But anyway, if you watched that it was just a review of the cheerwing cw4 drone, so if you watch the video um, you would see that in the part where i was gon na show photos uh. I put a little text in the video that pretty much said that i couldnt find the photos inside the folder that i made for the editing project, so i couldnt find those photos, but a couple of days ago i found them just randomly. They just happened to be there so um here they are um, so you can see that and like i said, if you want to watch the previous video and then this one just to see the photos, um just click on my icon below this video or i Guess ill just put a link in the description for that video. So anyway, guys lets. Look at the photos. Lets take a picture um. You guys can see what the pictures look like ill orient it towards me. Bring it down here and uh here ill. Take a picture of me: whoops.