Safari is just not like cooperating right now so i'm gon na yeah, i'm gon na ditch safari. I tried chrome, i don't know what the deal is with chrome. Either chrome is supposed to work right away, but um working for my laptop right now so um you have to bear with me. I don't have my normal system up and running, but today i'm giving away an iflight green hornet analog version version, one to one of you guys on the channel, so um yeah – and this is gon na – be the same setup. What'S up rustic what's up what's up just for fun. This is gon na, be the same setup as we had the last time. I gave a giveaway, but this time we only have one item up for grabs. Last giveaway we had like five, and i was originally told by bango that i would get up to 10 items to give away this month, but um. The last giveaway was back in june around the 22nd of june. I believe – and it was supposed to be this 22nd of july – so now you guys should have emails in your inboxes. The guys that won last time should today have an email from banggood about your winning, so yeah we're uh, thanks top gun, um i've gotten in contact with banggood, and they will be sending out your prizes as soon as possible and for the winner today, i'm. Going to go ahead and forward over your email over to banggood and we'll, get you guys up and running for that and they'll ship it to you so with covid, keep in mind it's going to take a little bit longer than normal glad.

All you guys are filling in the room here: hello around the world, all over the united states, my friends out in great britain over in europe, australia, indonesia, canada, can't, forget canada, my fpv brother's in canada, canada, canada, new jersey, what's up new jersey, yeah hit the Like button it's free that's right, you guys hit the like button so who here wants to win? I flight green hornet version, one cinewoop analog version going somebody oh oregon, that's right right, rock on brother awesome, awesome! So yeah this! This drone is valued at around 195. I believe um i'll try to pull it up. Real quick for you guys, let's see pick me pick me double check in on banggood and green hornet. Oh don't worry about. If, if you say you never win, you might never win okay. So right now it looks like plug and play. Green hornet is up for grabs on banggood sighted 179 usd. So i don't know what that translates to or wherever you're from in the world, but 179 dollars without receiver and another 10 dollars for the xm plus receiver. You can also put crossfire on this one and you can put the rxsr on there as well difference between the xm plus and the rxsr. Rxsr goes a little bit further distance and it's just a little bit better resolution for your taranis radio, um very nice receivers. The rxsr i don't know if you have a choice, what you get to pick from banggood or not, but even if it they send it to you without receiver, you're still getting around 180 quad, so it's pretty cool and they make pretty good acro trainers.

So if you guys want to learn how to fly like mild freestyle, you can attempt some mild freestyle acro with the uh the center whoops, pretty cool right on obx rocks. You guys that's right that's, where i'm from cape hatteras the outer banks, that little tiny strip of islands that goes out the right hand, eastern side, yeah north carolina eastern north carolina. We get run over by the hurricanes every time, there's a lot of chat, going on i'm sorry i'm, trying to read and speak to you guys at the same time it's impossible. Okay, so hopefully everybody out there is um not going totally crazy with all this covet stuff and you guys are kind of hanging tight. Nobody got sick, hopefully we've been kind of lucky, but keeping our circles kind of small. Keep your circle small. You should be all right. I just go out in the woods and fly fpv by myself. So i'm fine awesome good to hear so now we got a good amount of people in the channel. Um go ahead and hit that like button one more time, if you just joined us that'd, be pretty awesome, youtube loves the like button. So the more times you guys hit the like button, the more times my video gets shown and suggested in the ranks so free drone today on the channel awesome. Thank you guys so now we're going to go ahead, i'm, going to tell you the format how this is going to work so to win.

You can live as far as i know, anywhere in the world, all the different continents. Banggood will ship this to you from them and i'm, not responsible for your shipping problems, whether you receive this or not, i'm, just doing the live stream out of the goodness of my heart, because we get all kinds of cool stuff from banggood to review on the Channel, so the format today will be similar to what you did before. Yeah manga is like the new hobby king. These days, they've, given out lots of deals, um the green hornet. This is how we're gon na do it to win the banggood giveaway you're gon na type in all capitals, be annoying as you want just don't spam me when you do this and you don't do it until i say: go: okay, it's gon na be banggood, live And that's what you're gon na type yeah they are shipping from china dude i get stuff every day come on. Remember i i didn't say: go yet guys. The guys who are typing banggood live right now, won't get counted! Sorry if you're typing bang good live right. Now, you're not going to get counted, bitches yeah, so knock it off all right. I'M. Gon na hurry. This up cause. I got ta, go ride! My bike! You got ta ice, my knee one more time, all right. Okay, everybody chill out! I appreciate all the chat in the comments and then don't type down good live yet don't.

