Let me know if youre hearing me: okay steph will hopefully be joining us a little bit later, but for now its just going to be me and hopefully a cameo from one of my cats taking a look at your natural themed images, hi to cajell kevin rob Shawn, whoever else is in the room, please say: hi hi joseph. Let us know where you are and what youve been shooting lately. If youre going out to shoot this weekend, hi barry 101 blog nice to see you all. Ah it is nice to be here. Its been a great week, i must be getting old, i havent been you know, going to fun social outings or partings parties, but its been a really really productive week and i feel really satisfied now, at the end of the week, um im going to go through Our entries, we had some great different natural themes and, of course it is meant to like all competitions be open in nature, so natural doesnt mean it has to be, for example, a tree, but it could also be ironic any of the themes. If we do the theme as natural and then you put something super artificial, thats pretending to be natural, you know i will still consider it if its a great photo um for next week. You might have seen that i just put live my new decadent victorian themed art, nude, shoot with new model natalie, so im actually making the theme decadence, slash opulence, which basically means uh over indulging in luxury and pleasure, and that kind of thing.

But you dont have to again it doesnt have to be a beautiful woman, dripping in jewels, laying on a bare skin rug or anything like that. It could be a kid having a big bowl of ice cream or anything thats to do with indulgence, and you know treating yourself and luxury and that kind of thing, partly because that will be our prize for next week. The new course, and partly because its the black friday sales and its a time when a lot of people are indulging and getting themselves those things that theyve held off on for a while hi jason david eric 101. How can you over indulge more is better. I, like the quote, excess, but no further, um, all right so lets just jump on in. Are we looking and sounding good? I assume so havent gotten any feedback to the country, so lets jump in and take a look at some images here. So here is our motivation for next weeks, competition decadence, excessive indulgence in pleasure and luxury thats, one of the shots with natalie, um and im on the wrong screen. Here we go another shot. This is the victorian themed room that we wish uh, that we hold the studio in sorry that we held the shooting for this course in and so heres another one that could fit into it because you know its not necessarily super opulent, but it feels kind of Luxurious shes wearing jewels, and that kind of thing, so you dont, need to go and find jaja gabor to do a shoot, or you know the necklace shes wearing.

There is a 10 costume jewelry that i bought on amazon or something like that. So im sure you get the idea so with that out of the way lets take a look at your natural theme shot, so this first one from adrian moss, okay, so something were going to find. I have a feeling, as we go through todays images and something for you to keep in mind for yourself when youre looking at images is, it goes without saying because its really for every image, but where is the light and whats the light doing for us in The shot because i i noticed a few as i went through that were in really difficult lighting situations for different reasons. So in this one, having the hard direct light, its you, you can see where it is based on. Just like you would a person, the little shadow under the brow, its quite high, and we can see where the shadows are being cast er its like. He gave the direction to the little monkey to lift its head up so that it was getting the full face. In the sun also were getting top side of leaves bottom side out, so there are some hard shadows there, but none that are affecting the animal, the bright color. You know it gives us kind of a bright poppy image, not a super saturated one, but one that gives us loads and loads of detail through the hair. So for this kind of a subject, i think this lighting was really nice.

Um lets take a look. This was taken with the 200 to 500 on the d500 and were you right out at 500, mil, yes, plus a yeah so 750 with the crop factor. So i like the framing um its a very simple shot. I think maybe this is one that you could put a slight vignette on. That would hardly be noticeable that might help pop the animal out um kind of an imperceptible but their one, but i like that so lets get things rolling with a pick. This one from bob h im not sure if weve seen this shot before or one similar to it um, but it certainly seems familiar that um. It does not look like a fun place to be waking up on a sunday morning and then having to dig your driveway out to be able to get to the shops. Um im, not sure the i dont love this band of just open snow on the right. Even though it does kind of give contacts that were getting into the nothingness um, i wonder if getting closer in on the trees or, if theres another frame on this like. If you could, you be shooting more straight on to the first lot of trees. So it was trees, houses, trees, sky. Without this big swathe of open, snow um jump in and send me any questions that you guys might have just throw them in. I think yogas in the room.

