Need it to go with something, have um still have to fully cue up the rest of the music, so thatll take a second, and i should probably be loading up the image files first, but i just want to get this part out of the way. Actually, even as i say that im just thinking how much i really should be doing that part first um, but i can do this pretty quickly. So even as i say that im thinking move this stuff to this screen. Okay and its also occurring to me, i really have the wrong window layout. I should have fixed all of this stuff before doing this stream um. I wanted to get a couple of things. Working ive been putting them off for too long, but now a few more things are set up properly for doing these streams from the newer laptop definitely should have done that much sooner hearing up these tracks takes surprisingly longer than it should. I wonder if i know i could probably set a playlist. I should probably do that. That would also speed this process up and remove a lot of the uh little tedium of the typical rambocast week, but hey this is all stuff i get to do kind of, as i wait for people to join since i started this with no intro card. No prep and really quick. I also need to open here and do the announcement post, okay, so thats posted by the way if anyone is joining late or what am i saying if anybody finds this video and youd like to join the discord server, where we talk tech, gaming and pretty much Whatever else and youd also like to get announcements through discord, which i tend to honestly like stream announcements through discord, i dont trust them coming from youtube.

Uh theres, nothing against youtube there, exactly its just like youtube. Notifications have a tendency to not be as reliable, um, not really sure why but theyre at least more reliable than twitch, or so so it has been in the past. For me, okay lets see what else do i need to fix? I know the biggest thing. We also need to get these images loaded, so lets happens if i drop this whole folder in here now pop to the right um import thats. What we want sweet it does all of them. Excellent uh nope, not coffee. We want to add so i have not called these at all. I absolutely should have and its my bad for not doing it. Uh lens, like correction metadata, is correct and its grabbing just the raws okay good thats. What i want to see again its set to add cool import, its building, these smart previews, its doing its thing as it should. I think i need to this – is probably going to supremely walk out the view, but im going to change the size of this window. Um lets do a little bit more adjustment ill shrink that down that window can now go over there and a little closer lets actually fix this window. A little all right, thank you for the smart, previews, lightroom youre, doing good work, and if i extend that out to there that looks about right um, at least it fills the screen pretty well okay, and for my own benefit you guys will see just a little Bit of that overlap window there ignore it, it doesnt matter.

Okay, so thats all in place excellent, im happy with this. Now i can see you can see. We can all see a little tiny adjustment to the zoom level of that page. That way, i can see comments a little bit more. I want to see live viewers plus comments perfect one of these days. I know i will never do something like this, because its way too ambitious, but one of these days, i would love to go like build a chrome extension to fix the youtube dashboard i want to have i want to give like. I. I want the dashboard to show for anyone. Whos never seen it actually im about to ruin all this stuff that i just did um, okay, so for anyone whos never seen this dashboard um its, not bad kind of uh, but its not great. Why is it saying i have poor stream health that actually worries me, because there is a storm going on outside right now, um theres, nothing downloading theres, nothing else happening. I cant see any reason for that um also wow. My view of the stream is super lagged. Okay, um but yeah for anyone who hasnt seen this before um. It shows your title, your category, which honestly their category selection, sucks uh. I pick science and technology. I know this is totally irrelevant, but um lets adjust that a little uh i almost would have gone like film and animation, but this is obviously neither of those things uh how to and style like that sounds like makeup tutorial, not not photo editing um.

What else is there uh, you know were obviously not going people and blogs thats, not like its none of this list, so i dont get it. Where is there just like an art, art and photography, or i dont know just arts how about music and art, art and music? I dont know something like that. This just the music category seems unnecessary, uh, but whatever anyway, so i science and technology were taking, were working on photos of a tech gadget, so at least its in in the ballpark ish um, but yeah anyway, so not important um public stream, concurrent viewers. At the moment, i just started so no ones on yet um and then theres this stuff, but this analytics page. This is what i usually leave open. I think its on by default im not sure anyway, this page, it shows the graph of how many people are viewing at a particular moment in time, and what drives me insane is. It is huge on this page on the screen. It does not need to be this big um, so yeah i dont get that it just seems illogical to me um and then theres. This comment the comment box over here, which, when i do this like the first thing i do, is i just zoom this in so i can see concurrent viewers, the live, chat and then ill kind of as live chat at least fills in the first few lines. Up here ill scroll this down, so i can just see this part of the screen, the concurrent viewers, the chat room and just this part of this graph.

If i could, i, i would just redesign this whole screen, so the chat box dominates it and then somewhere near the bottom. I just want concurrent viewers and a graph right next to it. The graph should be like a quarter of the size, concurrent viewers likes and maybe another stat or two make those their own side or corner whatever and give the rest of it to the chat room and make the chat like sizeable. So i can so you can set it up from across his room, see it in huge, bold letters, thats what you need to be able to have theyre doing it bad all right anyway. So enough of that lets move you back over there because i have to position the way i do its a little bit wonky, but its all right. Okay, so starting with straight culling of images, um did it say there were okay. It says 356 here, im gon na do really rapid lets, switch to the flag view, im flagged and unflagged all right. So this is a straight. Is there anything wrong with the image calling to begin with um a couple things in that are a little soft, but not really not bad. Lets get our zoom level kind of right. Uh, not sure i like lets, kill that one actually wait a second. I didnt not like this set of shots. I ill start by saying that right now, i might actually just skip this group.