Do it i'll chew off your fingers? Okay, now we're gon na type banggoodlive go. Do it now let's get some banggood live goodness in there. We'Ve got a lot of people in the room, so let's just keep it coming. I want to see a whole bunch of very good lives and i'm going to be watching to make sure that no one's like super spamming in there so don't be like you know. Just put it in there like every couple seconds, if you want to just don't, be like totally spamming me: okay, cool all right, not seeing the same dude like five times in a row, so that's good and i'm gon na randomly pick this i'm just gon na Go back up and i'm going to pick one of you guys and we're going to send you guys iflight, green hornet, so glad all you guys made it on the channel today. That'S awesome doing this. For my phone. Thank you verizon stupid mac laptop was not. I was using this software called obs, i don't know. Maybe you guys can give me a better stream software, like a free one for the mac that's. What i need email me that drumcamps at gmail, if you uh, if you know one all right, guys, keep it coming for a little bit longer. I'Ll see a couple, a couple more come through there and what we're gon na do is, when i say, stop you're gon na, say you're gon na you're gon na just completely stop for me, okay, but not yet keep them coming all right.

I think that that is just about good enough guys. Hopefully you made it in the giveaway and i hope to have more giveaways coming up on the channel a couple more awesome, good job, guys, bang good live, keep it coming. Oh man thanks brian albert appreciate that tip appreciate it. Anybody wants the tip the host. You will be awesome, i will remember you forever and ever maybe i'll fly with you one day. Who knows, i cross paths with people all the time, all right ready. Three. Two one stop. Stop means, stop typing banggood live as of this moment. 4. 34. P.M. Stop! Oh! Thank you. Thank you. Ian that's, awesome dude got them awesome. Thank you, oh gamer, in the house. Thank you gamer. Thank you. So much you guys rock techno drone. What is going on all right? Thank you. So much technodrome that's what's up that's what's up my man thanks to everybody for the tips dark sagan. Thank you brother. I need to set up an fpv panhandling, just pass the offering tray around to everybody in the room. If you can make an offering that's great if not carry on, maybe i can push some of this stuff over to uh help keep the lights on all right, so that's it for the band good lives. No more remember what i said you have to stop. I said stop like five minutes ago. Some of you guys may be just getting into the live stream, but now we should be stopping awesome.

My guys, okay, here we go. Oh no. I don't do bmx. I do uh. I do mountain bike and i'm working on a gravel bike and a board and a hike. Oh laser beak. Thank you dude! Thank you! Laser beak hell, yes, man, oh awesome, okay, downhill, yeah! Do something amount, downhill, mountain hood, uh, post, post canyon, pretty pretty intense trail about two hours uphill about one hour down it's, mostly uphill, it kills people it's a lung buster. If you're into mountain biking. You know that term bang good live, bang, good, live bang, good, live and i'm gon na pick a winner in just a second guys. So i appreciate all you guys hanging out appreciate the tips. It'S awesome, it's, really cool and if you're just joining, you can go ahead and throw in a couple more bang good lives to keep them coming. I don't see anybody really spamming right now. I think we're doing pretty good. Maybe i'll just use my phone more often for these streams, pretty easy, welcome, gene all right, guys, we're going to go ahead and pick the winner for the iflight green hornet, one of my favorite. Actually one of my favorite cine whoops three inch in a whoop category. The category is cinewoop and today's winner is my man and i just scrolled up and there he was right in the middle of the screen, i'm already friends with him on facebook and um. This is awesome.

It wasn't like a this, was wasn't on purpose, but you you won bro, you won. Do you guys want to know who it is, and you have to have a banggood account by the way. I appreciate all the likes hit, the like button there. If you liked the video you'd like to give away i've got a winner, i hope he's still watching the stream bro, because we've been friends a long time. Sorry luis, not you man, one other dude luis, is my dude. I always have to give a shout out to luis. Hopefully we fly again after this post covid. It should be a giant post, coveted fpv flight party for everybody, winner winner chicken dinner brother i'm. Louise all right guys. I i hope my man is still still hanging out. He is the creator of a pretty awesome facebook group actually and his first name is dan, and i wonder if he's still here, you'll have to shoot me a message on facebook, dan that dan's the winner dan preston, that's right, drone maniacs, the winner of the green Hornet bro, i scrolled up, i let them spin and there you are right in the middle of my screen, and that was the first name i saw was dromaniacs d preston, dan, the man drone maniac man himself, my dude yeah dan's, a good guy, so he's the Winner today, congratulations dan, everybody say congrats to dan hell, yeah dan 180 bucks. Who knows when it'll get shipped here.

But you know you got a free drone. Man you're welcome dude you're welcome just the luck of the draw. I went back up and there you were that's awesome dan. Is the man he's the winner, so thanks for everybody on the stream today, thanks for watching yeah rig, whatever nick payne, you wish bro um. You pm me dan, because you're the winner, i need your um. Send me a uh facebook, private message with your email and i will make sure that they send it out to you so more giveaways. Coming up on the channel guys. I appreciate you all watching and um typing in banggood live as quick as you could, and dan preston is the lucky guy today. So dan is the winner appreciate all you guys watching you'll have another chance coming up on the channel very soon. I will definitely get some more stuff to give away for you guys from banggood and we'll, keep the quads being shipped around the world to you guys so appreciate it. Thanks for all the tips again today, guys that really that's really awesome that was humbling. Actually. So, thank you so much that's awesome. You guys just bought me lunch this weekend, so i really appreciate it. Lunch and dinner man. You guys are awesome. Thanks a lot i'm justin davis guys be careful out there and stay safe.