A little brushed drone like this is not made to fly in high winds. It would not be a fair test, even though some people want to know how does a drone do in the wind that’s more the bigger drones a little drawing. This is meant to fly on a calm day, so i will get a flight review out for this. As soon as i can, i just have been trying to find a break in the weather, and i just can’t, if it’s not blowing, really hard outside and really windy, then it’s raining and i can’t obviously fly in the rain. Now, as i mentioned, this comes in a nice little sort of soft carrying case, the foam insert all your components and accessories all stored in here. There is an instruction manual and also a manual for the app. Unfortunately, at least in the one i received the everything’s in chinese, so i actually had to look on the bengal listing to make sure i got the proper name which was smrc. I think it was. I said the m21 i’m afraid i already forget the name because it doesn’t say on the drone itself. The actual name of the drone it’s just got some says here, rc by flyby. So as we’ve seen with some of these chinese brands, you can get multiple names. Really a lot of names and it can get rather confusing, so we’ll go over this the best we can. I got some more information before this to try to get an idea better on the controls and such because, as i mentioned, everything inside of here in instruction manual is in chinese, and i can’t read chinese, so it’s pretty much useless to a person like myself, who Only knows english, so before we go any farther, i will mention so i don’t forget that the app this uses, since this is 5g wi fi.

It does stay here, it’s a lp gps, pro app doesn’t, look like it has maybe a hundred plus downloads. So this drone is rather new or it just hasn’t been out that long to people have had to download it. But if you do scan this qr code that’s in the manual on this insert, this will take you to the play, store and get you that app. It doesn’t it didn’t link to ios, but i imagine on the app store ios. If you search for this, you should be able to find that because this qr code just took me to the play store. So i don’t know if you scan it on it, it may take you there. If you scan it on a a iphone, it may just be telling you the name, so it may work a lot of times. They give you a code for each store, all right enough of that let’s get looking at the drone and accessories and all that stuff. So this is a two battery version which i’ll show you guys in a moment, but this is a foldable little drone. As i said, it’s a lot like a uh, a mavic mini or a mini, you know, of course the newest one is called just the mini two. This does it’s a little hard to snap out the arms they do sort of snap into place. So it looks, it looks pretty neat again. It looks a lot like a a mavic mini i’ll, probably try to grab mine off the shelf here in a moment and just compare them side to side, so they don’t have it over next.

To me at the moment, looks like it’s got some leds here on the arms. I don’t know the color scheme of those. Yet so that’ll help you with orientation it does. Besides having gps, it does have an optical flow camera. On this version. Now there is a gps only, so you might wonder why was i so interested in this little drone for reviewing it on my channel? Well, the gps. Only version at the time that i received this was under sixty dollars, that’s a really attractive price for sony. Once a which should be a relatively easy to fly, drone with gps features and it’s on a really limited budget, then that’s going to be ideal now, right now on banggood they’ve only got the two camera version. They call it, although optical flow and gps that’s running somewhere in the 80. I think it was 75 or so around there with the one single battery version, so it’s a little bit more. But if you are on a budget – and you can’t do that, then maybe keep watching banggood until they get the uh just gps only version, because really the optical flow that’s really only meant to help you out if you lose gps or you’re flying it indoors. So for most people, the optical flow is not that big of a deal now there’s no sd card slot in this. So unfortunately, you’re gon na be recording everything over the wi fi. They do say this drone’s got two axis eis, which is electronic image stabilization.

That would mean, if it does, the app built in will stabilize the footage the best it can, but a lot of times that doesn’t work real well. It looks like there’s a slot here, but i try putting a card in and look it’s just a they’re, just like a ribbon cable in there there’s, actually not a micro sd card slot. You can see there’s it’s, just not right. They did make it to where, obviously they may plan on making a version of this that actually can’t accept the card. But unfortunately, when you record over wi fi you’re going to have dropped frames, and you know just something you have to deal with. If you fly out of range, it’ll freeze up that’s, something you have to be mindful of with these drones, but you know the when you’re it’d be nice. If you could record an sd card because you’re not going to have any of that happen, that’s extra extra cost and if you’re using eis, which is drone advertised that it does, the eis would need an on board processor. To do that, and it adds a lot of expense and would make this drone a lot more money when it hands it off by wi fi to your phone. Your phone takes over the job of doing that and then obviously reduces the cost an awful lot now. It has this cam, which i think they advertise as six or eight k, or some gimmick like that.

