What the does this mean? Music, i knew it. I knew it here. It is here it is what is up oscaroo, roscal angels. We are here so yo guys. You can see this. Oh my god, you can say it addie matt. What is up mike henrik somebody go, get paul. Somebody go get paul mary somebody go get paul mary. What is up addy? How are you my friend? What do you say? We go for a ride. Mickey mickey mikey maki, hey guys, welcome in welcome out. I hope your sisters ass aint, got that gel. What do you say? We go live huh guys give me a minute here. Why am i screaming not old, no jesus cram and easers? Oh man, i cant believe it. I cant believe it. I cant believe it. Somebody go get paul mary. What is up what is up drones, alarm d d, addie, ask i rule russia, so what im testing is? Oh im testing the lives oh hold on here hold on hold on guys, im walking around and oh, where what what device do? I talk into oh. What device do i talk into im? All confused? Oh ddfpv, i love drones. I love them too. Hey guys were about to send this mavic 3 uh to the moon. So just hang in there guys. Just please give me a second im. Gon na put the phone here now i cant do all this at once. So let me lock in uh there we go im locked in on the map.

Oh howdy, let me see what he says. Scott nadew is in the house. Are you ready, scotty lets go for a little a little fly? Okay. So what do you say? We put that in the pocket? Okay, oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah! Oh, oh totally, dinks guys holy dinks! Oh! So here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, we have to wait for our uh take off. Oh look at that sky. Guys! Look at that, freaking sky, all right! So maximum flying oh shut up! Whats your maximum flight altitude! Your sisters ass, has been reached, whoo, okay, guys. What do you say? We open up our our phone, so we can read our chatty our chatty chats hold on. Ah there we go welcome in guys. Here we go live chat is on mike henrik angels. We are here scott and to do drone junkies in the house. What do you say? We go for a ride, guys maximum flying dials, so so right now what were doing is were waiting for satellites. As you can see, i can only go to 96. Feet were waiting here. They come come on. I need heat, oh my god is it cold? The home point has been updated. Please check it on the map. All right capture live connections in the house. We could start this drone junkie. You are now blue. My friend here we go. Are you ready? Only now hold on guys, i do want to owl jj alvarez good morning, my friend.

How are you aj before i start this flight? I would like to say that i will not be flying today. I do have my friend uh stu hi mikey, so my friend stu will be on the sticks. He will be the one flying the drone today uh. He is a 107 pilot. Well, thank you, mikey um yeah. I worked my ass off to get this uh. 107 pilot thing, and so why dont you just do the talking and ill do the flying? Okay, stew, you do it and now ill. Just talk: okay, okay, mikey! All right! Here we go guys. What do you say we get up and out of here checking it out on the map, guys look at the dynamic range. It is guys look at it. Is this not amazing? Oh man, look at it. Oh, oh, did you see the little gimbal? Did you see the little gimbal knock? I seen it now guys just to let you know i was doing a maneuver there. That was all kinds of backward and forwardy mike henrik. When i crashed. I was waiting for satellite strong started, going crazy, want to see what dji says. Oh i dont know there buddy, i dont know what they would say but check this out on the map. Guys. My horizon looks absolutely beautiful angels. We are here great view. Oh yeah watch this there sweepy watch. Yes, honey were going to go right out in front of us once again guys.

We got our man stew on the sticks and we are actually in line of sight once again, always remember that if youre gon na do a flight make sure you get your like approval, uh get your 107 pilot. If youre gon na fly away from yourself a little bit but that were not were staying within uh 5 000 feet so were always within a mile. Guys were not going to exceed a mile today, not today, but check it out on the map, guys absolutely fantastic. Uh coverage here, uh, really good coverage and look at the plane. Look at a plane see now. My yaw is a little fast, a little fish checking it out. Oh look at it. Look at the gimbal fly positively! Oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh! Oh! We need some gimbal shits. Okay hold on were gon na turn off air sense, because its going to alert me of every freaking uh airplane from 40 000 feet and away jack rabbit welcome in good morning buddy. I wonder what the day is going to be like. Well, i dont know dear buddy, but i know we have an alien building right here, check it out on the map, guys look at the dynamic range of this man. Look at this look at this on the map. Guys, if you didnt know this building right here, theyre doing uh alien experiments, and why am i losing reception? I should not be losing reception, so let me do a camera down.