Oh hey, that one goes uh that one could almost go too. This is oh, these shots, oh yeah, okay. So while i was reviewing this drone um, you can kind of yeah. You can really see it in this image. Um the lens was fogging up in specific places. I dont know why, but it was fogging up really really badly like this. You could barely see through it um. I have it in videos somewhere showing just how bad it got, but it you cant, really tell super well from these images, but yeah i mean yeah there you can see its partially fog like this is not. This is oops. Wait its this one yeah. This is really not normal. I dont know what was going on, but a huge, huge problem with this with the lens fogging up, and it only happened. It was so weird. It was only happening in certain places and yeah thats. What the lens should look like just pristine and clear and like this was the environment i was in, i could see for miles, but for whatever reason, the lens would fog and it like this is where it fogged. Here i was literally standing next to the drone. I took a picture of the drone turned around and took these shots with my camera that was sitting at the same temperatures same environment. Everything like that, my regular camera, no problem, not a clue why this was happening. Okay lets see this, i think yeah.

This should have been from the next yeah couple days later. Okay, so were gon na. Do the calling on these and again, this is just removing first images that have problems so firing through pretty rapidly kind of deciding. If i want to leave in images that have stuff like this, like that, this kind of is a nicer looking shot than that one, but im not, but i kind of feel like i want to have. I feel like i want to have this part in focus right there and its not like thats at the very edge of whats in focus that one actually looks bad thats a little better yeah. I think i want to kill these and ill yeah lets kill those two um okay, this shot here. What i want to highlight is the propellers have to be screwed in theyre, not like the rest of djis propellers um man did. I take a picture of the wrong ones, because this shows theres some dirt or grime, or something up there. Um yeah, that kind of hides it a little bit. I could do that. I dont like that, though thats completely out of focus its like that ones, focusing to the weirdest place like right, kill there that could work its still, not quite really in focus its so weird to have focus caught on these its like this really thin plane of Feet: uh yeah its like sharp right there, and only right there, thats.

That looks right. I think its ugly but um. This is about the fact that the sd slot is back there. Okay, i was going to make these or i was going to call just wrong photos first, but i think i actually want to get. I think i feel like thats, better okay lets, kill these then between that and this ill kill that okay, so im, keeping that one um okay go back to this, so the sd card slot wait. Why did i? Why did i shoot more? Oh, this is for the uh vertical if youre so look right here, the camera – this is in regular, horizontal mode, then it rotates. So this is one of the features of this drone is that it rotates the whole camera 90 degrees and it the idea here. Is it can shoot uh for, like um um instagram reels youtube shorts? Anything like that where you want vertical video, its a nice idea, its a dji. I love you, but i think this is such a poorly built feature. It works from the drones perspective. It works great, it really does um. The problem is, the software is not set up right for this. All of the smart features like active track all of their like uh, automated flight modes master shots things like that. None of it works when its rotating 90 degrees. Absolutely none of it works so its its a neat feature, but it just doesnt work like its not useful in this mode.

You cant you cant film yourself, you have to have somebody else fly it. If you want to film yourself in any way uh, if you want, i mean you can fly yourself and film things, but how many people are getting a mini to film other things? Obviously, plenty are but think about also how many people are getting it to shoot themselves and it just doesnt it doesnt work like that: um, okay, so so really i can just kill the redundant of that okay, so for right now, like that shot coming back to Here, um im just again: im just doing culling right now so kind of picking between images to hold on to uh lets. Is there really any difference between these two yeah just kill one of them doesnt matter so theres that oh damn it um. I knocked out one of the images and i want to go back to looking at it. Thats great it doesnt matter um. I can fix the alignment later thats weird. I would not have moved the camera between the shots, but it will whatever um hello. Whoever is viewing uh welcome to the stream. Okay, just no difference between those two, not really a difference between those two actually wait, almost always killing the first image is better um, probably should kill the ones with flare. This controller is so great. I mean it is ridiculous how nice this controller is compared to using a phone like a phone works, but its just not the same.

