One man you're playing it's, just a game. Everybody yeah and Everett has his scania. Here. Everything is ready to go super torque in this truck running on a 3s lipo. He has the triple axle trailer on the back with three pallets already loaded up same with Wyatt all the way across to the Plainfield. He has three pallets on the back of his trailer as well. All of these loads are unsecured, because this is a game folks, we don't want to be seeing anything falling off of these pallets as they pull their trucks into the yard. Of course, same rules always apply, they can roll over the orange tape, but they cannot go over the black and yellow tape or knock any of these blocks in or out of the way. What is it if they do? Gentlemen, no it's triumphant in here I can feel the energy in the air you can see here. We'Ve also introduced a laser garage where the forklift can only go into one spot. You must return to the X before you get your next tile, which will tell you which location you go to to load up. The pallets you're asked to load before you leave. You will also have to leave. You will have to load three pallets before you leave the yard you'll be entering in one way, but you have to exit out the opposite way on the other side. So you understand you'll switch sides to exit boys.

Are you ready, what's an issue, so I was playing with yeah? Yes, you'll see that we have the return of the old dock. These guys will be avoiding the dock manager who's right in the middle. Of course, if they knock over the dock manager, they know that they are disqualified. You have to knock him over for that to count bumping him does not. There are two laser beams going up either side of the long ramp. You cannot break that beam, or else you will have an automatic sound that brings about your penalty, so the three pallets that are on the back of your trailer. There are three spots on your side that you pull in, that you can load them in randomly in any spot that you want select, understood EV. You can put them anywhere on your side in the warehouse there's at random spots that are picked for you. You must ask the judge to raise the dock ramp for you before you leave the dock to leave or you'll incur a penalty. Boys start your trucks, yeah loading Kings, who's going to be the king of the docks today in three two one doctor trucks ever rocking. It with a huge, sound part of that v8 in a Scania extra long truck penalty right away now he's got it yeah. You got to reset him back at the beginning. The only answer to that, of course, is to reset him back at the beginning start line.

Because do you agree with this hello T yeah, you brought it off the line. That'S right. Are we ready to rock with this one let's? Do it yeah give her a little bump there? It should start her up. You got ta start it. You got ta start it. Oh, it is started there. Now it is yeah. Okay, go good luck, why it has a ton of experience with backing up trailers. All these trucks sitting there, oh yeah these tires – have to touch there. It is right there you're, good yeah, you're out Wyatt back at it. While that doesn't look too hard, he makes it look easy Music yeah, not a lot of room here. Have you got this? You'Re gon na have I can't tell you anything. We have changed the rules where we encourage coaching during a penalty, only he's blocking them extra challenging with the extra long dock and the trailers Everett very little experience backing up a trailer, let alone a large one. Everyone'S shouting at the screen right now giving you advice, never considering the thousands are watching. Oh well done. The battle for king is on nice job. Oh my gosh yeah yeah I'm sure now it always looks easier from behind the screen or you turn your body and nothing. I'Ll turn the trailer he's not allowed to hit the sides it dock is down Everett still making it move. Yes, bypasses the laser tripwires. This isn't, why it's the trouble recovering Music why'd, making his move on the first pallet Oh penalty, right there reset his truck the game was okay, well hold on now, we're changing the rules as we go here, but why it brings up a good point.

What did you say, that's true, but shouldn't that be a reset of the truck back to the line? I think it's severe for such a harsh for such a large thing, but we are playing, I think, it's up to Wyatt, so he just stays there. Do we reset him straight in line or what this is gon na set precedent, because it's I don't want someone to back up. I don't want someone to back up on purpose just to hit it, but maybe that's an easy way out. Maybe that would be a good thing. I don't want to win by something like that. Just like no, no okay here's, he brings up a good point as a consensus. We have to agree, though, as a group because he backed because he was using a trailer to back it in and he didn't lose the load, but he did bump it that he would be reset straight in front. So he would have an opportunity to back in but here's my case for this okay, the reason why is because it if he is struggling and people say well, he would just try to hit it anyway and then just take the penalty and go. I think that's still a JIT, I think if he wanted to take a penalty and bump it, then he would be able to do that. Yeah I've got to say to everybody you're all in everybody, ok penalty. It is penalty. We'Re gon na set you straight.

So you have the ability to back in after this one that's how we're going to bypass people that still struggle with backing up that's correct, good luck on the penalty. Yes, there you go that's that's what yeah that's legit! Well now you get to be straight, but you still have to do the penalty, so even if you threw it, you still have to do the penalty in front of the truck about two inches to my right. Everything you know about packing up reversed it's like watching it. There is Wyatt making moves, so the speed control allowing him to have extra throttle input down. They'Re slowing the Machine down the ramp notice that he went backwards, which is the right way to go. Music, Wyatt loading up first penalty penalty, yeah reset his forklift here back out: oh you're, almost there, okay, good doc, down doc down here man. So what do you think? Do you think it was fair that we allowed that rule change in the middle of a money game? I think so too. I think it's good, because losing your load like Wyatt did at the beginning. You'D have to go back where you were to get reloaded incorrect right if you're back into the dock and you're having trouble as a competitor, you don't have a lot of backup experience. This will help you move forward, even though it's difficult yeah. I like that, because I'm, not very bad. Now, two at once look at this yeah touching tips, yeah nope it out right into the laser yeah who's gon na be the king.

