Make sure that the audio is work, and you guys can hear me I'm gon na try to pull up the video here in a second on my other screen here. To make sure that I can see the chat, because I have a lot of stuff to give away so it's gon na be fun. Also got a guy supposed to be coming over here. To do some work on my gas line, so we're gon na livestream and we're gon na get this done at the same time you might be coming in the back door. I don't know yet let's see. I need to figure out what's going on with my chat. I don't see the chat all right, glad you guys are filling in here now. I see you alright good what's, going on guys. You guys want to now let's see the chat, we're good, so look down below and read the details for this giveaway I'm, not responsible for any of your problems with banget or whatever. I don't care, not my problem. I do care, I love you guys, but these are the prizes that we're gon na give away. So you guys need to have a banggood account to be able to win this during this live stream, and if you don't have a bank good account, you won't be able to win any of this stuff, so go there right now. Take a few minutes sign in with your email from banggood.

com and make an account once you do that, come back over here and join us and you're gon na need to type in the words banggood live stream, because during the live stream, what I'm going to do Is when we go back up randomly take one of you guys to win each one of these items and so far we have some good stuff to give away. I have I have up there like ten items to give away to you guys from them, they're being really generous. So the first item up for grabs is the Taranis x7, which is around 100 radio and it's. Also one of my favorite videos of all time. Great radio for beginners and intermediate you can even throw in some crossfire in there with some Lua scripting we're, also going to give away an Emacs interceptor. That is an RC car with an fpv view on it surround. I believe that one's around sixty to eighty dollars or so but pretty cool, because you can driving around your house and it's a lot of fun. I have one myself immobulus six we're gon na give away the mobile. Oh six is gon na be sent to you from bang good that's, a really awesome quad, not the HD version, though, and I'm also going to give you guys an ISD team. Nano charger that is the new is d2 charger. That is about that big it's. Super tiny, very, very nice, little charger.

It is a portable charger and can charge out in the field you can also get. I believe you can get an adapter for that. One and plug into the wall as well is DT makes a nice little. Adapter. Cable yeah keep those banggood livestream text coming in the chat over here, and that is the way you're gon na win so I'm gon na assume that everybody in the room now has a bank good account for this giveaway. So all you guys are type of banggood livestream. If I pick your name, you're gon na have to give me your email in the live chat. So, if you're, ok with that fine, but I have to be able to contact you – and here comes the gas man of course, he's gon na fix our gas lines eyes. I'M gon na show him where the gas line is and go in there and fix it. So I have a special guest during my livestream Northwest natural gas man. Here he comes guys I'm gon na go I'll be right. Back hang tight, keep keep the bang good livestream text coming in there in turn as many times as you want, but don't spam, the feeder I'll kick you out. So here we go guys and get the gas dude. Alright, guys I'm gon na show them where the gas line is, and I will be right back: Music, Music safety first right, guys so yeah all right. How many guys we have in the chat here? Can I see how many people are in this dream? Right now? Sorry about that short brave got 82 people in here, so 82 people are gon na get a chance to win some gear.

Hopefully one of you guys needs a transmitter all right – I'm, just gon na watch. The feed here make sure nobody's spamming so that when we do do a random select – and I pull up a name for the first prize – that somebody's not cheating. Looking pretty good. Looking for some of my friends in here, hopefully llus, I think I see you in there bro good chance to win something. If you're doing good 92 people keep it coming guys. So should we go ahead and give away this Taranis x7? I think we should so I'm gon na write down the winners name. First I'm gon na pick the winner for the x7 and I'm gon na announce it in the stream right here and I'm gon na ask that when we, when we, when I say stop, I want all you guys to stop putting in bad good, live stream. In the chat, if you put banggood live stream in the chat after i say stop, then you won't have a chance to win okay, so the person that wins it's gon na, have to give me their emails, so that's. Why? I want you guys to stop so I'm gon na say: stop in three two one stop no more stop putting it in live. Banggood live stream. I don't want to see any chat moving. If the chats moving then I'm not going to announce the winner, I have to see you guys stop all right.

