As matter of fact, I was probably the best part of the show. Unfortunately, but we are here, we are live. Goods Channel. We are here, live if you just refresh that you'll get it here in a second. You have to actually go back, but we are live from Colorado. I'Ve got a drinker and Shawna's from world of Oz and we're super excited to be here. Sean invited us to come up and spin up, and actually there were a few other people that he invited who weren't able to make it. But – and I made the trek southern boys here in the north or questions a North here in the West – Colorado hillock North man, his head's awesome, what people that's you! Well, you guys who came in and Julia's shop. Should you have my back YouTube studio? She did tattoo area brought you snowboarding, we went out on a frozen lake, guys have never walked in a frozen lake before right, never know crazy foot of ice. What else we did? We went and jumped in a little snow bank and just flopped around all the times, that's good son. I misunderstood he. I thought I was supposed to roll into it. You want me to just jump two feet into it: yeah, because what I like sink to your knees, no, no! He just went barrel roll riding that's. Why? I was checking to see if there was anything hard down there yeah. There was nothing anyway and see.

John said Bank, and I assumed we were gon na, get some money or something no. It was just cold that was really today was probably the coldest day of the entire winter for me coldest day, I've had in a long time. As a matter of fact, we were driving along his car has a thermometer. It said like 21 and then said 17, and then we got a little higher from the mountain and it said eight I was like oh take a picture of that that's that's, pretty low message five and we hit one two got some pictures of and that's the Coldest I've felt in maybe ever clip of it that will rule for you guys eventually. Here we have a ton of great video clips as a matter of fact and they're all kind of in an order here, so you can either just call them and I'll bring them up, or we can try to do them somewhat in the order. I think the biggest thing that we could talk about first, maybe Sean the first night we were here after we snowboard in a bit. We went to that ice castle. Those holes are about that Oh ice castle. They built it pretty much every year here in Dillon and it's amazing it's just build with water every night, they'd freeze water and create all these shapes and mazes and lights in it. Water, splashes, it's, like frozen, come to real life. So we take a look at a few clips, all right Music, so that was a fountain.

What was going on with that Shawn? I did not see the clip you played okay, that's, the fountain of about what about that was a 360 camera, so that was the GoPro Max and it's a waterproof camera. And basically I wanted to hold it up over the fountain and sort of do a skin. A skin, no, that a skin skin, yeah scan of the area and then eventually really any weight. This thing is waterproof and we did another clip which you'll see on my channel later, where I actually stuck it in in the fountains. Are you cool right into the camera, and I got some amazing still shots that I need to I've, never seen some still shots like that from a 360 camera that's, so crazy, like that, it seems, like you, spend up like a hours trying to frame a curricular Cinema, but you can do in just a second seconds in your arms from the still the the interesting thing about the 360 of the max is the really that's cool that's cool. All right. Your doofus producer here just realized that the shotgun mic wasn't plugged in so we're using a camera mic so hopefully just got a lot better. I also wanted to mention about these slides, so I've got two clips of the slides. The first one is Sean going down and the slides are made totally advice. So your your butt gets cold. It takes a bit of a beating, so let's take a look so there's, two slides right next to each other, it's like a racer, so it's a little girl get paid, probably six bucks an hour.

She'S got these little mats and you sit down on those and then she shoves you down the slides and you can see each other through the ice wall what's. Hopefully you could see in that video, but um. You can see we're racing down with my girlfriend's on one side and then all of us took turns me down. It was just a blast, I didn't know you could see the other person on the other side and that's pretty cool. I was on the outside filming with the GoPro none of these shots, but no, no, you could actually see those the guy at the end, I actually almost took out. He jumped to get out of the way because you pushed yourself yeah this guy, whose chin we didn't know it. Oh yeah also push yourself the game. Speed I'm, just like he's my way down this guy's like so so Sean. It made everything a bit of a race, so here's me racing against Sean and losing, but you can tell I'm having a lot of fun so that that actually was my screen that wasn't added in post. That was me screaming yeah that's. What it sounds like we do, these guys are kind of freaked out because the they're watching the delayed feet you know so it so we're talking about the thing after the fact it's, because we are yeah, okay, well, yeah. So what you scream like, I been muted. I didn't hear was like it's like no no package was very badly scream was like and then Sean through this twisty right.

If he was him as a chair was him and I that first started talking about doing all this and and then Jason when a kid is in the chat? Wait, did you know Jason good to see you buddy uh, so so, who else do we have? We have art Co in there, we've got Mel we've got Joe Blaylock looks like we've got aa spy drum joining us Gina's in there she's in that audios better now nice. Thank you, Steve carpenters. In there he says hello. He asked if I was feeding you that Rocky Mountain Coors aid and and his Steve Steve the was thank you for his Doradus in this for this guy, whose guy right here check it out. Steve we've been playing with it and we have well well it's just because it was so cold and I find I got it's working. The cold and I've got a couple clips in here to show you guys what it's, like with the controller, not the track and forget the track and stuff that anybody talks about people are doing it wrong and I'm gon na be showing you later in my channel. A video why I think that is but we're gon na talk a little bit today, cuz I showed Kelly and but first times first time, I've seen one in person YouTube. We do what it says. I mean: listen we'll show you the clip later. But what do you think of the way I was flying through the trees? It'S, pretty crazy, you know, and you kept saying I would never do this with a regular Mavic or something like this it's because of the surrounding sensors, the ability to use the remote control.