Let me do a camera up. Something is going wrong here. I must have fell off. My oh, no wonder why, for the oh wait, wait wait! Wait! Oh! What are you talking about mikey im way off my uh, my mark here i am im back on the mark capture live. I had that happen with my phantom 4 mike my phantom 4 pro. It was it lost, satellites, uh and started acting wacky. I was able to get it down without crashing. It was bad, though, almost hit a tree, yeah bro. Merry christmas, everybody, your sisters, ass, happy holidays. The assist is here guys. What do you say? We send this son of a. I cant, though, because im in a car, pushy whats up push hey, you want to experiment. What do you say? We go into uh explorer mode and we start checking around the neighborhood for any people that might be using drugs or what do you say guys lets lets experiment. I think i think i could take you if youre looking at this right here guys this right there. There is uh, always things going on right: around ill get a cop, oh wheres, he at right there. Oh, oh, oh, we got a drug deal. We got a drug deal. Lets follow him lets follow him. Where are you going wheres? He going guys shadily dang come on camera down. Oh no camera up, im blind im, blind im blind im blind im at 8.

3 – oh god, my gimbal is so slow its taking an hour. Oh oh wait is that the drug car is he dealing come on guys. We got ta, we got ta catch. A dealer come on. Lets play the game, catch a dealer to catch a dealer d d. What is up d mikey? You deserve blue im, sorry im, sorry dd youre getting blue too, because i love dd anybody that loves me. I love them hello, dd. How are you sweetie, shes laughing? I know i see maddie behind you laughing his ass off. All right come on were gon na catch. A dealer pushy im in my house, where my wife, sleeps and the children play with their toys, lets see if anybodys on the court lets see. Oh yeah yeah nobodys on the court guys what the hell man look at this 3.2, all right, ready boom. Seven! Six look at it out on the map, guys! Oh all, right. What do you want to do? What do you want to do here? All right lets get out of here. Oh my god, would you look at how freaking amazing this is? This is amazing. So what do you want to do? You want to go for a record guys? What do you guys want to do if i get a couple ones if i get 10 ones in the chat? Well, go for a range test, see if i could shoot it across the river okay, if i could get some ones in the chat, if i could get some thumbs up, thatd be even nicer, no thats! What the cop headed to cop headed too no thats, where the cop had it cop headed to i dont, know what youre talking about here comes the ones baby were going for it angels.

We are high assistance ass, oh shitley, dink, doctoroo. We got ta keep this under 400 hi frankie were going to keep this under 400 feet guys. What do you say we get on here, and i got to be honest with you. Joel set. Six welcome in is the highest video quality maxed out at 7 20. When you go live that is incorrect, joel see im. I am uh streaming at 1080 right now or it should be streaming at 1080. thats a drug deal thats right, akarishimas and a house a carisha, oh im. Over 400. I got to come down guys. I i miss that come on stew, thats, right mikey, you leave me alone and let me do what i got to do. Okay, here we go guys here, we go, shittling were not going to go over a mile, but i just want to show you just how amazing we put the drone in line of sight straight out in front of us here, want to go up just a little Bit more right, oh oh, come down! Oh, you can hit a plane if 401 planes come down anyway, check it out on the map. Guys. Look at this man, absolutely amazing man from my car, where my wife sleeps. I need three more feet there. It is ‘8 guys here it is on the map. Man. 63 64 from my car, where my wife, fart sleeps, were losing. It were losing it im coming back im coming back guys, thats it im gon na die im, making a turn ill make it all.