If you guys are not listening, I can't do the giveaway so come on guys, knock it off you guys that are just coming in. When I say stop, I want you guys to stop in the chat, no more, no more! Okay, now you're slowing down good job, guys, all right that just yeah we had you know we have 90 people in the room right now. So it's kind of a lot of people coming through, so no more, no more putting in banggood livestream. At this point, we're gon na announce the winner of the first prize, so the winner of the first prize, the Taranis x7 let's, see here looking through you guys now, banggood livestream, you have to have an account to win, and you have to give me your email Right after I announce the winner, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. The first winner I have is going to be Sam walls. Sam walls wins the Taranis. Don'T say: congratulations! Yes, Sam! I need your Sam. I need. I need Sam's email, nice, nice, job Sam. I just put that in chat. Okay, so we're still stopping we're, not putting any any winning banggood livestream stuff in there we're gon na wait till Sam gives me email and if he doesn't give me his email guys we'll just do it all over. If he's not listening or you walked away, we'll just do another winner, we'll pull another winner, real, quick, all right, good job, so I'm gon na hide your email, real, quick, Sam yeah.

I have a. I have a way that I can hydrate email guys. So don't worry I'm gon na go ahead and Sam. If you would go ahead and put that in there again one more time, one more time, Sam and I'll make sure I hide it in the chat all right. So we got our first winner, guys we're gon na go to item number two here in just a second after email. He puts that back in there one more time, Sam go ahead and drop me in your email. One more time, I'm gon na write that down here. Okay, there we go, I got it again. I got it again: Sam don't worry it's gon na write down his email and we'll move on to the next one guys. You can expect an email by Monday, where I'll try to I'll try to I'm, not gon na be able to get it done today. I'M, not gon na be able to email you today, but Sam you're, the winner. The x7o item number two is the Emacs interceptor. That is this guy right here, it's around looks like sixty two dollars and 79 cents gon na be delivered to you from bang good. You can go ahead and start up your banggood livestream again. If you guys want to get some more clicks in there. Some more hits in there some more entries in there before I announce this winter. You guys are good to go so I'm gon na say go now, and that means just go start putting in some of those fangers live streams in there and again to win any of these items.

You have to have a bank account on, so go and register real, quick, okay, I'm. Looking for you guys to start up again, hopefully alright! Here we go there, we go I'm gon na break one second I'll be right back just ten seconds. All right! I had to get a clear beer. This is clear beer for you, guys, Lucroy, okay, alright, this is pretty cool right after this giveaway, I have five more items and I'll probably do it possibly early next week, if they'll, let me, if not, I might be out of the time window there's a certain Time period that were all the reviewers and YouTube folks are allowed to do this giveaway. So all right, Sam walls, congratulations man! Now we're gon na give away the Emacs interceptor and tell you guys about this before I had one, and it was a lot of fun. This little thing is so cool you can let your kids drive it or not. You can drive it yourself, teach your wife out of fpv and chase the cat, a lot of cool stuff. You can do with this one, so 62 bucks for that one and now we're gon na give you guys like five more seconds of injuries and then we're gon na go ahead and I'm gon na say, stop so I'm gon na see the chat. Stop let's chat, stops we'll, go ahead and announce the winner in the second prize, 136 folks and the rest of the hundred, and fifty thousand folks will see this later.

But you guys are the ones they're gon na get a chance to win something so that's pretty cool, and this is easy for me because banggood ships, it so no no problem, I don't have to go to the post office. You don't have to wait for me. You have to wait for China, which is you know. It takes some time to get the US probably three weeks on a normal schedule, two weeks to the west coast, USA, but during Cova times guys. You know everything is just really really slow it down months. Sometimes more than one entry per person is fun in the chat as long as you don't spam, the chat – I see you like your name, go like in the chat and know you're spamming me, so no spammers will be eligible. So i'll, kick you out. Okay, looking good guys, okay, we're gon na stop now, because we want to announce that winner, so everybody stop typing bang good, live stream. I can't announce the winner until you guys stop so there's. Probably some some delay there for me wherever we are in the world. So i want to see that chat. Stop make a stop, stop typing guys! Alright, we're slowing down, slowing down guys slowing down, okay, stop and it takes a while for that to stop. You guys are good at copy and paste them, alright, stopping the chat. So we can go ahead and announce a winner. The winner is gon na, give me their email.