So fly it the where you want to go between trees or around obstacles, but trusting that the obstacle avoidance is going to keep you safe. You know having done this you're flying backwards, flying blind and it's just kind of weaving backwards around trees. It was very impressive, ya know there. It was. Thank you Steve though thank yes, yeah. It was really cool to see that there and I'll tell you the other thing that just blew me away about. It was the battery well it's, not in there right now, but it's, just a big magnet. Nobody had really talked about that. None of the videos I had seen too talked about how cool that was to attach it to the sky. Dealers. Click goes right in right, but for everyone who is sitting at home, especially those of you who live in Texas or live in Florida or live in other warm places I did. I did want to mention. How do you need something but yeah? You know delicate wiring. Here we do really slowly. I wanted to just show everybody yeah. Yesterday we actually got to go snowboard at Keystone, but today we were gon na go to a rapaho base. Yes, is it snowboard, but here's? What we woke up to this was probably about 730 8 o'clock this morning, and you know if you look outside this is the porch of the condo, where we're staying and it was just blowing and blowing and blowing, I mean the the weather.

It was just insane how much we were hearing the wind and seeing these snow flurries, and there were certain times when it blew up onto the window where you actually couldn't even see outside. It was just like whiteout for hue minutes. So anyway, we didn't end up going to a rapaho this morning because it was so ugly and bad. Oh, I will say you know it's it's like that now you know you see a little bit of a white eye here and there there, but sometimes we were driving today where Sean you had to literally slow down almost to a crawl, just to wait for the All the snow ounces whiteout suits ago to buy, we drove up to Loveland Pass, which is about 12000 feet, and they just opened the past, which will show you a clip of talk around it later, but there are definitely times up there. When is kicking hard and I pretty much stopped on the road because we didn't want to drive off the side – and you know, kill these guys – yeah it's John didn't matter, but he drives a bit of a tank. So I wasn't that worried. But in order to pass the time we actually did some pretty cool stuff later well. Before it cleared up, we actually went to Sean studio and did a little bit of flying around in his studio. So if you guys have never seen seen or heard of some in ink, this is his tattoo studio, and this is what it looked like when we were flying around in it Sean's kind of showing us the showing us all the art that he's got on the Wall he's got some really cool ink.

That is, apparently you can drink it. You know I didn't know you could drink ink, there's more art on the other wall over there um. As a matter of fact, Edie tried to knock over one of his big displays of art and then, if you fly over this wall here, you go into a storeroom, it's kind of cool it's, a brick wall, but it's not really a brick wall. This is AD flying by the way I always hit the thing here's his office, so flying around in his actual office studio where he's got his lights, he's got a Steve, Caballero powell peralta board, which is the first board I ever had, which is kind of funny, But his is a replica yeah, but I don't have mine anymore and then he's got these cool things, including a 1000 subscriber plaque on his wall, which his girlfriend made for him, and then he has an awesome bathroom where he likes to spend some time. As you go there Sean, it was really really cool seeing that place, but in addition to just having some time to take a tour of the place, we also had a chance to kind of fly around in it a little bit and just it was so much Fun to actually fly in the studio I mean just just that opportunity to get to do some fpv around the studio, going a little crazy, as you can see here. I think this was that as well.

I had some pretty good flights, but I couldn't compare to Ed's Weitz's, we're sort of in control and sorta. Well, I try. I did crash quite a bit. Eliza little micros are pretty pretty solid, and so, even though you might look like you, just crashed and it's like a gon na, be a horrible thing to walk up to and pick up more than likely. It'S gon na be okay and you can continue flying what were you? What were you flying here in this clip? This one is, it looks like the eachine trash can it's a two cell micro quad. We also got the dizzy machine you exactly so I mean you know it's fun, but you know one of these things with fine quads like this, even small ones, indoors we're, pretty high altitude right here so we're at 190, 200 feet yeah. You get really tired. You get really winded from flying these boys well yeah, so I'm a but what I'm saying yeah you might. Actually you start breathing heavy for no apparent reason, but no reason other than lack of us, but also yeah. These quads in these drums just act differently, and sometimes they don't act. The way that you think they might to what's said speaking of chat. By the way we have someone from Ireland. You say: it's 327 am Steven from Ireland watching from Ireland at 327 a.m. two loads of coffee on hands. Okay, thank you. Thanks for staying up late yeah as a matter of fact guys, we were actually planning to do this around 700 p.