Look at the camera, its wobbling man, shittily dinkster roo, i got wobble. I got camera wobble. What is up paddy? How are you my friend? We got mike henrik d pushy broom welcome in welcome out jackrabbit hows, your ass. I hope your ass is doing good. Mr jackrabbit, you know theres been times where ive actually pulled the rabbit out of my ass wowzers. Oh, where am i? Where am i going leaving? I got ta get home Laughter, guys Laughter. My neighbors are looking at me. Oh god, jack robin its 31 degrees. In here in philly man, jackie robinson welcome in oh wait hold on, i need it. I need a phone. I got ta call my daddy at 13.. I, where am i oh guys, look how far i am. Oh, my god. Oh look at the camera wobble. We got wobble wobble the out of here. Oh oh guys, i dont. How high am i oh? Where am i oh? What am i doing man i got ta get down. I got ta get down. You see. It just drifted guys that wasnt me it was drifting and it drifted away about 60 feet. Shittily Music dinks guys welcome in your sisters, hands here. It is guys im just letting some some. I cant reach my im, letting some anger out its been a rough one. Guys, oh, what do you say you want to do active track? Lets do active track. Okay lets. Do it get it get it get caught? Hey! Oh, where am i doing it uh i need active track hold on.

Do i have it set? Oh, what am i doing like three dots over there uh control Music safety come on. Give me the here. It is display its itself, the deep hold it come on. Wheres, the freaking part. Oh god come on man. So where is it guys? Oh, oh, you cant be in there im. Sorry, you cant be in that. Oh, oh well, excuse me, where is the all right hold on guys hold on phone charging, gimbal saying advanced and now subject here we go subject scanning we got it. Are you ready guys here we go subject scanning bam, im getting it come on, come on, come on, come on guys, nothings happening here. It is. I got it active track, active track, active track. Wow lets not grab it unable to switch subjects. Why come on man? There it is active, active track, active chat, unable to switch and functions only support following subjects. Well, i am following the subject. This is man here. It is active track. Lets go to the right go here. It is guys we got an active track. Go yessiree bobby boo were active. Oh, where am i, oh god, where am i its coming back its coming back guys check it out on the map. Man we got the car. Should we chance lets switch left, wowzers checking it out on the map, guys, look at it on lets. Go behind switch, no front! Yes, baby! We are the best look at it.

This is live guys, live im coming down im coming down. Oh, where are we? Where are we in? Oh, am i home im getting there? Oh all right ill, go behind im cool behind im, having a ball youre a hitch to ride. We did capture oh come on, get him get him! Get him you son of a should we check to the van? What are you oh wait, its just flying man. Wait, oh oh, im, afraid guys im not doing any of this its doing it all by itself. All right! I just did that checking it out on the map here it is, go an active jack check it out. Man, look at it. Look at it. Oh is so much fun. Oh jack wabbit. How are you webbing? Oh? Where am i oh, no were going behind us now, man checking it out on the map. Where am i all right? I need to come back hold on lets. Get this one. Okay, stop wait! Stop! I need this one. I need that one go go. I got it, i got what happened where is it at guys? Its got a mind of its own shittily thanks man? Oh my god. This is all right. Come on wheres the car im getting the van wait. I got the van wait. I dont all right im. Turning im turning now i want this one. I got you active track. Go yes, im hitching a ride which direction are we going? Oh thats, the wrong direction? I need to stop it wait.

