Ill be getting to know as much as i can about the bike, not just uh the good things but uh the things i dont like about the bike too, and in this video im going to bring you all those lessons, ive learned about the bike. So, if youre interested in the new suzuki v, strom 1050 xt stick around stay tuned. This video is for you, Music, okay, so this is my more in depth look than at this bike, having, as i say, ridden it for the last couple of weeks, ive ridden in all sorts of conditions on all sorts of roads, ive been on motorways, ive been On a roads b, roads ive ridden it at night, ive ridden it in the damp. Basically, so i can bring you all the sorts of information that you wouldnt necessarily find, if you just did say a one hour test ride on one of these motorcycles. So without further ado lets crack on and see how this bike operates in those various conditions: Music on faster roads and motorways, the v strom once again sort of comes into its own, because its got this pretty excellent weather protection on your wind protection. The screen ive got in its upright position at the moment and ive got a little bit of wind on the very sides of my shoulders, but here im at cruising like a 70 miles an hour on the m40 and the wind is going over.

My helmet im. Five for eight, so not a massive fella. If i attempt to stand up a little bit, i dont actually get into any turbulence for a little while. So i think this works probably for even larger people in terms of wind protection, then of course youve got bags of power with this 1050 engine, so youve got ample umph to overtake. If you want to like so, you can easily keep up with the faster traffic and its quite comfortable place to be as well, if youre doing long journeys on motorways, i think the only potential downside is the seat is a little bit harder than i would like. A little bit of a softer seat, or maybe one of those sheepskin topper things, and you could do uh long days on motorways. If you, you know, wanted to kill the miles because youre going on tour or something you could definitely do that Music. All right before we actually take the big feast uh riding at night. Let me just show you what the lights are like during the daytime ill just put the ignition on here. We go heres the front, then uh. So, no matter what you think about the front design this spot, you may like it or not its. You know its kind of a subjective thing. What i do like is the fact that there is that single light, so its not asymmetric. Sometimes you get this box. Have two headlights – and only one comes on that annoys me anyway, daytime running light, thats the setup on the v, strom, um or dipped light.

If you like to put the full beam, you use the button here, look you can either flick it back like that to flash the light i dont know. If you can see there flashing it or you just press it forward like so for full beam and uh thats, what full beam looks like very, very bright. All right lets uh turn the sunshine off then lets try it at night, okay, as if by magic. Then these sunshine such that it was turned off its night time now, uh and in fact let me ill. Let you do a little secret, its actually a completely different day, its been a lovely day today, and you can see a beautiful, clear summers sky now, anyway, it is dark, so i can check out what these lights are like. So here we are with the lights on dip at the moment and uh. Well, i have to say lights on motorcycles. These days are pretty darn good arent they much so much better than they used to be, but this one on dip comes to quite an abrupt. Stop quite if i put it on a full beam like so the light is thrown out a lot further and makes it much more usable, so its one of those bikes that really, if you can youre going to want it on full beam and when it is On full beam, its absolutely perfect, this light its its no worse than any modern car that ive used.

The light spread is beautiful, back down to dip and yeah. It comes to an abrupt end, a bit soon for my liking, so yeah definitely keep it on full beam. So thats, the headlight uh, the display itself doesnt have a night mode, the tft its on this uh white on black situation. Anyway, as it is during the day, but it actually looks absolutely fine at night time, its not too glarey, im glad to say so, thats absolutely fine, nice and clear to read, albeit a bit uh 1980s video game for my liking. And i guess the only other thing to say is switchgear not lit on the v strum uh, but then its not lit on so many bikes these days, but again its not a particularly complicated bike in terms of uh, the buttonage theres, not loads and loads of Buttons to uh to master so not being lit, is not a problem. You know once youve ridden the bike a few times you get to know where the buttons are so uh, so no backward, not an issue so overall riding the v stride at night. If youve got to do it absolutely fine, but leave it on full beam Music, how about going on tour with the v strom 1050? Well, i think that would be a particularly good proposition. Actually, the bike is really comfortable for long distance riding. You can ride this on the motorways all day, long to get the miles done and you can get good luggage for the v strom, as well as an option.