I dont know that one is today, but i will get back to them for you and, if steph doesnt make it send in questions for her and ill answer them for you, okay, this one from brad nawling. If i remember his uh email description was something like natural beauty, natural light, very unnatural on the ice, something like that. Um yeah, i mean brad ive, seen so much of your work. I know the kind of great images that youre creating. I would say this is a gorgeous woman, but an average shot, its not kind of wobbly enough to be just in its own sake. Funny um and i think, if you replaced her with me, you would agree its not a special photo, so its basically a grab shot of a beautiful woman. Yes with the right settings, yes with good timing, but i dont think its um anything above an average shot that would be worth entering into a competition um yeah. Maybe there were ones from the sequence you got of her that had some more movement that would make it a bit more attention: keeping bram tolcamp okay. So i quite like this as a juxtaposition showing you the real, what looks to be untouched natural across the water, but then what it takes to access it and how such a um an obviously man made structure, um yeah i like it theres dont need to go Too far into it, one i was thinking would be being down lower and shooting along the thing worked better, but i actually think that would overpower it, and you really do want the the nature to be as strong of an element as the bridge.

So thats a pick two. I see a question there from mohit ray. How do i submit a photo for review so folks? At the moment you can only submit up until about an hour before the show starts, and you do that at macranger.com forward. Slash live theres, always a link in the description of these shows so that you can enter for the next weeks. Show you cant enter, live im! Sorry, because im doing this by myself, so i cant be downloading photos and stuff, especially today without steph. I dont have the cover fire to keep chatting with you guys. Whilst i go and pull in more photos, so please uh do it at beforehand. The theme and entry space for next week is below bruce. Now this is a pretty shot. I am guessing you added flash to this one um, it looks to me, like you, were focused on the flower and the bee happened to come in so thats a nice um coincidence. The shutter speed may be a little too slow for the little buzzy buzz buzz friend, so this was 1 80th of a second, so yeah youre, relying on your flash to do the the job of freezing the bee um quite nice, but i think the frame could Come in a little bit the put a little bit more attention on mr buzz buzz, something up like that. I think gets us right in the action a little bit more shady web uh.

Now i recall the description in the email of this. One was its to do with the plastic pollution in the ocean, so its a plastic fish sandwich um, i think its a great concept. I think it all works um. Just on a shot like this, i would say its almost almost done. The only thing would be you lets see: uh youve shot this at f9. I think you could probably go to f 11 13 16 to really get the table cloth in sharp focus. Even the cutlery is slightly out and then just get the top and bottom of the dish. Thats not difficult, then having the knife and fork perfectly straight, like the knife on this side is ever so slightly tilted, the top in um, but i think thats a great concept and well executed just a couple of little things to finish it off mo hit. Asking do we submit raw images or process jpegs, as it says at the page that i gave you the description send in a jpeg. Please thanks for answering him, 101 blog and jaiwan nice to see you now chris dillinger at first. I thought this position was like doing the tricep workout um. Until i saw she was wearing a a wonder, woman outfit and a is that a wonder, woman sword. It looks like a thor sword or something um Music well without labeling, someone that i know nothing much about other than this one picture interesting choice of subject for the theme of natural um, i would say a bit like the earlier shot.

This is uh an interesting subject, but shot in kind of a grab shot manner that isnt uh particularly outstanding final image, don minard. So this is one where i mean just take a look at the difference in the lighting situation here. So this looks like it was soft diffused light, but backlit so had to overexpose the shot like crazy to get the bird to come up and, to be honest, you can tell so one don. Maybe this is a heavy crop as well, because youve submitted kind of an odd size that isnt up to the size that i had asked to be submitted, but im guessing. That means that you maybe also had to crop way into it. So this was already shot at 2500 and then maybe had to push it further in post and crop it in the image. Is you know showing the artifacts of that being the case? Um Music? But having said all that ive shot these kind of birds before ive, been in the same situation, ive wanted to salvage the image and ive done exactly the same thing, so i know how it is enrique. Okay, what am i looking at? This looks it doesnt? Look like forced perspective, i was going to say it could be just a little real skull. Sized skull thats been put really close to the camera, but i guess its an art, installation or a maybe its an eco cabin or something in the woods.