I need to go the other way. How much battery do we have for the love of god? Man wait. We need to fly up a street elite. Oh wait! Wait! Wait! Wait guys if youre noticing pro tip, if you notice youre not moving when youre in this mode, its because youre in this mode. Just tap out of something so that you get all these okay hold on and then youll be fine there. It is active track. Go we got you, we got you under my skin, oh hes. Turning were doing the wrong way. Oh no, we got every turtle. Oh, we got low buildings, guys sheddily thanks to. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome in eddie, matt jack wabbit, pushy broom. Welcome in everybody guys, crypto man is in the house. We love crypto dds. Here london, ours drop in a box draw a box. I am. I am trolling a box line. Oh bro canceling. We got 31 percent battery guys. What do you say we rip it down to here? Shittily dinks? Oh, i know what i want to do bam tech. What is up yo yo, you louis p, floyd. How are you my friend louis p, floyds in the house, louis p, floyd louis p, floyd, lewis, p floyds in the house, louis p, floyd. I see a lewis fleet, floyd lewis, please please, please, please floyd, oh god, all right am i annoying enough. Here we go guys. This drone is all over the place.

Man all righty here we go guys were going to come on home. What do you say? Hey you want to do a home uh. You have just hows that for freaking lets do a uh return to home check! Oh angels. We are here, oh angels, why arent you blue its my girl, man? I love you. I love you guys. Outreaching was in the house, um stu has been flying. If you are wondering who the pilot is its right here. Stew did you like to say hi uh, hello, guys uh. My name is stuart uh. Some people like to call me stu, last name pedes. Now you can call me stupid, ass and uh. Go yourself. Oh, come on still theyre, just trying to say hello, man mikey go yourself. I fly the drone, you do the talking! Okay scooby here we go were gon na go in the house. Uh. Where are, we were all were gon na? Do a return to home mikey s is in the house. Curtis dart is here. Curtis is now blue because we love him but dont forget louis v, floyds in the house, louis v, floyd lewis, v floyd, lewis, b, floyd, lewis, b, floyds and the house Laughter. Okay. Here it is bam. Tacos i thought stus last name was pit no bam. Listen to me its first name, stew, last name, pit ass, you could call him is louis. You are now blue as your sisters – ass, oh god, hey guys.

If i didnt uh say it already happy holidays. Try to remember what oh! Oh! No! No! No! Stop! Stop! All right, you ready for this guys check this out on the map. Watch. What im gon na do here? Okay, oh im, gon na hit something! Oh all right here we go were gon na land on the car. Okay, we got. We got wires, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh uh come on, come down, damn it oh wow guys, so she is jumping wow. Look at her jumping all right. So what im gon na do here guys is turn off all my optical avoidance off its still blocking a little bit but its much easier to land landing there. She goes guys on the map. Man, land, that bird god, damn it bro. Yes, i did all right. You know, let me just say guys so: hey curtis, oh 30, eight people. What do you say? We send it? No dont land scratch. My sisters, testicles, is in the house, mikey b.a.b, yes, sisters ass is here. Oh yo mikey lets get another battery thats. It were getting batteries. Brother were getting better. Who wants to watch the drone? For me, mr jays rc. You got the drone for me. Could somebody please watch my drone come on watch the drone here we go active track, go okay! Okay! I dont know! If you guys seen anything or not, but lets see, please check it on the map.

All right lets see, if were still live, were all refreshed. Uh are we still live well lets check it out on the map. Nothing to say am i live on the map. Hello, am i live Laughter? Damn it man live chat here, it is. Im live sammy beans is in the house. What is up bean head? We got 40 crazy bastards. Here we go. Take off. The home point has been updated. Please check it on the map. All right guys, what do you say mike ripples in the house buddy? How are you rips? How are you ripple? Music were gon na keep this up right here, guys! Okay, here we go. Oh wait. Wait wait hold on hold on what is it dear here i was over here. What are you doing here? Wait over there over there all right guys, you ready, lets, send this son of a to the moon. Here we go guys. Stew. Are you ready im ready, mikey were gon na? Do a home test uh range test here here we go guys uh, but you are gon na have to stand outside uh thats, right, stooby, thats, right, okay, guys! So here we go. I am gon na lose you in about a minute, because we are going to have to go outside in this cold, because its the i cant sit in a car and see if we can now guys. We are on the start, stop controller too.