I think its 1300 quid you can get top box and panniers for the bike carry loads of stuff. For a weeks tour or whatever i mentioned before great weather protection as well, so while youre scooting along the motorways or into routes to get to where you want to go, then youre going to be uh, nice and warm and comfy. So yeah no problem at all. Taking the big v strom touring, i think itd be a great choice for that. No idea what an inter route is by the way, sort of a cross between an auto route and uh into rail ticket anyway, its something you use on tour, Music, okay, so on to practical matters, then these are things that people often ask me uh about barkstar Review why dont you just cover some of these practical things so starting off with whats it like to pump the tires up. What can you get at the valves? Okay, well, checking out the valves on the v strom. You can see that uh theyre, not those angled ones, theyre the right out ones, uh and although theyve got these rather clever and fetching looking wheels, i like the fact that youve got uh spokes, but the tyres still tubeless um. It does mean that youve got a bit of a raised rim here. Its quite hard to get at youve got the brake disc there, a bit of a hassle actually to pump the rear tyre uh the front one again.

Um youve got the same issue. Basically, youve got uh a straight down valve um and youve got the disc slightly away. I mean no big big deal, but uh ive used easier bikes to pump the tires up so thats that the other thing is what about lubing the chain. Well, the good news is, it does have a center stand on this bike and ill show you that in operation in a minute, but as far as the chain is concerned, around this side, you can see youve got a lot of um chain guard and so on. To get around i mean yeah, of course you can lubricate it at this point on the center stand, itll be absolutely fine, so i dont think youre going to have any issues there. So another thing that people ask is: does the bot have a center stand? Ive already mentioned it does have a center stand, obviously sitting down there. Let me just show you what its actually like to use a center stand. This is something that somebody recently put on a comment. Why dont you show how hard or easy it is to to get the bike on the center stand, so heres a little shot ill, be doing that and i have to say it either physically is a big bike, but um its not that hard to get onto The center stand, i mean to be fair. I am used to getting my gs and my gold wing on the center stand.

So pretty much any bite feels easy, but this no big hassle getting on the center stand another practical matter. How do you check the oil? Is it dipstick or sight glass well on the v strum, it is a sight glass. You see its tucked right in there underneath this little bash plate and uh. No smart alex saying its uh its empty at the moment because, of course, the bike is on its side stand. Another thing that often comes up is whats the bike seating position like because, of course often i do all my videos just on my own im, a one man band. So you see the view from my helmet or whatever, but you dont see what its actually like me sitting on the bike, so theres a little bit of b roll of me sat on here its a very comfortable position. This one, i have to say, and as you can see, i can pretty much get my feet down both sides im on the balls of my feet, but my feet are almost flat now im only a shorty on five foot, eight with a uh 32 inch leg. If that helps um but yeah, i feel perfectly at home on this. Although its a relatively tall bite, you can get your feet firmly down, which is always a good thing, all right. Another practical thing that people sometimes ask is whats the storage like underneath the seat. Well, on the v strum uh, you can only easily take the rear part of the seat off.

You stick the key in the usual way and off she pops. If you want to take the front seat off, then you have to use an allen key down here, which i havent got to hand in terms of space under the seat, you can see. Youve got a little bit of storage, which makes a change enough room. To put you know, lamb chops can put your sandwich in there. Ive just got a v2 visor cleaner sponge. Here, a little bit of an advert. You can get these from speedo angels. One of the channel sponsors, but a great thing to keep under your seat, but yeah not an awful lot of room, but there is some storage room which makes a change because on, like many bikes, theres, absolutely nothing so well. Thats, a plus point all right! Last couple of uh practical items on the v strum then number one people asked what sort of fuel economy ever got out of the bike. Well, ive been averaging 55.1 miles per gallon since ive had the bike thats according to the strip counter, i havent actually emptied it refilled. It worked it out that way, but that seems about right. So that seems all right and then uh people always ask as well. Whats it like for a pillion well, unfortunately, mrs floyd wont go on the back of any bike that doesnt have a top box and i dont have a top box with this, so she didnt get on the back.