Um Music. Its certainly intriguing theres, something about it. That does hold my attention, even though theres not that much to keep looking around. I am kind of studying looking around the jungle to see if theres something lurking there to take a look at um id love to hear more about it. Enrique, let us know the story im going to give that a peek uh eric knope. So this is another interpretation of el natural, natural, um and another where its a you know, a kind of a challenging lighting situation here with looks like hard light in the background, but her in shade in residual light and then being backlit. So, overall, i think the way youve handled the light and everything is just fine. Her pose doesnt look super comfortable, but sitting on that kind of a surface never is and the way that shes positioned her leg is more for modesty than comfort. So i think that works fine. I dont know about the cropping on through the foot and through the knee. I think if she brought her foot up just so her toes were in the frame here. You could still have the knee across revealing the belly button, but covering privates, and that would feel like a more natural crop than cropping right through the foot. I am going to do two more pictures and then um take a look at questions. So if you have any, please send them in okay, frederick turner, nice little trumpety, looking flowers, but theres, not a whole lot going on here.

To be honest, it looks like a i just got a fast aperture lens shot, so im going to shoot everything get a shallow depth of field type shot. I think this would work better with a little bit more depth of field its having just the edge of the leaves here but theyre, not the stem uh, this flower out this flower in this flower half in out. I dont think really that, like this is the our subject at the end of it, this one flower or these two flowers, i dont think they hold it enough and i just realized i was zoomed in so let me go back. Ah theres erics full lady with her feet, not cropped off, so that was my bad. Did i screw up any others? I did okay, so i was zoomed on all of them. Ive been having that lately with the latest version of lightroom. Sometimes, when i go to click, it goes to a hundred percent, but sometimes six or eight hundred percent, sometimes because i dont think i was zoomed on this one. But when i moved to this one, it was zoomed in so i dont know whats going on so theres. The rest of your frame, er, enrique interesting, gives more context like that, but i actually wonder if cropping it up like we first saw it actually does make it more striking lets. Let me just actually, even as we had it like really on the uh.

The thing looks good, so there uh eric that makes more sense with the feet ill. Give that a pic then uh. So this one frederick, my point still stands the its basically this flower and this flower. That are our subject, and i dont think theyre enough to hold an image like this ian burton so kind of a natural kind of a looks like combination of the two um Music, maybe worth coming back at different times of day when the overhead you know later In the day when the overhead light isnt as bright, so you kind of even it all out and then at that time of day consider doing a long exposure could work nicely here. Um janus, you know the the feeling this gives me looking at it is that late afternoon, sun, the warm sun when youre sitting indoors and you get that radiating warmth through the glass youre in kind of indirect sun youre, seeing it reflected off the tree and everything And maybe glistening on the water, but not right in your eyes, just that warm feeling you have at this kind of a moment, and that is all natural. So i think this absolutely does work for the theme um. I think i dont know i dont think. The photo, however, is quite there this well, i guess you could say its telling a story theres all of this beautiful nature outside and she just has one house plant inside and that kind of tells us something um but yeah.

I feel, like maybe theres something more here so first of all its the curtain thats in focus not her um. I do think the plant on this side is just kind of a distraction and framing on her could be improved, but the color and the atmosphere of it. I do like so lets. Jump out now have a little bit of coffee and take a look at some questions. Um david neal, i am half watching this live and half standing outside in alaska at 10, f, shooting the full moon rising over the mountains. Well, that sounds fun and dont get frostbite on your fingers, watching the show or shooting hi barry from tulsa rob from nyc hope, youre doing well: um eric everyone, hi hi, hi, hi, um, so questions questions, questions im, not seeing a single question so far, so were Not a terribly chatty group today, all right! Well so be it ill, just jump back and keep looking at the pictures its. I hope we do get some interaction, otherwise with just me here, its not the the most fun or engaging show uh hi juan. Thank you for joining us today appreciate it. Hopefully therell be some questions for you to field stir up some, maybe jason, mcguire and hummingbird. Now i chose this one as a i randomly chose two or three uh emails last night before i downloaded them all to choose. One that i thought could be a good thumbnail for this week chose this one, partly because its beautiful and partly because its a 16 by 9 ratio already so perfect for a youtube, thumbnail um.

