We dont do a lot with drones, but this is the lulin u61. Okay, its got brushed motors, its real, simple, its got a typical camera here, which is pretty cool, and yes, that is a live feed whoa, so were gon na lay this thing down and were gon na show you just how awesome it is. So i think we have to arm it and its just quite simple and well show you kind of what what the camera footage looks like its pretty calm right now, so this is, they consider it to be an fpv drone, as you can see, weve got good Footage, i am recording this so well go ahead and well include that probably at some point so hi hi camera its gon na its hard for me to see your screen yeah my screen. So, at any rate, i just want you guys to see kind of what it looks like how good it does outside. It is very calm right now. Full disclosure um, but what im gon na do is well just go ahead and show this video footage. After a bit boy, i can barely see the thing its so dinky, but i can see on the camera so good thing. I have my spotter and were following all the rules. Oh, interestingly enough, this thing is small enough that it doesnt even qualify for the drone registry, which is why its so awesome so also its very quiet. Okay, i just changed the speed by which it should respond, and what were going to do is were going to get some aerial footage of our driveway and just to just to be totally clear fa if youre watching this thing is below the weight limit.

So its very cool – and yes, this is its own wi fi its own wi fi here. So this is not ooh see it was saying something: oh no, it came right back in, but you guys will get to see the first aerial photography. So we should be. Okay, to do this without a 107 exemption and if not faa, i apologize. Please let me know, and i will be a good boy and we are using an old galaxy s yeah its an s5. So its not even like a super current yep phone, oh theres, our junk pile folks, just you can see – were pointing the camera at our junk pile here. If you want to show them this camera live everybody. Look at this beautiful pile of junk. Yes, we have some hay here and weve got a trailer and then some different agricultural implements. Then yup thats right thats, pretty much what you get. Oh, i heard some beeping okay, so im gon na bring this way down, oh and by the way check this out. This is whats, so cool. That thing is just rock solid by the way: okay, so im, just gon na fly it right over to us and im just going to hit this button and let it land, okay, so youre not even doing anything, nothing, but i do want to keep it off. The grass – so i might actually control it now for a minute and that will override the landing, but just check this out.

How simple this is: okay, land! I just want to get on the concrete here. Its super super easy to land, but if you dont want to land it, you just press the button its going to fly to 1.3 meters. Okay, so just to prove you, this thing is super easy to fly. Lets go walk! It lets walk. It. Weve done this before now. Normally you guys arent going to be real excited about seeing a drone fly it almost it i mean honestly, it almost looks fake. You can enrique this thing, no problem at all. It does take a second to shut off because i caught this at this altitude versus that now. Another thing, quick im just gon na say this. So dont forget these gift ideas get them now, dont wait. You wont get them in time if you wait and so were gon na fly lets take it on a walk camera crew. Okay, because people want to see all these fun things like our bug, zapper and i want to try to get ooh thats, an ultra close up of the bug. Zapper awesome, very cool and folks im, not exactly a drone pilot, but at the same time i feel like this is so easy. Even the camera crew could do it no problem and we have some really pretty really pretty stuff going on right now with fall and so well just go up here now i dont know what the resolution is, but the fpv is very good and its not problematic At all its just very simple, to use very easy to record camera crew, you want to shoot from the fpv point of view and just kind of show the people here it does go down slow.

So, if youre trying to get it to the ground quick, i would not recommend doing this at this point, but you can press and hold the land button see. The live. Feed is very good. Okay, but what im getting at? Oh see it spins a little bit. If you try to drop it really quick, it will eventually start losing its orientation a little bit. All right lets fly them through lets. Just fly them through this thing here right over our farmland and then im just going to kind of. If you want to sort of give them the dual shot, thatd be good. I think my camera is down just a wee bit far for this. In fact, where are you leaving? Oh, i see you in real life im over there yep. I feel greened out its. Not super fast, but its just. It works really good, like its just super super easy to fly and very easy to yaw very easy to roll, but it doesnt ever lose its auto leveling in any way. Its just very solid im super happy with this. This is one of these things where we, actually, the company, would reach out to us to see if wed be willing to evaluate this thing and do a review for them and im just super impressed with it, because it just works. Its super easy, its got a usb micro cable for charging the batteries theres, two of them that come with this im gon na actually put this pretty much forward.

Lets see if we can do a regular flight, um, okay, so held in the hand, make sure you dont, and these these little edf rings help with efficiency. Supposedly i dont know if thats true, but they do help keep the blades from getting broken and it comes with a full set of blades, not uncommon. Okay, so now were looking right forward here. That is so cool and then well. Take you across the bridge sort of so as you can see, whoa thats, where you got to be a little bit careful because its warning us its warning us that were losing signal: okay, theres, the gas tank okay. So i really oh, oh buddy, oh buddy, so im just gon na try to fly uh! Oh theres, a tree there, im kind of getting bad signal, i think, is part of it. So im just gon na sit here and relax and then fly right across the bridge. Oh, i think i hit a branch guys well lets land lets see what happens. Thats an emergency landing so well just walk down there. Well, just show you the full blown experience and its beeping that has to do with signal, not necessarily battery life, its fall and its beautiful down here. So i figured this would be kind of fun. You guys dont come on walks with us very often anymore. I think our battery must be getting pretty low and, by the way, im not really an fpv flyer.