So i cant speak from experience on this, but the rear seat, as you saw, is quite big and it is quite padded. Youve got these excellent grab handles on here as well um. So, actually, i imagine its probably quite a nice place for a pillion perch, particularly if you do get a top box on there as well Music. So how about these drum 1050 in the wet then? Well, as you can see its not a particularly wet day today, as luck would have it during the time ive had the bike, it hasnt rained and theres no significant rain in the foreseeable future, at worst, its a little bit drizzly and a little bit damp on The roads, where it uh sort of spat a bit earlier, so i dont speak from uh personal experience really riding in the rain here. But you know because of the uh electronic suite on this bike. The thing is going to be as good as any bike can be in the way its got. The traction control lean angle, traction control, abs. The traction control has three levels which i think are probably uh one two and off uh, something like that, but nonetheless, the electronics are there to help you uh in the rain. Now the tyres on the bike, this ones fitted with the bridgestone battlax adventure tyres which, despite the names, are predominantly on road looking and ive, got a decent tread pattern. Ive had absolutely no problems with them during the time ive been riding but, as i say to date, ive not ridden this in a deluge, but i absolutely think therell be no problems.

Riding the v strom 1050 in rain youve got a good weather protection off. This screen got all the electronics there to help you. I think this bike would be absolutely fine in a downpour okay. Well, i can tell you now. Actually it is good in a downpour. I recorded that segment a few days ago when the forecast said its going to be dry forevermore and in fact i got caught in a deluge this morning, which is why its but so dirt at the moment, uh you can see. We still got the rain on the windscreen, so um yeah looking a bit dirty. So, apologies for that, but it did give me a chance to ride the bike properly in properly study weather – and i can report is absolutely fine – no issues when it comes to riding the v strom in the rain Music. So lets head into uh my favorite local car park here at great missiles station to do my uh lugging about test. This is where i part the bike up, see what its like to move from space to space and attempt to simulate what its like moving. It sort of around your garage that sort of thing was it like to live with in terms of lugging about so lets. Stick it dead in the middle of this parking space standard parking space for neutral, very easy to find neutral on this bike, not had a problem with that which isnt the case with all bikes all right.

So here we are in the middle of the spot. Weve got uh excellent grab handles here to get all the bike lets uh lets see what shes like turning circle wise, i have to say getting it off the sides down, not a problem. It doesnt feel anywhere near as heavy as i thought it might do. I thought this might be a bit of a sort of top heavy feeling bite, but actually, as it goes its not too bad or we come turning circle wise, look at that, just beyond the middle of the second space. So i started in the middle of that one and came all the way around there to there so were actually pretty good turning circle that is ive known, better and ive known a lot worse ill put that in this little medium category for turning circle. But in terms of lugging it around the weight getting off the stand, actually piece of cake, not too bad at all, makes it an easy bike to live with. I like that so whats, the uv straw, like around town, then whats it like in the urban environment. Well, here i am at sort of knocking off time in high wycombe and i reckon shes pretty good in this sort of traffic environment actually, for a number of reasons, number one its a very easy bike to ride so its quite light and flickable to move around Which is unusual for this sort of style of bike? The other thing is its physically fairly big and that might be counterintuitive as to what does that make it good in traffic? Well, i think it just gives the bike excellent, conspicuity, i.

e. Other traffic sees you coming because youre on a big bike and with these big wide handlebars as well youve got plenty of leverage to nip through traffic. Do a bit of filtering its, not particularly wide, so you can nip through gaps quite easily, so yeah. So what counter intuitively, i think in town, the v strong works, Music, okay, so to start the video i said ill bring you all the lessons, ive learned on the v strum, not just the good stuff, but the bad stuff too, and having now ridden this for A bit uh, there are a few things about the bike i dont like theres, some good stuff as well, but well go through both of this starting with the negatives as usual. Ive written these down, so i dont forget anything first thing ive written here is to do with the windscreen and the fact that you cant actually adjust the screen on the move. Let me show you the adjuster here, look its on the front, its actually quite easy to use. You just lift this, and then you can move the screen up and down, but clearly thats, not something you can do when the bike is on the move. So thats a bit of a downside, you can adjust it just not on the move, so thats. The negative next thing ive noted down is the foot pegs get in the way when youre trying to move the bike around so that where these are positioned, is exactly where my legs fall.