m. Colorado time, which would have been 8, but we just weren't ready. We wanted to show you all these clips and we had to edit them and we were all three powerhouse editing. At the same time, I was making a thumbnail and we were just something to do. The second thing we got yeah literally like a minute or two before we started, I don't think I was sitting down so so speaking of indoor fpv we're staying in a pretty cool condo. I am we're sitting there right now with Sean hooked up for us it's, an Airbnb thing right right near Keystone yeah, but what I wanted to show you guys was a little fpv action that we had here in the condo last night. So this is us kind of barreling around the actual condo. Did you blame them? The ceiling fans right there now who's, spinning down being a little harder, but no, we just we're kind of cruising around yeah there's, my tiny Hawk. We were cruising around in here, Sean's chasing us around the camera. We let Sean fly a little bit until Oh disaster happened, no, nothing bad happen, but yeah I mean he's hooked us up with this awesome place to stay, and we have been here the last two nights. This is our third night and I both lay out tomorrow whether pending will get back to Denver and then built hop on a plane, return, the rental car all that good stuff, but man it's been such a blast to do all this stuff, I'm gon na go Back over here, Music flight time, okay, he says who shown us who is Shaun Oz, it's this dude right here, yeah me just go to world of Oz and check it out.

Shaun was actually a speaker. It'S been up. So if you were it's been up, you would have seen his speech. He was that spin up the year before yeah good friend is the drone community and – and you know his channel is not just about drones. So you know if you want to see other stuff like art, tattoos, RC cars, the channel is mostly about making videos using action. Cameras, drones, 360 cameras in a way that you don't have to do a lot of color, correcting or nonsense to just make fun awesome. Looking artistic cool videos to capture your life and it's ceramic mountain mountain, so yeah give you a sense of what it looks like around here. This was IDI flying off the or another shot actually flying off the off the balcony of the condo. That we're in flying is Mavic to zoom, and I mean it's, just this beautiful town called Dylan and it's right near Keystone and yeah. I mean you just get a good sense of how much snow is out there. First of all, and by the way I have never been on a frozen lake until later on, but actually you can see in the background of this shot around the condo back to the left of it. That is the lake that is out there. So one one one thing about all this, though: oh that's, the ice castle, that's the outside of the ice is nice cuz.

We were in hello, super chat. What natural hey was about thanks man, I I really appreciate it. I actually. What did I sent you something today, or maybe you just commented on a video, and I just for some reason you were on my mind, so thank you for the super chat. I definitely appreciate it by the way I haven't talked about it because I haven't had a chance to send it to him. Yeah potato Rodgers, who I think is watching right now, yeah. It was made funny comment. He likes my before Christmas, geez, I'm winding down so Taylor, Taylor potater was subscriber the month for January and I'll announce February, but this tater. I was waiting to get these in because you're getting one of these. In addition to a bunch of other stuff. This is a Yeti or an actual real Yeti. Tumbler keeps your Hawk hot and your cold, cold and it's got the Ready Set drum logo on it, so tater and subscriber of the month. You will be getting one of these. Oh yeah, it's, nice ha yeah. Can you say it keeps things hot for hours, yeah, yeah or cold for hours? I mean hearing this in this climate it's, actually a pretty good thing: it's legit it's, not like a generic version. It'S it's yeah it's actually really anything but it's it's kind of cool cuz they're based in Austin, and they let me do that I'm I'm. Trying to talk to him into sponsoring.

My first variety show and giving me these for free, but we'll see how that goes. So, in addition to the mathematics oome that we flew off the balcony and also flew the mini off the balcony, which you can see right here – and it was a nice little flight um – he took the Mavic mini off the balcony. We also fluent down on the frozen lake, which was pretty cool, we'll, show that clip in a second and then what did we do with it? We went up to as high as we can go, which around here is about 12000 feet. We it was a bit of an adventure, though, because love what was it what's clubland Loveland Pass was closed at least the way to get up to it because of this crazy weather. That we've had the last 24 hours yeah. So we were trying to find some spots. We went up to about ninety eight hundred feet and then we found another place that was roughly what 1100 feet. We thought that was going to be as high as we could go. We eventually got up to Loveland Pass, flew them have acquittee briefly for like seconds per couple, said yeah that's 100 feet. Now I would. I would say that we could probably have flown it better if it wasn't so breezy, but it was 35 30. 35 mile an hour – yes, it was minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about not 19 Celsius.

I didn't do that atop, my head. Someone actually helped me figure that out in the chat. Thank you and yeah. So that's a lot of limiting factors and it was not going our way but anyway, so I did end up crashing my Matt admitting slightly what I kept flying. What Joey played the clip? Oh go ahead. Yeah about you! Yes, is this. This clip actually has audio on it, so you won't be able to hear us before we started. Let me let me pick so they do Avalanche blasting there at the top. As you can you'll see in the sign there's a big Loveland Pass sign that shows the altitude and then you can see how windy it was in a little bit of this clip and then what part acceptor that hey by the way, two more super chats from Our code drone solutions, thank you, art and from Ray Bob's antics. Thank you guys for the super chats very much art Coe. You know we've been talking about you a lot this weekend, cuz you're from Colorado as well, and I wish that I had had time to come visit you I do fly out back to Austin tomorrow, but I'm excited to possibly talk about. I don't even know. If I should bring this up, you X isn't that a done deal but we're we're, considering Colorado as a location for spin up next year and not just Colorado, but here in the mountains yeah like with in the fall or late summer, so that you guys, whatever Timeframe all the leaves changing colors you'd, have such a beautiful, beautiful Sean's been pushing me pretty hard for removing it moving it rotating it rotation.