I dont do a lot of it, so my skill set is definitely not with that right now, as you can see, our creek is kind of dry right now. Dry creek currently and then heres, the heres, the quad, so im gon na actually just take off okay and were looking straight at us, seems like the aspect. Ratio is probably just a little bit off right now and im, not sure what the quality is. If the fpv feed is going to be similar to are the exact thats, so cool lets go out here now that were on this side of the creek together with the quad. Maybe what well do is well just continue. Our walk and well just actually put this footage at the end of the video. So if you want to see the whole thing well include it ooh see how that that that means we have less Music, three percent yep its giving us a battery warning. One percent. Okay, so it definitely gives it definitely gives it gives good feedback for where the voltage needs to be. Okay, so were done with this, so well shut this off, and then we can just stop that video. I probably should have stopped it first, but yeah very, very happy. Super simple well obviously share the beeping. I think you can acknowledge that and just go back to the home screen and itll stop beeping or shut this off. Okay. This comes with the transmitter.

It doesnt come with a phone, obviously um it its got this little adapter. That holds your phone. It works great holds it at a perfect angle and then there is a gallery where you can go in and pull up your footage or your videos, and then you can play it back. So it looks like the footage is a little bit better than the fpv. So thats pretty cool, of course well well, just link to that, so you guys have access to that at the end of the video. But for now this is just a really cool thing and honestly ive had a lot of little quads. In my time uh. The fact that its got four small brushless motors its got two batteries, its just its just really easy, its a good entry level thing um, so many of the quads out there right now. You know you can spend thousands of dollars and youll get probably a lot better camera and maybe a little bit better control over the camera. But beyond that the whole experience for most people, you dont, need to do that. You can just get the simple one. Do a couple of fun, aerial shots and then move on, because this thing is light enough that you dont have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to get 107 exemption and go through training and all that stuff um. But we did fly this inside. It was super easy to fly inside uh, its just rock solid.

There is a calibration mode where you can go into calibration mode. You could do adjustments, so it doesnt kind of favor to one side or the other. The instruction manual is very simple: well actually go over. Some of this after were done with this flight. We wanted to kind of start with something exciting, so you guys can see whats up with this little lulin u61, but so far, oh and then lets show them taking the battery out real quick, see how simple this is theres a clip and then it just pulls Out its just super simple, usb micro plug you dont have to have some expensive charger. It comes with the cable you need. The only thing you have to provide is whatever youre plugging the usb a into so like a wall, wall, jack or a you know, an adapter that come from a cell phone or maybe a tablet, and they do suggest using something thats going to charge a little Bit faster, you use uh, you know like a two amps at five volts. That would help charge this thing faster. I think they claim about 80 minutes charge time on these batteries, though so its slow um. I think that will be improved with a 2 amp power supply or a 2 amp wall adapter. But beyond that very happy with it, its just super easy. The thing is, lightest can be, and thats thats, really the ticket youre looking for is, if you dont want to go through all the you know: the red tape, the government regulations, at least in the united states.

You got to check your local regular regulations. There might be some special rules that are in your area and i dont claim to know them. So please dont, blame me if you do something wrong uh. Typically, if, if youre over 250 grams, you have to follow quite a few rules and thats most of what we do so we have to do the drone registry, which is really not that big of a deal yet and at some point these rules might change. So just check anyway, because who knows youll buy this thing then next year something will change. I wouldnt worry too much about it with this thing, but just keep in mind um, the camera footage is pretty decent uh. The thing is inexpensive and it comes with a couple of batteries, so its pretty much checking all the boxes that most people are gon na want uh. The only thing it doesnt have is the gimbal control. You can point this thing straight down, but of course youre. Just doing that with your hands, its not like theres, a control to point that from the radio or from the app. So if you want to fly forward and just kind of be about there, then you can fly forward and kind of do your thing. If you want to do straight down vertical dont plan on using that as fpv its very hard to adapt your brain to doing that, so youre going to be doing a line of sight flying and youre going to be looking through this occasionally to make sure you Get the shot, but if you point it straight out, it works really nice, because every time you pitch the aircraft forward or you roll its a very nice clean feed.

