So this is the lm19, my friends, this is all the content you see inside nothing in the box. Put it aside right there and lets continue with everything inside first thing is: first, we put the main features aside and lets see these things inside. So this is all the content inside my friend. So lets start with the manual. As you can see, this is the manual right here which basically tells you uh things you can do, how to do, how to use the controller, how to install the batteries etc. Very basic things, all toy grade drones use the same manual as well here as well. This is basically telling you that its a downloadable app for ios and android tells you how to connect to the drone, to name of the app necessary to name even of the drone inside the wi fi, to connect. If you guys dont know how to connect your drones, i made a complete tutorial teaching people how to connect their drones to the app and how to use their drones in general. How to bind it out connected to the app how to see through the camera so ill leave a card up here, so everybody can check it out. If you want – and here you have the accessories that go inside. So this is, of course, to connect to the controller, so youll be able to hold the phone, and then you have your screws right here: phillips, screwdriver, usb cable, to not sure the name of that connection.

My friends, if you guys know what it is, leave it in the comments down below and then you have your propeller replacements right here. Four of them, so thats pretty awesome and here is a wheel kind of style because its like a plane. So it does require this wheel for takeoff. Yes, it does take off my friends from driving to take off from what it shows in the box, so theres actually two right there and it shows it right over here, ground and air dual mode check that out. I hope you guys can see that there, it is pretty awesome. Uh were gon na see if we can get that thing to happen, and then here you have your cool little stand to hold the airplane style. Drone were gon na check that out too so lets get now the content inside because thats what everybody wants to see and thats what everybody cares it for, but ill still make you wait a minute lets put it aside and go through the controller real quick. So the controller is pretty basic, as you can see, looks like a really basic looking controller style like a toy one, or something as this is a toy drone so makes sense. Quality seems okay, though very plainly like right here, you have your right here. You have your take off land and auto, stop, i guess you press and hold, and it uh just shuts off the power. Then you have your power button right here.

Batteries already pre installed, i did and yeah and then here on the top. You have your trims, for if the drone is not going according to the way it should you do the trimming – and here you have your 360 flips right over there, so yeah thats, pretty cool three double a batteries. I just wanted to verify that and yeah thats done for the controller now the main feature and im so excited to mention this, my friends wow. This is such a cool. Looking drone, my friends beautiful, really really nice, i like the style of how the propellers are set and everything, so you have like two top ones and then two on the bottom ones looks really really cool, really awesome, as you can see heres the battery right here. So whats cool about this battery is its like a direct plug, very easy, like so very easy and then just goes into the charger of course, and it even gives you a little red lead light for notification that you are charging its a 3.7 volt 800 milliamp Battery so youll probably get about that five to seven minutes charging time and i think its a pretty standard right there, as you can see, is the camera right there. Just looking at you right, there cool so lets, check this bad boy out and see how well it flies okay. My friends were here downstairs, so this is an in door. Flight test. First impressions see how its gon na be done.

How well it turns out. We cant go outside. It is a really nice sunny day, but the winds, i think, are too strong for this little guy, but in a later video that will be tested to see how well this does outside and about how many kilometer winds can it go freely? So be sure to like and subscribe to the channel, so you will see more updated videos of these kind of things if you enjoy them. I would appreciate that so lets get into the video and tell me what you guys. Think if you like it, i will leave a link in the description where you can go ahead and pick this bad boy up. If you enjoy its flight, how it looks, etc so lets get into the flight, so were gon na power it on right. There theres the little switch its not a button, in this case, its a switch, and it has the nice little lights, blue and red your standard and the controller, which is a simple press of the power button and a simple up and down. Now we are done. Lets take it up Music wow that is so cool. My friends, wow ive, never really seen a drone like this people, its very, very loud im, seeing actually im hearing its very loud and its drifting like crazy, and you can even see how much wind of thrust it has that its actually moving the net of the Ping pong table: that is a lot of power, its really really noisy.

I noticed really really noting noisy notice trim Music, okay, thats better. I really like the trimming feature here very simple, very easy, and i think it seems pretty good look how much more balanced out that is. This is a new feature. They should add ill. Just show you guys real quick, so you just press the trim and hold it and then you just tap in the direction where you want it to be trimmed out very simple and straightforward. So lets see the the flight, the speed so thats, the speed of it, which is not the fastest. To be honest, really slow, lets see if we can, ah okay, so it has two rates and to function. The speed rate is a simple, inserted press of the throttle so now thats the first now this is the second wow, so yeah it is really fast. That is a lot faster, but you know what people im noticing this drone is very unstable. Its not stable at all in flight, look just going from left and right and you know stopping on the dime its kind of like descending at times. Look now its not going up really. Something is off with this. Look at that look at that wow. You see that drop. I hope that was in the film look look boom, look at that really unstable flight people and it just broke it just broke now. Here it is my girl just found it. Thank you, so it just broke right now, so i do have replacements upstairs.

Let me go get them and ill be right, back, okay, guys so im back i fixed, or i replaced the propeller from the broken one wow that broke really really easy, but well get into that more later. So lets continue with the flight Music speed rate 2. My friends, this is the most unstable drone i have ever flown in my life, but of course this is not a drone. Its a plane drone, so yeah lets. Try uh flip real, quick, see how well that looks. I hope i dont break anything and its just flashing now, which means the batteries are about to die so im gon na land, it real, quick, okay, let that be a lesson, never hand land when the propellers are so easily accessed, so im gon na be switching Now, my friends to the actual flight of the drone, so there it is: im recording and Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, so anyways thats pretty much it for this flight. My friends of the lm 19, this airplane styled drone. As you can see, it has top and bottom. I dont know what you call this type design, but, as you can see so my first impressions about it is, i can say that it looks really really nice, its a really cool style, really cool design, blah blah blah blah blah. But at the end it matters on how well it flies, etc, and in my opinion, this is terrible.

I really really do not like its flight, its not stable, it doesnt fly well, it basically doesnt know what the hell its doing its just all over the place and the propellers on it are absolute garbage of quality. The design of the propellers are terrible. As you can see my friends. If you pay attention, you can see that towards where it connects to the top right here you can see that its a very, very, like thin, thin, thin piece that connects it and because of that, they break extremely easy and thats just from the fall. That happened again so in one session already two propellers broke now to get replacements of these im, not really sure theyre available. I will look into it to see because naturally i still have it so i still want you know to have it in complete time. So yeah the propellers are terrible. Luckily i do have another front so im good with that, but yeah its its just. Oh my god. Oh my god. The flight from which you guys seen is not so bad. The quality is not the best, naturally, because, obviously its just a toy grade drone. You know giving you that basic basic recording and photography functionality so keep that in mind. But overall i do not like this drone and i do not recommend it. If you guys still want it. I will still leave a link in the description where you guys can go ahead and pick it up and see for yourselves.

But if you want to listen to me, dont get it. I think its terrible. This is the lm rc lm19. Is the name of this drone um thats, pretty much it my friends. I hope you guys like this video. I hope it helped you out, and i hope it made you understand more about this lm19. It is a bad boy, but not a recommended bad boy. So keep that in mind be very careful with this till next time. My friends remember to be safe.