I can hide it to the rest of the room. So don't worry, you might not get an email from some random dude, okay, alright slowing down and stopping good job guys. Alright, so don't type stop all right. I'M still waiting for you got to stop knock it off. You guys come on stop! Okay, anybody right now, as at this point the types in banggood livestream. You will not be eligible how about that for a plot twist: okay, just kidding but you're gon na stop typing banggood livestream I'm, not gon na pick from the bottom of the stack right now. I'M, just gon na go way up here and the people who are typing in live stream right now, it's, not gon na matter. Cuz I'm gon na go away the hell up into the top of the stack and pick a random dude I'm, not gon na. Let the computer do this I'm gon na do this, because you guys are my guys: how about Jared, FPV, Jared, FPV, jay ar OD, FPV and Jared hope, you're still watching the channel j rock j rod, j rod, man go ahead and type in your email and I'Ll give you a couple minutes to go ahead and type that in if you don't put your email, don't tip, don't type, banggood, livestream anymore, right now, guys stop! You got to stop right now, you can't! Do it until I say: go don't! Do it yet? Okay, we got ta, have Jared's email, Adam all right, come on Jared drop me your email, bro that someone has to pick another dude Jared or you in the shower man.

Were you up? Let'S go Congrats. Dude, jo, are Edie how you spell Jared Jared FPV going once it's me a countdown Jared, better drop me an email going twice: alright good job! Do a good, save all right! Congrats Jared guys! Stop the chat! You'Re not supposed to do anything right now. Stop the chat, thank you hey. I said: stop the chat dudes cuz I'm trying to get Jarrod's email. You guys ma'am, tell me you guys are not listenin bros, not listening, brah! So I'm gon na take away your goggles all right, drone police, all right! It'S! Always one guy field playing drone, please, okay, all right! Thanks Jared for that I'm gon na go ahead and hide your email on that. First, one I'm gon na hide the second one all right. I got that right. All right, Jared, good job, dude, congratulations to Jared! Now go ahead and start entering again for the next one, guys we're gon na pick from this whole lineup of banggood livestream entries, so whether you typed it in before, if you already did before let's find some of the first guys in had a really good chance Of winning so on the next giveaway we'll do the same type of thing and you'll have a great chance of winning a little further up. So but this time I'm gon na pick someone from somewhere near the bottom, give some of these newer entries, maybe some guys who just got in the stream a chance to win.

So our numbers are going up in the chat, that's good, all right, keep entering, keep it going guys give it to me. Give it to me make sure you have a bank account because you cannot win if you don't, have a bank good account with an email, because my contact is: is gon na, be given all these names and emails and she will likely contact you via email, so Make sure you don't turn banggood on on your spam. Folder make sure that's uh make sure they're cleared for that. So the next thing we have to give away is the mogila six awesome little quad? I love this quad. This one is a lot of fun and actually pretty good price. If you already have a transmitter that's an easy way to get into fpv and it flies freakin, awesome and there's been a lot of mods. This guy special esc protocol that you can pay for make it fly even sweeter right, looking good guys. Maybe you guys have seen my review on the mauvilla's 6 here pretty cool little machine. Now they have the Mobius 6 HD version appreciate you guys and chatted it with me today. Hopefully, you guys are staying safe during these crazy freaking kovin times and you're all good I'm good and happy happy to be here. As always, man I'm cranking out the videos for you guys this week too. Alright let's go ahead and say: stop ok, some awesome stuff! I have coming up on the channel.