What the heck guys get the lehto delay of game yeah! No, no that's surprising! If, if somebody does not have a pallet loaded as long as both competitors, don't have it loaded, they can mess with each other, but as soon as you got a legit pallet on you, can't hit each other or anything else. Now they can, if they both have a load, they can mess with each other. That is correct. Oh pulling it off great control, my both drivers, little low on one side wide coming around Applause don't, mind me: I've. Only ever it's got his first pallet down any spot. He likes Music Music. He wants to spin the wheel, you can feel it yeah, really bad mmm. I think that was a penalty isn't dragging your Forks at the lip, the penalty. I thought it was yeah. Well, you can't be dragging your Forks on the way up the ramps or worse ramp, oh we're, making a use of your articulation look at this he's thinking about it, though it's working, it's working Applause, I make attention to every block. I don't know Music, your gun yeah, but we didn't, we didn't, actually put a point where it counted right, so he's got to either hit the and get a penalty or yeah come on. He'S got it look. He didn't have to give up. You could do it. You could do it. Yeah back tires back tires, this tiger Averett getting a chance good, moderate.

Now back in the game. Yes right, sorry see right. There that's a penalty from last year, we're gon na reimplementation, the beginning, yes, correct, it's, okay, still discovering the game as we go great, making moves you got it done already. Oh still, working on it. Applause Rett with his second, not a lot of room to maneuver Wyatt, making short work of the penalty: Music, okay, Safety's, our twenty first priority man. I believe that would be laughs. Oh Music, yeah! You got a chance, yeah you're totally here back with the barrels that's, where you got the penalty last time. Applause, Oh penalty, completely legal, making moves on the barrel. You can do this yeah, you can coach during the penalty, know what's coaching that's, encouragement, good, very good. First, try yeah making it look easy Applause right on Evert, making a legal move to block you. Can you can yeah, he can't legally touch you, though yeah just going to be so difficult. I know it's basically look at this like a precision master, hoping that that lid stays on Applause, trying to make his way around what's the hardest thing about it today. Well done Music, Music he's actually handling the forklift really well absolutely yeah, both of them yeah. Why it's seiken yo man don't listen to him? This is like trying to drive in anaconda. No, you really have to think about what you're doing no advice to give on the steak left left right back to the beginning.

Fail number one fail. Number one sluices this one of the harder penalties we've done the hardest. What I've seen the last pallet again moves around? Who knows exactly what's, going on very tight quarters: yeah yeah, the laser that Freedia why it is now receiving his first tile mentally survive. Rack. Seven bottom more steering in place doesn't matter how he raises it feeling the pressure that is a legit that is a legit lift we've seen much worse here. So many things to remember, you are using speed to your advantage. Well done Wyatt now with one pallet on Evert, the final pallet off racing to the ramp. Why it's gone Oh bump? The sensor penalty? Yes, going for the tires once again: he's had success with them in the past yeah it's trying to negotiate right to negotiate yeah every good job. You got this dude you'll be you'll, be dreaming about him. Today, Applause Applause, yeah. I want to see how he negotiates this as well. Those laser beams just waiting to trip the alarm. No everything looks legit yeah orange ink designed to mess with you Everett that's, the whole point it's yeah it's, designed to stress you. Oh it works yeah. We made the racks just wide enough to maneuver in there. I see that he could save this. He does have experience with this as soon as it touches it goes goes. Did you get a penalty same time? You guys got a penalty that same time they called it after okay, excellent what's, his tile excellent anybody's game, one pallet each did he touch it.

He bumped it. If you bump, the rack gets a penalty, guys. Sorry yeah, correct cab, bump a rocker. You send the whole warehouse collapse and down Applause Everitt with his first pallet up over the ramp. He is in the game. Wyatt has two pallets on his trailer right now, still struggling to get a third on there. It is anybody's game, perfect loading just like that. Ever being awarded a penalty earlier for having his Forks too high, that was how it was done learned. The lesson here comes Wyatt, pallet, number, three he's loaded yeah. You have to give him right away. If you saw a poly. No, you can't instigate him like that penalty. What okay? It was dead. Okay, okay, legit, dead battery, okay, nice haha, nine has been the favorite rack. Oh look. We got three on board three on board. You have. I was watching Wyatt. If the judge the judge calls it the judge final word Wyatt, making very quiet exit cuz. He knows what's going on, he remembers that's correct well done now. All he has to do is exit the yard on the opposite side of how he came in good luck. Triple axel trailer and an extra long truck Everitt you're not doing the penalty yeah. Why it's fighting to get out of the yard come on guys there it is there. It is very good, very good if you guys three penalties in the penalty area. Yes, Deb's pushing me around that corner good thing: you don't have a heavy load on there.

Then you would not have made that those stacks blocked nicely. All he has to do is get out really. Okay, guys. We may have a winner if he's able to maneuver his way through. No, he does not Applause, good job, yeah, yeah, good job. That was a very tough battle. Thankfully you pulled it through. You pulled it off. You get to spin the wheel of fortune. My man try today all right.