up, it will beep and down it.

Will beep again and youll see that the lights have stopped flashing, all right now, youre connected now, you can fly its as simple as that one button take off up. It goes okay, so ive got a 360 camera set up over there. Ive got a camera here. So you can see my remote and the drone is over there on the table, so ive paired the drone, so its already set to go and what im going to do is push that one button take off button right there and there it goes okay. So again, up makes it go up. Left right, of course, were having an airplane go over. Of course, we are were inside so its safe. By the way, this drone is less than 250 gram, less than 250 grams, so you do not need any sort of license in most countries, in particular in canada, so you can see its drifting a little bit, but its pretty stable now lets see how this obstacle Avoidance works. Let me see what happens when i get close to that lamp, so im flying it towards the lamp and it wont, go there, it bounces off. In fact, it seems to be reflecting off the tv so im going to go towards the the blinds over there, instead full blast and it stops and bounces back okay, try that again, full blast. It stops and bounces back and when its closer to me, i can go like this and itll bounce away as well.

Here it comes towards me and like without touching it, i can make it move away, which is kind of cool, okay, very fun, very cool. To fly indoors very easy, as you can see, lets move it into fast mode. You hear it beeped twice and now its much quicker, but it has no obstacle avoidance ill run it right into that blind over there again and behind the couch. This thing is sturdy, though it will not be harmed if it falls on the ground or anything like that, so its its falling down im about to fall down so ill start it up again again, you can use that one button touch one touch take off or You can just push this button up and it will start on its own with the joystick on the left. Hold it upwards and itll just activate the props. Here we go again now it should be in slow mode again im going to push it to make sure im in slow mode now im in slow mode for sure. Okay, there we go headless mode im going to land the drone first of all and then put it into headless mode. Okay, if it doesnt have a stable surface to land on its just going to fall on the ground like it did to activate headless mode again. Press the right joystick do a long press on the right joystick and now you can see it doesnt matter which direction im pointing in like i rotate the drone.

But if i go to the right, itll go to the right. If i push the joystick to the left, itll go to the left forward. Itll go forward, youll notice, it started to blink slowly. That means the batteries are starting to get weak but thats headless mode. I can rotate it. I have no idea which way is which, but i know that pushing it forward will make it go away from me, and backwards will be towards me to do the 360 flip bottom button and the joystick. At the same time, there we go works better if youre a little higher whoops, not too close to the camera. Please do that again: oh thats cool! I like that very cool Music. All right. A couple of interesting safety features on this drone. First of all, if the batteries get low, the lights will start to blink and it will land all by itself and stop. If it gets out of range of the controller, it will just stop and and land safely if it flips over. It stops just like that ill start it up again. I want to show you one more thing, one more thing: if it, if something gets caught in the propellers like your finger, the propeller just stops it doesnt hurt, i wouldnt recommend it but its its safe. I can barely feel that, like its nothing, so pretty cool, then again flip it over and itll turn off very safe. Little drone, so lets see how the x 26 works in a mild breeze, theres a breeze blowing this way according to the flag, thats right there.

So lets take off so it is blowing in the direction of the breeze im going to bring it back its in slow mode. It is just basically holding its own im going to put it into speedier mode now in the in the faster mode. I can control it perfectly fine out here so yeah outdoors. It seems to work fine as long as theres a very light breeze, much more breeze than this and theres not much of anything. I think it could blow away id recommend this for indoors. Only so there we have it the x, 26 kids drone from lulin, its very cool main feature, i would say, is the obstacle avoidance and the safety features. The fact that, if it flips over itll turn off, i think thats, pretty cool the built in propeller guards. Make it very safe for little fingers and even if they do get in there, its still safe and its pretty darn fun indoors, moats mostly, but as you can see it does fly outside in a in a mild breeze, you can still control it. Id recommend it for an indoor purpose recommended for kids over 14, but i would say, younger kids could enjoy this as well with adult supervision.