I kind of want to keep this one just because it has the the center reticle thing right. There um thats no difference between those two okay thats the control stick and where its stored im, not sure which one of these i like more um. Okay, keep those thats out of focus thats, not very focused, either: okay, okay, so keeping those few right now ill. Pick between them later um, by the way for anyone, whos, never seen djis current control sticks, these are metal, and these are kind of these are seriously jagged. If i mean it is good for getting a grip like if, when you press your thumb against them, but man theyre, not the most comfortable sticks, theyre kind of better than the rubber tipped control sticks that they used before, but theyre also theyre, just decidedly less comfortable Kind of im not really sure which ones i want to use here: okay, so its between these four, oh sorry, five sort of like the close shot there, yeah, okay, so down to just that one um! Okay! So between these four keeping that one just because um looks like i lost you, it happens. Okay, so really quick. Bringing back up just checking chat room, oh geez, i just saw somebody complain that the mac mini is not as small as they thought. It would be seriously, i mean really like got ta, be honest when i think mac mini my uh lets see yeah i mean is that is it tiny? No, but i mean that is still really not a big device, but hey, it is what it is, and you know you do have this.

You do have a lot of ports on it. I feel like its not really that big of a deal um – oh wait is this from okay. This is the current one with an m1 chip. Okay, so lets see um all right between these three, it doesnt matter theyre, so similar, um, okay, so between those it doesnt matter even a little bit pretty much all the same, um whats, the purpose of this shot, i dont even remember ill, just kill one of Them, Music, okay, sorry, random conversations going on in other rooms. Okay, so i think the purpose of this was to highlight where sensors are. This is the okay dji, oh, my god, dji youve got to get rid of these things. The gimbal covers are so annoying. This one in particular, was just its awful truly. The mini. The the gimbal cover for the mini 3 is just devastatingly bad. Okay, i want for any shots. I care that this, and this are in focus so lets just select all those kill that one that one that one okay, so between Music kind of like the placement of that one, that was a little more center frame, maybe a little more useful. Okay, sticking with that one um, oh geez, i should not be reading these theres theres, currently an argument going on in a room about uh the value of the m1 mini, and i i honestly, i think its a great computer at its price, its such a good Computer, its price um, not to say that you cant technically beat it, but it is a its a really good value comparatively to a lot of even like regular window species.

Okay, focusing back on calling um, okay, basically anything in this loop. Oh wait: uh knocking out anything with a serial or registration number on the side. There we go so just down to those three i kind of like that more okay, so that one and that one go awesome its getting the numbers down quickly. Um, okay lets see. I dont think theres really any difference between these shots. Okay, just getting it down to one and oh, these are gon na be rough, but i just did a bunch of quick shots with the drone in the air because i didnt know if i would have. I wasnt really sure if these were gon na focus right. So the strategy was a pretty straightforward. Lets just shoot it in the air and hope that focuses, and, ironically, i think literally first shot is nailing. It uh im gon na throw away the first shot just because i like, in this shot, theres right. You can see just a little bit of the orange of the propellers, i kind of like the idea of freezing the propellers, not that i not that thats entirely realistic, but uh, oh, but i dont, like the light neon lets, kill that okay. So is this something to stick with, i think it might be. I think i like that, a little more yeah, okay, sweet, okay sticking without carson, oh musics, loud really uh fixable hold on one. Second, as i find my obs okay all right, i turned it way down so hows that sorry, i have its weird because the audio meters show it being really low or it looks really low, but its its so hard to tell sometimes um and thats also weird, Because all the other settings, i did everything i could to copy this from the other computer, but all the other settings i thought were just about right.

I kind of wonder if maybe hold on. Let me see wheres the gain at on this im wondering if im also a little bit low volume. I shouldnt be from what im from what i can see on the audio meter like im im hitting right into the yellow, just barely into the yellow on the audio meter, which is pretty accurate for where or pretty on point for where you want to be. You never want to hit the reds you dont want to live in the greens, but if youre like just tipping into the yellow, thats kind of perfect and okay, i guess im a little bit on the low side, but not by much. Meanwhile, the music, like the music, is way way below that point huh. Is it still too loud or the the music specifically? Is it too loud uh, because if so, i can turn that down more um. I have to look past the mic arm. Actually, what i really should have done yeah. That was a mistake. I laid things out wrong when i set all this up, because i have to look past the mic arm to see anything on the obs screen, but it works ish um doing the stream from this laptop was probably not the best choice, but it works um. Good. Now awesome, okay lets see uh. I have no idea if im gon na use any of these downward shots on the drone, but i took them so i may as well quickly skim over them uh if im gon na use any kind of like the idea of one where the propellers dont overlap.

So, probably that one that one actually might be maybe a bit better, okay ill kill the rest of these, so carson hows it going man. What has your weekend been like all right, find all right if were gon na keep any of these, maybe probably the one with the propeller actually sort of still showing, though i okay, the one thing i dont like about this its this light, they its a thing Theyre gon na blink, its fine, its normal, but i kind of dont like it being visible in the shot it doesnt need to be so im thinking, maybe ill. Keep well lets kill the ones with lights. Thats, probably the best. Okay, so kill the other two um. You had two flights in a row, cancel on the way back to new york holy crap. What was it weather or was there? I dont know? Was there some reason for that or it was it just like bad luck, coincidence, kind of stuff the weather is understandable. Anything else and its kind of like that thats problematic, thats, the airline being whatever um lets, see wait. Did i skip one of these okay well. Well! Kill that one um, yes hover angle were coming back to 101. For this oh wow, i got a lot of those okay for this. Maybe i will pick one with the lights on. Besides the focus on these looks like it sucks, thats, weird, the the ones in focus all right, theres one with the lights off uh first flight was with spirit and was understandably cancelled because of the bad weather.