Well, that also depends on you guys do yeah. I want to come, fly and see speakers up here. We found a couple places that we're gon na be talking to some people, but it really depends on you. Guys is coming up to the mountains themselves worth it for you to come, fly and not just see speakers, but then we do a secondary day like spin down, but we really push that as part of the event itself yeah. I mean it's it's about an hour and 15 minutes an hour and 30 minutes from Denver. So you have to fly to Denver in the you know, ideally, but it is a really beautiful spot and I understand that in the fall it's really awesome too, but let's let's let's not talk about the fall before before we do. That. Is it related to this Mel 408 gl? Thank you so much good god. He actually commented that I was missing this entire time. I was saying like hundreds of hours and I said like suddenly 1200 feet, so yes, 12000 feet yeah. You guys didn't understand why it's so hard to fly a drone at 1200 feet. I don't blame you 12000 feet and I'll bet Mel's, driven over my bleep ass a few times. I think I'm gon na guess all right. So let's take a look at what this looks like for some reason I couldn't add our Mike to this particular clip. Actually, you know what I could do it down here.

Real quick hold on I'm, just gon na you guys talk for a minute. Listen make sure the wind noise blows in there because yeah one other thing so um art of art code, drone solutions asked how killing you and I are doing with the high altitude mostly, would just get a little bit of a headache. And then I felt a little fatigued I get winded, so whenever snowboarding yesterday, I really was feeling it but yeah a little bit of headache. I know Kelly had a bit of a headache today. I was getting more of a headache yesterday, but if you have a pro fan in a lot of water and just taking it easy, you know getting a get. Some sleep and it's also I'd say it's more the cold than the altitude. But take a look at this. I think we can't talk right now. You know able to make it to talk over, so this is where we're actually flying at the pass that squirrel. Oh yeah, okay, anyway, that's. What happens when you, when you clip step right before you come online? You begun here's, just how cold it was up. There two degrees insane. It was crazy, so we got somebody the flight time they asked is asking what is spin up since we briefly talked about. Oh yeah what'd you tell about what spin up is the XYZ didn't. You I'll load up the clips. Oh you guys tell him well.

The first year spin up head spoke. Yes what'd, you tell your opinion about like the first year. He didn't actually speak. You didn't spoke demo spoke in front of a crowd with goggles. Oh no, I spoke for a little bit and then I did a flight demo, Sammy yeah it was. It was really cool to be able to get a bunch of people from u2 in the drug community together in one spot and two years ago, was at the Dell Diamond last year. Was that well, the Boy Scouts or whatever it was in Texas both years it's, fun, it's always been actually know the first year. I guess it was a little bit cooler. The second year was a little bit earlier in the year. Was that right? So it was a little bit warmer this past year and yeah. I mean it's great to see all these faces. You see a lot of people in the chat that you you're talking with or you're kind of commenting with a lot of people attendant spin up and so it's it's becoming one of these. Hopefully, annual things and it's just a great way for us to kind of connect and keep the community alive. Well, you got a couple people. The chat want you to make it biannual once and oh like every six months. So once in Austin and once here there you go, that'd be amazing, but I don't know if everybody could do that that's a lot of traveling yeah, I don't know if I could do that, that's a lot of like getting it ready and fixing it there's a Lot of work that goes into one of these things I just seen a little divine in the scenes and it's a lot of stuff, so Steve said he's I spoke while flying an fpv yeah it's, not just you.

Thank you. So, to sum it up basically, spin up is a gathering of people that love RC. It doesn't necessarily have to be drones. Drones is that one of the big things and love YouTube, so those two things together: putting down to the other videos learning how to do them. Listen to people speak about that kind of stuff, as well as having people sometimes come in that speak on the tech side of the industry. Not really a YouTube related is still drone related or it could vary in the future. I don't know we'll see but that's that's, basically it's a gathering of people with similar hobbies that come together and listen to speeches. It does cost money, obviously because it costs money to put something like that together, but I had a blast both years. I would I'll say you guys did I'll say I had a lot more extended fun the second year, because the first year I flew in that even the net the evening before I flew out the morning after this time. This last time I was able to actually stay a couple of days and we had these other little mini little get togethers before and after, and that was a lot more fun. It was there's way for us to continue to. You know extend the weekend now and I really missed that the first the first year. So if you do plan to go to spin up, I suggest maybe give yourself a little buffer on the beginning in the end of that and really enjoy the company of everybody and did you I was reading chat.

