I know ive been doing a lot of those lately, but i promise this ones going to be a quick one. This one is not nearly as in depth or detailed as the past few drone reviews that ive done so this one will be quick. This is the u 61 by lulin, now ive never heard of lulum before this video, but they reached out to me and asked if i would do a review of their their new beginner friendly drone and thats what they call it. Theyre heavily advertising this for kids and for first time drone flyers and i got ta, say ive – been very impressed with it for a company ive, never heard of they came out of nowhere as far as im concerned, i dont know how long theyve been around. I dont know any any of the details of their company, but um. I do know that this u61 is a great first time drone and ill get more to that in a second but real quick. I wanted to go over everything that you get uh and i want to go through the setup and how it flies and show you guys for those of you that are first time flyers, or maybe you want to get one of these for christmas uh. You want to get your kids a christmas present or youre starting to think about those things. I highly recommend not just the u 61, but a drone of this style.

Every time i tell friends or family or those looking to get into drones and learning how to fly, i highly recommend something like this: its very easy, very beginner, friendly its got blade guards blade protectors. That is huge if youre learning ill demonstrate more later, but uh ive been bumping this thing into walls and flying it through obstacles and stuff like that and its remained completely unhurt. So save you, some props saves you. Some headache saves you having to completely set it up and relaunch it, so these blade protectors are great, and this lula new 61 is very stable in the air and hovers real nice, so its a great option for first time flyers and for kids so ill get More of that later, but um look heres everything that you get. You do get the drone. As i said, the drone comes with these blade protectors built in as part of the airframe uh. It is its light um, but thats a good thing. It has a camera, its not a very high definition, camera youll, see as we get to the the footage later its not meant for like taking video and taking pictures, though it can do those things this ones more for teaching you how to fly through the fpv To the first person view of what your controller sees so thats, really all this camera is for it surprisingly, doesnt have that bad of lag ive flown some. Some of these that have really bad lag and its really hard to fly.

Um ive flown a lot of drones, even cheap ones, and i got to say this one for its price point and how it flies id say this is one of the best ones ive flown. This is not a paid advertisement. Luland just sent me this and asked me to review it so um. This is just my personal opinion, but this one really flies very well. Also, you get two battery packs, so that adds a little bit of extra flight time its nice to take about an hour to charge, and you get about eight minutes of flight time out of it uh, seven or eight, depending on how youre flying so thats, not Bad um, its a decent amount of flight time for something this small and for what it can do. You do get a nice controller, its comfortable in the hand its a decent size, so its comfortable to hold its not super portable doesnt fold up or anything like that. But again, this is for kids and for first time flyers. This isnt really something youre going to stuff in your pocket and take with you. This is more something for flat around the house. It does have this nice cell phone holder. I wasnt super convinced that i would like the design of the cell phone holder, but it actually works surprisingly well ill show you that, with my with my samsung galaxy note 20., but uh, it holds it securely. I dont feel like its going to fall.

I dont feel like im going to drop it so im very happy with this, even its, even though its a unique style im very happy with the design. It works. Well, not a lot of controls, but there are some well laid well laid out buttons on the top that are labeled and thats. Another thing that i want to cover about the lulin theyve. Given you a lot of support material, in addition to the controller, you get this little overlay card that comes with it and it lays over top of the controller, and you can actually put the cell phone holder in and keep it there. If you wanted to fly with it on, but it just gives you a refresher of all the different buttons and whatever button and switch does while youre flying this is fantastic. I wish more companies did stuff like this, its just a quick little handy reference guide that you can just keep with you, while youre flying it does a great job of just refreshing, the controls for you. You also get this quick start guide that just goes through the quick pictures of how to how to download the app you got a qr code, and then it goes to the quick setup on how to connect the drone, how to launch it all those things real, Quick real handy right in this little sheet. I was able to do everything that uh my first time set up my first time flying.

I was able to do all of it with just this little sheet, so it works well, but ill get more of those details. Later um and then on the back of this theres, a flight control sheet that just gives you one one more basic reminder of what the different controls do. This does too, but this is just a visual indicator of those things. In addition to these little quick start guides, you do get a detailed manual. This thing is 24 pages. Everything else is in another language, so the first 24 pages are english and everything else is in other languages, but its its a decent decently detailed manual, its tiny. But it goes into a lot of detail on how to set everything up, how to use the different switches troubleshooting stuff, like that, so for something this small, its well written, easy to understand so im pretty impressed with this little this little manual as well. In addition to all these things, you also get a usb charging cable, you get extra props and you do get a mini screwdriver. A extra prop screw or screw of some sort im, not sure what thats, for actually it doesnt look like its for the props, but you get an extra screw and you get a little blade remover tool which is for popping these uh three bladed props off. So they give you all the little things that you need no carrying case or anything like that, but you dont really need it again.