However, they kept on delaying it and only finally canceled it until it was two in the morning. Oh, come on also that doesnt surprise me at all spirit. Airlines is just its rough. They are. I had a. I had a lot of friends who actually work for spirit in in uh the headquarters they worked on, like the uh it and um and like services side. Well, software services – oh my god, they did not have the greatest things to say about their own company. That really tells you a lot when people who work at a company are like yo, dont dont use. Us were not good when, when youve got people kind of just coming straight forward, saying that, like not a good sign, also now im suddenly very curious, um uh, uh, okay, i shouldnt be doing this, but ive got ive, got discord open right now to a random Conversation because somebody is somebody is messing with a mac mini, has a lot of interesting comments and thoughts about it, but um im offering a little bit of advice at the same time. But someone is someone thats, complaining that they cant install imovie on a mac mini. They just bought and its an older mac mini, so it is what it is um. Actually, i wont say anything about that. Um lets see. Apparently, newark airport was delaying incoming and outgoing planes because of the storm. Uh spirit does suck, but in their defense.

This time the incoming plane couldnt land because of the weather, yeah thats, understandable, i mean it happens, um they should have announced the cancellation earlier. Yes well. They dont want to do that, because if they can still squeeze out a flight theyre going to uh, it theyre not going to cancel it until they know that they have to uh, because uh, if, if like, if people are gon na give up, then for them. Thats great because then they have seats that they can sell and a lot of times spirit spirit is known for overbooking, their flights. So if somebody walks away from a seat then like for whatever reason, maybe they find a different flight or something like that or theyre gon na take a bus or they give up for whatever reason. Um then thats a seat that spirits sold and they can now they can now fill like. It works great for them, um in the case of uh um, in the case that they push the the flight as late as they can before, canceling like or sorry if they do end up canceling. The problem with that, obviously is they, then have to give vouchers and somehow try, at least at some minimal level, to accommodate all of those passengers and that costs a lot of money. Obviously so yeah its its one of those things. Some airlines are a lot more respectful of passengers. Spirit wont be like ever. The next spirit flight was only until three days later so booked with united for the next day and had to sleep at the airport, because literally every nearby hotel was fully booked.

Yeah um. I i havent had that exact scenario, but not far from it. Um ive had ive had a flight, get really really late, delays and ended up having to go to. It was a nearby hotel, um it and it was like the last room available kind of situation, which was kind of terrible, because i could only go there for something like eight hours, so is it. My flight was something like 10 hours away. I could have stayed in the hotel, but i was tired i wasnt going to get to the hotel. I think it was even less than eight hours that i was gon na get to stay there anyway. I i basically went there long enough to take a shower sleep, for i think, like four hours or something maybe i dont know four or five hours i slept and then i had to come back to it. You know, wake up and go back to the airport. You know factoring in like the shuttle and all that stuff, um and yeah such a waste of money, im im still mad at that plus bonus points, the hotel i stayed at when i came back to the airport and went through security. I actually got flagged for a uh bomb residue warning um. So i told this story before you might remember this um yeah. I got flag for bomb, residue warning and im thinking what the hell like. I, the only places ive been were the the airport that i just passed through to get to here, and then i went to the hotel.

How how am i triggering this warning and i dont remember if i knew it at the time. I think i found this out like six months later or something like that. I was watching a comedy special that actually discussed this. It was some stand up. Comedian who travels all the time. I want to say i might be wrong, but i think it was the guy with the puppets um im drawn a blank on his name, but uh lets see comedian with the puppets. Um lets see uh jeff dunham. I could be wrong, but i think it was jeff dunham uh. He did a. He did a bit talking about how uh this has happened to him. He went to uh, he went to the airport and one of his puppet boxes ended up getting flagged and he basically like hes he he said you know. I dont know why and its kind of scary, when youve got your these weird looking puppets in a box which i believe the puppet that actually got flagged was uh. I think it was ahmed, the uh like ahmed, the not good terrorist or whatever the terrible terrorists. Whatever it was called um anyway, his uh he found out that the reason for this is a lot of like hand. Lotions contain some chemical that triggers the the bomb residue warnings and so hes like okay, thats, an interesting piece of knowledge. What does this have to? Do with me and then he it clicked.