So if I missed what you just said, staying after to the second event afterwards, did you just talk about that? No, I talked about something completely different. Okay, I was going to let you you know after the event for the dam always like, I said that's, why we're thinking we should push it as part of the event it's a two day event. One day as the speaker's, the one day is really the social thing getting together shaking hands, meeting new people who guess it's, it's really hard, actually the the event to get to know. Everybody I'm sure there's people there that I might have shook a hand to and then didn't get to really know him, but there's a lot of people to talk to so nothing like that's ever personal and I think everyone gets along. But you have to have that extra day and if you don't the people that leave you miss out on that bonding experience and guys, I do go back and read through all the comments after every show. So if you would comment about your thoughts on having it in Colorado and also if it would be acceptable to do an hour away from an airport, you know I mean basically to have to fly in, I mean I could imagine where we could get together and Have carpools – and you know, groups of people getting together and sharing rides out here. There are shuttles you're right, but so if this is something that goes through, there are shuttles from the airport that cost a fraction compared to renting a car that will drop you off right at the hotel that we're I'm balling.

So that would be a cheaper way to do it. You know, then you'd stay in the hotel, a couple nights and do the admit that the event the after event and then out or you stay and do your own thing afterwards. It'S yeah example it's a pretty really pretty area. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I was excited to come. I haven't been snowboarding in about three years and Edie was learning, so we got a chance to snowboard a bit this year and I wanted to play some clips from that cuz. It was. It was a lot of fun. I mean obviously this isn't something you would do in September. If we did it, then, but I mean just our opportunity to come here with a discounted ticket – that we were able to get was really cool, and you can see here the footage I mean they had everything in that this resort. Did the bunny slopes with the magic carpet they had gondolas the head crashes? Does that mean that's my first day snoring? I got it great. When I was 13, I tried for like 45 minutes. But yes, this is the first. By the way, Mel is off CML by mile thanks for tuning in yeah, and then you know it's something that I really enjoy doing and I have to say most of the time when I snowboard I'm, the fastest person or close to it, not with Sean.

Here we go, I just crash compilation me okay! Well, here we go this. This is uh. This is Sean's crash. Compilation 34 seconds of his. We should say it's, really cool I've become a big fan actually on the way it should be here. I tried so hard to get it here before these guys less and then they can actually play with it. Do a review on their channels, but it didn't make it so it's gon na, be here any day. Now so I'll be doing some videos with the Warner. Comparing all those so if you guys are interested in action camera some of those that's. I know a lot about them. I do I feel like I do, but even though he didn't have a 1r, he did have the sky do, and I get my first chance to put my hands on the sky. Do I'm very impressed with the tracking. I will also say about the sky: do that if you don't know how to do it, if you don't know what the beacon does and what all the buttons do on the beacon and such you really there's a bit of a learning curve, because you really should Learn because Sean took off down the mountain today on a snowboard with the sky, do chasing him ed and I were walking because we were done at that point and and and then we see this guy do come back to its home point we're like Oh cuz.

We would come halfway down the mountain at that point and we thought we were going to walk back up there and get it because he's doing a return over and I just took off here's what that here's. What that footage, look like of it chasing Sean through the woods and basically he's got the beacon in his pocket for this shot and is just going this isn't even actually part of the resort. This is just somewhere in his neighborhood, like this little hill, little hill and his neighborhood to be climbed up and he wrote down it and the sky. Do you can see it kind of follows him and then at some point here he kind of tips over and sits down and then the sky do loses him and it does this cool thing. It actually turned it out pretty cool where it zipped backwards. Oh wait was this, though this was when you were doing it the other day. Did you had your other footage in there too cuz well yeah. I think it's right after this okay, this is that wasn't a good sunny day and this guy who definitely works better. The sunnier it is, it looks really nice in the Sun, yeah yeah yeah. No, it looks fantastic, but but the point was that he leads right after this clip. Okay, I hope oh yeah, because this is another minute to go so let's have a little while hey so the sky.

Do you can you can change the direction as you're moving? You can say hey. I want in front of me beside me angle to me behind me wherever and then as soon as it has a pocket, it will move to that area and then follow you, that's. Okay, I think what we're looking at now is today yeah. This was this. Was it was getting really cold? The Sun was about to go down, it was getting really windy and we actually hadn't even brought any snowboard boots up. We just brought a board. I carried the board up because I was originally gon na write it down, but John decided to, and I think that was a better call. He did it in his regular shoes, which was kind of funny, but you can see the sky do here, just picking its way through the trees, just trying to figure out how to get around stuff, which it's doing a great job. And then this is where he fell or sat down or something and then all of a sudden. He must have pushed a button in the in his pocket and then it just took off backwards. And – and I like, I said her walking down the hill and we just see it go over our head back to where we were, I said not it, so it turns out somehow in my pocket it went into a drone II. I push the button and it said automatic journey which is sort of cool because as you're tracking it can do things like that, and I didn't realize that until that second, there that's also where the GoPro battery fell out of my pocket.