So without further ado guys stay tuned. Well, show you, the unbox uh build and radio setup which doesnt really even apply here its basically an unboxing. Show you how to charge the batteries and then show you how we did it on a galaxy. Was it a s7? We did an s7 installing the app it was super super easy and they basically have a qr code. You scan and uh. You can do that or you just go to their website and it will link you to your play, store im, not sure how it works. On iphone because we use two different androids to do it, so just keep that in mind: im not 100 sure on the iphone side of things, but the play store on google play store its right there, its very easy to get yep um any other thoughts. Camera crew, about that very cool, yeah, really cool surprised. I didnt know what to think on this. I thought yeah its just another toy, you know, but but really at the end of the day. The thing i like about this is its its cheap enough and fun enough, but also utilitarian enough that youre not just gon na, get it and think yeah its just a toy, because really this thing does a pretty good job uh battery time uh is reasonable. I would say it could probably be a little bit better, but at the same time you know for what it is youre not getting into three four thousand dollars like you are with the dji.

So thats, not what youre getting here and this isnt gon na exactly be like quit your job and do drone footage for a living because thats not the way this is gon na go. But if youre looking for a gift idea for somebody thats getting into this, in my opinion, the setup was so easy, its frustrating to get a kid a gift. And then you struggle for three hours to get it to like connect on christmas day and then everythings. So easy everybodys, mad yeah and you know you just want to go out and fly with it and be careful just make sure that youre checking into rules if the rules change, because we dont control it anymore than you guys do. But that being said, the best way to not get in trouble is to not make people mad, so dont film, your neighbor, please they wont like it. Our neighbors most of them are dead. Yes, because its a cemetery anyway, all right, thats, all you get stay tuned. Well, watch the unbox next, oh, if you want to help support our channel, buy this from the link just like the planes. We have a link to this um. If you want to support us in other ways, we have lots of other planes. Maybe you dont, like this thing, youre not into drones, but you thought it was kind of fun, so you watched anyway, but you want to buy something else, thats on the list, thats the best way to support us on brian phillips rc, which, which is how we Fund our channel by the way um you can buy planes, we have paypal and we have patreon.

Patreon is the highest fee structure. Just you guys know: full disclosure were trying to be transparent about this um and paypal is the cheapest method, but really the best method is to just buy the stuff that were reviewing. If you like it or maybe move to a different item that you like better and then just get that and you can help to fund us that way and then small commissions come from the vendors, whether its a distributor or a manufacturer, or maybe some third party Thats selling them, basically, our rule of thumb, is if youll, let us be honest, well work with you and if you arent, okay, with us being honest and giving truthful reviews, then we pretty much dont even start working with them, so um, which is challenging some of The chinese companies, they will say, oh yeah, we want to work with you and then theyll be like oh. By the way, can you make sure that you cast it in a positive light and im like no im going to show what the real experience was, and you guys know it, because weve crashed a number of the planes and quads and drones and airplanes that weve Reviewed for you not always, and not a majority of the time, not even anywhere close to a majority of the time, but if this thing was garbage, i would just tell you that, because i got nothing to lose, this thing is fun its really cool.

It hits a good price point and honestly, its small enough to fit in your pocket, which is pretty cool. I mean you, do have to have kind of a bigger pocket um, but its just super light feel how light that thing is its just its amazing yeah. So i really like the fact that theyve thought about that. The other thing, too, is if youre flying along and youve got. You know like hay grass like we do and you you know you do an emergency stop. I just dont think its gon na break. I think its gon na be too light to break itself the battery included by the way so um im more concerned about dropping the transmitter than i am about. Dropping this thing so – and you guys saw i was trying to fly through here and i kind of sucked it up, but right here. I think this is where i was losing my control, because i must have been going in these little branches right here and theres. No foliage on it because were getting into fall or that trees dead or both so anyway, guys all right, uh, a different look at the property and a cool new option that you guys might be interested in if you do want to buy it, buy from the Links below we appreciate you stay tuned youtube, its brian phillips. This lady looks really pissed off to be on this box, were cutting it open.

What is this thing? Do you know what it is? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? I hope its not a bird nope its neither of those things. It is a perfect christmas present. You better order it yesterday. This is the uh lolin. U61 2.4 g wi fi fpv drone with camera. So, yes, are they watching you through the window? Of course, they are in case youre wondering um okay. So what does this have on it? This is a little quad. It is photo. Video fpv altitude hold thats, pretty cool custom flight route, whats out of range alarm, headless mode and then the low battery alarm so were going to see how this works um. There has been some interesting claims to fame in the past from lots of many a chinese companies, but this one is supposed to be the premier 01. Okay, so were gon na see, were gon na see if thats, true, because thats what we do on brian phillips, rc, okay, charging methods nope for faster charging. It is recommended to use a five volt: two amp, okay, well thats, nice drone, propellers user manual, battery usb charger and radio. Okay, all right Applause, quick, start hi how to fly. This is literally what comes in it. Okay, so theyve got an app looks like you have to choose a network, a wi, fi network, ooh, interesting okay, then you press buttons and things okay, and then it talks about the ascension and d sension.

