But given the fact that theyre a bit of an unknown quantity for new drone users or those that havent used it before, what i want to do on this, video is basically to give you a bit of an app rundown and show you exactly what all the Buttons are all the features are, and hopefully, by the end of this video, you will have a lot more confidence to be able to make an informed choice as to whether you would feel comfortable using something like litchi, so lets get into it. Music. Now previously on my channel and of course, if you havent seen the videos already, please do check them out after this one. I have used the dji mini 2 and litchi to active track a car. I have used the gps follow function to follow myself down a river bank and ive also used the focus and orbit options to show how you can select onto a target and perform some nice smooth circles cinematically. But on this video, like i said it is more of a basic video now, where im going to take the dji mini 2, go for a flight, show you the functions and test out some of the return to homes as well, because i know quite a few Of you have had a little bit of a worry as to what would happen in this sort of situations, so lets just get the drone in the air lets get on with the video.

But when you first open up the litchi app, you are going to be greeted with this welcome screen, uh, obviously its just telling you to please ensure you are using the latest dji firmware on both your assi and aircraft uh. It tells you how to connect, but ultimately it doesnt really differ from what you do normally. Okay, all you simply need to do is turn your controller on open up, lychee and, of course, tenure drone on now the drones turned on. We need to just look at the options at the top, so where you can see it says fpv. That is how you select the flight mode, so we have a fpv waypoint, follow orbit, focus, paddle and track now. This is whats quite important. Now this is a message that i need to get across. Apps do not fly your drone. Okay, your controller flies. Your drone, your thumbs drop, fly your drone with your sticks, the only time the drone actually flies itself is in mods such as follow and ive shown. This on a previous video, where, for example, if you was messing around with these settings, um these sliders here and you just took off and then you know you had set as 100 meters, the drone doesnt have obstacle avoidance on the dji mini 2, for example. So if you have the drone messing around in the air, you click follow. Then click start then. Yes, the drone would go 100 meters away at an altitude of 8 meters and, of course, wherever we set the heading all right, so thats the only time that this causes a problem.

But if youre not competent, lets completely ignore that mud, okay and switch back to, of course, fpv now, on the left hand, side, we have got two options. We have got that button there, which says go home, and that is of course, your return to home. We have also got this button here, which, of course, you used to take off down in the corner. You can see, we have the compass and the direction indicator all right. If i turn my body in relation to the drone, you can see that is actually moving. Now, if we look at the top 25 satellites are locked in and 76 is our controller battery and on the other side you can see. Weve got full signal and everythings all good there. You can see our battery info showing the battery temperature the battery life, just as you can on the dji fly app this little slider. That is how you go between photo and video. Now, if you want to select all of your photo and video settings, you press this button right here now here you can select capture mode, single, photo, aeb or interval. You can increase the exposure or ev value, as you can see im doing that. Of course we are in auto or we can flick across to manual now. We have also got video size. Obviously you can select 4k 2.7 k or 1080p and youve got various frame rates within that as well photo size.

Again, we can select 4b3 or 16×9 color filters that option doesnt actually work at this current moment in time sharpness. We have got these options here, plus minus whichever you choose and whats. Also really nice as well, is, if i go across to the white balance. Of course, youve got some presets alter sunny cloudy, as you can see, if i change them on screen its reflected on our display or, of course, weve got custom. I generally set it to about five seven, five, six on a normal sunny day, saturation, of course, weve got these options here. So if i go to plus three all right, you can see it is automatically baked in some more saturation. If i go to 3 its going to take it away now, thats a really nice option as well thats again something that you have or the dji flyer app doesnt actually have and its the same. With contrast, again, you can bake in less or more contrast, depending on what your preference is, click into this little cog menu here, where we can see the general options for the aircraft, so units imperial metric are in perimetric kilometers per minute meters per second ive got Meters per second map engine weve got google maps on map box map type hybrid. I just leave it on hybrid to be perfectly honest map, auto zoom, again thats something i have on and the map safe area radius that is set to 500 meters.

