Innovations sound kit. It is a programmable box, be prepared, I paid more than a hundred dollars for it. They are very expensive, but programmable they come with a library for semi trucks, like sounds for semi trucks, drift cars, blah blah, blah blah blah. You know and trail trucks. They have a limited amount of sounds, but there are quite a few. Everything else on here is basically bone stock, except for these huge tires right here. These are way over size, 2.2 sized tires. People are gon na wonder how the heck I got them on here without getting any body rub. Well, I did move the fend or the bumper forward. So you'll see that I get very little rub when we are in full flex. There I'm, using a three cell lipo battery and I'll, put the body on here, you'll notice. I got a little bit of wire hanging out here. Part of it is for the sound kit, because the sound kit does react with the throttle input and also I have an extra lead here to plug in my lights. Here it is with the body on it. Yes, I flipped body styles check it out now. I'Ve got the red and black with the chrome down the sides. I also installed a gear head, LED bar as well as a roof. Rack got the shovel strapped up there cuz, even though it's been melting. You know I live in Canada and it gave me a fresh coating of snow yesterday.

Let me go ahead and put this on in regards to the sound box. Some people love sound boxes. Some people do not, and I really say it's totally up to you. If you want one screw, what anybody else suggests it's your ride. If you want to paint it pink and you want flowers on it and sound like Herbie the lovebug, you could do that too. You know don't, let anybody push you around and do what you want. Cuz, this is a one time shot. You know you go out, get your hobby, you know you got your life, live it to the fullest. Do what you want? Have some fun it's more dramatic when I actually plug the battery and instead of just trying to turn it on? Yes, I did paint the inside cab windows, not every one of my trail. Trucks needs to have a driver in it for me to have fun it's. Just a way of getting things out there and you know grabbing your truck and ready to rip. I don't have to worry about an interior. Am I ever ready to see this snow disappear, but I'll tell you what it sure is nice to be able to have it when it is hear that old, throaty square body v8 sound Music? It has. Let me know in the comments section. Are you actually a fan of sound kits or do you think they have a time and place or certain vehicles only or do you just not like sound kits at all you just like the sound of the radio control vehicle? This is a slippery Rock I'm gon na have to lock him up getting up to that teeter totter bridge very challenging on a slippery rock for any vehicle let's back it up, try again different strategy here: Music nope, you guys are gon na, be saying: oh, you Need to get a softer tire, you know a stickier tire, but when you're dealing with frozen conditions, it really doesn't matter on what tire you have they're all going to be turning rock hard and the thing is, is you don't want too much of a soft tire Or if you do it'll freeze when it's just sitting there and you'll get a flat spot see if I can climb now that I've got past that one little dip area, I imagine this should be easy Music, such a choice, looking vehicle here we go on the Teeter totter old school, teeter totter how many people actually have a backyard trail park? Let me know right now in the comment section below oh yeah into the side hill climbing at a nice pace.

Oh oh I'm, in trouble here. Oh, I just made it by so lucky: go the same route as my vehicle overkill, the other day first test I did, which was episode. 11 of that build series project over till 2020. I made this course to be difficult. Oh – and it is here's where it puts you off to one side being very slippery right now see if you can even get up this high you're driving sucks yeah hit me today for sure. Here we go back up to the tip area. Oh it's sliding a little bit: oh yeah. Oh man same with overkill it's, just too slick on this old wood. Let'S try to get her going. Oh carburetor stall, especially when I'm on an incline like that. No for all the people that are wondering I'm, making a joke it's an electric truck, those that are just tuning in because you skip past the beginning. Oh yeah, whiskey throttle over the axle hanger look at lots of tire flex right there. You might think that the tire is not flexible, but it certainly is, and it shows right there. Oh dang carburetor. You can adjust it to your your idle time when you hook up your sound module to your personal computer Music. Here we go it's still in low gear. Do the crawl Music? Oh i centered area. Always a challenge is right in the crux: the trucks try their best. Oh yeah just trying to get my tire to hook up like for digging a hole and we're hung up on the back axle, so throttle out no couldn't throttle past that axle hanger here's the problem right there.

Oh, oh, I hesitated what do you think? 4X4 crew? When you hesitate, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Let me know below oh boy over she goes. It was just that easy on the full size trail to roll. Your truck back over, I think, that's. What I love a lot of people misunderstand this hobby and think that since we're, using small RC trucks, that none of us have larger four by fours or go wheel in but that's, not true, you can actually tackle stuff that you normally most people wouldn't tackle it With their full size with their seat there, it is got a little bit of snow in the lens that's. Okay, though, see, if I can back out of here without getting in more trouble and over get a chance to look at that belly clearance. Here, Music beautiful. I was able to catch the back tire to lift it up. Let'S. Do that again, just move off to the side. A little bit here, Music big tires loved to there. We go. People were wondering if I had my drag brake on for my project overkill and yes, I was just having a good time we're only back and forth over this rock, with the enormous amount of belly clearance. I was having that day. Look at that. I love how these trucks can look like the full size. Even if you don't think mine looks like a full size. My imagination says that it does Music big tires.

Are we were able to make it around? Oh yeah, good thing, Music straight down? You can see how much snow is accumulating on those tires makes them incredibly slippery and challenging for these rails. Oh yeah good mount job. Can I get the back ones on yes and then just kind of let it roll with minimum throttle? Oh, she falls off that's. Okay, we're already at the bottom, into the really deep stuff, though Oh trying to gain some traction in that deep snow there it is there. It is that's why I use the big tires today. There'S, just no question: you need bigger, tires in deep snow, snow 10. Right now, with the light breeze Music, these are full size logs that's, how much snow there is all around them, just filling everything in if you're still with me right now in the video I want to know, comment down below. Let me know what the part of your part of the video is. Your favorite. Do you like when I go inside and I work on the trucks? Are you more of a you like it when we go outside for an RC adventure kind of person there? It is now here's well need wheel, speed, Oh into the snow, okay, so second gear, so it's a little bit faster Music. Is it gon na get a hookup on the smooth wood? You can see that it's like uneven the way we built it. Oh, the back tire we almost there.

It is right there, so pure power. Of course, one handed driving today. Everyone always says why? Don'T, you get a camera that you can put on the end of your radio and after 12 years I can say that there's no way, I could make a mount that this camera would work, because it is much larger it's, like a larger professional, sized, handy, cam And there's no way to put it on the radio plus I get a great zoom and you guys get some good shots. So thank you so much for joining me today. I had a good time with my traxxas Ford Bronco.