This is not one for like carrying around with you. This is just great for fun around the house thats my opinion, but it does well for what it is so thats everything you get lets get right into the review and ill show you guys how to set this thing up and how to use it. Okay, guys, i want to get right into the flight review portion of this and just give you a good look at the luland u61 and then show you how it flies. The drone itself is light, like i said its, not real heavy. It does have these protected, blade covers on it and it does have an adjustable camera. Now. You cant control it from the ground with the controller, but you can manually adjust it, but generally i find that youre just going to want to leave this all the way in the up position, because the further down you point it all, it really does is stare At the floor and youre going to want to see where youre flying so i highly recommend you leave it all the way up, but it is nice that you can adjust it. If you need to so thats that, like i said you get two battery packs now, i dont think ill be able to go through all the flight features in a single battery. But i do have two batteries so ill. Try to cover everything that this thing can do during those two battery packs, but im not going to try to squeeze everything into a single flight.

So im going to put a battery oops put a battery in and im going to actually follow the steps that are on this quick start guide to the letter. So you can see how easy it is and how well this all works. So the first thing they give you is this qr code that takes you to the app. I believe this is android but uh. The lulin app is also available on apple as far as im as far as i know, but i do have an android phone, so it took me right to the lulan app which you can see right there. So the next thing it tells you to do is turn on the power switch on the drone, so were gon na turn that on see a little red light flashing set that there next thing you want to do is turn on or connect your wi fi to The drones wi fi now you can actually fly this drone with your phone and using only your phone. You can fly it so if that was what you would were, if that was what you were looking to. Do you actually wouldnt even need to put the controller on right now, once youre connected to the drone, you can use your phone as a controller and ive flown a lot of these style like phone controller, simulated controllers, i phone a lot of them and this one Really flies the best as far as any of the ones ive flown yet and im, not just saying that, like this one, actually you can control a lot of the ones are really twitchy and really laggy, but this one actually flies really well with the phone.

So im pretty impressed. I prefer the controller still all the time, but this one does pretty good all right, as you can see, ive connected to the drone it says connected without internet, which is what i would expect so im going to go back to the lulan app im going to Close this and go back to oops wheres, my back to my lulan app after im connected to the drone, the quick start guide says to open the lulin app, which is what im going to do. It gives you this warning. Please review the help to prepare for your first flight and if you did that it would actually take you to the manual. So you can have a virtual manual of everything thats in there, you just zoom in on it, and it gives you all the details that are in this this little manual here so thats nice, that they give it to you right in the app there and then Also, you can contact technical support directly, which is really nice. I like that. They give you that that option, but im gon na go back to home and we are in the lulan app so were gon na go to control, um, actually, im i dont wan na go to control. I do wan na go to control. Sorry control right there. So were gon na go to that you can see what the phone is seeing now or what the drone is seeing now um and, as you can tell its, not super high quality, its a not meant to be a photo taking video recording machine.

This is just to give you that first person view as youre flying and the lag isnt bad, its usable, so im able to fly in some pretty tight spaces and zip around this little sun room here in the back in the back of our house, im able To zip around here really easily without any issues, so this thing does really well in tight spaces, and the video feed is is pretty good, so, as you can see, were connected to the drone and we are streaming our video. So the next thing i want to do is turn on the controller im just going to press that controller button as it says right there, then i pull down on this left. Stick. You can see that light flash in the back of the drone. If i pull on the left, stick, it goes beep beep and both of these go solid, telling me that its connected so now that thats connected im going to calibrate it calibrating it is. This left stick right down here. The right! Stick down here! Im! Sorry! So im going to pull that down to the right corner and you should see that drone light flash and stop, and that means its calibrated its level its ready to go youre going to want to do that step after every time you crash it. You might have to turn it off and turn it on again sometimes, but you do want to make sure that youre calibrated so that the the gyros inside there know what horizontal is.

