Its a review on the teleson selfie. Stick, i think, its probably the well its definitely the longest selfie stick that ive ever ever had as long as selfish youve ever seen. I saw it the other day and i thought maybe could you possibly use this as an alternative to a drone because theres, obviously a lot of flaff with drones, um and expense, so whether you can pick up a selfie stick that goes up to a ridiculous. Three meters, long, which ill show you properly later um whether this could be a replacement or a substitute or even just a oh, an interesting way to get some cool shots. I was uh yeah. I was intrigued to find out so i picked this up from a company called teletin from amazon for 50 pounds. I think, for about 52 pounds. I think it was its carbon fiber uh, its a carbon fiber. They say its its. They say its a carbon fiber selfie stick and it weighs ill. Tell you how much it weighs it weighs exactly 272 grams 272 grams, with the little attachment on as well. So, as i said, this goes up to three meters long. You can obviously vary the length um, it can be changed, but um yeah. So a three meter selfie stick, and i guess probably best designed for a 360 camera in order to get that sort of draw that drone shot. So yeah picked it up and i was intrigued to see what its like so check out these shots and see if theyre any good, see what you think and i will check back in afterwards and we can discuss all the gays and the nays about this uh.

Selfie, stick in a second enjoy Music, so Music, okay, so there you go, you saw a few shots there and, as you can see it kind of works pretty well, it enables you to have sort of a slightly interesting perspective, uh a few new angles and some Uh yeah just a slightly different shot that you cant, obviously get with your standard. Selfie stick so im going to go into all the pros and cons. I think you probably can clearly see a few of them already. I think the biggest issue i had with the with this here obviously is sort of the portability and ease of use being for being 40 centimeters long its much longer than a normal selfie stick, so it doesnt fit in the front its not really couldnt really fit. You know anywhere else, but the back of the backpack, which is a bit of a flap to get out of then youve got the flap of this long stick thing which does take a bit of time to get used to um and when you put it back It can also pinch yourself if youre not careful on the skin there, so the ease of use, wasnt, brilliant, but then again its a three meter stick. So what you know what im gon na expect in regards to that, and then i guess what is the other one uh, oh yeah, so here the other one which is really annoying. Is this little sound? You hear this little you even when its sort of all pinned down so when youre moving you get that little annoying sound which isnt in the world but uh but thats.

It really weight wise its light. As i said, its 272 grams um length 40. So its pretty easy – and you know that was it on the negatives but on the plus points you know you you are, it does enable you to get some pretty cool shots, some new perspectives. I guess its not going to ever replace a drone, but in order to get some high you know some sort of high shots, whatever um it does work and actually, with a 360 camera which you saw just then you are unfortunately that 360 camera theres a tiny Scratch – and you can see it slightly, but you are um. You are able to get some quite cool images with that sort of new perspective of the 360 at the top and it hides the in. So it hides the stick, obviously, because thats, what 360 cameras do they hide the invisible stick as long as its all lined up properly, but you do see the shadow of the stick um, which is a little bit annoying but uh, but thats it for 50 pounds. Pretty cool um – i will be using this, for you know a few things, especially with the 360 camera uh. Unfortunately, unfortunately, you do. You do look a bit of a plonker when youre running up a hill with a giant giant pole uh its bad enough as it is with just a normal standard. Selfie stick talking to yourself, but if youve got a giant pole running up a hill near a church, people will be a little bit theyre looking, you know.

What are you up to so just be wary of the extra looks, but there we have it. So that is a very, very quick review. The few pros and cons of the longest selfie stick that ive ever seen, um and i will probably ever see uh longer, stick that ill ever have and there we have it so telesin, amazon, 50 pounds, 300 centimeters. Three meters, 270 50 yeah 272 grams, carbon fiber – it didnt actually also it didnt bow. It was pretty good. It didnt didnt, bend too much so its pretty sturdy. Actually, that is a good plus point. I have to give it to, i think, the other ones. The older versions they had a bit of a bend when you have it out there, but this was pretty pretty sturdy. Your arms do get a bit tired, actually thats the other one thing i just you have to switch over so its not something that you can have. You know you wouldnt want to hold it up too long, thats it. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope those shots look pretty cool and i will see you soon right thanks for watching.