I'Ve got the gap. Rc thinking p16 comment for review this week post on friday and tomorrow. I have a really awesome loop that's going to come in it's a binder fly and i've got this big dog coming up. This is a beast. This is the version 2 of the law 5, but this one's called the ball style, very cool, really nice tree style. Quad got a cat expert l in there and all kinds of bells and whistles pretty good price on that one too, and it also comes with a lollipop 3 this time, so that's cool you're, putting a lot more like third party stuff on the eachine quads. These days – and I got to talk about this strapped to the strap – is really good. All right, dudes let's, give away that Mobile is sick, so we're waiting for the chat, stop so it's coming slowly down so we're gon na stop guys have just got in the room, make sure to get in your van good livestream in a chat text, but we're Supposed to be stopping right now so I'm gon na slow down that chat to a stop, so that I can give this this squad away. Mobula 6 gon na need a winner for the movie, the six guys, all right, everybody! Stop everybody! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop good job coming to a stop right on right on claw dog. You think you're funny, bro one time, one time in the chat make sure you don't spam me alright, slow that roll to a stop.

Everybody stop typing bang good livestream. So we can do the giveaway number three giveaway 106 gon na be shipped somewhere around the world right to your doorstep, tiny in a tiny little box, it's like the smallest box, you can possibly order from bad good, possibly all right, let's go. I don't respond to whiners no whining on the channel I'm, not whining. I don't want to complain into whining crying that you didn't win, starter crap, alright guys. This is the way it is don't like it. Don'T watch the live stream breath. Okay, number three mobula: six! Everybody stop you guys supposed to be stopping right now: doudou, okay, anybody who types banggood livestream right now will not win and you guys are still coming in there. It must be a delay. Okay, so I'm gon na just go up here. I'M gon na pick a winner, real quick, but I need you guys to quit that so I can get the winners. Email, I'm gon na write down his or her name and the winner of the mobula six is gon na be Morgan Miller. I got Morgan Miller. Organ Miller, congratulations, dude, you're, the winner of the mobilis six. If you'll put your email down below, I will hide it, but I will grab it first, so I can send you an email, Morgan Miller, thanks Sam. I appreciate that I'm on the direct shot. I see yeah. Let me double check that there we go.

Okay looks good Congrats, Morgan let's, see if he's listening I'm gon na give him a couple minutes, but that email in there and then we're gon na give away an ISDN tq6 ISDN tq6 nano with back o 200 watt that little guy is quite beasty for how Little it is the thing fits in like the palm of your hand, it's even smaller than the original q6, which was one of my all time favorites. I took it everywhere for me: it's totally scratched up and I still use it. Some people had some they died, but I must have got a good one. Cuz, it lasted me seems like three years now or something no, I mean I'm in the live chat setup here, I'm, not in top chat all right waiting for that email. All right. You guys have to stop typing right now. Stop stop! Stop stop! I need my man's email. Okay, another minute. The problem with this is that if you guys keep typing that I can't see his email, cuz it's, a it's being spammed right now, all right! I got this q6 to giveaway here now, wave whatever dude I've looked up. Alright, thanks Morgan, he was not spamming. He was doing like all the rest of you guys doing. He was copy and paste in, but he wasn't going good that's spamming. You see like 50 of them in a row all on the same time, if it did the bit that's spamming dude in Daniel.

Why did you put your email in there bro nah bro I'm, talking to Morgan, okay, okay, right, okay, moving on to the q6 yeah? No let's go ahead and give that, on my way, Morgan Miller, I'll be the six nice dude all right guys. You can go ahead and start up again with your entries. I don't know why that was in his email. You didn't win. If you didn't win, make sure you don't, put your eat and drop in your email on the Chad dudes cuz I'm, not gon na mess up and send you something in the mail. Don'T worry Bobby. What are you doing, bro Bobby Broadway? What are you doing? Alright, guys it's not fun and drop some entries in there we're gon na give away the q6 nano. Oh my guys over at ISD T these guys make some of the top Chargers so much so that spectrum had them make their special smart charger that's. How good these guys are, and spectrum is fairly proprietary, most of the time the exception of an awesome charger. We should make a drone camps. Charger get is T T to make it. What do you guys think should make some chargers and some maybe some frames? Do you guys buy some free style frames on the channel I'm? Okay, with that, as long as I don't have to ship everything cuz, it turns into a giant nightmare shipping. Everything, okay, good job, guys keep it coming and we're gon na give this like another 30 seconds and then I'm going to say, stop but here's the countdown.