Okay. Well that looks pretty awesome. Okay, so weve got some foam here very minimal packaging. On this thing, okay, it looks like some brushed motors one two, three four of them. Obviously weve got a camera up here. It looks like you can tip it, but im pretty sure well its hard to tell if that is typical by control or if you can just point it manually. This says b this says a and theyre labeled b and a thats really nice, a which an arrow is pointed toward it and b theyre fully enclosed ducted fans, which means that theres an outside perimeter that ducts the air. So it makes it supposedly a little bit more efficient. I dont know if i buy that unless you have a deeper duct and then there is quite a bit of stuff going on inside of here its fairly light, though in fact that is a great question. Im glad you asked: is it less than 250 grams? I dont know lets find out right now. I sure hope so. Okay were turning on our high quality taylor scale. They practically give these away for free look at that for 43 grams thats. Incredibly, light um. Okay! Well, so far, so good were checking the boxes like checking the cash wait. Thats you cant say that dont check in the cash dont do that dont. Do that? Okay, whats in here, my goodness, what the heck is it? Oh its the thing that clips your uh your phone on – oh look, oh its another small chinese screwdriver, usb a to usb micro, looks like some sort of a clippy doohickey spare props thats nice looks like we have bs and as one a one b theres one B and one a so theres one of each thats excuse me two of each so theres two as and two bs, so a full set, oh my goodness, operation guidance, hope thats in like 12 languages, calibration instructions.

It is its applied to remote controller and relevant ap operation before flight crash or abnormal landing before the abnormal landing make sure you calibrate it. Thatd be app operation, huh app operation, app operation, oh app operation, okay, all right so theyve got that thing there. Uh. Oh looks like some batteries: okay, so these are an integral battery. Oh, we didnt have the battery in lets turn the scale back on. We didnt mean to cheat folks, okay battery plus still light 62 grams. That is awesome. Okay, great so now we have to figure out how to charge. This looks like the charger goes straight into the battery im, not sure how i feel about wasting weight on a charge controller, but i digress. We are going to plug this in and see how it goes lets undo. The twisty tie lets find ourselves a usb charger. Now these are specialized, but theres a um, quick charge port. There looks like a 2s battery 2s battery, meaning two cells in series thats. Why? Theres three pins um, but thats a little bit strange because thats the way it runs the aircraft so not sure how that works. Okay, either way were gon na turn on the smart charger from spectrum. Nothing special about this in this application, except that it happens to have a usb plug so ill go ahead and plug into this usb port and weve got the micro end well go ahead and plug this in okay, so theres a bright red light that comes on Nothing on the back side.

You can definitely see it very easy and were gon na pause, find another adapter and plug in the other battery okay. So we just plugged in our own not provided usb to this little wall. Outlet. Wall cover plate sort of thing and were gon na go back over and see what else this box has in it. We always try to get the batteries charging right away because who wants to wait for batteries to charge mommy okay? So what else do we have? In the bag, weve already talked about it theres one single screw here, probably for the radio, and then this is just happens to be stuck on. There looks like theres a hole here that is probably a prop puller. The way thatll work is youll bring this in and you can use this to pry those props and you can push down on this and itll push up without pulling apart the motor, okay, so thats a tool. Okay, so that empties that bag. Then, of course, the props we dont need to open those. We can just use our imagination and then this, of course, is the clip thats going to hold the smartphone or smart device that is required and not included. Obviously, in this one and thats like taped in a really bad way – oh my goodness, okay, so were gon na just rip that violently. This also doubles as a chip clip. They always seem to be disappearing in our family.

Well, thats, pretty sweet, actually huh looks pretty good theres a clip here strong spring. Actually i dont know if you guys, can kind of get a feel for that operational instructions. This is now empty. Why should i keep that? Because this might pack back in the box? Actually, yeah, okay, so if youre looking for something with less packaging, okay, so out of range alarm, comes up right away lets. This is a transmitter. Doesnt seem like its going to come with batteries. Uh for the transmitter itself. Fly up, fly down. Turn right. Gimbal feels nice actually, okay, fly forward, fly to the left flight to the right fly backward, so this is heading hold mode. One touch button, take off emergency, stop, okay, this is record, and this is single picture. Okay, thats, where you put your cell phone, clip right there or you do it this way. I suppose either way im assuming were going to have to have it like this to actually hold that up in front, and then it can be supported. These feel. Nice, though, feel them right, ooh theres, a clicker in there theres a clicker. Oh, they do feel really nice. I actually really like that. Little cheat sheet how it fits yeah like just makes it its got a push button too. So its you know that its on, or you know that its off now this is obviously off. What does this say out of range alarm? Goodness gracious? They really want you to know what that is when the drone is going to fly out of the max remote control distance, the transmittal will beep Music dd to alarm.