Now it's lost in the snow forever. Oh Sean's really upset about that. You talk about for a couple. Tell him what happened to me. Oh, he was not as upset I'm more upset over my dad. What did I lose? He was he he where's your phone. Well, it said that someone he's got his phone he's, getting ready to go. Snowboard he's checking the dues. The insta 360 1 X goes to put his phone back in his pocket right here, let's go and it just fell to the ground and he waddled off to do it anyway. I wasn't a whiny bitch about it. I was going, though I went down made friends with somebody at the guest services place. She, let me borrow her phone and iPhone to do a find friends. We figured out where it was and then it wasn't there and then Sean went up with me and we basically traped it all around. This area went down to the snow patrol and finally, one of those guys actually turned it on and we walk around and he hits the beat button and there's a dude up the hill holding it he's like this yours I'm actually impressed. He did not lose his temper, he didn't freak out. He'S like I guess I got ta buy new when he said he's like I'm, not gon na. Let this ruin my my experience or no. It was good I'm. So glad you got it back that's.

Why? I was really happy. I got her back too and I was pretty. I was pretty confident I would. I don't think anybody comes to the mountain to steal a phone, but you know that's how it was anyway. What else is going on in the chat anything interesting? You made Steve carpenters evening by showing this guy to you to try that there's more sky to go footage to come, and if you like that tracking that's nothing compared to what we're going to show you in a minute so make sure you don't leave you. Oh yeah yeah, you want to see the sky, the sky do tracking this okay, so this isn't, actually tracking, though this applying it with the control, go ahead. I'M rolling it so I'm controller is Wi Fi, so that's the downfall, because you can't go too far, but, as we mentioned earlier, as you're flying through things, it's got those sensors all around it which help prevent it from hitting things. So if you're fine, with like a regular drone and you're like skimming really close to stuff or going sideways through trees like you can see through here, it's, not hitting him, I mean look at that shot, that's, incredible yeah and Shawn wasn't. Even he was just basically pushing the stick and saying all right: I'm gon na not try to hit things but I'm, also not gon na try avoid things yeah. I didn't know it's clear if I had something I wasn't purposely trying to, but I didn't care.

I just wanted to fly and fly through them, the best that I could so that goes right. There shot you're just going backward right and you're, not all yourself you're, just going backward and it's taking its rounded row, anyone that we did yeah, I just line it up to us, hit back and it went around the trees. I did go up with it eventually, but that was it everything else. The sensors just kept it from hitting stuff. We had no issues with adhesion. No not even close, sounds awesome, and I think this is a misconception people to think. Oh, this is a tracking the drone. We need to get it if I only do things on a skateboard or I have to go out on a sailboat or I have to do whatever you know, snowboarding whatever. I don't think that people are seeing this clearly that you can do stuff with this, that you just can't do and honestly. This is the most fun I've had flying a driller, since drones became a thing Wow over six years. This has got me excited to fly again, that's crazy, so so speaking of the flying and not hitting things our men at Ricker here he had a good time at that same location where we were flying the sky. Do he took his? What so tell us about what you did up? There was Music, hey let's, go well more than likely likely not much that's a lot of noise but uh okay, so I basically took silicon conformal coating and painted it on electronics of my fpv quad in order to prevent shorting with circuitry shorting, because a lot of My parts of my fpv, why were packed with snow and, of course the quad generates heat as well as it flies.

So I just didn't want something to you, know, burn up or something to fall out the sky and a lot of these points, parts of the video you can see, it's it's, not a good place to be, you know, dropping a quad. In fact, some of these places we're stepping around we're trying to walk around we go up to almost our hips and just powder snow was already done when you, when you step this hole yeah, you dig a post hole when you strolling, we would not have found Pretty much any drone that we would have not been able to see where have fallen line of sight, just like my battery going forever. So, as I was saying, also by my PV headset was starting to fog up someone says: use fans in cold weather, you Spencer. Oh yeah, I have fans in there and it, but I run hot. I guess – and so I was just fogging things up and it eventually turned to frost on my goggles. So I just said: nah oh and my GoPro stopped working. My GoPro Hero, seven black, got so cold. It wouldn't accept any battery. Even though the batteries are fully charged, it would turn on say zero percent and then turn off immediately. It was that as a problem. I have a lot up here when I'm snowboarding on cold days is my battery. Is it 90 percent boom? I turn it on. It said like ten percent boom it's dead, and then I put it back in the car later and it's at ninety percent.

Again, your iPhone to do that. You know if you're out here and you're gon na go in the cold, you can get a cozy Cousy like for your beer and put your iphone in there and then put it in your pocket and then make a battery lasts. Long that's, only if you don't have a beer in it. I wouldn't know can't, have two beers there's a lot of people that actually go see them on the list and stuff and they'll break out. Beers, like the guy, was saying what, at the end of the season, the most of things they. Finally, the snow melts away. Gopro'S it bottles a fireball. I don't even know what fireball is like a hot drink and then ice one like I'm trying to drink as much water as I can and not get this all out. Dude, I know ice. I bought a six pack of beer and these guys aren't, even helping me finish it, so I don't want to lose it here, so I wanted to also mention our flight on the frozen lake, which is gon na show up right here. This was the first time I've ever walked on a frozen lake. I think this is the first night right yeah. This is footage from me, and this is the Matic mini right. Yes, so how thick is this water, or this ice about three feet about three feet of ice, but Shaun still managed to step in a spot where there was some water right? No, I put my hand in it.