Hopefully you guys are doing all right out there and nobody had the case of kovat. You guys are all safe, worried about everybody's elders, people with health issues crazy times. We live in I'm, expecting like aliens next. I think aliens are gon na come down and make a contact. Finally, looking good guys: okay, now we're gon na stop that we're gon na stop the chat again so I'm gon na go ahead and say: stop everybody stop typing in the chat. So we can do this next. Giveaway number four number four out of five moving right along and try to do this as quick as possible for you guys: okay, we're gon na stop that chat and make sure that I'm at the most recent chat. All messages are visible here: okay, by the way we have our mascot logo finished and paid for I had to pay somebody to do it, but as always, thanks again to everyone who put some work and time into creating something, even though we didn't have a winner. All your art remains your own. I don't make any claims to anything you made. So your art is yours, but we have an awesome logo coming up to show you guys super cool all right coming to a stop, looking good guys, thanks for stopping that chat, if you're you're, just getting into the room, make sure you don't type anything right now. Nobody'S supposed to type anything because we're gon na do an announcement for the winner of the ISD.

Tq6 nano awesome little charger. I have one here to review, for you guys so I'm going to show you that coming up on the channel, alright guys and a good price on them to 28 bucks, I would grab one just to have in my bag, even for like little 1s battery charge. Get a little charge lead and charge up about eight of them at a time with a four s, 1300 it'll charge up to a six S battery from one s to success and has five star reviews. So this thing is pretty hot it's a lot of community. All right coming to a slow roll here, so I'm gon na go ahead and go up a bit here. Go down a bit here. Go up a bit here: go down! Go up go down and let's see who the winner is it doesn't matter, if you're in there multiple times as long as you weren't going crazy? Okay, all right guys got a winner for the q6 nano, the winner of the q6 nano and don't take Congrats yeah, guys don't type in and good livestream don't type, that in the winner of the q6, nano is Caleb Part II, Part A what saying that right. Congrats Caleb, I need his email so guys don't type anything right now: okay, I'm gon na show you the new logo. I don't know I'm trying to pick the appropriate time, but it's super cool. It is super cool.

It is definitely me which is fun all right. Nobody'S typing anything right now for me: okay, because I'm, going to try to get Caleb's email, real, quick, all right, also, congratulations, Caleb and so gon na go ahead and say go so you guys can start putting in some bad good livestream in the chat and make Sure you have your banking account because you can't win if you don't have a way for banggood to get your information and send you the prize. The last and final prize that I have for you guys is one of my favorites and I usually keep it on my desk it's not sitting here right now, but one of my favorites and I waited til last to give this one away because you guys are Gon na, like this one and the last and final prize to give away, is the Emacs tiny hawk to freestyle yeah so hit up the chat for that that's gon na be awesome. I'M surprised. I still have any of those left. They usually sell out pretty quick. Maybe bang Goods got a little secret stash or something all right. Looking good in the chat, dudes keep it coming, keep it coming. It reminds me of like bingo when you like, roll the cage. You see all the balls and numbers going around. It'S get all this. Bang good livestream and stuff going on here that looks good that's awesome. You guys good participate participation, participation, all right! Looking good after this, I think I'm gon na go kite boarding for the rest of the day.