You must fly back the drone immediately or the drone will lose control and fly away. It is not suggested to fly the drone under windy weather or the drone may fly away with the wind. Now that is a true statement and youve seen that before on brian phillips rc, we havent had fly aways, but you have to know how fast this thing is. Gon na fly so were gon na fly it inside obviously and uh when you fly it inside. If there is a gps system on this, which i dont know, if there is uh, it probably wont work, so you just need to be aware of that. There should be a barometer in this for the altitude hold and the barometer doesnt need a gps signal to work because its all on board um its very simple. The controller is – and i really really okay, so theres buttons. I dont know what those buttons do. Does it say on here, if you push not sure so, also on the back, there is a looks like a regular cover and looks like four double a batteries. They say: am3 lr6 size, double a okay, 1.5 volts each. So that should be pretty simple, so were going to go ahead and grab those and then that screw as i was expecting, is the screw that will retain that back cover on, and that is a safety feature. Thats been introduced here in the last few years to try to help keep kids from eating batteries wow.

That was not all the way snapped in now. It is oh see that that does protrude through all the way. Now it can be removed by pressing together. The two halves and pushing with a little bit of force so yeah, so that worked out pretty good, okay, so very happy everything fit and finish is very good, uh, obviously very light. So what were gon na do now is well get some batteries going and well come right back. Okay, so we got four double as were gon na put those in in a second, but we have this little app that we got its like a free app were just gon na try to scan this qr code and then its gon na open up um im. Just gon na do this off camera for a second and thats opening up the program in play: store, okay, it says lulin and im gon na go to install okay, so its installing the application right now, its nothing you havent, seen before through your play, store whatever Play store you use, we have android, so its gon na be an android play store in this case and its 27.73 megabytes megabytes for this application at the time of filming. This im sure therell be changes between now and when you guys buy this thing. Okay. Okay, all right so it says all right so were gon na install or were gon na. Try to install and uh were gon na pause, while its installing okay.

So we can open the app now, but what im gon na do first is were going to plop. These batteries, in here so theyre, four double as very simple toward the spring. The flat goes toward the spring. The flat goes and then same thing here toward the spring. The flat goes and then this thing goes on the back and with the provided screw you can insert this with the provided, screw and screwdriver. You can insert that screw or you can leave it out. It will stay on without the screw, but just for the sake of argument well go and do that in reading through the manual during the download of the application. Forgive our slow internet theres about 24 pages of english, but theres five different languages in here so dont be surprised, its actually quite a small manual, its very helpful, and they have that qr code in this manual as well. All the instructions that you see here can basically be found in the manual okay, theyre, pretty straightforward. If you know anything about drones, this thing is not any different than the other ones. Weve worked with okay, so turning this on got a flashing light. This is the high low speed one two three just three settings, then this is um, oh shoot. What was the other one? This is the emergency, so this will take off this will land and then this is for one second, its an emergency and it will shut off the motors, so dont do that unless its emergency keep in mind emergencies, you dont often have a second to spare.

So just keep that in mind: okay, um, as with airplanes or helicopters alike, when you know youre gon na crash um, the best thing to do is generally reduce throttle to nothing. Okay. This is a spring loaded control. Okay, this is throttle up, throttle down or up and down, not to be confused with a mode to airplane, where this would be not spring loaded. So you can just reduce the stick to this position. Okay, so keep those things in mind. We do a lot of fixed wing on this channel, so we dont mean to confuse also record start. Recording, stop recording, take picture its very simple, its very self explanatory um, and i like that. Okay, so were gon na open. The app now remember were gon na be connecting to this through its own wi fi connection, not your wi fi in your house or in your um um. Its asking me for permission to access uh photo media files which of course were going to give that and its got some different questions and things on here. So please review the help to prepare for your first flight, never remind again and check mark so, okay, so drone guide, okay, so theres the guide, which is very similar to these things here and uh connect via im, not sure this is looking at emails now so Were gon na pause and figure that out and come right back okay, so there was a contact us that would have sent an email for assistance or whatever.

So i hit the home button and it brings you to this screen. Okay, so theres help gallery and control. So im going to go to control and just see what that does: okay, so heres a control how to connect power on the drone or or insert the battery in this case then place the drone on a flat surface and we have to uh go to the Wi fi so thats what were gon na do next, our battery should take about 80 minutes to charge to full charge, were not at full charge right, so theyre, both obviously charging so were going to just use an undercharged battery for this test. Dont fly your drone on undercharged batteries. You will have a higher risk of a fly away. We wont fly away in this house. We dont think we have ladders thatd, be it weve used them interesting, video! Okay, there is an on off switch here. Im gon na leave it in the off position uh. This goes downward and its contoured to the shape of the aircraft very nice, and we already measured the weight so were not going to do that again. Turn this on put it in a flat surface. Transmitter is on flashing light, a few flashes here, all the way down that connects very simple so far. Okay, so how to connect power on the drone? Okay, go to the uh settings: w wlan, wi, fi, okay, so im gon na hit check, mark and see what happens and im gon na turn this away.