You might see some sporadic flight response if you dont do that so thats, just a quick tip now uh, the quick start guide tells us were ready to take off theres two ways to do that. We can pull in on the center sticks and ill show you that in a second or we can just press the auto, take off button. So im going to put my phone in the controller or into the phone holder and, as i said, this is a really simple design. It just clips on your phone like this. I dont know that i am going to trust the spring for the rest of its life, but as of right now, its sturdy, and it holds the phone well um and securely, and it i dont feel like im gon na drop it its pretty its pretty tightly In there so im pretty impressed with the simplicity of the design and how well it works for its design. So im gon na set this quick start guide away. I dont need that right now um, but there are two ways to take off. Like i said, im gon na try to do all this with both the controller and the drone in the shop um, but, as you can see from the quick start guide, if i press those two sticks down into the center, the drone fires up and its ready To go so, if i did that and gave it some throttle, i could go fly that way.

Thats one way to take off the other way to take off is the auto takeoff button. Now that is this button over here, you can see this little up down button. If i press that the drone is going to automatically take off and its going to hover in one spot, im actually going to do it over here. Just to give you guys a better view of that so im going to do that, im going to press the auto takeoff button and it just jumps into the air and starts hovering now the same thing works for the landing. So if i wanted to land it press that same button, press, auto land and its going to land itself now, this button also functions as an emergency. Stop now im going to show you guys that over the couch, because its a handy feature lets say youre flying and youre, going into the neighbors yard, and you dont want it to go into the neighbors yard or its going to hit somebody in the air while Its flying, you can press and hold that that land button, even if its in the air press and hold it and its going to kill the drone im sure my hand was blocking that sorry guys, but basically its going to kill the drone before it has a Chance to land its going to turn off all the motors ill show you that one more time the fall is not going to hurt it.

So im just going to show you this press and hold that button and see it just falls so thats great for emergencies. Somethings happening its headed somewhere, you dont want it to be. You can press that emergency, stop button and kill the drone, so thats real nice. Now. Another quick thing i want to show you is: you can press down on both of these buttons and, as you press down on them, they have different functions. This left button is a trim button. This left trigger this left control. Stick has a trim button ill show. You what that does alright, so you see how the drone is drifting, its going forward and right a little bit its not really holding its position in one spot. So in order to fix that im going to use the left trim button, this left stick. If i press down on it, it enters trim mode and whatever inputs that i put in with the right stick is going to compensate in the trim and ill show you what i mean see how its going forward im going to correct that by pressing down on The left stick and pressing back a couple clicks and i dont know if you can tell but its not doing it as aggressively. I dont know if you can hear those beeps but its a lot more stable, already its still drifting a little bit to the right. So im going to press the left stick and give it a couple clicks of right or left trim compensate for that and well see what that did its a lot better, but its still drifting to the right so im gon na.

Do that one more time press down on the left? Stick! Oh! Actually that looks pretty good well drift, alright, give it three more clicks now that feels pretty good, as you can see its hands off theres still a little bit of a drift and a tiny bit of yaw. I can correct the yaw tube by pressing on the right stick, but overall, its doing pretty well so thats the trim function. You can really get it dialed in now, keep in mind as you go around different obstacles and stuff like that, it does make it harder for the drone to hold its position and hold its course, but um. Overall, the trim function works really surprisingly. Well now one thing i didnt do was i didnt start to record. I didnt start the recorder, so im gon na press, this record button right here and now once i can that what that is going to do theres, no onboard storage on the drone. So all the footage is stored directly to your phone, but it is going to store that on a on a folder in your phone in your gallery. So you can go back and watch the videos later again, not super clear videos but thats. Not what this thing is for you can see as im flying the video itself is enough to give me a good idea of where im at and where its going and its pretty responsive, so also the camera button.

You have a camera button here too, and that just takes photos again, not super high quality photos, but it does record pictures and videos. You can do the same functions with these two buttons right here on the back of the remote controller on the top, you have a video button and a camera button and both of those do record. They do the same thing as pressing these virtual buttons here. So another thing to keep in mind now another one that i want to tell you is what the right stick does if you press on the right, stick that enters the different flight modes so ill show you what i mean there im going to take off again. Uh, the number of beeps that you hear when you press down on the right stick corresponds with what mode its in so show you what i mean im going to press down on the right. Stick. I heard one beep so now its in beginner mode. This is the lowest setting the lowest mode, its still pretty responsive, but its not nearly as responsive as it is in the other in the other modes. So you can fly it pretty well, its uh still pretty peppy. But if i go into mode two im going to do the same thing im going to press again on this button, oh it went to three beeps, all right, theres, one theres two and theres three. So i did one. Let me show you two heres two.