So if i come out of there click this little plus here, if i can actually reach it and then go there, it will shut a red circle and thats our safe area, so lets come back into the menus. Show gps coordinates im, not interested. In that sure visual positioning height, when used thats on but again not something im particularly bothered about show battery voltage. Of course, you can turn that on as well found my aircraft. That, of course, should work perfectly fine and, of course, that registers as soon as the drone has a full gps lock. So if you did get into trouble same as the dji fly app, you can go and quite simply find that now lets go into the camera settings, auto record, really cool tool. So basically, when you take off, it will automatically record over exposure one and you can turn that on or off anti flicker, just the same uh show histogram again, yes or no and then gridlines again. I have them disabled im, fair to frame my shot as it is if youre going to aircraft again. This is a really really interesting one. So go home. Altitude is 40 meters. Maximum altitude is 120, of course, dynamic home point thats a really interesting one, because with the dynamic home point your controllers location becomes the home point so say, for example, you are on a boat or anything like that, and you are, you know, flying along.

You dont want the drone to return to home and just fly off away from you. So on this case, what it can do is if you are moving around or you know in a car or whatever the drone wont just fly off. If it loses connection, then of course youve got the option for your edit uav um editor uav automatic sync. If you dont know what editor is thats a really cool app and i would highly recommend you go check that out lost signal behavior again same as the dji flight. App we have hover london or return to home, of course, were always going to select return to home and, of course, you know if we set as weve just done the dynamic home point. That is going to be the controllers location. If i turn dynamic home point off, it is then going to be the area with which it took off um gimbal mode, your uh follow rfpv. This is where its not a fixed wing. We keep it in your follow, gimbal gesture control again on, but im not going to show you them in the in this one gimbal extension. Do we want to resign input above 30 degrees or 30 degrees above level? Yes, we do and then of course, just like the dji fly up, you can select your frequency, okay and if you ever do need to calibrate your compass, you would do it using that option down at the bottom speech, thats, just basically enabling speech and its pretty Self explanatory, if you dont know already these parameters such as go home altitude, maximum altitude theyre actually baked into the drone when you use them in the dji flight app or whenever you change them using compatible software, they get bit into the drones memory.

It doesnt rely on a connection into your controller because, of course, if you lose connection, how can the controller or app tell the drone what to do so whenever you change one of these figures here so, for example, lets change it to 50, okay, and just to Prove concept right now: what im going to do im just going to close the app open up the dji flight app wherever thats gone there we go open up, the dji fly app. So if we go into our auto return to home altitude, that is again 50 meters so that all copies over from the drone. Now, if i change that back to 30, its a random number 34 and then go ahead and close that up and then open litchi back up once we get that connection, which should only take a few seconds go into our settings aircraft there you go: go home Altitude is 34 meters, so guys dont worry about that. So what im going to do is im going to put the drone up in the air now lets use this feature here, recording started so two things happened there. First of all the recording started, and secondly, it actually told us that thats what it was going to do as well and also what is really really interesting, is the. If you remember on the dji flight, app youve got some options where you can actually set the gimbal or aircraft rotation speed again, just like the return to home altitude, thats actually baked into your drill to set them in the dji flight app and then, depending on What you press or what module it is in, they would just act the exact same as they do on the dji fly in the bottom corner.

We have our altitude, we have our distance and our speed as well and, of course, rate we are gaining or losing altitude. Many of you are worried about what happens if you have a return to home situation or if you lose connection im going to just turn. My controller off now ive got eyes on the drone, so i can see exactly whats going to happen, okay and because its recording, it should should just very simply come home okay. So what im going to do is im going to press the controller off now and see if the drone actually flies home like it, should Music warning signal lost, so we should have to wait a few seconds and the drone is flying towards me. I can see it its possibly about 150 meters away and its on its way home, so i would say its going to be around 100 meters away. Lets just take my controller turn it back on there. You go so were going to tap that okay, so just to let you know guys. Obviously, if you do lose connection, it is going to come home exactly the same way or of course you can do what ive just shown you with the manual option. So, of course, if you fly away, you can of course press this button here, on the left hand, side to go home, and then, of course it will go to either the altitude its hat if its already at a higher altitude or it will rise to whatever Youve set and it will just come home, so i just want to talk a little bit about the litchi app itself and where it comes from so literally the third party company, of course, that has developed this app over many years literally and not a new company.

