There would be a really cool and long antenna, but its rhcp for dji. We need lhcp so left instead of right. I will install those braces because i want to eliminate as much cello as possible because im afraid there will be jello with the six inches its cool, that you get a schematic of the wiring stickers and i really love to have a copter thats been built in Collaboration with a fellow fpva dave c shout out, he helped design. This in combination with hglrc reckon fpv took off the top plate. So you see the vtx a bit better. There actually is a cable for a normal receiver, but it has only one signal wire. I need a second signal wire to have the full telemetry on my crossfire protocol, so i just need to solder the second signal wire to label the white one here for the crossfire, so these four cables will be fitting crossfire just plug in the dji stuff. In the socket hidden down below and im afraid its too small for a full size air unit, i was thinking maybe putting a full size air unit there to have 1080p recording instead of the just dvr, the vista fits there quite nicely just removed the camera. Tpo mounted part which still helds the cuttings retail, so the capacitor is in the front because theres not too much space on this copter and theres also cables motor cables supposedly and the xd60 plug is in front, which is funny.

I didnt have osd information and this normally is either sloppy soldering chip on the two signal wires or you reversed them too, because you have an rx here which should go to the tx and you have a tx going to the rx, so its always rx to 3X were getting quite close to see if those 2105.5 motors are as efficient as i think they are sewing braces, and this like fancy orange antenna, mount its just the cable tie, but the ugly white ones i covered it in orange. It doesnt look much larger than the chimera 5.. Firstly, the chimera 5 with 273. Now this one, what is it 262., so its actually lighter than my five inch quad, so thats nice? I have my fear of not getting enough satellites. It was unnecessary. We already have eight after like two minutes of sitting there. So gps is fine. It was just me checking the motor directions and theyre all correctly so yeah first test flight awesome. I just want to have it some more and then i fly the fpv here Music. I love how silent it is, and this is this is with a quite large battery 1800 percent light pump. Music lets see the punch more than enough, of course, and you can go success with this so yeah. I definitely wan na fpv. This now wish me. Some luck, Music, lots of fun. Okay, awesome! I might have a bit much up angle for such a slow flight, but okay, but i really love the fact that i dont see any jello now which i was very concerned that i would have some and it flies amazing.

I mean this: is the default tune? Literally didnt touch anything not even the osd, just the mode switch it might be because of the up angle. But if i apply throttle, i dont get a lot of altitude change. I mean yeah its enough, but its rather, i gain speed. So i think i have yeah. I could try power loop there, but i dont want to its so its not an acrobatic fly at the moment. Maybe it is with success yeah, but it feels larger. It feels more grown up. It doesnt twitch on either axis. So might also be because of the tune, but it yeah. I think i will very much enjoy this in the mountains for my dive videos. No, i dont pee against this wall. It only looks like very nice very nice two thumbs up already battery cold motors. Slightly warm after the flight, you always have to disable the people, one two three or else it will just beep after 30 seconds. I didnt count it. I flew it now with one of my tattoo 4s lipos 1800 and it felt ok thats what the 200 250 gram battery i had. 8 minutes and 31. I still have 40 percent left in the tank. As i said, those numbers are wrong at the moment. Have a slow warper, i notice immediately. That usually means i turn high term low or high. I dont know from my mind, but yeah well find this out Applause and i see a bit of cello.

Yes, as i do okay for this case, i will mount an nd filter in the near future. If the amp meter is scaled correctly now, then i only draw like six seven amps in forward flight. That would be amazing. Lets do a little turn here see if my 50mm bit get worse. No! Okay. I flew against the winston now with tailwind. I got 70 kph quite easily hello cows Applause. I already heard that moped here, so i will be able to chase it. Applause. Music, nice. Come on more power Applause, so i dont do anything stupid dont want to be the reason why they crash any house. Very nice, very nice and relaxing is where im standing its so silent. Silent capital usually means good efficiency. The mar reading says 550 and the voltage 3.8, which is still quite high, that is this thing, will have amazing flight times. Yeah. If i apply some throttle, i get 15 25 was kind of the maximum. I thought and the one thing i dont have a lot of power and punch outs, maybe im too used to powerful or lightweight quads, like with freestyle quads. This is one thing i have to remember when flying. If i have to avoid an obstacle in the height, i have to start this early enough, but other than this lets see what kind of speeds we can get with some more amps and like with 10 amps 10 amps is also not a lot and 10 amps.

Translate to 40 74 kph against some wind, not much, but some 75 with slight tail wind. I have 80 kph of travelings, no, not traveling speed but fast crossing speed. So lets just do a bit of not freestyle but flying around here, Music yeah sure. If he got the sound, but the sound is really nice, oh thats, too far behind anything and theres a shim. I have black t shirt today, which is not so clever. Its really hot in the sun. Slow and fast cruising is really really nice. Now we got a gusty breeze going on. Yes, almost got the landing pad. Oh, and look at that awesomeness Music thats unlocked shut up Music 83 kph, getting a bit unstable since all the other nd filters show up in picture. I take this gopro. 7. 3D printed. Part and well just glue it in place like so not the best solution but best image. I know this will cost me some subscribers now, but hot glue, the poor, mans 3d printer. It works considering considerably good and the worst case is me: losing the nd filter in flight okay, now heading for the last flight of today, Music, which Music, Music, Music, wow, Music, Music, wow, Music, Music, Music, which Music. This was the evening flight with nd8 filter with an 1800 lipo. I do 1450 in 12 minutes 33. The best sign for a new product that i test is that you see a lot of flight videos with it in the future.

I will be using it a lot in for mountain dives and for my kind of flying for cruising around for long range cruising and i really enjoy how it flies. I still have a bit of wobbles, which i hope i can tune it out. Flight characteristics very nice and very, very efficient thing, not loud so its yeah. You barely hear it. I thought i need a 7 inch chimera halodenis, but i think thats what i what i want to use because its small and you can pack it in your back easily. I mean not so easy because you have to unmount those props. Probably, if you dont have it on the outside of your props, which is a bit of yeah, it just takes a bit of time. I dont want to store it inside the backpack with the props mounted, because they will bend them, not a good idea. I learned that gps acquisition is fast, so no problems there. This is like this: the new standard antenna that comes with the cardig swissta air units or with the cardex vista units. I got the analog version as youve seen and i instantly converted it to dji. Digital sorry, if youre still flying analog and wanted me to test this in the analog mode, but sorry i didnt, i didnt – want to try it thanks a lot for watching this review. If you got any questions or recommendations around this copter leave your thoughts in the comments below im, really looking forward for an awesome, hopefully warm autumn season, now to be able to do some more nice mountain dives.

Thanks a lot for being regular viewers, you regular viewers, keep my view. Count up. Thats thats awesome uh, thanks for staying in touch with me, looking forward to seeing a live stream soon, not decided when yet thanks banggood for sending this to me, bengal, youre, awesome and yeah you, if you want a good six inch copter. If you have the money, buy it in the hd version, of course, uh for budgetary reasons, i got the analog version of converted it to dgi digital myself.