Oh yeah. I stayed in a hotel room, oh crap, where did like that means that there was probably hand lotion residue on something and he worked backwards to be. Oh, my god. Where did i put my bag that that someone was using hand cream and like yeah, his working back process starts getting really creepy really fast and starts telling you what goes on in hotel or starts reminding you what goes on in hotel rooms, um but yeah anyway. So lets see um uh the flight. The next day with united. You boarded on time but departed the gate a few minutes late because of quote maintenance paperwork thats, always a good sign uh. We then started taxing to the runway, and then the pilot announced there were 20 other planes in front of us in line and then newark airport had shut down because of the weather. Oh thats, bad um, even though it was literally like a mild drizzle yikes. After waiting like an hour, the pilot announced we were given a take off spot and were going to take off shortly then after slowly taxing for another 20 minutes. The pilot announced the crews flying hours had maxed out for the day and they had to return to the gate. Oh, my god, they should have been able to figure that one out earlier Music because thats one of those where the numbers, just you can you can tell you – can always tell when thats going to come up.

Oh thats brutal and there wasnt a gate event. Oh, my god, so wait from boarding to when they finally got you back into the terminal. How long was that? Because this is this – is sounding like what a two and a half hour is? Am i guessing that right, longest, youve ever sat in a plane to nowhere literally sat like four hours on the runway? That was that is not okay, oh my god that is so not okay id be so pissed did they do anything like thats one of those where, if they dont, if they dont like comp, you of extra flight or something for that thats, a problem? Okay, im gon na kill the first four of those, because i kind of like that one, the most out of that little group – maybe oh man, that ones so much better, though i hate the lights being on in this. Okay were just using it out and im gon na kill the rest of these okay, so thats the keeper from that group um because of that registration number im gon na kill all of these its not that it matters, but i dont feel like it should be Visible in review photos and really do i want to kind of like that shot. Maybe thats just got a hero, shot quality to it, maybe ill leave that one and then i can ill just photoshop that so its not very visible. I can hide that easily enough.

Um is this that could maybe be good too. The internal customer service line was insanely long, so people suggested we go to the check in area uh customer service outside of security thats i mean thats, sometimes a good idea, but im always really sketch about leaving security. Any time your plane hasnt taken off, or rather it has been cancelled or delayed, or anything like that, its i dont know why i dont have a good way to say it, but man theyre just just enough stories of things going seriously south as a result of Leaving security um: oh no! Actually, i think ill. Keep that one trash – those! Oh oh wow, i dont remember taking that that might have to just be a keeper right there. Oh, that went off to the side. Anything severely off to the side is not a keeper. Wait i want to bring back a few of these okay. I want to double check the center positions on some of these, so just getting rid of anything thats a little too far off to the side. Okay um lets see, however, after waiting in the line for two hours uh to ask for a hotel voucher. They said they dont offer vouchers because their system said the flight was canceled due to weather. What i i guess, the act of god excuse factors in, but you you should be offering vouchers just on virtue of like customer service um, oh man and then people who were on the same flight were offered vouchers and united club passes.

Oh thats, so bad also man, i okay, i know im different than most people on this. I really dont feel like the club passes or like vip pass kind of things i dont feel like those are ever really that good of an offer. I mean its great. If youre somebody who has like long layovers its great if youve got special like circumstances factoring in um, but i cant tell you how many times i when i take flights nine times out of ten, i get to the airport with a healthy lead on the flight. But i get to the airport, and all i really need to do is just sit at the gate and wait. I dont need to hit the i dont need to go into their vip area. I dont need any special treatment nine times out of ten. So if, if they gave me those passes, they would almost uh almost guaranteed expire before i would ever use them just because i im gon na sit there and feel like i should use them. I just never. Will i think i like that one, the most okay lets kill those uh kill that one okay, so those are the keepers for the in flight um. This could be a better. I like that. I got that angle on it. I dont like that shot. Okay, so figure out how many of these there are probably did a few too many of these okay. It starts there runs to there um.

The difference was. They spoke to the internal customer service yeah. That sounds about right. Yeah, like i said, the theres something about going outside those those customer service. People are like the kings and queens of saying no to everything. Is stream health showing anything um earlier there was some glitchiness, but right now its looking pretty good uh for reference its. I know youre not on the same time zone for me right now: its 6 30, so um yeah last report or last ch status change was. It was uh what 40 minutes ago or well 45 minutes ago, and it seems fine, um, im gon na guess. Your end but hard to say zoom that back in all right line that up right, um. Okay, so i feel, like maybe ill, kill that one. I really like that framing ill kill those light hitting that i kind of like that maybe ill leave that one as a filler, too. Okay, keeping two of these um its buffered a few times, not sure if youre in okay. I read that earlier im, not sure if i spread it out loud um but yeah. My guess is its your end. I dont know for sure i well. Actually you know what i take that back. The odds are it actually probably is my end, but its not my end per se. Um weve had were having a storm right now or there was a storm. I dont know if its technically still going right at this moment, but there has been theres been uh, at least some pretty heavy rains.