They have been around controlling drones, such as the dji uh, phantoms and mavics for a hell of a long time. Now now, what basically happens when dji released the sdk uh, which of course was the latest one for the mini 2, the sc and the air 2s? What basically happens is that is dji, giving lichi the controls for the drone, so its not like they have to develop uh an app its not like. They have to write loads of code or anything like that to get it working, because dj ive already provided the initial framework, so all literally busily have to do, is of course incorporate that and when you men, when you think about it as well literally ive, already Been controlling the dji mavic mini and the mavic air 2 and, of course, the control points are the exact same on the mini 2 and the air 2 s and the se as those two other drones. So this is why it really didnt take them very long. Uh to get this app up and running so guys, honestly, even though this app is in beta stage at this current moment in time, or it will be by the time youre watching this video the end of the day it actually does is, and its pretty much A full working version now there is a bit of a problem using the air, 2s and waypoint. But again, if we look at the notes on screen, this is entirely down to dji uh, that they admit that there is a problem uh with controlling the gimbal altitude or knowing the gimbals pitch.

So, of course, if the sdk theyve released doesnt provide the feedback as to the gimbals pitch. How can you expect litchi too because, like i said, its all djis controls now many people have asked one question as well is: will this invalidate your warranty when using a third party app, if you have dji care refresh now? This is, of course, a really really interesting, one guys and the reason why its interesting is because, if we look at the actual passage dj, i say they will not cover you 4k refresh using unauthorized apps. So i try to ask the question as to what actual app is authorized then and under what circumstances does using lichi etc not make you uh whats the problem basically and uh got long story short. They havent answered my question uh. My advice is, if you are using djik refresh and the fact that i cant get an answer out of them, i would automatically go with the sort of idea that they will not cover you in the event that there is a problem. However, of course, many third party companies such as coverdrone, which of course um, i insure my drones with myself. They will cover you guys, okay, so if you do fancy getting a quote from coverdrone, i will leave a link in the video description, but, as you can see, i mean ive been flying around with this and its working. Absolutely fine, um theres. No reason to think that theres any problems if i flick it into sport mode, the spot mode changes at the top.

If i go back to normal, youll see it in p mode for positioning if you go into cine mode, obviously its tripod because thats what it used to be called on the older drones and literally, of course, ive not updated that. So what im going to do now is just run the battery down and hopefully see if we get that actual low battery return to home, and then that will be the three returns homes fully complete aircraft requesting go home and there we go. Just as i say that its actually coming and yeah it looks like that is confirmed, lets just see what happens and as you can see, the drone has decided that it is going to return to home due to low battery. So i would call that a full success, so im going to do now is just land the drone and then lets uh finish off the conclusion now guys im under no illusions that that was quite a long video. But ultimately, i can absolutely assure you that, having used litchi for well over a year from using my dji mavic mini, not to mention all the hundreds of thousands possibly of people around the world that have been using lichi on their phantoms on their early mavics and Sparks, etc, etc. This software is absolutely fine and yes, of course, you do have the situation where dji may or may not cover you in the event of an accident or a claim.

But of course there are plenty of insurance companies, like the one i mentioned in the video coverage run, and they do actually cover against third party apps. If you had a problem with your dji mini 2, but ultimately i mean you, shouldnt really be having an accident. Its no more difficult to fly than the dji fly app um. Obviously the settings are all there. Its got all the return to home features, the smart return to home, the phil says, return to home and the low battery return to home the only time the app flies. The drone technically is when youre using smart, mods uh such as follow or active track, and, of course, if youve been really careful – and you know youre using the app properly youve just seen on my series of videos, this app is absolutely more than robust. But of course you know that wraps up the video ive said possibly everything i can say, and at this current moment in time of course, the app is in beta mud for android. But of course, like ive already mentioned, the beater mod for litchi is near enough. The full version with just a couple of little bugs fixed in the final version so like, like i said guys, i would quite happily recommend this, and one thing i try to have on my channel is a degree of integrity, and i wouldnt suggest you buy something. Use something that i wouldnt actually use myself until next time.