Just so that you know we do have a stock controller. We are going to go up to about uh. What do you say about 360 370? I dont know 380 right there. Sony beanz is here, take us to the ship. You got it sweepies. Now the ship dd is all the way down. Ive stopped, taking her im taking dd to the now dd. I am gon na have to put this up okay and for people that that no drones. They know why im putting that up, because i want to look at the frame rates thats it i got to get to the frame rates anyway. What do you say we get the hell out of here all right guys here it is, i got ta leave were gon na go outside at this point, because i cant see the drone unless im outside there. It is. I got the drone in line of sight here now and here we go shittily dinks guys we are outside standing in the middle of the street, were gon na see. If we can get us here. Okay, here we go guys. I believe. Let me see. Yeah were 370 up. Lets go to guys check this out. Man check this out. We got five bars, guys five bars, as you can see, were gon na start to lose them now. So here we go. Oh look at this so guys four bars check it out on the map should be under 400 yeah ‘1.

Checking it out guys here we go were starting to lose. It go back into here, check it out so theres the boats, dd heres the boats. My dear absolutely amazing, you got plenty of boats, though, where youre at lets see if we can make it across here guys, i dont think so. Yeah were losing signal were losing signal and there goes my drone Applause wow guys. Are we out there so just to let you know, the drone is not out of control for any faa people. That would like to say. Oh, the drone is out of control. It is not. I have this drone in full line of sight and uh uh its right along with my sisters, ass and all right. Here we go guys im freezing my balls off out there. What do you say, mr jrc and yes says this? Ah krypto man putting it on in a big screen here you go crypto bug screen big screen come back fast, shittily dinkster. Oh, we got an alien house im killing it here. It is were coming down there. It is 388 guys check this out on the map. Man, i will say guys in case uh: we still do have a little bit of camera wobble its not bad at all, but it is still happening very minute. Lets check this out guys check this freaking building out, though i mean wowzers its just the colors. Oh, oh, im blind, im blind, oh god, what am i doing? Laughter Music? Oh man, checking it out what is uh hold on lons here.

Why worry about the frame rate when youre not recording, thats right, thats right? Who cares about the frame rate here? Look im! Not recording lets record okay lets not jeff is still gay. Lets check him out. Lets go see guys if anybody is new here check this out on your map. Do not leave until i show you this. If youre new here guys come along, come with me, guys im going to show you something right now, what im sure youve heard it on my channel youve heard: hey michael, is jeff still gay. Well, ladies and gentlemen, i got news for you. Jeff is hes. Still gay, yes, jeffys, a fudge: packer man, jeffrey boy: i love them. Do you like the v copter falcons? Sisters? Nancys, no dd! I do not its all a gimmick. Yeah, it flies a nice little drone flies about a hundred feet away and and then you lose control, but yeah d, i think its cool, but it oh. I want the v copter yeah. It is cool but uh as far as like a drone flying for drone thats, not something uh that id be interested in. But when oh look at this guys checking this out on the map, guys wow see how i cant get things. I i i i just cant position this drone, like i do on the other ones. I dont know why i dont know if its just bigger but anyway getting back to jeffy sony beans check this out.

Buddy whats. This thank you for making my day a little brighter. Oh sonny, i love you. Mr beans. Oh, were gon na hit. It guys check it out. Everybody has asked me, is jeff still gay. Well, ladies and gentlemen, jeff is still gay. Yes, jeffreys gay baby hes, a gay son of a jeff. What did you do to me? Man, jeffrey jeffrey jeffrey, it looks like jeer, is gay jeter? No, it just says: jeff jeff is that that is hysterical man to think that somebody climbed on a roof and put jeff is gay. They were pissed that good old jeffrey boy. What is up my epstein is in the house, man anyway, yeah uh for anybody new in the in the channel. Guys. Please hit that button. Please subscribe and just remember no matter what day of the week it is, jeff is still gay. No matter when you come here were gon na, send the son of a and uh jack rabbits in the house. Mickey boys here merry christmas to jeffrey boy, so i want to show you something guys so im right here, right, im right here in one of these cars, and this right here would be behind me and theres no reason in the world. I should be getting reception. Yet i get reception but wake up thats right, mikey, its a bot wake up. So what do you say? Were gon na hit return home and do a return to home check thinking? No one would see it who knew mickey was around poor jeff thats right go home, jeffs been gay for a while karishima.