I dont i dont know if theres been much wind but heavy rain and yeah thats. It is what it is. Oh my god. Okay worst thing about taking photos, sometimes you dont notice something until youre already just sitting back here, and i notice it literally within a second of looking at this. I dont have to but ive totally forgot to take the sticker off this little thing right here, its a little its such a minor detail. No one cares and i can fix that in photoshop, its just one of those things like i hate that i forgot that it was there and i even remember taking a sticker off of something else. I wonder if maybe it was that i dont think it was which, by the way, size comparison, that is the pixel 6 pro sitting on top of the mavic mini three pro thats. Just how tiny the drone is. It barely sticks out from the sides, so yeah picking photos from this group is going to be a mess. Okay, um, hey david hows, it going man weve, just been uh catching up with carson and his uh. His wonderful experience with spirit airlines um, but uh hows. Your weekend going, what kind of what kind of antics are you up to? Okay, so im thinking uh out of this bunch, theres, so little difference between any of these thats? I think maybe a little more straight on dont have any focus issues kind of something going on right there.

Maybe you know what i think i like that one, the most so ill just kill the others. Um carson, mainly united airlines, yeah um david uh dont, have to register that with the faa, yet uh the the yet would actually be kind of the the fun thing about this um. This model weighs 249 grams or less due to potential part swaps. They only guarantee itll come in less than that, but they dont they dont, say exactly what itll weigh um and yeah. You dont have to register this because it is that one gram below the limit, um and yeah basically like you – can just be a casual flyer that this falls into that same category as like toy airplanes. You know no thats kind of why the faa and if you listen to different people, they have different, they say different things, but the faa basically carved out the like toy airplane category and dji, along with a couple of other drone makers, but mostly dji theyre. The one that kind of flaunts this they they car they saw like heres this heres. This thing people dont, want to get registered if they dont have to um so lets lets create a drone that weighs exactly the right amount to fall into that toy aircraft. Category and well sell that the original mavic mini was uh. It was very much targeted just at that weight category and it didnt try to be much different or much better than just the lightweight drone.

The mini 2 was like their first attempt to put a decent camera on the on the mini, and it obviously was a big improvement. The the three the mini three pro this thing has like a legitimately good camera. Um im gon na have to drag out the footage for that and put it in actually wait. Do i have the footage on here? I thought i did um yeah, okay, so yeah. This is just some footage i took with this drone um i mean just it. I dont know that you can really see it, but it is sharp theres, no artifacting or obvious over sharpening on this thing, its just really. It looks really nice and ignore the fact that the colors are kind of flat right now i uh i shot this in whats called d cinelike, which is a a color profile that basically is like kind of flattened out so that it so that it can catch A little bit wider, stuff um, but yeah i mean this just looks so nice for for drone footage and its not like its the best drone footage, but it looks really good and um lets see and im just doing like orbits around this house. So, if i remember, i think i s this should have been. Did i not drop in this one? Oh yeah, there it is um and in this shot i made a point of doing it. Uh like its dropping an angle as its also rotating around the house.

Um, oh yeah, once i drag this into davinci, this is gon na look really good. Um lets see uh jump forward a little bit. This was me making sure to line up the shot, and i think i had to active track the house. Maybe it was okay. Im just gon na kind of fast move quickly through this uh, and that was this was what the return flight kind of yeah, not exactly return or thats part of the return flight, but, like you know it its so neat being able to get these perfect shots. Like this, because all i had to do was active track that house just draw a box around it, and then i did a lateral flight as uh im. Also dropping an elevation now imagine putting this in a real estate. Video like it. This just looks so neat for a real estate. Video then cancel out of it and return home, which i believe, oh no. I stopped the shot right there and what did i do? Did i return back next? Oh no. I just stopped the shot for some reason. Why did i stop that shot or did it hit? Oh, it hit max file size thats what it was so yeah. Then i shot from a different angle, which you know again like imagine putting this in a real estate, video its such a good way to use these things, who doesnt want to see this kind of a shot when youre looking at real estate? Also, do i show the clouds from the other angle just for reference, like the weather.

This day was so sketch um right now, youre, seeing where the blue sky is kind of poking down, but you notice up there theres one dark cloud. If the view comes at another angle, uh, it wont on our ascent, but okay um, how about oh yeah? Okay, so you can just see how dark it is in this area. This is across the river bank, and this is just under cloud cover uh whats, the price. Actually, i need to look that up again. Also, oh, hey carson. You were on well. I was talking about this for some reason. The unit that i had oh and also heres the clouds up here, thats the kind of weather that this place was having, and you can see just that dark ominous cloud crawling across over there. The weather was really sketch. But if you notice it looks hazy and weird its because for some reason the lens was fogging up on this drone. Okay and this about to get landed. This was a uh time lapse that i shot, which looks so fake, but its also kind of i dont know i like this, that looked neat um and then i just did a stationary time lapse and when that finished no joke, i had like 20 25 minutes To pack this thing back up and get it to get it to uh ups so or yeah ups, so i could ship it back to uh dji. It was the last day i was allowed to keep it um yeah uh.