Just so that you dont see all our wi fi and im clicking on it its right here and it says: auto connect, auto, reconnect, ill, go ahead and turn that on that has to do with the firmware on the phone, not with the application or with the Drone so i hit connect waiting for it to connect. It says: checking the quality of your internet. Internet may not be available im going to dismiss that warning and then im going to hit the back button a couple of times or actually scroll to the application which is going to come up like this. I dont know that we actually have that wi fi set up right yet so im going to try again and just click on this icon, nothing happens. Im going to go to the settings trimming okay, so it just tells you how to do trimming, which is to hold the stick down um and then im just gon na see. If i can hit record and see, if anything happens, i dont think were connected or we have a poor connection. So im going to take a quick look at that and then well come right back. Okay, so i basically went home and then came back to the control and, as you can see, its working very cool see. Okay, so we have a live feed. It seems to be pretty pretty smooth and im, not sure exactly how this works, but im assuming it holds the phone in a bit of an angle, theres some anti slip, mats that are glued on there id like to be able to move it over a little Bit but we happen to have a home key here on this galaxy s7 right, okay, so now at this point we can arm the controller by holding the sticks down and in and then we can press the take off button, its going to go to 1.

2 meters. I think we should be safe, thats, pretty good. Okay lets land im, not even looking okay, so this is pretty awesome. Already rock solid performance. Barely drifting. Are you getting feed from yeah? I am oh yeah. Okay, i can see them both now yep Music. So, as you can see, i think our aspect ratio is a little bit off, but thats pretty cool this. This is extremely simple to fly, as you can see, its got a little bit of a drift, so theres no trim buttons here. So what im going to do is im just going to pull it back very stable, very easy, thats double mode, so its faster and thats single, so thats. Actually, the slowest then thats higher rate a little bit of throttle and then were gon na go thats the fastest okay. So then, of course, you can yaw the aircraft Music and then lets film the cat. If you want to see the live feed here. Oh also lets go ahead and just see if we can enrique this holding the stick down and then eventually it shuts off okay. So speaking of enrique enrique iglesias, just look him up. He grabbed a drone. This can be pointed down. Okay, so you can go all the way straight down if you want, which is pretty cool so well, just try that and again barometer is working phenomenal. It goes right to 1.2 or one point three meters, and then you can fly around and lets.

Uh lets film. The cat cats, where are you oh there? It was its strange its hard to fly like that. The refresh rate is quite good: um, okay, so im going to click and go to the slowest mode and well do the one touch land keep in mind if youre moving fast, it will kind of bounce a little bit super impressed so far. This thing is extremely easy to fly and weve done a lot of different drones. We dont do a lot of drones, but weve done a lot of them, and mostly just cheap ones. Now this this is not something that you control from the controller, its not like. A live gimbal where you can point it okay, so i just heard a single beep. I think thats a charger over here. So i want to see if we can change this setting. Okay, see theres vr! Oh! So if you had a virtual reality goggles, then you would be seeing it like this. Okay, i dont have those so im gon na hit the back button and then theres. This this function must be used in an open area, draw a flight route in this area and the drone will access to this route. Okay, i think it knows that you cant, do it right now, because to be perfectly frank, we dont have gps thats for sure, but i dont want it to run into things, so were not going to do that inside.

Well, do it outside and then whats this headless mode, okay, so headless mode under headless mode. The drone direction should be aligned with you. Do not change the direction of the transmitter, keep it flying in front of you at all times. Okay, all right so lets. Try that and im going to take off that mode by just going uh. How do i unclick it? Okay, so its unclicked? Okay, so im just press the one touch take off and the camera is very good, very simple: to use the saturations a little bit weak, but im sure we could kind of play with that. A little bit: hey camera crew! Yeah! You want to show the video over here so that people can see what were filming. Oh no did i lose my fpv. No, i didnt. The altitude is very, very well managed. Okay, so that is super. Super cool, really surprised at the video quality. I am too. I cant hardly believe it for being an economy sort of thing and also to have that live refresh rate is extremely good. Yeah and its actually super super easy to fly were blowing things off the counter. Now i think we need to go on a cat hunt. Where is the cat? I think he went to hide under the dining room table. Oh, he did yeah well its a little generous yeah. That is a little bit generous. Okay, so lets do picture in picture here: Music, when you get into ground effect, its a little bit harder to control, okay and then also, if i want to land on a different level surface, just keep in mind.

