Today we have something new from hglrc. This is the recon 5 ultralight 5 inch long range edition, quad let’s go ahead and do a flight test after that, we’ll come back in i’ll. Show you this quad on the bench and i’ll, give you my opinion starting out on 4s, there are some vibes and 6s also some vibes a little bit of vibes. If you put a camera on top you’ll clear all that out, you also won’t see the props in view: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music. All right guys! Welcome back to the bench let’s check out the recon 5. there she is sitting in at 225 grams with no battery no camera. It does have the first part of the mount on there, but this is incorporated in the front to the whole camera shroud around that vista nebula, so very interesting design. You can fit a fairly large battery on this quad, which is really great. It has tons of truck pad back here once you add a camera and put some tilt on it, it’s going to also limit that space a little bit, but i was still able to put any of these length batteries on there. So i have some 6s 650s. I have some 4s 650s as well, and i have some 850s that we tested out. I tested out an 850 for you and i also tested out a much larger 856s version, so these are great it’s.

It seems definitely seems like we’re going to get well over 10 minutes flight time. With this i flew for at least four minutes and almost five minutes and barely dropped a volt, so that was really cool. But let me go ahead and give you some battery weight ends on here. We’Ll just go ahead and set the recon back on the scale here and it’s a really interesting design. This frame design is really cool. We sort of have a squash dead cat, the 450 it’s going to get you over 250 grams 304 for the 650 uh 4s, not the 450. No 6s 450 check that battery out that’s cool that’s, a kratos by hdlrc. Also, these guys make their own batteries and, at 306.6 grams, pretty cool. You can keep the weight way down with this quad as well choose to fly the smo 4k on here, because they also give you that style of mount right here. You’Ll have to run a wire to your flight controller and power. Your smo 4k from the flight controller board, but that’s the way most of us are doing it plus that way, you don’t have the extra weight carrying on the quad of a gopro hero or whatnot, but you can mount a gopro mount on there. It should take a traditional standard gopro mount now with the largest battery the 850 on here i’m – probably going to get 15 minutes with that battery, so we’re looking at right around 373.

8 grams with that battery um, so it’s going to be, you know, still fairly uh In the realm of a light, racing rig as far as a 5 inch goes, but as far as long range goes, it is fairly light considering most of the race quads weigh in at 400 to 500 grams, some of the sort of trainer beginner quads come in At 650 grams after you’re done adding a gopro on there, so that’s one thing to consider, but there’s a lot going on with this quad. I really love this low profile thing. They have going here and it’s interesting how they have my tbs nano mounted on the side here with the immortal t it’s got its own custom, little side mount and that’s pretty interesting, because when you’re flying long range just about whatever direction, you’re headed this type of Antenna is not going to get hit by the props it’s very close, but it won’t hit. There is some clearance there, just a tiny millimeter of clearance. You can actually take this off or smoosh it back down, but it seems super close um, but i didn’t have a problem with it. They also have an interesting style mounting system on the bottom, and the way you get these off is either with a large flathead screwdriver or they actually make a tool, and these look very similar to the same kind of screws and locknut system that we have on Our radio, so if you look really close on your radio, they actually do make a tool for that that fits right in there and then you can loosen these so that’s an interesting concept there for this architecture.

In this arm design, we have a couple gold bolts on the bottom of the flight controller, that is a 20 by 20 mounted flight controller, with a capacitor up front, which is interesting. We have our external beeper in the very back with an on off button. In the very back and actually it’s in the front part right here, but tpu mount casing around that whole thing to protect it in a crash. I wish it was kind of somewhere up inside the frame, because, when i’ve crashed on other rigs, that i had these on even sometimes inside the frame, they’ve flown off and disconnected – and it was funny because when i crashed there was this beeper and i found the Beeper in the weeds under a tree – and i picked it up – and i was like – oh my god, no quad and the quad was somewhere else like across the road. So um, even though you have an external beeper, doesn’t mean that it’s going to totally save your quad, because you have situation like i had, but even if this comes unplugged, this baby will still beat because it has its own internal beeper, which is super cool. Its own internal battery, now on the very back back here we have the vista we’ve got the nebula up front. I believe that was the nebula. We have an m8 gps with glow nasal in here. With this tpu amount back, mount they’ve got a zip tie around it, just for safety and it’s plugged in on the side right here.