Oh that's, where they've dug through yeah. As far as I could to see, if I could feel underneath it, but it was deeper than my ice block was deeper than our bunch of ice fishermen out there right or is ours can call this a bunch of ice holes right so anyway, that was that Was pretty cool? We not only flew the we not only flew the Mavic Mini or IDI fluted Mavic mini on there, but he also flew the Mavic Mini up at 11000 feet, which was on her way up to that pass. I was talking about, and this is the footage from that right here: it's, it doesn't look like much. It kind of looks like it's standing still but that's, because the thing there's so much wind. I think it was just kind of barely moving and then the road was closed and right at the time when we're just about to get to the point where they're gon na, let us actually or where we were done. The snow cloud comes along and we managed to get the drone all the way up to the top and here's what happened when we got it to the top and they cleaner side. So, as you can hear how these shouting go down, go down, go down like it was gon na go up. Okay, I don't know what I'll do it's really windy, I'll just keep climbing all I knew to do was just to get it back on the ground because it hit Sean's car.

You might have seen that are not car I'm. Sorry, I don't mean to call a car. It got her some more wheels if God got us up to 12000 feet and pretty well, it might happen but yeah we finally got it down so yeah. Thankfully we still haven't had many in our position. Yes, yes, yours! Yes, which, which, by the way he does have DJ ID refresh on so yes that would adopt if it went over the cliff wouldn't cover done if it went 12000 feet down in 10, State Farm Insurance. Oh, you know, even if it's lost yeah you don't have to please it's lost, disappears and yeah it's and it got stolen. It got whatever no okay State Farm except in California all right. Well guys. I feel like we've got an hour. I feel like we've, covered a lot of topics here and he's wasted that more of those footage, Danny yeah, you want to talk a little bit more about the ice castle. Okay, let me just make those clips alright. So talk about the ice castle, okay, so okay, so ice castle is like a thing that they've been doing for a few years here in Dillon, it's being obviously completely with water every night they just start taking hoses and things and start building these ice sculptures castle. It'S, really cool and it's definitely worth checking out come on yeah. Well, why don't we talk about when we talk about how you warmed up your we have not been cursing at all.

Then the ground in this thing is like chopped ice it's almost like walking through heavy sand yeah, but it was chopped I loved the ground yeah. It did feel like sound or sand it kind of felt like margarita ice. You know really wasting away again and do what, if you ever, are, I think there's like six of them. They make across the US and if you are ever in a spot, it's a bucket list kind of item. You should at least if you're close enough go check out all right, so anything else, interesting in the in the in the chat. Here we got Chris Hope in there, hey Chris what's up good to see you. Yes, Chris, we were using the hot hands to actually keep the batteries, warm the little hand heater things and they they weren't. Okay, not great what else we got. What Steve carpenter just said: okay, totally Shauna's is the best live, show yet Wow. Where are you man? No it's it's it's lots of fun it's, not too fun to do these shows from not only from home, but to do it from different locations. We did figure out that this condo has blazing fast internet, so that's been a global at the speed is good for you, guys you're gon na get lagging yeah Pete Ivan's I would have. I would have gotten a notice over here – oh really so, yeah and and melt. I did this whole thing in Wirecast and didn't have any crashes Mel's not in there anymore, but but this worked out good to the couch it's more comfortable.

We were gon na. Do it in my shop, which you saw earlier in the video when they were flying around through it, but my internet upload speeds were like six and they were like 16 here. Yes, what quite a bit faster, also say: bye, alright, you're heading out see you later who's negan Bart Bart. Oh our drones, who is Jason art is the one that won Dero mast. He missed that really yeah, yes, that's! Awesome yep people's have a couple videos about that: yeah I'm glad you did a assembly, video and then he's done a couple of things about it like rolling on snow and then, as you guys, are interested in the Roadmaster. You can check out our channel very cool. Yes, indeed, Rick is asking how your jacket work to come. Oh, the aurora! Yes that's right over there that's right over there yeah. So this guy was warm and he's got settings. He'S got a medium he's been a high, so this nerd off he's getting off to. If you haven't, it has a, it has a little light that actually lights up and it basically has heaters built into it and it's really awesome I'm trying to get one for Sean because he could use it more than me. But so we got Matt drone works in. Yes, thanks thanks for compiling your adventures on the go great editing under trying condition, and we appreciate that because it was pretty hilarious cuz, we were all three different spots with our laptops: what to learn if that editing as fast as we could to try to make The time that we said to do this, video, for you should also say hey to Tim from Australia, awesome awesome, let's see we also have one from who's someone.