Don’T fall for that this is going to be 1080p at most, they advertise it. This little pinhole optical flow is 1080p and it probably won’t be a real high frame rate at this cost. But your phone since it’s, again being transmitted by wi fi, is going to probably upscale at least the photos to probably six or eight k resolution it’s going to make it look worse, that’s what i’m getting at. Hopefully it doesn’t do anything crazy to the video, but again the eis will see sometimes i’ve seen those eis and apps have black bars wobbling around because it’s not cropping the image. We’Ll see how it works. Just don’t expect a lot so i’m saying don’t buy this drone. I can tell you now i’d be shocked if the camera was very good. Don’T buy this expecting really good video it’s not going to be real, stable, i’m sure, probably it’s going to have jello in it. But if it flies well and does gps features well for well under a hundred dollars, that’s going to be attractive to some people who are on a very limited budget. But this is motorized, as i was getting that you can probably hear that servo in there. The little motor you can tilt this down looks like it goes down, probably 70 some degrees. It won’t go straight down 90, as you can see here, so it won’t look straight down, but pretty close to it. It looks like there are some leds, probably white here in the front um you know again it has that look of a mavic mini with that uh style there on this little guy brushed motors, not brushless.

You can’t expect brush of the gps at this price point and let’s go ahead and look inside here, the other things we have two batteries in here i don’t know if i need to pull both of them out, but these are two uh batteries in this one. I got the two battery version again. If you get the one better version you’re going to save. You know: 10 15 at least now. This is a 7.4 volts, that’s, 2s or 2 cell, and it is 1400 milliamp. Now they advertise this to have a 30 minute flight time. Now i am not going to fall for that and you guys shouldn’t either. I would be shocked, it’s very possible that sometimes they’ll even i’ve, seen more on amazon, really well they’ll combine flight time of two batteries, and so you can get this much, but i don’t think that’s what they’re doing, because they got a one two and a three Battery version, they all say 30 minutes so under ideal conditions. If i hovered this here in my basement with no wind and didn’t move fly around at all, maybe you could get close to that. They always do it under the most optimal conditions. You could get 20 minutes out of this. That that’d be pretty incredible and consider. This is relatively light. It’S, probably i haven’t weighed it yet but i’m sure this is under 250 grams, i’m. Pretty sure then yeah. This thing could have that a pretty decent flight time, and they do mention too this little.

It does have a little battery meter here, so this battery i have here is charged i’ve not done the flight review yet let’s, see – if i can put this in here and to see if we can get any kind of a lights or anything lighten up. I think this is the power yeah and there it is now we can see. We got green, rear lights, red front, pretty common out of china. You would think a red to be rear. Green go front, but that’s lots of times going back to my cheerson cx. 20, they use that green rear red front and there’s a little blue light in here, that’s lighting up something here’s, the wi fi antenna – and this is your battery meter that’s, actually pretty nice feature, especially the battery meter, to have that on a drone. At this price point is not common, i mean you already got it all turned off now, so yeah we’ll have to see how this guy flies but i’m. I like what i see so far, just here uh doing this unboxing and hopefully it flies good because that’s all i’m looking for again i’m, not really concerned about the camera, the accessory bag. Here we’ve got some spare props. It looks like a full set. A usb cable for charging the battery i’ll show you how that charges in a moment – and we got prop guards here. If you don’t want to scuff the props or run into the walls you fly inside, if you’re going to fly it outside don’t mess with these, because they make really good tree limb, hangers and it end up looking like an ornament in a tree hanging because that’s, What these are best for outside so don’t put these on if you plan on flying this outside a lot, but let me pull that battery out again and show you guys here.

If i can get that outlets there, we go it’s, not easy to get it out of there. It does uh charge off of a micro, usb and that’s what that little white cable is and it lights up in here, and i think it goes from red to green or something it’ll. Let you know when it’s fully charged, so the battery is sort of a smart battery in terms of it, at least it will charge itself. You don’t need a special usb cable. You can use any micro usb, but it’s not full smart battery. They won’t discharge itself to storage, voltage or anything, or you know any kind of smart data from the battery again. You can’t expect that at this price point let’s take a look at the controller controller. Is a pretty standard, looks a lot like the mavic mini it’s. Got these fold out little grips where your phone will go down here. These antennas are fake. So if you see in a flight review – and you wonder why they’re not folding and then someone says, hey, you idiot you’re, not getting any range, well, it’s, nothing to do with the antennas. You have to look for a wire, and these are just a little plastic antenna, looking device on a hinge with no antenna wires. So if you fold these out it’s not doing anything for you, so you don’t need to mess with it. You’Re more than welcome to fold them out, but it won’t make a liquid difference in your range now.

The controls on here, as if with any gps, this is altitude hold. The controls are a little unique in a way to laid out, but i kind of like it you’ve got your uh one key return here or g. A return to home is what he’s called more one key return. Usually just is for non gps drones to fly back. This is the return home and it will land itself where it takes off. We’Ll see how accurate that is. I like to do that in my gps drone test and on a day like today with the wind gusts. This little drone may not be able to fight the wind enough to make it back, so it would be a terrible conditions to test return to home accuracy. This right here is to turn the gps on and off, so you can disable gps and go to altitude hold only mode that will lots of times. Give you a little bit more speed. We’Ll have to see if i test that well, it does. I don’t know if the optical flow then will kick in because that’s what it would do if it can’t get a gps lock, so it still may try to hold position um with the optical flow camera. It just won’t hold it as well, but like then you can disable the gps most people don’t do that. Now again, i don’t have the instructions in chinese. So but just looking on the banggood listing they had some details on the controls.