We landed at about this altitude. So lets see what happens when we try to land here. This is just a one touch button. Its gon na find the ground, even though its at a different altitude, and it does just fine so now lets take off from there very, very impressive, oh there. He is oh theres, the cat Music. You see him in the camera, thats so cool. So obviously i would say that this thing is flying extremely good: its extremely stable, okay, im holding the stick down and letting it de energize the motors okay. So now, if you want to take stills, then you would just use this button or you would use this to start a recording so well start a quick recording. Okay. So now that were recording well take off and well just do a small circuit around the room. Filming the camera crew and myself, as you can see, thats so cool and then well, go ahead and land here. Youll note that if you interfere with the sticks, while landing its going to okay, so now im going to go ahead and go to the gallery. Real quick just make sure its just our videos from today and it looks like im not seeing it here yet, but its supposed to be accessible in here, and i wonder if wed maybe oh, were in stills, see thats stills so im having trouble hitting this button Up here because of the clamp – but i think thats, just a foam related thing, so im going to try to just pull this out yeah theres our video so well just well play this back.

Okay, so i know that theres no audio, as you can see pretty cool okay, so is that, like super high quality im, not sure, i think we can probably mess with the quality settings, but its neat that it that it works and the stills and things like That will be no problem at all. This thing really hangs on good okay, so now the other thing i want to do is i want to see what the emergency mode does so were going to take off, were going to bring it to a low altitude and then press the emergency button. Theres a button here, but look where the emergency is yeah, its hidden by the clamp so thats, not maybe so good, so im gon na press and hold for one second lets: do it over the couch just so it doesnt damage the thing. Okay, so im gon na press and hold for one second starting now, and it drops yeah, okay, good, so thats good. We have a curious cat here, so lets take off from a knot level surface. This thing: it really does a good job of flying. Very simple. Very easy to fly, keep that red light pointed towards you if youre concerned or if youre, not a skilled pilot, and to be honest with you, you dont, have to be a skilled pilot. In fact, you can be so not skilled as a pilot that the camera crew is going to trade me for a minute.

Oh goodness, oh, but wait. What am i doing just fly it im great, applying it. Oh im, looking at the kind of lean this, this stick will pull it over to the right and just now pull it back towards yourself, Music. You can see its just super easy guys if youve never flown a quad, they make them pretty easy anymore. Now, im going to get over here and the cat, it is super super easy to fly and, as you can see, theres good protection for your hands. I wouldnt say id want that in my daughters hair, you know, but i can definitely say that it is working pretty go up against the go up against something and see what happens for damage. It looks fake in the video because its actually right into it yeah see no damage, it works. Just fine and the cinematography is going to be terrible because im filming how do i go? Oh okay use the like what would be the throttle. Oh im, beeping thats, not me press the. Why dont you bring it over the island, okay, youre just that was not me. Okay, well thats low voltage that warning beep battery low voltage so were gon na trade off okay, so zero percent battery, and it gave us plenty of warning. It was beeping for maybe 10 15 seconds. So if you were far away, that would be maybe not so good, but we also didnt let this charge right.

So lets talk for a minute after we power this off. Okay, once you turn it to off, it stops beeping and it gives a double beep. Double beep, double beep and weve now pulled out the battery, and it says wi fi disconnected. So, if youll give me a moment, well shut that off. Okay lets talk about our thoughts on this system. First of all, oh feel this its warm warm but its, not hot. No, we just had that flying that whole time. I can see why they say. Dont fly this in heavy wind conditions, because i firmly believe that i think this thing is warning us still that its lost connection, okay, so im just gon na attempt to exit and we will go to gallery and theres no photos and theres only one video. So it seems to work, and i feel, like the saturation is maybe not great, but its also kind of not amazingly bright in here either. Im surprised i felt like the live. Feed was really good. Oh, do you just have it turned on yeah, my phones on silence, so i dont know im pretty sure, theres no audio, yeah didnt mention anything about it. No, okay! So im really surprised now. What does 3d mean? Oh, if you had yeah, if you were using it with a headset, okay, um, okay, so initial thoughts are every time that we talk about drones on this channel. We have these pseudo limitations because of the 107 exemption that i dont carry and uh.

So im not allowed to fly and film and then share on a monetized channel like we have okay um. This is different because its below 250 grams – so i believe, were fully allowed to do that. So thats pretty cool, and i want to take this outside and show some outside performance, because it is rock solid, um weve had quite a few quads, maybe 15 of them, which is which is not much compared to the airplanes. I realize that um, but im super impressed with how well this went together. Im super impressed with how easy it was to work. They covered everything like three times before you even got to the control where you could screw something up so thats, very cool um. In terms of quality of image, i was impressed with how good it is youre not going to be making uh. You know like the next james bond film with this thing, but i think it would be good for getting some simple shots: supplemental shots too, because theres no audio that i can hear so its possible that if you were going to be doing audio, you would have To mix that in in photo editing software, the manual is simple its to the point it doesnt have a lot of frills, which i like there are a lot of frills, but they go over everything which is really nice a lot of times in these chinese made Products you end up with a lot of frills that dont work.