Awesome last last giveaway, so let's go ahead and you ready ready to win this one. Okay, I'm gon na say stop and you guys are gon na stop typing chat. Thank good live stream, no more, no more typing in the chat. I'M gon na announce the winner. The fifth and final prize it's, the Emacs, to freestyle all right guys, you have to stop typing in the chat or I'm, not gon na be able to give this away so it's, probably a little delay, we're gon na give it a second okay. I should just live stream like this. Okay chat needs to stop, though you guys Chad needs to stop. You guys have to stop. Stop the jet. You guys are crazy. You guys want to win this one bad. I got ta. I got ta finish this stream because I got I got ta get out of here: alright, slow it down guys, slow and down slow it down. Alright come to a stop guys. Almost there. I see it slowing down alright slow and slower now slower now slower. Stop. Okay, the next 10 people will not be entered to win if you type that good live stream, you're still typing back in the live stream. Jd says stop if you don't, speak English too bad for you. My man, Luis texted me during the livestream bro. I get up with you soon. Dudes gon na have to be after the weekend, though next week next week, okay, good good job, guys Alto.

I don't know what that means. That must be some type of Spanish word or something I mean yes all right here we go having fun today, giving away a bunch of stuff last and final giveaway and yeah man everything's good at when I'm happy dude, I'm happy happy. Guy, okay, let's go let's, go freestyle; okay, all right! Everybody stop yeah! I know rich is crazy people just all right. This is looking good, so I'm gon na go ahead. I'M gon na go up in the chat all the way to the top. Should I pick from the first five guys that type bang good lottery top 50 there's gon na be there would be no spamming in the top 50. It doesn't look like it. Okay, all right final winner, you guys are behaving very well. Okay, hopefully you're still watching the livestream, because you're about to win a freestyle. I want to say congratulations to everybody so far, and thanks for coming into the live stream, we also have five more prizes to give away at another later date. Hopefully banggood will. Let us do that. I think there's, only a small window of the time that we're allowed to do this. So if I didn't make that window I'm sorry about the next five things, but there is other youtubers gon na be giving away a bunch of bad good gear. So getting on somebody else's, ten pack giveaway. I just haven't had a lot of time.

So the winner and making you guys wait for this long. I'M. Sorry, all right! I got a name here, my dude, I hope you're still watching, because I might pick another person if you're not all right last winter freestyle here we go. The winner is the winner. Is teal see TLC from tulok Tughlaq? Am I saying that right that teal seed from 2 lakh bro we're sending you a freestyle? Congratulations TLC! Is that to be pronounced like TLC that's gon na TLC you'll, see from true lakh Congrats man it's been awesome. A lot of cool stuff – and it is possible guys that are still watching – that I might be able to do a DJ, a digital fpv system, giveaway with that like blow the doors on the channel. Do you guys like that that would be insane yeah? That is something I might be able to give away and I'm trying to make that work, but thank good. So some of you been good haters chill out cuz they're about to give away a lot of stuff. I haven't had any problems, but then again I might be biased, awesome, yeah man no need to be salty for all we're, all friends here we all enjoy the same thing getting up in the air flying and and then the biggest miracle about flying is actually getting It back on the not breaking something and taking it home while it still works and that's. Why flying is so much fun and fpb just adds that extra sweetness, it's freaking awesome alright, so I need to have TLC's email, so I'm gon na give I'm gon na.

Give you know I'm killing some time here, so he can drop his email in the chat. Tlc. I'M. 2 lakh. If you're still here, if you're still walking around your house somewhere, hopefully hear my voice, I need to have your email, so I can send you an email and make it the winner, the free style, tube it's, getting hot yeah thanks flight turbo fly crash, repair. Pete repeat: that's right that's. What we do it does feel like I boarding I flew I receive before i kite board and when I started learn how to fly and then driving myself around in the ocean with a board it felt like I was doing oracy but wouldn't body. It was awesome. That'S, why I'm get back into it? Cuz it's, like a huge rush, a lot of fun so I'm, just watching the chat. Ok, TLC! Thank you for dropping in your email, guys chill out for a second, so I can write down his email that last part that's, easy, mmm, calm, okay, all right, dude, congrats TLC for two lakh and you're the winner guys, thanks for watching the livestream today, I'm gon Na go ahead and end up things, but stay tuned old channel check out tomorrow's review it's going to be of a super awesome, little tiny whoop and after that gap, RC thinking p16 is on Friday.