So i know its really hard to tell, but it is certainly more responsive than it was in one uh, its more aggressive. It does a lot more lean and it goes faster. So its really uh a lot more peppy, and then i got one more mode: im. Gon na press that you heard three beeps now this is the high speed mode. This is super fun. This is where you can really like tear around the house and really put it put it through its paces and get it get it flying aggressively and, like i said it is really responsive its really peppy. It responds really well to control inputs. Theres, not a lot of lag ive been very impressed with this thing, so let me show you real quick too. The put it back in beginner mode while im flying in here just to help ill show you guys. But this is what i was talking about, how beneficial it is to have the blade protectors. But i just want to give you a demonstration of what i mean by that youre flying around the house. You hit things any other drone with exposed, blades thats going to crash it, but those blade guards do a great job of just letting it bounce off. I mean just flying through obstacles and flying through things like youre, not worried about youre, not worried about hitting things and crashing all the time. Now it will cause crashes. You will be flying around and zipping through some place and Music youll still have a crash thats.

Where the emergency stop comes in, if you get in a pickle where you cant do anything and you want to stop it, you can either press the land button or you can just hit that emergency. Stop like. I showed you and just kill it now, thats. Another good thing to mention all the same functions are also on the controller here with those virtual sticks so ill show you what i mean by that, but you do have on screen functions here as well that you can use to fly now. If i press this button here in the top corner of the screen, you can see that it gives me some different options here, and this is the option for the virtual sticks ill. Show you more about that in a second, but you also have a tilt to fly and what that means is the phone itself is the actual uh the accelerometers in the phone itself, give you your right stick inputs now. This is a little bit gimmicky. If you ask me im not a super huge fan of this, but you can use it to fly ill, show it to you here in a second the first time. I turn the controller off for that. So once i turn off the controller im still connected to the drone, you can still see my video feed here so im still connected, but i am gon na turn on these virtual sticks. So i press that button and then i press this button and, as you can see, ive got the same virtual sticks that are on uh the controller and they have the same control the same inputs.

It might not. Let me unlock it that way. There goes so that unlocked it, but i have the same option to do the auto takeoff with this little button here so im going to press that and im going to auto, take to take off im going to try to show you guys everything that its doing Now the thing that i dont like about these virtual sticks is you have no tactile sense like you really have no concept when youre looking at the drone of how much youre moving the stick, so its really makes it difficult to know how much youre controlling it. But this does work really well um. You can fly it surprisingly well and it just overlays the sticks over your video feed, so theres still quite a bit that you can do with these virtual sticks. Now its already buzzing at me that ive got a low battery. So im gon na try to take off again, but i dont think its gon na. Let me nope it has low battery, so the battery is dead on the drone, so were gon na swap battery packs and ill show you the rest of the functions. Okay, i got a fresh battery pack in i did have to reconnect the uh drone of the app to the drone. I had to make sure that my wi fi was still connected to the drones wi fi and it was it automatically reconnected, but i had to reopen the app and reconnect the drone that way now again, if youre flying with the phone.

This would be your initial setup as soon as you connect to the drone youd stop there. You dont need your controller, so thats. What im going to do im going to fly it again here with the with the phone controller, just to show you these other functions. So im going to go to my virtual sticks: im going to do the auto takeoff press that button were in the air and the same button here is the auto land so im going to press the auto lan to show you that it automatically lands. So you can do the same unlock using your phone, your down and in phone controls as well, but thats a little bit twitchier again. Its really hard with these virtual sticks to get everything in the right spot, but you do have also a you. Can change your speed setting like you can with the controller, but i believe you only have two speed settings when youre flying with the phone youve got a low and a high, so the high works well, but its a lot scarier because again its hard to know, Especially if you have a screen protector on your phone, how fast youre flying or how much stick inputs youre giving it so if youre learning definitely stay in the low mode, just stick with that. You cant go wrong all right, ill land, it real, quick! I dont know why it does that bouncing thing. Just press auto land she doesnt want to get on the ground.