Oh look at the clouds man. Oh wait, thats a picture thats a picture. I never take any pictures here. It is here this ones for lawn okay hold on. Let me take one for lon here. It is on the map. Hey, ladies and gentlemen, guys we got 41 people in here. That means i should have at least 41 thumbs up, but guess what guys tonight 8 p.m. Itll be the philly and long show thats right check it out right here, guys tonight, 8 p.m. Eastern time we will be doing the philly show with our special guest lawn boy thats right now, hes uh hes a little bit pissy lon gets a little pissy, but were gon na. Have him were just gon na go at it tonight so anyway, guys welcome in come to the channel tonight. Wed love to have you and uh lets just have some fun right. Oh whoa, whoa whoa, oh its, so freaking beautiful! You know i dont know what to do right, theres, just so much to do with this drone here it is function not supported, oh because im in that mode, okay, i got you, i got you under my okay go! No, did it grab anything? No, it didnt. Okay lets turn it around. Lets hit, stop okay, so i think were gon na have to go. I think we need to come back guys yeah. We need to come back, so we need to go this way here.

It is active track. Go we got you. We got you lets play with fire. Guys lets play with fire. Were gon na go low, were gon na go, i cant go low. I cant go low. I cant go low, im, afraid im gon na hit something im going up im going up there. It is one were going to go to 175. There should be nothing around here at 175. Nothing except for that one thing: thats 180! Ah there he is keep flying paulies here paul! You are now blue pauly. I did this for you buddy. This is why i did it paulie. This is a special. I got to change the title. Welcome to bully boy all right hold on lets. Get this one active track, stop go there. It is, i got you active track here. It is go! Go you son of a here it is. I got you i got you go. We got em pulley. We got ta, look at them. Look at them. I got you. You dirty bastard im coming down on your ass now im coming down on your ass down on your ear. Oh, where am i? Where am i? Oh god, im miles from home, i got ta, stop, go, cancel up and out here home run grand slam thats a mickey, oh so there it is. Oh, what do you say? We go to center city guys. What do you say here? It is go active track.

You want to go down broad street check this out, cancel here. It is, oh, oh god wait yeah! I cant see it guys here it is its got it its got. It all right cancel there. It is come on all right. It cant grab it. It cant grab, it lets come on home man, oh man, everything it just yeah im, not im gon na have to just be a thumber with this one. It seems like wow. We are booking now tell you that much we are booking pulling. I wish we had some ships here, paul to uh, to do it here, but checking it out on the map. There we go all right, so there we go anyway uh. This is where i practice guys. This is where ill do all my uh, my orbiting practice and its its kind, its nice. It just gives me a a place to kind of play with and sometimes ill go up and ill play with the camera. As i do this all right. So lets go into sports mode. We are ripping now, my god ill tell you man so much battery guys so much battery. So what were gon na do here is lets. Go into video lets see if we can get somebody to there. It is come on. I want to get that thing around them there. It is active track. Why want it unable to switch functions? Why what function am i in man here he goes.

I got you oh, but oh, that coming down scares the living out of me. Man. Oh look at it look how its just moving. Oh wow, wow im going to the right im going to the right come on now. I might have got it all right. I want to get it right. Get him get him! Oh, did you see that guys? It made the turn it made the tournament it sucks and now its just flying away its flying away, guys im not touching it wheres the flower, its my nuts, its good nuts guys look at the drone. It doesnt know where to go im, stopping it. Stop stop pause for the love of god, man that was is gachi, michael ripple. That was sketchy man. What do you say? Oh paulie, we got 40 percent thats plenty bully plenty man. What do you say when we get on down dont? Forget you have obstacle? Avoidance turned off. I know why do i need that one though oh okay, its on, thank you lon Laughter, wait, it wont. Let me turn it on. How do i turn it on guys? It will not. Let me turn it on why so, i guess cause im flying hold on hold on all right lon, where cant i change it, because im flying i cant go to break or bypass on. This is a poor environment to do active track. Hey yeah, but lon irky bubbles is here: uk bubblers bubble, bubbler rulers how we doing mikey were doing good, bro lon.