So what was the shutter speed? One two twelve fiftieth actually slower than i would have thought and at iso 4500 so well done pulling the noise back some little artifacts in the feathers, but it still works well, um yeah! I cant really fault it, especially given that you were already up at such a high iso um you needed the f8 to get it all in um im. I would have to say im just surprised that you were able to get it so sharp at 1. 12. 50Th for a hummingbird, i would have thought you would want to be double that shutter speed, um, Music thats, a pick jerry dalton lets just make sure we are zoomed out. Yes, um theyre, nice flowers, but to me this looks like a shot that was taken in ordinary light and then has had like the a brush applied here and there to darken it down like up here around the top of the that just doesnt look like thats. How it was shot? A lot of this looks like its just had a brush uh kind of a little bit haphazardly dodged and burnt button yeah. I think that is the case, so maybe shot against a black cloth and then it just it results in kind of mushy colors. Nothing looks particularly sharp, um yeah. I think you would get a more interesting result if it were actually lit in an interesting way, rather than having highlights and shadows added after the fact, joe caruso, its a little hummingbird showdown, jason and joe duking it out.

So this one no metadata. Unfortunately, so we cant compare um beautiful bird, its a shame missed the second wing. I guess this is a flash shot Music. It is nice, seeing the the foliage around um overall. I think you know its unfortunate that we you just came after another hummingbird shot. So its in inevitable to be compared against it, i would say, i think, having it in tighter. Uh worked better on the previous shot, but here if there were a crop that you could bring it in and have it be around the bird and the one plant that is coming in on that could be something great whoa john dalston, and were starting to get Into the range that would make steph skin crawl now john, i dont know if this was a heavy crop as well, but on the page i do specifically ask for a certain size of image. This is less than like its like a quarter of the size of what we asked for um, which means its. I cant really judge what kind of qualities in the shot it looks like um, maybe its lacking fine detail, as you know, either miss focus wasnt at the fastest enough shutter speed or a great enough f number looking at the settings. That could be all of the case, but i really cant tell on such a low res file, but really pretty colors see look at this now. Why is that cropped down in the bottom corner? Sweet live room um joseph riley um.

So i get the urge to bring down the exposure on these kind of shots. It does really boost up the saturation effectively, but i think this really should be at least a stop brighter than submitted um. I know you dont want to blow out the yellows and stuff, but i think it does overall work better um, no metadata on this one to give any feedback on the shooting information. I think it works fairly. Well, if you got a shot with the bugs face straight towards it, it could be great. I wonder if bees get like pollen drunk like in a frenzy like that, it kind of looks like hes, been at a party and hes leaving completely covered in cocaine or something like that: um, Music. Okay, i think i see a question or two lets jump out and take a look chatty web. I love the specs of the z9, but do you think it deserves to be in the same price as the hasselblad x1d um theyre such different cameras? I personally wouldnt make the comparison between the two, but for me i think its worth way more than the x1d the x1d is years old was maybe the slowest digital camera that has been released in the last 15 years has the same old old sensor. That fuji is still using in their 50 megapixel bodies, um yeah. I think the z9 deserves to be at that level or higher. In fact, i think it was pretty much unanimous that it was surprisingly cheap how it came in jason, very cool, giving us feedback that he shot that first hummingbird handheld and started to slow down the shutter speed.

To try and get a bit of wind blow makes sense, really good. Um john mcneil greetings. Jerry no worries you dont need to apologize, but um. I will give feedback on the images as theyre submitted so um. I know some people dont process their images and i can see some people go crazy on it. Um its just one guys opinion on your images, which is im guessing why theyve been submitted so um thats. All it is um. 101 blog. Now you have more storage. How long do you think it will take to fill not too long, but i have right beside me, another another, another, another new storage to set up, so the never ending story of dealing with high res media um. Okay, have i missed any questions? I dont think so, if you guys have any, then please hit me up otherwise lets get back to the pickies were making good time through these okay kevin connery, really interesting frame the i think it works really well the only thing that i would suggest and im Already going to give it a pick, is that this bottom part kind of i dont know how easily youre able to see, but basically the rock under her its naturally darker already. I reckon darkening that down even more so then she had more contrast. Could work really well so lets just do it really rough and ready? Now i appreciate, if i were doing this for myself, i would spend you know – maybe a whole minute rather than 10 seconds on it, and something like that, so that just sorry not that, but that helps bring it down, lets just scroll through all my presets here.