I feel like everything works on this and im really happy with it, because its so small yeah and its so simple and its really quiet and one thing that youre going to find out about. If you use a drone, is that people get weird around drones because they feel unsafe, because the quads that are loud and scary will freak people out. This thing is small enough and simple enough light enough and basically not powerful enough to be scary, its not intimidating. Even inside of a living room, now we fly in here all the time, but we are a bit of a nuance in that way. Most wives do not let their husbands do that, but we do it here all the time and we fly things that we shouldnt fly in here, all the time yeah um. But that being said, this uh is it. Is it lowland? Is it thats what i would say the lulin is very good im super surprised to be reporting just how good it is actually um. We never know what were gon na get, and in this case i feel like we got a major winner which is really good and especially when youre, connecting with wi fi and all theres like theres, always something that can go wrong. Just easy and really the biggest problem we had had to do with my wifes phone yeah, because she had to clear up memory to make that download happen and yes, its a 27 megabyte file and she couldnt download it so anyway, um getting back to the point.

Also charge times are a little bit long on these batteries, so my recommendation would be when offered purchase more and charge them have them ready. We obviously did not fly a full charge. That was a pretty good amount of flight time, and what did we get about? 10 minutes or so and keep in mind the whole time we were running. Video live video, which is pretty cool um flying this in and out of obstacles might be a bit of a challenge just for the simple fact that the refresh rate is maybe not amazing, but i have envisioned something like this would be fun and it would be Manageable, under the right circumstances, um one of the things we always do when were flying these quads around is we try to land them up on top of our fan, because its kind of a fun thing to do and the fan is irregular on top, so that Would be something that we could do to be fun and i know theres no rubber or anything on the bottom of the motors. So this is going to be rather slick when it touches, but youre not going to pick up a lot of debris when youre outside also the fact that you can tilt the camera that i like um. But it is very disorienting to try to fly with it. Tilted all the way down tilted like this thats, no problem at all its going to be pointing about where you expect its almost feels like you know the way that you would normally look in an environment, so i feel like thats pretty good, so you just want To kind of find what youre comfortable with play with it a little bit and then go ahead and go to flying now.

The other thing too, i can say from experience, and i really liked that that was good. Of course, all that stuff gets blown off of your counter, so you might want to secure it before you start taking off and flying around it. One thing i can definitely say about flying quads, especially inside, is that, if youre nervous about flying this thing is not going to be hard for you to fly because it takes off and youve got lots of time to respond, you can let go and think um With airplanes youre moving forward and you have to make decisions – and there is no waiting at all youre, always moving. Okay and thats part of the reason why flying fixed wing is a challenge and thats what we go through a lot on this channel at brian phillips rc, but something like this, they say ages, 14 plus now. This is the disclaimer of the day. Im gon na tell you that you know your kids better than these guys do and better than the safety regulators that made them put that on there. This thing is no problem for our kids that are less than that age, but, for the sake of the lawyers watching this video 14 plus, is what they recommend. I think if you had kids that were of average to slightly less than average intelligence and skill, you could probably get away with flying them. So i say i say this loosely.

This would be a great gift for a kid that you dont want to invest in a dji phantom. You know or spend four thousand dollars on something. This would be a good get your feet. Wet kind of thing also, i feel like the clip, is sturdy, its not question if that thing is going to pop out its a little bit of a weird angle, but i didnt know what to expect. It feels totally strong if this got dropped. I dont know how strong its going to be also to calibrate you just hold that stick down like this, and then it goes into a calibration mode, and then you just move the stick, the direction you want it to correct. Okay, uh they go over it in the manual you might want to do that. We didnt need to calibrate. We had a little bit of a drift this way um, but the battery is basically dead right now, so what were going to do is we will have another clip thats going to be outside in daylight, because dark flights, dont really film – well also on the negative Side since we review everything i feel like it could use some more lights for orientation. Now this claims to be an fpv flyer, so you may not want a lot of lights on it, so you can always just make an off switch on that. So that would be one thing that im not crazy about on this theres.

Only one small light here. It is easy to see and its easy to understand, whats happening its very intuitive theres, also one light here and so from a standpoint of not overwhelming people. I feel like thats good. I also feel like if you dont have a smartphone youre going to be buying a lot that youre not using with this okay. There are quads on the market that are going to give you similar flying experience without the fpv feature, but im going to tell you this right now, the fpv feature is going to be why this thing gets used and the other ones get thrown away. After about two days, okay, and when i say thrown away, i dont mean like thrown away because theyre broken, i mean thrown away because, like you, just dont play with them anymore, because you kind of get get used to it. You move on to the next toy. This is whats going to make it fun. This is whats going to make it more of a utility item. Okay, i also like the box can be easily repacked without lots of disassembly, and i also like the fact that this thing comes apart and its not actually really that hard. It might be harder with nails probably, but that came apart really easy and, yes, you can flip it around and snap it back in, but be careful youll press your power button.