So once im up in the air i cant youre in sports mode. Oh im, an idiot im in sports mode. Thank you lon. Thank you. Lon jackrabbit is in here do a dive to a power loop. Okay, here it is dive power. Loop, wow hold on heres the power loop. Oh, where am i there? It is wowzers. Did you like that, huh? What mode are you in paul you fixed it yeah we got it. So what am i looking for again hold on active track there? It is go go. Why does it do that unable to switch subjects here? It is act, attract man. Maybe im grabbing on two subjects i dont know but check this out guys. We got active track, we got it. Where are we at on the map? Oh, oh, no! Work away. Which way are we going? Oh wait, wait wait, wait! Wait! Where are we at? Oh guys, this drone is just gone everywhere. Lets go to the right. Ladies and gentlemen, no thats not good lets go to the left. No thats, not good lets, go to the front. Lets go all the way around it come on baby, yes, siree bobby lets go to the right now. Wowzers lets go behind it wow. That was a pretty good. Follow man come on guys check that out. That did a full circle of that car and it still followed it check it out. Man check it out. Look at this lets see how far we can go lets see.

It still has it guys. Just remember activetrack check automatically turns on oh man. Oh man yeah. I mean i dont give a about uh the the uh yeah. If hes show us bach grinder, are you kidding me? You know four. I got ta go d. Oh look at the drone, its just flying away. Man! Oh wait! Where are we mean, oh guys, im on frickin broad street? Oh no, this isnt good man. I still got five bars guys. Look at my signal. Look at my signal. I got five bars guys lets hit return to home because i dont know where im at. Of course, i know where im at i got say it on that drone on the map. All right here we go guys were returning home and uh guys. If you didnt give me a thumbs up, please give me a thumbs up. We got big sigh blogs, repair culture channel. How do you record voiceover at the same time as fine and recording same time as any other app? Yes, i agree: big side, blogs, repairs, culture, travel, big tech, joe ji jiju, and your sisters, ass geo, fpv hi from geo the down under what is up me? How are you mate so here we go guys, oh my god, so, just to give you an idea of why you never let it go. This is why you dont let return to home go in the city, because this is where it would land just to give you an idea.

Were gon na hit. Stop, okay, so just to give you an idea, it probably will not land where its supposed to all right. Here we go guys. I need concentration. Paul mary, give me a drumroll okay! Oh long, do i still have my off. Let me see its off now its on bypass. I want it on. No, i need it off Music and a four point landing. Ladies and gentlemen, that was 80 minutes of flying. I hope you enjoyed the show, ladies and gentlemen, now that i know how to do. Uh to go, live im going to be experimenting with this daily uh. So please stay tuned. If youre new to the channel hit the subscribe button make sure to hit the bell uh as well guys and were going to be doing some crazy once again, if you, if you were kind enough to get me, go over to paul mary and give him a Shmackly smack too, because thats, why i i went live today, thanks to paul mary, so get over. There help him out wonderful man in the in the uh in the community. Hell do anything for you and a lot of my gadgets are thanks to him. So happy holidays. God bless you guys. God bless you im, and here i am talking into the wrong phone, but uh sony beans. Thank you, yeah. It was fun right kamikaze. Thank you. Thunderbirds is go great job. Thank you so much paulie.

Thank you! Mate and lon. Thank you guys, everybody that came in here man. Thank you so much. I love you and and ill see you very soon.