Now i spend a lot of my time on the road, whether im presenting to clients or im, actually editing videos on my laptop and i love how small and portable these new laptops become. Theyre thin theyre lightweight theyre really easy to bring along, but the challenge with most modern laptops is to make them smaller manufacturers how to reduce the number of ports that are available on them to get that thin size and thats. A challenge because, even though i love using a laptop on the road, i want to connect up an external monitor to do video, editing or maybe i want to connect up a microphone and a web camera to do some type of streaming. And i cant do that. On the laptop natively, for example, this one which i take with me everywhere has got a single usb, a connection on one side and two usb c connections on the other side, and one of those is used for my charger. So ive effectively got one usbc and one usba. So if i start trying to connect up a lot of peripherals, it makes it really difficult. I cant directly connect to a wired internet connection. I cant connect up an external monitor, so with a laptop like this, you need some type of external device that allows you to expand the port connectivity on the laptop externally. Now ive reviewed a couple of hubs on the channel and i have a bad habit when im presenting to clients a lot of times ill forget and leave my hubs behind.

So im constantly checking for new hubs that are released and see. If i can find one thats a little bit cooler than the one that i left behind at a client site – and i found this brand new linkplus usbc hub now, im going to do a quick, unboxing theres, not a lot to show you when you pop open The box you get the hub, you get an instruction manual and thats it, and i love that kind of packaging because its recyclable material. So i can throw this right in the garbage and not have to worry about it, not a lot of plastic, not a lot of foam, and i get what i need the hub now. The hub itself is really attractive for a couple of reasons: number one, its all aluminum, which means its going to be incredibly durable, its going to last a long time when i throw in my bag. I dont have to worry about a plastic hub that may crack or cause issues down the road. I like the fact that they dont have a long, usbc, cable on it. Some of the hubs come with this gigantic usbc cable, which doesnt make a lot of sense, because what im plugging into the laptop, i would have normally plugged into the side so having a short cable like this, just makes it easy to put it on a desk And not have a lot of cables hanging around, so the hub itself has got a lot of connections externally.

For starters, its got an rj45 connection on it. If you need to connect to a wired network, now thats hands down the fastest connection, you can get to your laptop. So when im home and im working here in the home office, i definitely want to connect up to my router, and this is a gigabit ethernet, which means its the fastest connection. I can get over an rj45 cable. It also is speed sensing. So if youve got an older network, thats 100 megabits or maybe 10 megabits, first of all upgrade your network one. Second, this will speed sense that and drop down to the correct speed for whatever router youre using, but i like the fact that i can connect on rj45 up. The other thing i like to do with the laptop is connect up a monitor, and this is a full size, hdmi port on the side, which will give me both 4k at 30 frames. A second they give you 2k itll, give you 1080p and even lower resolutions and its speed sensing and its resolution sensing. So it can actually tell what kind of monitor youre using make the adjustments needed to give you the best possible picture on that monitor. So its a lot of automatic things built into it youll also find a usbc connection here and you might be thinking well, what do we need? A usbc connection for well, as i mentioned this port right here, is for charging my laptop.

So i have a charger plugged in there. I can certainly plug the hub into the other usbc port, but this hub is smart enough that if i plug this into my charging port on the side, i can connect up an external pd charger to this port and and conduct 100 watts of charging current into The laptop through that port, so it allows me to use that port for the hub, but still charge through that port, which is pretty amazing. A lot of the hubs dont do that or if they do, that, theyre limiting this port to maybe 30 watts or even 20 watts in some cases. So the fact that this can conduct 100 watts of energy into the laptop means i can charge it. I can power all my external devices from this, like these two usb a connections on the side, all with that single power supply. It also includes two full size, usb, a connections which are usb 3.0, which is the latest standard which means youre going to get lightning fast, transfers to external disk drives or anything youre connecting up to that, maybe, like a thumb, drive youll get really fast. Data transfers across that and the thing i really like about it most quite honestly is a lot of these hubs tend to be big and bulky, and they tend to be long or they tend to be thick. This way, this is small, its smaller than a credit card, and its got a really nice form factor to it, where its smooth its not going to get caught anything in your bag, its just really easy to use.

I also like the price when i priced out this hub compared to others that are on the market. This tends to be less expensive than other hubs that dont have all the features this one has built in. So, for me, this is my latest hub im sure ill leave it behind at a client site somewhere and have to upgrade down the road, but for right now this solves all my problems. It allows me to connect an external monitor, connect up to a wired network. Have two usb a connections working at the same time and on top of it i can charge through it, which is pretty cool in itself, so thats pretty much all i had for today. If youre interested in this ive got a link below where you can go check it out on amazon – and i know theres a lot of different hubs out there – that you can compare this to some have card readers in them. Others have more ports than this. One does but for me i was looking for a hub that was small.