So import and with that brush just uh my two cents, but let me put it back to how you submitted it its a pick and jump on to the next one. That is a very cute little something i dont know exactly what that something is um. It looks like its been shot through wire netting on both sides and its not yeah its just all kind of fuzzy. It looks like maybe the focus point was a bit behind its head, maybe on the tail, maybe on this wood in the center. Its kind of hard to tell, i think, the animals position in the frame is just perfect, but the image is just really hazy its hard to say much: lace, stevens, um, nice little waterfall uh. I think the the choice of the amount of water movement is really nice. You could go for a little less as well, sometimes when it goes totally milky. It can uh that if nothing else those white areas blow out and then i would like to see you risk your camera tripod and shoes by going in a little closer, get rid of this rock on the right and maybe get closer down to the water. So we feel more in the image this kind of feels like uh. I dont want this to sound. Like an insult i mean it is a compliment, but obviously a competent photographer, obviously a beautiful location, but not a breathtaking shot. I either may be spending a bit more time on the composition or theres just so many waterfalls out there.

I dont know that this particular cascade is the most spectacular mark, sawing um again a really low res file. This could have been taken on a cell phone potato um. I mean ive been in the this part of the world. Well, i dont know what part of the world this was, but ive been in lots of parts of the world where you see this kind of a sunrise and the heat of the day about to kick in and the haze through the interlayers of mountains. And it is a beautiful shot um just again it it its nice as an avatar type sized image, but to do anything with this theres just kind of no integrity to the file, it seems. Um looks like we have some more questions, starting to come in um. Great, so please keep sending them in ill, take a few more pictures and then jump back out to take your questions mike moynihan. Okay, now this is looks. I dont know what has gone on with this one. It kind of has a artifacts of a hdr treatment or just pushing all the the blacks right up, but then its just yeah its got really odd hazy, artifacts on all of the white. I dont know if you brush that in, but it kind of looks like its had a phone filter, hdr treatment put on it um, i just dont, think its the the best subject. To be honest, the background is well lit and competing for attention and the tree over the water.

If what youre going for is that reflected branches shot, then i think just this without all of the competition is a more interesting frame and you could have shot that more easily, but just even here, if we bring it up a little bit. Just look at all of the hazing around the branches. It looks like youve tried to darken them down, but then done it really really haphazardly. It doesnt look theres something off with the edits, essentially um kanani, so thats, interesting and even the ladybug would probably have steph feeling a little uncomfortable right now um. So that looks like a tiny little ladybug on a kind of big dandelion um Music. The only thing would be its only kind of the ridge of its back thats in sharp focus, not the head and not the dandelion at all. I dont know what your settings were because they havent come through on your shot, but i do think if this hair were all crisp, it could be breathtakingly detailed like the little stems on the dandelion here. Look like so detailed. They look like big electrical cables or something, but were not getting any of that, because only kind of this area is actually in focus um. I think it has great potential of moed, so i think this is another one. Thats had the shadows try to be lifted to bring it back, and it also has that, although its hard to tell it also has that kind of slightly baked look to it of trying to bring back dynamic range from the shadows.

But you can also just get that effect when youre shooting uh at this time of day when the sun is almost down, you get things that look burnt and the colors look almost unnatural, but it just is how it comes out Music. I think its a really really pretty landscape. I wonder how the shots would have looked here, casting um another 20 minutes from now, once the suns down weve got the fog rolling in. I wonder how the shots came up without that direct light, when everything suddenly becomes awash in almost the same color, not color balance, but without the point light everythings kind of the same exposure. You would have less contrast through the shot everything kind of goes pastely. I think that could go nicely with the theme having the the fog and everything already coming in there um, but very nice ill. Give that some stars to keep in consideration philip livingston now was this shot from a moving car, its kind of odd the clouds up. The top is this: a composite. The clouds at the top are quite sharp and tinted purple. The streaming lights of the cars are good, but then the tower on the hill is not, and all of these lights are not sharp at all, and theyve got a little bit of motion blur in them. So this was taken one second, so maybe this was handheld or on the hood of your car, as cars were streaming past or something its a little unusual that the.

Why all those, i guess because point lights, it shows up more but wide. The point lights in the background show motion blur, but the clouds dont really um id be interested to know. Did you use you know? Is it a composite? Did you use a different white balance on the top part of the frame than the bottom, or was it all the same white balancing just we cant see much of the grass to see if its all got that purple tint to it um, not knowing the background Of the shot im guessing you know, if this were me, i could have pulled off to the side of the road lent on the hood of the car, got the shot and kept going, but i think the frame would benefit from a bit more uh space like Having the road right up on the bottom of the frame, i think it feels too cramped, basically, okay, one more shot, then well jump out and look at your questions saying cat null now this is a beautiful part of the world um. Well, it is a beautiful part of the world. I wonder if using some filters could have helped um elevate this a little bit. It kind of feels like a gorgeous scene, but a little bit snapshotty. I wonder if you know this natural little pool is gorgeous the the mountains and everything with the boat coming through. I dont know that this on the right is doing anything for you.

