So, as you guys know, this is the drawing i got for christmas right. If i hold it lights up like that, and then the controller for it is right here, its just a genuine easy controller. It looks like an xbox controller, almost but uh yeah, its just a very simple drone and then uh the drone i got today, but that drone down there was like 40. It was going to be at 45, but my mum had to get on offer and it was like 36., but this is the remote for the uh new drone. I have you can clearly see here, looks very straightforward, yeah uh, a drone, as i can clearly show you. Its uh folded up, looks like a spider, but if i fold it outwards its quite you know. Let me fold it back in look at the size difference when its normal right, so it looks bigger right now. Let me fold this out. Look at the size of it now now compare the size, absolutely tiny, so yeah and this thing even has a camera on it. So i can just like do i could do videos from now on on air? Oh my god thats giving me a really good idea. I could do videos on my drone from now what ill say from now, but yeah. So i cant really fly the drone now because its literally almost nothing and starts my sisters going to bed and one of the batteries on charge.

Ive got one of the batteries in there and then oh yeah. This is the uh case it comes with comes in. Are you not packing all the way theres like four uh? Is that four thats, the other one? Oh. I saw that okay, so yeah. It came with uh two of these cables, which im using one of them now to charge. My first battery, i know yeah its got the uh guards, as i should call it to stop it from hitting stuff. If, if youre, not that good of a you know if youre not that good at flying drones, which im pretty good, i think pretty good but im mediocre ish, so my average but um yeah, i can record videos so thats cool. So then, the drone, as you can clearly see, fits into there simple as so and its actually, quite i dont think itll fall out, yeah, look its quite stable in there, then the controller simple as it seems. Oh, we almost turned on them. You just put it in there we go and then well. Obviously i had to put all the wires in there and all that and then the extra battery down at the bottom. Then you fold it and then learning can you not alone? Can you stop and then you do it up? No and then look there. It goes just a case. So now you would never know theres a drone its like. Well, unless you look at the the branding which actually you guys should go check that brand out its called uh dc, so its d e e r and then just c and then uh so yeah thats, uh im going to be doing a review tomorrow because its Quite dark now and ill actually be able to record a video on the drone to then send to youtube.

Well, i can send the video from my drone to my its already on my phone, but then i can share it to youtube so that i can basically say my first drone video and uh yeah. So now this is going to be like my videoing drone for like, if i want to do videos ive been like whats up guys. Welcome back to you know another video, but then this drone could just be one if i just want to mess around with, because this ones got like built in barriers. So i can easily just you know, fly around and just crash into stuff. If i want well not really, but ive still got the battery there and if you guys wanted to know what the batteries look like, which you probably dont care, they look like this. I cant really take off charge right now, but its going red right now, because its charging and um yeah its on charge right now. So then, when its fully charged im gon na open im, gon na open the case back up, im gon na put it in so its so its ready for tomorrow, because im gon na be going around around my friends house tomorrow. So i might be able to do a video before let you know hes at 10. I might normally wake up at nine, so yeah uh.