So that looks pretty good. I haven’t had a problem with that wire, getting pulled and being pulled out like some other designs. Up top, we have two antenna posts back here, ready for your xm plus or other type of diversity. Receivers they’re all set up there, and we have this extra tall left hand circular polarized antenna for dji and it’s the hammer from hdlrc. It looks pretty cool, actually looks really nice, nice and shiny and the props we’re using today guys. These are convertible props. They have a little center piece that comes in and out, and this center piece, when you put it in there, will allow these two screws style or, if you have other motors that have the full size nut on top. You can fly these props as well, and these are from gemfan. They are 5125 props and they seem to be pretty smooth. They are really low pitch, so i was really hoping that this quad had a little less vibes, because characteristically these props tend to be quite smooth compared to some more aggressive race, style, props and a lot of guys that are flying long range. You know what, on my channel, i’ve been saying it for over five years to lower the pitch on your long range. Quads will get you a little better battery performance now. They also give you an extra strap in the box, which i think is cool and if you want to, they also give you a couple struts for the bottom, and they will go from motor to motor like this.

And what this does is it probably is going to smooth out some of that vibration that we had in the video, so the stock tune, it’s it’s, not the greatest, but the components you have on here are definitely some of the top ones from hdlrc. We also have 35 amp esc’s on here that are four in one esc’s. They can handle a four and a six s battery. They also make another 4s version of this quad. I have the motors that are actually the 6s motors, and these are 2004 1800 kv motors purple, bottoms on them and purple inlay. On the top of the bell super nice looking motor and just above the 35 amp esc’s, we have the zeus f7 flight controller, which is also super nice, and the analog version of this one comes with an 805.8 video transmitter. So if you guys want to like really crank it up and send it out, there, 800 milliwatt will get you way out there and if you’re freestyling this one for some unknown reason, you can also fly bandos with 800 and do quite well so pretty cool that They include all this stuff. You also get a bolt that goes through this gopro mount or smo 4k mount you get this camera mount as well. You get some stickers and you get the recon 5 manual on how everything wires up. So this is super important on how all the receivers go on. So if you want to get the plug and play version, if there’s one available, this shows you how to wire it up and how to add a different gps.

If you want, or even some extra tbs stuff here, if you’re running, say tbs unified pro, it shows you where all that goes for analog and hdlrc’s newest um, like video transmitter, that we reviewed on the channel a while back, but um super ultra light that one Super small one of the smallest ones out there right now, but you can check out the link down below if you’d like to grab one of these. I think this was a fun one and really it’s it’s ready for cinema it’s, also ready for handling a little more wind than some of the four inch category ones. So if you want something a little bit bigger that you could fly out at the coast, you could definitely fly either the smo 4k super tiny camera or a variety of cameras on there and get away with a lot with this quad. So i think this would be a great little cinema rig and uh. If you decide to put some lions on there. I believe these lower kv motors will do much better than the full blown 3000 kv motor setup. So take my recommendation for that. Try out some lions, probably around the gap, rc 4sp, 3000 milliamp lion would be a good choice for that. But, thanks again for watching my reviews guys this one has been the recon 5.. I really hope that you guys stay safe out there and uh enjoy your week. I will bring you more videos and before you go, you have to see this.

I just got this and i they told me i didn’t even have to review this, but i wanted to just throw this in there for you guys. This is from ur uav black light 86 pro parallel charge board. This thing is insane like six different charge: ports ready to hook up to one port on your charger. It has fuses all down the front and center here and we have balance all connected right here for xt30 and xt60 options. Really nice looking unit i’ll be testing. This this week and the week’s coming up on the channel i’ll, let you know how it does you can check out the link for this one down below as well. If you want to grab one of these, it would work perfect with one of my favorite chargers. Right now, the m6d, so all this just plugs in on one side. You can even get two of these and go crazy on your m60 charge up to like 12 batteries at once with this guy, and you have to get this one because you need the 6s balance plug yeah. So the smaller version of this only does up to 4s won’t work with this board. You need something that’s compatible with a 6s battery, because you go all the way up to success with this. So thanks again for watching my channel guys take care recon 5.