I wonder if coming over to your left and kind of trying to frame up and have the pool be the whole uh lower anchor point of your image would have been a nicer composition. Lets have a look at some questions. John mcneil will z9 make firmware downloads easier im. Sorry, i dont understand your question, maybe youre talking about compared to the x1d or compared to what nikon firmware updates, not meaning to sound like a fanboy but theyre already incredibly easy. You just download it to your sd card, put it in and hit update its that simple. None of this having to download a pack and connect your computer to the camera and stuff, like you do on the alpha cameras, sean vine. What process to use for importing and cataloging your images i import and catalog with lightroom and some more Music? Okay, hi jason palmer hi from the uk, moved back to nikon from olympus and decided on the 600 millimeter uh, its all kind of a mash up. Here. Sorry, what im reading f4 and teleconverter plus a d500 um sorry, i dont understand what youre saying jason. Maybe you can write it again going to sell my em1 x 300. to fun towards the z9? Would there be problems with the adapt im? Sorry mate? I really dont know what youre talking about sounds like you want to buy the z9 and you have a 600 mil f4 and a d500, and you want to know if the z9 is going to do well with that combo.

If, if thats, if im misunderstanding your question, then let me know, but i havent tested the 600ml f4, but i tested the 40280, the 500pf and a bunch of other ones. You can see my recent video on bird photography and it did great with all of them. So i think it would be okay, shame to be selling the em1 x now. I just saw that its actually half price brand new at the moment, so i hope you can at least get you know several hundred bucks for it used um any others. So i saw someone saying: where do i submit my image for mac to destroy my dreams? Im. Sorry about that im, not trying theres, no point for me to just say: oh thats, pretty, oh, i wish i was there that looks like a lovely sunrise. I wish i was having a cup of coffee looking at that view. Right now, this is a photography feedback show. I dont think that someone entering a photo that i dont like theres anything wrong with the person or with their photography. All i can do is give you my one persons feedback on it and if everyone in the room disagrees with me, thats fine, because its just one persons feedback. What i would love to hear is to see in the chat for you guys to give some feedback on the images as well its much more useful for sangkat now to get 10 peoples written comments and my verbal comments than just getting mine.

So please dont be shy. Share your thoughts, um eric good question. Um are composite images allowed. How should it be disclosed and how far would you go with putting multiple pictures together? I would say, if its well enough done, that we dont notice, then we didnt notice um. It would be kind of good form to disclose it in the future. Maybe ill do a composite specific competition. I would say that if youre doing a composite, i would want you to have been the the author or the photographer that took each of the different images that were taken. Not that you got one shot and then you downloaded a sky from somewhere and just drop. That, in that kind of thing, i dont think would be reasonable. It should be all your work um gary t, what a lovely question hows tina. So for those of you who havent been watching for long when well, i started the channel. I have to check, but something like 10 years ago now, not too long into it. I met and shot with tina young a makeup. Therapist beauty consultant, something is, was what she was doing at the time: a beauty therapist and we became great friends and we shot together for years, and we made hundreds of videos together and you know time went on and now shes a gigantic beauty youtuber with millions Of subscribers working with huge brands, she lives in singapore. We do chat now and then and big news i can share because she shared it with her audience.

She is married and pregnant. So, congratulations to her and her husband, alf theyve, been dating and then engaged for years and hes, a lovely, lovely, lovely guy, so shes doing great and entering into the next big phase of hers life so wish her all the best um francesco coco. Do you think being able to use speed light is an important still skill or led lights are good enough um. This is going to sound like the start of an infomercial, or you know a lecture, but really light is light. And if you learn to use light, then you will be able to use any it. Doesnt mean you need to add, led or flash or strobes or whatever, but knowing how to mix them is important and it will help even your landscape photography when youre not adding lights. The only advantage of using flash well that you know theres the technical challenge of learning, how to work with it and connect it and sync it and all of that kind of thing um. But then you have a flash duration and youre able to if youre, using continuous light like right now, im lit by a continuous light up here and a continuous light behind me and then continuous fill light coming in from my window. Just here. So all i can do is they even though i have three zones of light, i can adjust the relative power of each one. I have to do it by adjusting an actual light source with a flash.