Uh this one it didn’t say, but this this compass looking thing is usually headless mode where, if you once you take off ford, will be pushing away from you no matter. If you turn the uh, sorry that’s, my phone ring all right guys. I stopped the video there because the house phone was ringing. The last thing i do is listen to that loud beeping, so that’s. Why there’s a bit of abrupt change there anyway? This is usually headless mode and again, like i said, if you press away, the drone will go away if you yaw it around face, you and press away it’ll still be moving away. So no matter which way the drone’s front is facing. The drone will move the same direction and that helps for a beginner, but from gps drones, it’s, usually a rather worthless feature because the gps, it should be able to come back. If you lose your orientation, you can call it back home. It will hover in its place and not drift off, so headless mode is not really needed on a gps. Drone now it’s possible that this is all instead of being headless mother. This is what you press to do a compass calibration again, i don’t the reason manual. I can’t read: we’ll have to figure that out. Usually you do a stick combination, so i have to look through this and try to figure out how to do that. So it’s either going to be a stick, combination or it’s going to be this or it could be in the app or i’m hoping it’s in the app.

And then i can just press and do it because you always need to calibrate the compass in these drones. Especially the first time most of these toy drones make you do it every time you fly again, i don’t know you know i probably might be able to figure it out here. Looking at the instruction manual, you know just by some of the diagrams telling you you know how to do a compass calibration, you can see right here, they’re spinning it around and it they’re showing you know the the power button, but they’re not showing any stick combination. So i’m hoping it could be, it could be this down and then that’s, usually motor unlock i’m, hoping that the app will show us, and we can do that and if it doesn’t i’ll try pressing this. But i this is probably headless mode and then on top you’ve got your photo video button i’m sure a short press will take a photo, a long, pretzel sort of video to be safe. I would start that with the app because it’s recording your wi fi feed, so you probably don’t need to mess with this because sometimes i’ve seen these not actually make the app start recording that’s, not common and that’s. Your speed rates, i don’t know it’s gon na have two or three speed rates on this drone and then these controls here this one is your auto takeoff and all the landing again. You probably have to unlock the props.

Then you press it to take off and you’ll press it to land if you’re not doing return to home. This is your your motorized camera tilt, so this will tilt the camera back up and this one here will tilt the camera back down and then this one says it’s some sort of a loop mode or something so i don’t know if this is either circle me Mode which it’ll go around an object, usually you do circling mode from the app and it may have it in there as well, but this also could be a deal where it just spins on this yaw axis i’ve seen that before where a drone will just spin. I doubt that’s what it is, because that would really be a useless feature on a gps drone that’s. More of a gimmick. You see in little whoops and little toy drones, they’ll spin, like a top, and i don’t think that’s what that does, but again that without the instruction manual being and without it being in english, i can’t tell you for certain what that’s supposed to do so. We’Ll, of course, test that out when we do take it out and we fly it so that should wrap up the table view of this little smrc, uh m21 gps drone – and i said, as soon as the weather cooperates i’ll get this outside and i’ll fly it And if you’re on a budget or you’re somebody who’s looking for a lightweight drone that’s not going to break the bank, this might be a good deal for you.

Let me grab my mavic mini, so i can show you guys just side by side here’s, my mavic mini you guys can see very similar in size and design and if i fold out the mavic mini, of course – and this is the first one i don’t have The mini two, you can see very very. I can tell you right now in my hands. The mini feels a little heavier just by guessing. So that would tell me that if this is 249 grams, this is going to be less. So if you are in a country where there’s really heavy drone regulations on anything or 250 grams, this might be a good bet, especially for someone on a budget who can’t afford the mavic mini or the mini 2, which is the newer version of this drone. With a better camera and it’s, also at 249 grams or the new femi mini x8 mini is coming out, that’s also another option that might be attractive, people and it’s also under 250. If you get the pro version, which is not yet but that drone, we don’t know how that one flies yet it’s just getting released and i’ll. Let you know i did order one and i do plan on reviewing it though mine’s the standard version it’ll be slightly over the 250 gram weight limit. It’S, just a battery difference is all it is between this to the same drone, all right, guys that wraps up the table review for the little m21 gps drone.

If you’re interested just go ahead and checking this drone out and taking a a risk on, it, there’ll be a purchase link in the description but i’d advise waiting for the flight review to see whether this is worth your money or not. If you’re new to the channel click the subscribe button, please i love. When you see you guys subscribe click, the bell that notifies you whenever i upload videos that you notified you don’t miss any of them, give this video a big thumbs up.