She just wants to keep flying. So the other thing that i wanted to show you was this tilt to control function. Im going to auto take off again, i feel like this is more of a gimmick but ill show you anyway auto takeoff, and now my phone is actually the forward backward left and right control for the drone. So you still have to use your throttle input with your left stick, but once the drone is flying, you tilt your phone to control it all right, im gon na land. Again i dont really love that i think its more of a gimmick but um. It is cool, kids, probably love it um. This drone doesnt have any kind of flip function. That im aware of you. Cant do a roller flip, but again, i think thats a gimmick as well. I love that this thing just flies and flies well. There is one other thing that i wanted to show you theres headless mode. Oh, i guess theres, two more things in this tap to fly thing. Let me turn this off real, quick im going to go back to what headless mode does ill show you that real quick. I i personally recommend to my friends um that are learning to fly, that just completely avoid headless mode whenever possible. All hopeless mode does is confuse you um, i guess its okay, if youre learning, but it doesnt, actually teach you the actual controls. It teaches you to rely on directional inputs, its the same gimmick as this tilting your phone and controller youre, never actually going to do that with a real drone.

So why even bother learning it just learn the conventional controls. Just stick with that and youll serve yourself. A lot better, but if you are interested in the headless mode, all that does, let me take off real quick headless mode, just basically means the drone doesnt care which way its facing. So now, if i press forward, the drone is going to go forward backwards. Going to go backward left is going to go left right, its going to go right in relation to the drone, because its pointing away from me now in headless mode, well its not going to. Let me do it before i lets just land it real, quick, headless mode, it doesnt care which way its facing um. It just wants its just going to go as based off of the way the drone, the relationship from the drone to the controller ill. Show you what i mean by them: take off im in headless mode im, not in headless mode. This is normal flying mode, alright, now im in headless mode to show you what i mean by that get lower im going to give the drone some left yaw so that now the drone is facing towards the wall. But if i press backwards, the drone doesnt fly directly backwards, like normally what it flies closer to me same thing. If i push away it, doesnt fly its actually flying to the right right now, but im not giving it right input im, giving it away input and same thing with left instead of instead of going to the left.

It actually goes forward because thats the way its facing so headless mode just uses whatever way the drone is pointing it disregards its orientation. It doesnt have a head its headless. It disregards its orientation that its facing, and it does all four of these inputs based on you. So as you as the drone goes in a different direction, you have to make sure that youre following it, because these inputs are also always going to be related to where you are so as you press away, the drone goes away from you, regardless of which way Its facing and as you point towards you, the drone flies towards you, regardless of which way its facing, so you can still spin it with your yaw stick, but this right stick is going to always do it in relation to you, the controller. So one last thing to show you uh is this tap to fly? This is another gimmick, but i did want to show you um if you take off the drone good conventional way. All this is – and i havent really gotten it to work great yet, but what this does is puts a box its really hard to get both of these in here i cant control it now, but what it does is basically just makes a line and all of Your control inputs are aligned and what that means try to get a little bit more in the open here. If i make a quick little box, the drones going to fly a quick little box, well its going to try to but thats the thing that i dont like about it is.

The drone has no reference. These arent like gps commands. The drone has no reference of where it is in real time. So, as you make a box, all the drones doing is following the control inputs that you did so its basically saying down right forward left and the drone has no idea how far its going theres. No relation to how far you make that line. If i made my box real tiny, maybe it would have done better and not hit the wall, but again its not really like a gps based thing so its hard to get any kind of accuracy accuracy out of it, its more of just a gimmick to fly Around the house using another option, so keep that in mind. I think i covered everything theres a vr mode here and all that does is split your phone screen into two different screens so that you can watch your um. You can slip it into a vr, headset and uh use that with the controller, because uh youre gon na need the controller. If your vr headset is in there, you cant use your phone to control it. So i think thats, self, explanatory, but um. I believe that is everything weve got all our controls last thing down. Here is your gallery. You can go back and look at all the videos that you recorded with this drone. So again i got about seven to eight minutes on each battery, based on how youre flying, which is a good amount of time, its very responsive flies very well um.

Overall, i cant say enough good things about this little woolen. U 61! In fact, ill say one more thing about the video, but as i was flying this my wife noticed and she thought it looked like fun and she actually asked me if she could fly it so ill cut to a clip here in a second of my wife. Flying this around the sunroom uh, her first time flying ive been flying drones. My whole life, my wife, has never asked or touched any of my drones, but in just a few minutes she was flying this thing around the sunroom quickly easily, without hitting anything and even when she did, the drone survived just fine, its doing great and actually, when We were done, she said thats fun. Can i have this, so i consider that a win all around good job lewin. You made a drone flyer out of my wife, so anyway thats all i got for this. One guys hope you enjoyed it hope you got something out of it if youre a first time, flyer or youre. Looking for a easy, quick fun christmas present for your kids uh check out this luan u61 ill leave a link in the comments and give you guys access to that so anyway, thats all.