I did need to look up how much this was anyway, the mini 3 pro by now. Okay, so um, the the combo. I would recommend anybody get or well, okay, it does depend on circumstances, but um. If you want to get the good controller, you go with this one, the one that costs 909. If you want to get the controller where you have to plug a phone in that ones 759, i honestly its more. I know it is, but man this, this controller is so much better its just it sucks plugging in a phone i hate, plugging in phones, um were just not gon na answer that uh yeah, but dji did a really good thing with this drone um. What i want to look up – and i need to – i need to do like an on paper comparison of these, but i believe that this on paper beats the air 2 in terms of camera quality, so for the air 2 fly more combo. Oh wow wait! Oh, the air, 2 isnt, even selling anymore huh – that might explain it um why the hell was the regular air to 799, but the fly more combo is 10 bucks cheaper. Oh, i guess just because it was technically on sale, um but okay lets say 800 for the regular this. This is a little bit cheaper with the same controller, but i would tell anyone to get the better controller and then, of course you would.

You would also want to get the fly more combo, most likely the fly more combo is i mean its a dji thing you just you should pretty much always get it. There are viable exceptions, but life is just pretty much always gon na be better. With a fly more combo, if for no other reason than just to get the bag, the custom bag for these things is almost always worth it, but yeah it it. What the one weird thing: i will fully acknowledge this 900 first, something with minnie in the name like iphones are practically the only other thing in the market that can do that, and actually is the iphone mini even 900. Now i have to look that up. Um uh, i phone wait. Is it under iphone 13? Ah yeah, even their mini is cheaper, so yeah, i wouldnt, i dont, know uh but yeah the damn it dji. Please not these those stupid drop down menus suck. I hate those so much uh. Okay, how just to make sure is the air 2s still available. It is okay um, it is a, i believe, a better camera. I need to do comparisons and i will but uh. I believe that this is still a better camera. It is a larger drone. It is more stable and has, i think, longer battery life, not by a lot but a little bit. Actually. What was the battery life on this um tech, specs, uh, specs flight time? Oh its, not because the mini three should be.

I think 35 minutes or 34 minutes. Okay lets hit specs um search for okay, searching for men, uh yeah 34 minutes with a regular battery, and then they have an extended battery thats 47, though the reminder everyone needs all the time is the extended battery raises the weight over the 250 gram limit. So it uh, it inherently means you have to register if you want to use the bigger batteries. That being said, lets be honest, so many people would will fly without carrying theyll, get the bigger batteries and just say: oh no, its under 250. It even says so. On the body of the drone, because somewhere uh, it actually does say that, and i can look back over the pictures to find where it says that i think do i not have any of it saying that no maybe it just doesnt say that on this model, Um its possible, it actually doesnt say it on there, or maybe it says it on the batteries, but that wouldnt make sense. It might actually just be on the uh lets come over here. Okay, ah there it is damn it. It is just on the battery. So yeah its upside down, but you guys get it um, but yeah still thats yeah. They didnt send me the extended flight batteries, but so i guess i didnt didnt get to check that, but still like its such a lightweight drone, um uh, so david, there is one interesting caveat um, so the no registration requirement kind of falls through the cracks on One detail according to the law or well according to the faa, which makes what is effectively a law uh they require if, if youre going to fly anything even if you dont have to register the aircraft, if you fly anything for profit or or for business or Basically, whatever, as long as its not quote, unquote purely for recreational use, you have to still get a part, 107 license um and its, and this is a thing for the pilot, so that kind of negates the benefit of not having to register the drone.

Um and theyre theyre the way that they describe the part or the requirement for the part of 107 is uh. Basically, if youre doing anything that in any way is like, i said its, not purely recreational flight, if you can make money, if youre doing it even for non profits, if youre just doing it, i even like for a review youre supposed to have a part 107 License, which is, i think, kind of dumb but thats how they thats, how they describe or set their rules the faa, the kings of ruining the fun. I should probably be careful because theyre sort of notorious actually for watching youtube videos and getting really angry at stuff. Um lets see that ones probably the best that ones one 111. Well, maybe that one is if i, if i line that up a little bit now, damn it which do i like more, i should really stop calling these the photo edit sessions when half the time. What im doing is culling images, okay, yeah lets lets knock out that one and that one so its just between these two sounds better yeah, okay, um yeah, the part 107. Is there it like. If you look up drone requirements, flight requirements, all that stuff youll see that mentioned all over the place, but until you look that up and honestly, i think a lot of people dont, look that stuff up before they buy a drone, so they get kind of caught By surprise by it, that being said, i think a lot of people also just dont bother honestly its one of those things unless you know im not encouraging this by any stretch of the imagination.