Oh Chris Chris says what's up from Tampa Florida, alrighty very cool. We got a lot of people come in, oh and a do that is in here. Very nice addy is getting into fpv. I think he just got one of the simulators recently I've been doing some fpv simulators, but yeah anyway and he's a great guy. He he always turns it on my channel, so very cool to see you ready and he was also at spin up and yes so I had. He had sent me a couple of messages in some comments. I looked at his channel and for some reason I thought I knew him and met him in person before spin up. So when I saw him in spin up, I actually thought I knew it. I didn't Allen knew him through YouTube, so I guess that's how a lot of people feel happy Ray Kelly say, looks like it was very cold there. No I'll tell you the day before it wasn't, but today was really really cool. Yeah really hold it was. It was super duper cold, but I mean we also had. I think I showed you guys a little bit sno footage earlier. We also had some really beautiful times like this right here where the Sun had come out, and this is basically just a droning off the balcony of the condo, but man exude total total sunshine, blue skies and then an hour later it was. It was freezing cold and windy again, so it's, one of those things where you just really can't quite predict what's gon na happen.

I think Colorado is almost worse than Texas in that regard. Yeah there's, something about that wasn't, good Mountains, actually whole clouds of weather that it literally can change within 15 minutes and be a completely different climate and Steve carpenter. You, the man, thank you for the super chat and and again, thank you very much for allowing us. I guess Shawn mostly to get your place in line for the sky, do because it was pretty awesome to be able to check it out. I I'm a fan of it. I want to play with it more. I feel like it's one of those drones that if you do spend a little bit of time with it, you could figure out where it fits it's, not the perfect drone for every situation or for everyone. But I think in certain circumstances, particularly if you have a lot of potential obstacles you could run into it, does a killer job of avoiding them even when you're flying with the remote, and you should play the tree part again and the remote control you know just To get just to get into it here, the remote control of that thing was amazing, because it's actually the remote from the parrot, the anafi yeah yeah, I mean it looks exactly the same. I do wish that they would make their own remind you. I fell so litchi, but yeah I mean again just the ability. You you'd almost think somebody who's flying an F BB quad in this footage and they're not they're, just there's flying the sky.

Do it look smoother than that PP? Well, it does. It does but it's also, we have to like quickly move to not. He also don't have to be an fpv expert in order to do it right, you're actually able to do this we're just flying around I'll. Tell you what a sky do right now made a new controller for this one that actually fixed the issues with this controller. So I can have a stronger signal, so I can have a little bit further range, but mostly just to not have a signal that breaks up. I wouldn't spend the money to buy another controller tomorrow, really, even though I've already spent money on this one you're right and it would need to hold the phone better too so Skye to you. If you see this, make a dude a new control make it hold. The phone hold on: have it better, can you guys taking notes, yeah, cuz, that's that's, your weak point, and you could be signing this so much harder to so many more people, if you just fixed and focused on that, one no thing should give a shout out To Rick for another super chat thanks a great show guys. Thank you very much. Rick Rick man. Thank you. Thank you. So much yeah our numbers are growing. We have more people watching than we did like 20 minutes ago. Well, there ain't go that's awesome guys. I appreciate those who've been here from the beginning of the show as well.

Yes, no you guys. As you know, I very much appreciate what this community does for everyone involved in it. I do know from Chris hope, he's been keeping me up to date. We have a few folks that are having some health issues and I'm not going to talk about that right now, but I think the way that we support each other when we're needed. You know, especially when there's health issues, car accidents any of that kind of stuff. Either financially, morally spiritually, we all just support each other and I just think that's so awesome, but thank you guys and your support to me is ultimately watching this thing. For me, I mean just the fact that I have people that tune in and sit here and watch. This with me means the world to me: I'm, a big believer in quit, while everybody's still having fun. I know these guys are having fun and they're gon na. Be mad at me, but I'm gon na say: goodnight don't you go to bed just leave it running we'll, just people just host it cuz it's, my channel! Oh, you know it's the golden rule. He who makes the gold makes the rules huh. So you guys are the best you guys are all right. It'S been great hanging out with you. Thank you so much mappers, hey John what's, going on man. Actually this is a comment from you today on on Instagram. So thank you guys.

You'Ve been checking out the Instagram by the way I've been trying to do some good Instagram what's funny here I actually lost three Instagram followers since I've been here which – and my Instagram posts have been on point so anyway. All that is great, any last words Shawn. I might just say if you guys want we'll just open up my web chat and we'll just continue this on that you are my channel and Edna. I can like host it for a little while yeah I'm gon na sleep to it. I I just want to say and – and I hope that doesn't extend anything I'm sorry cause – I just want to say, go G or go said, hey any tips are flying in the cold. We went forward through a couple of them, but the biggest thing I could just say: keep your batteries warm there's. How much you can do once the drones already up there, the sky, but you can do a lot of preparation, work, keeping your pockets keeping your jacket. Get ghetto some sort of warmer thing easier to get five, because batteries are the weakest link when it comes to cold, unless of course, it's freezing rain or something yeah that's.