It is capable of 3 to 4s battery and will actually get you a pretty good flight time on here. It does have 2 inch prop 85 millimeter frame on here 12 amp, esc's f4 maytec f411 flight controller 200, milliwatt vtx on here as well. It has the new g lag lollipop on the very back right there, and it has. It feels like a pretty sort of uh plasticky type of frame, we're gon na we're gon na test out the durability on this frame. I think everything else on here looks good. This quad is around 75 grams uh before you add the battery on there, so the batteries we're going to test out today are we're going to test out some 4s 650s i'm going to even go as heavy as an 850 on here it says: that's, the max Battery but what's cool about that is that 450 will get you around five to six minutes flight time. The 650 will get you close to eight minutes flight time and the a50 will get you up and upwards of 12 minutes flight time. So a very long flight time for any type of two inch cinewolf out there, so we'll see how the loris does today. It also has this nice little a removable, tpu nd filter that comes along with it, gives it kind of like that. Pretty cool cinematic look up front, it has sort of a square lens, and these are available. I'Ll try to put these down at the link down below in the description.

If you bought elorus – and you like to get this, you can get this little kit. It does come available on the banggood website from g lang, so also in the back. We have built in leds, which is cool, and we have that same similar style canopy to the ufo that we saw before on the channel. We have 1204 kv motors let's go ahead outside now after i get it bound up with my jumper t18. This is what i'm flying right now. You guys – and this is really really coming along good on the channel i'm – going to give a really awesome view on that and today now exclusive on the channel coming up soon to be released from eachine is the ev300os. Do they look a little bit like my skyzones? I was very happy to see these come in the mail and they are so far performing very well. It comes with a new receiver from eachine, which is testing out at about 16 milliseconds uh for their testing. You can see some internal testing i'll put the link down below to these as well, and i believe you might be able to get a pre order in on these, but these are a little bit pricey. They are around the 500 price point. They are the most expensive, eachine goggles, possibly in history, but they are very nice and i'm, not sure that these might end up becoming my daily driver. So uh stay tuned for that review on the channel, guys let's go ahead and outside now and let's do a little flying with the g lang.

Anger, 85 x, 4k new version. Here we go okay, guys here we go for the fbv flight test, it's, always fun to fly with you guys. I appreciate you hanging out with me on the channel and testing all these different quads let's, get it up in the air and right now we're flying 4s 650 on here, which is getting me a really good flight time around the i mean 8 to 10 minute. Mark you can get over 12 minutes with an 850, so it starts to fly a little bit heavy with an 850, but as you notice like as we fly around the field, look at the trees and how much they're moving today, this footage can look a lot Better, if you fly on a day when there's no wind, i mean straight ahead, really nice lines and i'm going to take it up way up high, just to show you how well it does, even in a 15 mile, an hour wind or better about 100 foot Up with this motion, blur on this nd filter really smooths out a lot of the camera frame, so i'm going to go up high here, and i love the flip and roll rate on this quad as well check that out really nice. But look how smooth it is even this high up in the air, where you can see a lot of jello on a lot of quads in a high wind situation. You can see those trees are blowing right.

There had a little bit of tumble when i was coming down in that dive, but look how nice and true and straight some of these lines are. I mean this quad i feel like it wants to freestyle, but again it's, not really a freestyle quad. It is sort of still in whoop category, just barely above that style, but it has prop guards it can bounce off trees. I didn't have any problems with the durability of the prop guards and hitting the trees. The only compromise i got in this flight test was when we bounced off the parking lot and that's going to come up pretty soon, but that's a concrete crash, if you're crashing into concrete, well it's kind of your fault a little bit. These aren't really meant to take concrete style crashes guys, but look how nice and smooth this is. This is really fantastic um, especially for the wind that i'm testing. In i mean the tree, branches are just cranking um felt like i wanted to try a power loop here and got big air a little bit of tumble right there and just decided to back off that. I really at this point. I really didn't want to send it hard and break this quad, but there is and the cadx loris some people might like this camera. Some people might not like it. There seems to be a kind of a little bit of a reddish hue to it at times, but it can be color corrected it.