But unless you know for sure that youre not going to um or unless you know for sure youre going to get caught honestly, i think a lot of people kind of treat it sort of like a lot of other laws that nobody really actively pursues or enforces. Because its not like anyone is out there trying to catch drone pilots without their licenses, it happens. Obviously it happens but yeah its not its not like. They have rangers or cops out there. Looking for people and saying hey, wheres your registration, not to say that they wont ask you for it. If they come to stop you from flying or something like that, but as long as youre not breaking any rules, chances are theyre. Never gon na come bother. You um that, of course, being the catch. You have to not be breaking rules and thats. The other big drawback to drones. Finding places youre allowed to fly is getting complicated. It gets really complicated. You cannot fly within a certain range of airports, at least not without prior permission. Um. You cannot fly in national parks at all period. You cannot fly in any place where theres endangered species um, basically period uh. You cannot fly in uh which, by the way, that endangered species thing well its that plus uh. You cannot fly anywhere where there are nesting, birds, um or at least like protected nesting birds. Things like that, like uh, seasonal or whatever um, which means that in the last couple of years, the oregon coastline suddenly basically said like no um.

In fact, most of the pacific coastline youre not actually supposed to fly around uh. You can find a lot of youtubers kind of not following that rule, but theyre mostly going to places where thats, where there arent nesting, birds or theyre, going out during seasons where theres, not nesting birds, so its not an issue, but it does come up. Um. Okay lets see that ones better will oh its rough, that the first shot, i think, is going to be the best one here. Yep so well. Keep that one kill these others onto this by the way, not that its super important but um. If you see you see this little rag thats over here, which i think ive got to double check, i think my mouse shows up in oh does it not i dont know, maybe i cant not sure if i can actually see it but uh. If you see this rag over to the left side of the screen, then um in this shot, that rag is actually its a microfiber cloth, its actually sitting underneath the phone in this shot. That way it didnt scratch up the phone uh staging of props thats. Why theres, actually this shadow kind of at a weird angle right there um okay, so those are keepers thats. That is the drone sitting on top of the phone equally kind of obscuring the phone. I think now, once i even it out, thatll look better. Okay, so keep that one um how we doing just out of curiosity.

This started at 356 photos im down to 134.. The culling process im not fast. I need to be faster at this um, so yeah. This is kind of turning into just me chatting with you guys, while i call theres theres, probably no image edits happening tonight, um. I also just realized i yeah. I should have put that laptop over there. That way, i could set it in front of the fan. Its been burning at 50 degrees centigrade. For this whole time. I wonder if um lets see the cable reach. I totally will okay lets see. Is this oh yeah, okay, not perfect, but thats better or should be better kind of better its better adjacent and yeah thats. Helping a little with temperature, not by a lot but okay, so lets see um man, the sun coming out and hitting those just kind of ruin those shots. I feel like i like this so much more or would these be better? Are these better with the sunlight on them? They look blown out actually im gon na test. These real, quick so lets bring down those highlights a lot and bring the shadows up fair amount and lo and behold, okay, maybe i i need to bring down those highlights. A little more and the shadows can come down just a bit. That way we maintain at least some contrast: um relax, okay, that kind of works contrast up enough. Okay versus that all right now i now i think that works any chance.

This would look better if i tinker with it. Dont want to bring up the exposure too much on that recover a little more detail from the shadows. We also just tap up the exposure teeny bit contrast: okay, hey look, weve got photo edits in here. After all kind of um, this versus that yep still dont, like that one cool so well keep that axe. Oh wait, um thatll, get realigned so yeah well kill that one cool turned out. There was a keeper and i spent way too long. Tinkering with the orientation of these, so i have to use this photo, no matter what, because uh it is worth saying. Dji did this. Did this part so right this these battery packs or the way this battery system works um sure there was one of these or i thought there was one of these where the battery was out or one of the batteries was sitting. I guess not was it in a different, maybe a different orientation uh, where the hell was it, maybe back nope further back how far back um yeah, probably my first day, shots yeah. Okay, you know this isnt the best example of it, but so uh this battery bank here uh the thing on the far left each of the battery slots in there are when you slot in a battery or press a button. It shows lit up on these leds at the bottom, how full the battery is – and this is just a perfect like carrying box for your batteries, uh and plus you plug in a single cable and it just charges each battery.

In sync, i uh djis old ways of doing batteries. I i they were okay, like they were fine, but i love this configuration. This is so nice um, its just so freaking convenient to pop the batteries in and out of this thing, uh theyre a little theyre theyre a little wonky in terms of like how easy it is to get the clips loose but yeah. This is just so good. They did it exactly right, um, okay, lets see, though we want to. I think i want this at the angles and i think these were the best shots. Actually, i almost like that one right away: thats, 118. uh 119 – is better just because its slightly more aligned, im gon na knock out all of these precursor shots. Oh actually, im gon na keep one of them just because, as a second shot, i might use just like zoomed in on this part. Um lets put that back there. Okay and i dont like that, so well kill those. I think i like that one, the most okay so knock out those two and almost done with the shots from this day, just to have the slightly extra option ill.