It also has a flash duration. So then, depending on how i interact with that, with my shutter speed, i can have the flash and the continuous as different zones of light that impact my shot differently and i can adjust the relative light balance just from the camera without having to change the light. So thats kind of the value of learning to use you know non continuous light. Um matt have you tried the nikon zed 40 millimeter f2? No, i havent im not even familiar with it. Um robert d donato, flash is always hard. Matt taught me all about circa curtain flash sync. If you want to learn flash guys im, not sure if this one in particular is on sale but uh over at learn.macranger.com. I have the take control of the light course and thats with tina back in the day. Teaching you all about flash, we also have the dramatic single light portraiture and the well natural and available light doesnt use flash, but it still goes through the key principles of light miguel. How often do you do these live streams pretty much every week at this time we missed one recently, because i was on location but its sunday morning here in hong kong. We tend to do it at this time and you can enter your shot for next week. The theme is uh at mattgranger.com live, which is in the description and im sure at some point. Someone has already shared that so lets jump back in and take a look at a few more entries now this one would definitely annoy steph.

Thank you sean. I appreciate you trying to freak her out sorry that shes not here um so youre in fairly close on this one too. This says 40 mil, so you see that one weve got the whole plant looks like dried up, wild asparagus and then the bug and its first antennae, all nice and sharp and then just the second one is falling out. So thats kind of a perfect amount of depth of field, the second one being out doesnt bother me. We get the maximum amount of softness in the background, but having the bug all in just the it is really hard getting detail up on on black bugs, because theyre kind of shiny but then also weirdly, not reflective in some parts, looks like. Maybe youve got some dust spots to deal with um, so yeah. I think you technically handled it well, i just dont think the composition is doing you any favors having a bug so central, but with a big swathe of open space does nothing for me. Perhaps you could make it a portrait 4×5 and bring it in like that. What do you think, oh, that little birdies got a little bee pick great everything that we want is in sharp focus. Nothing is cropped off um. I personally would like to see it framed. A bit more to the right, so we have that fork in the branch and a bit less space on the left of the bird.

If we cant get a bit more space, uh get, you know the fork, then we can at least bring this in a little bit to balance it out a bit better. Um see, look at the way, weird way it zooms. Why are you going down there? That room is weird lately, um yeah really nicely done, and this bird this subject all works great in that particular light wolfgang harness someone asking about composites. I think this one may be some kind of a composite um wolfgang did mention in his email and graciously said something along the lines of i dont know if this is allowed, if its not discount me um, but so this is two different well. This is actually a good study in it. This you know a composite doesnt have to be that you put a sky from here and a light pole from there and a subject from there and mash them all together into one shot. It can be, you know, to increase your depth of field, so here its the same frame, but in one on the left. Hes focused in on this part, the then part of the tree and in the other, on this branch. So he could overlay these two and then have a shot that you know. Let him shoot wide open, have the maximum light coming in shoot at his lowest iso, but then have both parts that are important to the shot be in focus so think of.

If you were doing your partner standing on the beach in their best sunday, clothes and then 50 foot away is a lighthouse, you could potentially shoot your subject and the lighthouse both in focus on a tripod frame. Doesnt change put them together and then have this dreamy shot where the subject is sharp, the lighthouse is sharp, but everything in front and behind both of them is out of focus that could actually be kind of a cool technique. Um as it is, though, wolfgang i dont mind it as a you know, something that you would put potentially on the wall of a hotel, a triptych or a jew, pick um, but i dont think the subject is particularly interesting. I dont know what this is saying. Winkleman, im gon na, say winkelmann now thats a room for review. I hope you didnt wake up in the night and need a wii and then kind of stumble out thinking. You were walking to your bathroom because you forgot, where you were, that actually looks a lot, although its saying austria so its not. But it looks a lot like a mountain range that i went to with my friend in northern peru um, i mean beautiful what a place to spend the night um. What do we got settings right now? No settings um. I think it would work better at a an earlier time of day or a less contrasty time of day, or at least you know the tent is in focus.