It does pretty well in the sun but here's where i try to do that. Split s and we kind of bounced off the concrete now what's interesting about this – is that beta flight reset in my osd, but the cadx loras kept recording video. So i was able to actually rearm at this point having that broken frame on the bottom. So right now in the review, we're flying a partially broken frame. So any vibrations that you see in the rest of this video will be due to the broken frame. But it seems like it's still holding pretty good, and i don't see a lot of jello here. So yeah the nd filter again helping smooth out some of that footage, really really nice. You could fly this one indoors or outdoors too guys, because it is 85 millimeter frame there's a little bit of shutter right there and that might be due to our broken frame. But what i like about this frame is that they are five bucks five to six dollars for a new frame, so grab grab a couple extra frames. If you decide to get this quad and again, the 12 of series motors and 4s have a nice punch out, but look how smooth it is up. High i've had some bigger heavier cards way heavier than this have way more jello up high, and this is about as good as it gets for that size quad. It is tiny. I mean 78 grams on the scale and it's able to do that around 150 grams.

With that 4s 650 that i weighed earlier it's kind of unbelievable, i love the way. The flowers look and the grass down low with the cadex loris looks really nice and smooth and what's neat about cinewoops. Is you can really get in there and kind of just push your way through the grass? You can get these low shots, unlike some of the other quads out there really get in there kind of on a sort of a mouse scale in the field really low to the ground and kind of explore places you wouldn't with a five inch that's. What makes little two inches in the woke so neat you can do urban or some nice open terrain like this always makes it really interesting. Staying super low there, but fantastic flight times too guys that what i was most impressed with was the nice tune on here and really long flight times and upwards of 12 to 14 minutes. With that 850 i mean i just kept it going really happy with this one. So let's go get some final thoughts. All right guys welcome back from the flight test, so the price point is around 180. It is a fairly competitive price point. They they put a lot of stuff on here that is fairly high quality. The motors there are 1204 motors which i love. I love that series motors because it seems not to give you a lot of battery sag and it doesn't kill your batteries, which is really nice, and it gives us a longer flight time.

This 12 series motors is just great um much better than 1106 that we were running a couple years ago. 1107 1108. They just tend to have a high kb and just drain the batteries a lot quicker. I did like also that it has multiple receiver options with the xm plus you can get the fly sky version. You can get tbs nano on here and really send it out there, and i think this makes a lot of sense to put tbs on, because it's, not a whoop. That does three to four minutes. I don't know understand why you would put tbs on something that does three to four minutes, but this one will get you an upwards of ten minutes on a larger battery and it is a cinewoop, so it's not really made for freestyle, did have some tumbling. In my testing – and we had some wash washout and things like that, so in my mind this is more of a cinematic loop and since i was playing around with some freestyle for you guys, i did that loop over the tree sort of a split s to Come back underneath the tree and what happened was had a little bit larger battery on there and it bottomed out on the concrete bam banging the battery on the ground and it broke the bottom of the frame. So again, this frame is not super durable. It did crash into concrete now that carbon plate on the bottom that holds the battery on is kind of freely moving underneath here.

So i can still fly this quad, but really it needs a new frame on here, but the good news is that the frames are around five dollars and i'll try to put the links down below for the parts available for this one. Also, more good news is that there are parts available for this one all the way around from the esc board the flight controller. Obviously the cadx laura so in here you can get extra lollipop antennas. If you replace, you need to replace that from g lag as well, and leds motors props, all the bells and whistles. These are two by two hq props one here and i got my xm plus hanging out the very top, but i think for what it is. If you stick to cinema style, stuff you'll be good on this one under the 200 price point for ultra smooth 4k footage is a good deal and it was super windy on the day that i tested this and with that little bit of motion blur, it really Helped smooth out some of that loras footage which came back looking pretty good for the wind on the day that we flew so beautiful camera, and i like the fact that it does come with this nd filter and it does look like something fairly dark on the Nd filter side of things i think it's, probably a an nd8 or something along those lines uh, but i don't have the specs on this one.

Yeah i'll try to find that for you guys if i find it i'll put it down in the comments below, but thanks again for watching my review of the new g lang. Anger: 85 x 4k with the cadx lorix guys, i'm justin, davis and i'll see you on the next one.