Welcome back to the channel today, we're gon na check out the HX 100 SE ultra light series. This is a 1s toothpick, pretty cool, because it's ultra lightweight running on that one asked for 50 and there's a 2's option available. It has a wheelbase of around 100 millimeter on that unibody frame and it is 2 millimeters thick. It looks like a pretty decent quality. Carbon fiber as well plug and play motors on the bottom of this. In case you break one no solder required there. I love that they have a strap on this one for that 450 battery. Thank God it is the beta flight, f4 1s brushless flight controller. On here, a variety of receivers are also available and we have an injection molded canopy on this one, which is pretty nice dipole in the back, is the 0 1 m01 VTX. It is a 25 millimeter X by the way for close proximity flying two bolts hold that canopy on and the m01 600 TBL. Camera has a lot of field of view on it. So you don't need a ton of tilt t65 props on here. They are push on props, no bolts and 1102 13500 kv motors, with three bolts on the bottom, holding it to the carbon frame, and we have the new bt, 2.0 connector it's, going to give you better power to the motors and we're gon na use a six In one that's, what we're going to recommend the six and one by eachine, you can take the adapter, so your pH 2.

0 connector adapter over to the BT 2.0 and you're often charging up to six batteries at once. This is a nice charger. It is selectable between HV and regular lipo. You can also change the current on there and the LED display shows you. Each batteries voltage level during the current charge and the total storage charge that you have on your supply battery, which is really nice. Now let's go ahead and see thirty grams without the battery. Now, with the One S 450 on there up to 42 grams that's, really good takeoff weight, so we're gon na go ahead and test it out now. Let'S talk about performance first, because this was my first impression of this quad was that it had a really nice light, floaty feel to this quad. It feels like a combination of a whoop butt with toothpicks style, aerobatic capability, which is really kind of a fun and different thing. For me, this is a much smaller toothpick than what I'm used to flying, because this is way lighter at the 40 gram mark versus something like the gap RC phantom, which is you know well up in the 60 to 70 to 80 gram range bigger power system, But when you change the the weight – and you still have 1102 s on there, you go way smaller with the weight. You have a great response on the throttle, so it's really smooth tuned on here as well. I have to comment on the tune.

It feels nice and smooth, I do see some brake up around the trees with a 25 min sort of get after something here in this review, and I have to say, the the camera. The camera is not the greatest. The m01 series from babe fpv is not like a super crowd favorite, but then again it is one of those overcast days and it's not really doing this camera justice. It just doesn't, really handle the low light very well. When you get down low to the ground, stuff kind of gets a little bit black down below on the bottom half of the screen, you can see that there, but I think on the typical sunny day coming up in the spring and summer. This camera would be acceptable, but not any better than acceptable in my opinion and hey that's. What reviews are for? We got to be honest in our reviews, right again, not a crowd favorite on this camera, if you could switch it out to something like the run. Cam, nano 2 or even the Nano 3 that's coming out. That might be a better choice for this particular quad it's, always a good thing to level up and upgrade your camera because it changes your experience now. I'M, not totally sure what happened right there and I'm gon na go ahead and rearm it anyway. My battery is on the way out, but we're just gon na see how much longer I can fly this around and a little bit of shutter right there in that high throttle situation.

I'Ve got my throttle on the bottom left, as you guys can see right there. Just changing and I'm barely ever over 50 throttle with this quad. If I go above, like 80 of throttle, is when I start to see a little bit of shutter on this air frame and you can play around if you already bought this frame play around with some, I believe they were 2300. There were some 2036 props. I believe the old school for blade props – you can try to find some of those online and – and here they are right here – we're gon na test, those out for you – and I feel like these – have even though they're just a little bit smaller they're, not two And a half inch they're just a little bit small around 2.3 inch. They actually perform pretty well, and since I have four blades on there, it's giving me good punch out and good float and lift. I really want to go under the van, but we're not gon na, try that today, with this clogs, I really don't want to break this canopy. My van is notorious for breaking injection molded and really cheap plastic. Canopies I've crashed whoops into it and broke them clean off the whoop. The side of that vans like old school steel, so hopefully you guys are being able to get outside in your backyards and that's. One of the reasons why I wanted to do this review is because I'm gon na be reviewing some smaller stuff on the channel coming up, mainly because a lot of us are kind of trapped indoors.

Right now, with the quarantine situation – and I want to be able to put some things on the channel that you could get and fly at home without having to take off down the street and try to risk, you know getting caught in your local park. Depending on what your ordinance is or whether it's like a stay at home order or whatnot but around where we are, I might be lucky if I do get out. But if I get out I'm gon na share some more flights with you guys, of course, I'm gon na try to fly every day, depending on where I'm allowed to go or where I'm not allowed to go in this case. But this was a fun little parking lot experience and if you have a quad that's around 100 millimeters, if you're just getting started an fpv. This is nice because you can fly this in your yard. It still has a pretty good amount of speed with this quad and you can fly it in a small location. There we go, I did it. I went under the van got lucky, so you can fly this type of quad and way smaller spaces and if you're, just starting out you can't put stability mode on here and you can fly it in stability mode. You don't have to do all the flippy dippy wild stuff and risk breaking your quad the first couple days. You have, it just go easy on it.

It is a cruiser if you want, and so in this flight, mainly I'm, just trying to show some cruising and not go totally wild. No, I hit. I found one of the ghost branches. The leaves haven't quite come out yet it'll be fun when the leaves come out will have more power, looping happening and some Maddy flips, but it feels good the power to weight ratio on here I wouldn't say it's like ten to one. It might be like one to six or so, but it is able to catch itself, and I think for the price of this one it's a little bit cheaper than some of the other ones out there. You can also check out the two last version. If you want that 2s power that's just gon na make it feel a little more like a 5 inch, but in my opinion this one feels like a hybrid whoop, slash toothpick, but I had fun with it. I think the price is good, it's, really cool, that it is so lightweight around the 40 grand mark. I think that's awesome the power system on here with these props, making a fun quad and the injection molded canopy is way more durable. You can see it. Didn'T come back with cracks, it's also extremely light with no battery and around the 30 grand mark, but I do like the unibody frame on the bottom. The strap is also nice. The new connector on there as well is a nice upgrade.

The plug and play motors, the dampening is pretty decent on here. There'S four point dampening vs3 there's, some jello and some of the three dampened posts configurations that I've seen lately, so I think overall they have a pretty decent product. I think that it probably could have a better camera on here I'd, like to see that future versions of the HX series would probably run the run camp 3 camera. But I give it one thumbs up out of two.