Then all the background isnt, i think, having the far mountain ranges. Um could actually work really nicely if they were in better focus, um its basically and im its kind of in a way like the two shots earlier, its an amazing subject, but just a an okay photo. If you know what i mean its, not a whole lot of skill that went into this, but it was the effort of getting here and spending the night there that made this shot possible, and that must be our last one, because that file starts with zed. So lets just jump out and see if we have any other questions before i choose out a winner or two looks like maybe no, i dont see any new images. Um dont see any. Let me know juan, how are you hope, youre doing well um. Whilst i choose out winners folks, let us know in the chat: what are you going to be shooting in the next week? I hope youre going to get out and shoot, and i should have mentioned at the start of the show im not really good at this um. I do have a bunch of holiday sales on at the moment over at if what you can go to uh the page thats in the description thats, where im updating all the different sales, i find online of electronics and camera gear and whatnot as things get. You know released over successive days as we lead up to black friday and i also have courses at mattgranger.

com and art nude portraiture.com on sale, as well as the uh whats. It called the victorian decadence shoot that i just put live its up for the black friday sale, but its also because it just went live so its a launch sale. So you can check that one out im pretty sure there are links in the description for that. Already so now lets choose out who is going to get a copy of that ill, actually give you the choice. If you want that or the stef art nude tape shoot theyre both recently launched both now live and on sale so ill. Let the winners choose which of those two courses they would like. So lets take a look at our picks: hmm, now, im leaning towards giving three prizes, but i havent decided yeah. I think i will all three jason maguire kevin connery and werner sripsky, all great shots and all nice different interpretations of natural nature. That kind of theme so ill be in touch if you havent already guys. If you see that youre a winner here, please uh go ahead and make yourself an account if you havent yet at learn dot at noon, portraiture, dot com. So once i get in touch and find out, which course you want – i can just add it to your dashboard so that you can start downloading or streaming them straight away. Um Music, excellent nice to see that sean is going to go out and shoot for the decadence theme do something creative.

I would love to see it dont be pinned down by the obvious ideas that come to mind Music, eric saying something about that. It would be um, maybe its good, to have less entries. I really struggle with which way to go with this. When i get like 80 entries, i do call them, but then people get so disappointed when theyre not included or sometimes ive, just chosen out like the top 15 or 20 to look at so we can go into them in more detail. I can tell you having tried various options for 18 months two years, whichever way i do it, people, after all its split. Basically half the people want all of them. Half the people want just a selection, and you cant make everyone happy so ill have to make it clear ahead of time which way im going to do it. So then people arent as disappointed. So if im only going to choose some out, then i will uh. Let you know at mattgranger.com live beforehand, john musket, a quick question: are you buying your z9 from b h photo and will it affect your warranty in australia, the z90s on pre order for 9 000, which is versus five and a half u.s or 7.3, with their Conversion rate um, i dont, know how um international warranty works for nikon right now. I i know in hong kong. I think the warranty is kind of valid, but it doesnt just transfer everywhere.

So you basically im gon na, say check it for yourself, because i dont know im pretty sure that b h, cant ship, the z9 internationally anyway, keep in mind when they say five and a half thats america doesnt mention the sales tax. So if you were buying that in new york, for example, at b h or theyre shipping it to new york, youll then pay like another nine percent or so on top of that um im. Pretty sure that if you buy a camera from overseas and then youre living in hong kong, for example, that nikon hong kong isnt bound to service it its for the market that you bought it from. But to answer your first question ill be buying my z9 from hong kong, not from b h, um john mcneal recent hong kong surf photos. Were they at big wave bay? Yes, they were, i dont, think ive shared any just yet though, but yes, they were um and i have a video. I still have like three or four different videos to get out from my time with the z9 that i havent gotten to edit just yet well thats, not true ive got what have i got. Let me just check because i have it open here. I think i have two already uploaded waiting to go. One is on the z9 and one is on something tangential and then i do still have pet eye. Autofocus surf and wakeboarding and studio shooting, and i have one on manual focus – see ive been pumping out the videos, but i still have so many more because right now i dont have any assistance in studio.

So all of the filming and editing and doing everything is all me at the moment, so you will see more z9 stuff coming soon and hopefully theyll be out and in the market and more people will be able to share their thoughts with you guys quite soon. Um seems like that is our show done then get your decadent slash, opulent theme shots in over at mcranger.comforwardslash live and well see you next week. Hopefully steph will be here for this one hope everythings okay for her today. Thank you to everyone who entered and yeah check out the black friday deals. My deals will end around cyber monday and i will keep updating what i find online. There are some big deals out there, like 1500 bucks up to off on canon cameras at the moment.