So when im trying to paddle the bike around to move it in and out of the garage or whatever i find that these are hitting on my ankles, so uh thats a bit of a pain you do get used to it, but theyre, just in slightly the Wrong position exactly where my legs fall right next, on my list, ive said basic lcd looks dated now just check this out. When you start this up. Hopefully you can see that without too much reflection i mean the screen on here actually is pretty good. Its got everything you need, including a proper fuel gauge but uh. I have to say this. This presentation just looks like something out of the 1980s im, not keen on that, and it does rather date the bike, even though the bikes brand new this year. So another little negative that applies to this, the xt being the um top of the range bite. You know with all the bells and whistles it doesnt come as standard with heated grip, so this ones got no heated grips and in this country i think that theyre an absolute must. I think they are an option, but nonetheless it would have been nice to have seen that you know given youve got all the electronics on this bike heat. Your grips, i think, should be towards the top of the list of wants on a motorcycle, particularly in this country. Okay to the final point on my negatives list, uh for the uh v strom uh, and that is well its subjective really, but i dont think the looks of the bike are quite right, its quite angular and again, i dont know this theres, something about it.

The square headlight the way that this beak works, i mean i dont know i think i might have preferred the looks of the old bike and that wasnt exactly an eye catcher again very much subjective. You may disagree with me and of course, youre not looking at the bike while youre riding it, but the looks dont do it for me and then the other thing i would say, is as a ride its not very exciting. Again, its not meant to be an exciting bike, its not a sports bike, its not an off roader its a practical day to day bike. So yeah, i would say not that exciting sounds lovely, but um yeah looks and the excitement of the rod bit lacking on it. So uh thats it for the negatives all right key positives, then that ive noted down theres lots of positives for the bike, but the things that i particularly like about it uh number one: the engine ive written down here, grunt sound and character its this big twin Unit and it really does sound nice and it goes pretty well its got all the torque where you need it, you wind it on and off she hops. So i really do like that. It has got a captive engine and it sounds brilliant love that probably my favorite thing about the bike. Actually next thing about the bike that i love and ive already mentioned, uh to a degree on this video.

But this seat on here is pretty comfortable, its not just the seat, but the whole seating position so where the pegs are always they do get in the way of your legs a bit, as i mentioned, uh the width of the handlebars, its a very comfortable place To be so, the comfort on the bike is a definite uh, big positive as far as im concerned. Next up, i do love the wheels on here. I mentioned the tubeless spoked wheels. I also love this blue rim color. I dont know why more manufacturers dont give their wheels a bit of color, so i do like that on the bike. In fact, i quite like the color scheme overall and then the other thing ive noted on here top notch electronics. Now, im not a massive fan of electronics on bucks generally speaking, but if youre going to have them, then this has got all the ones that you need and its not bumping the cost up a huge amount, in fact thats. The final big positive that ive mentioned here it comes in at 999 for the base model a little bit more for the xt, which this is but its an excellent value bike. So yeah comfortable, practical, uh, good value, great bike, so there we have it folks, thats uh, my in depth, review of the uh big suzuki v, strom 1050 xt really enjoyed riding the bike. These last couple of weeks, its uh, its actually a very good machine.

I mean i havent described it as exciting. I mean its not uh its, not a sports bike or anything like that, but it is what i would class as a proper practical motorcycle. If you need something to get you to work every day, then this is a bike. Thats, definitely worth considering great value for money. For me, really, the only uh serious thing to get past are the looks but thats entirely. You know a matter of opinion. You might not look to the bike in which case thats not a problem. There really is nothing uh serious to not like about the bike. The pricing is good, its a comfortable ride. It sounds good. The engines sweet, cheap, to buy or relatively cheap to buy, handles nicely good wind protection yeah its all good, been impressed with the v strom. I look forward to trying uh this little brother, the 650, maybe in due course. So if youve not done so already, dont forget to hit that subscribe button and hit the like button or in the dislike button, if you didnt like the video and uh, i look forward to speaking to you again soon. Until then, this has been the mystery fly. Cheerio, Music, okay, so on to uh practical matters, then the sorts of things that people lets do again: okay, what about the horn on the bike? Well again, this is something that is quite difficult for me to demonstrate because lets not against.

Do it again. So another question that comes up uh often is whats. The second position like because you only ever see me actually you know on the bike from the helmets pointless again full. Well, you know youre set up right. Your legs are slightly forward, but um its a cut. Lets do that all again getting uh the negatives out of the way. No one likes a winger, so lets do those first.