It is a drone. Take a look youll like this one: Music, all right, guys, heres another little uh gift idea coming up on christmas time. So this is a tiny, tiny little drone its by a company called lulin. I think it is, and uh whats got me so excited about this thing is i i unpacked this thing im like you got ta, be kidding me um, its a 75 dollar drone, actually its a little bit cheaper than that on amazon. Right now, but honestly, i didnt expect much out of this, but it does you know its its safe, its got the prop guards on it. You can fly it indoors. You can fly it outdoors, its got a camera on it now, its not the best quality camera. Of course, what do you expect for a 75 drone, but the nice thing about this is kids can fly it uh its recommended for ages, six and up and its got a 24 month warranty on this thing. Now, how good that is, i dont know i just got it so i dont have any problems with it, but uh this thing can actually not only can you fly it with just the controller, but you can fly it with an app thats right. You can use an app on this thing. Its got an app you can do regular flying its got fpv style. As far as you can see, where youre going you can fly, its also got an intelligent mode, intelligent path which im going to show you here, but im also going to show you some actual video and pictures from this drone here.

So im going gon na put this thing up in the air and see if you guys can see it. Uh fly around and uh its kind of exciting, actually its a lot of fun to fly, believe it or not its fun inside it comes with two batteries. You do have to put four double a batteries in the remote, but uh guys. This is. This is actually fun. I i im im shocked. I really am so lets get to some flight footage in order to turn this on. Of course, you got ta. You got one button on the remote. The remote is very, very simple: it comes with a little phone holder. Youve got one a power button inside here, your regular controls on the left hand or, on the right hand, side here. Youve got one touch takeoff and lan youve also got headless mode, so headless mode is pretty cool. Everybody knows what headless mode is right and then, on the left side, youve got one button to start and stop record and one button to stop it or to take a picture. So pretty simple on the drone you just put the battery in the back and on the back, you have a on and off switch, so comes on with led. You know its flying, so lets go ahead. Turn this on well pull up the app and well get going now. When you pull up your app, you have to go into wi fi, and you have to pull up the drone and connect to it, which is lulin, and they give you a serial number once you do that you get out of that, go into the app it Takes a couple seconds to connect there we go so you can see.

Weve got connection there. So right now, for this part of it im just going to take off with the drone and were going to show you a little bit of flight, hopefully ill keep it in camera view. Here one touch so i didnt expect to knock it, not the camera over, but ah foreign, all right, so now im going to try this uh drawing on the screen and see if itll follow that path, intelligent flight path – and you can see there when the battery Starts getting low im, getting a count down 15, all the way down to 77 and its starting to land, so im getting roughly eight to ten minutes of flight out of this out of a full charge and uh guys. This is, this is kind of fun, not to mention its fun inside you dont have to use the app lets turn this off, so you dont have to use the app you can use just the controller and you can fly it around inside just line up site Which it works great, you know im actually pretty impressed with this little thing, so its a lot of fun, um ill leave a link in the description, go ahead and check it out, but a little little drone for kids. This is actually recommended, for, i think, its six and up or five and up but uh yeah, my six year old flies.