They were kind enough to send me two, so i have one ready to go for flying outside and if this video gets to 500 likes ill, give one of these away. I havent done that before wow. The mobile 6 features 0702 23 000 kv motors and, of course, weve got 31 millimeter by ablated props. The run cam nano 3 is the camera of choice, but the star of the show may be this new diamond board. No, the diamond board is not new necessarily, but this one has a 400 milliwatt vtx and its got express lrs on my scale. It weighs 17.23 grams. Due to the battery lead length on the mo beetle 6. I needed to use a battery with the pigtail on it, so i use these gnb 350 milliamp batteries. These are fairly old, probably two plus years and with that battery it brings our flying weight to 25 and three quarter grams. And if we go in this naked configuration, the mo beetle 6 weighs 15.73 grams and again with that g and b battery, it weighs 24 and a quarter grams and motor posts and motor posts. I am getting 65 millimeters and the naked configuration is only 60 millimeters. So when you buy your mobile six, itll come in this woop configuration with this particular canopy, but it also comes with this canopy, which will give you more variable in the adjustment that you can create for your camera angle and in this bag is the frame as Assembled here, along with a spare set of props some screws that looks like weve, got some 3m pad, as well as a little tiny screwdriver.

It also came with these happy model batteries, but im not certain that these come in the retail packages, so check your product listings linked them down in the video description uh. These will get you started, but i wouldnt plan on using them for very long, and it also came with two stickers and it comes in this little box that you could put in your lunch pail, its really small or if youve got it set up in the Naked configuration, you could put it in an even smaller box. Thats half the size see just about half the size. Here are the rates i fly with and ive been flying with these rates for a very long time, and i always use these rates because thats what im used to otherwise i wouldnt be showing the product is. I can show it possibly alright for our full flight of the review video we are going with the indoor flight and this is at night thats. Something to note because you dont have the bright sunlight coming through uh the windows. So you dont get to see that i did show you a clip of a speed run as a kind of a fun little way of starting out the video. Sometimes, when i crash out ill just you know, try to drop the throttle hard and just see how many hot laps i can turn in before i crash again, and some of you may have noticed that this appeared in a video back in february at least an Iteration of this appeared back in february.

Happy model had sent me essentially two of them and wanted me to test out the diamond board at that point in time they had the cube antenna on them and they had two different kvm motors and they were asking. You know which one i thought was better. I thought the 23 000 kv was better, so they went with that, probably not just based upon that feedback. They probably also got additional feedback from team pilots or others as well. So ive been essentially flying this hardware for a couple months, which helps me sleep it well, because i know that at least i have four iterations of this, and i know how many crashes its been through, and i know what the results of those crashes have been And all of my boards have been working normally, you know its really nice to have that 400 milliwatt vtx its nice to have a lightest bind and fly whoop around, especially if youre into racing or you want to get into racing. Lower weight makes it easier in the house to manage flight, especially faster flight. It gives us the advantage of not towing around any extra grams or if you want to fly a little bit slower, you can use a little bit bigger battery like i did. If you use a smaller battery uh like a 300 milliwatt or 300 milliamp battery, then you can expect the flight time to come down not substantially, but some again, my g b batteries that im flying here are probably two three years old.

I got these shortly after these longer. Stick versions of the 350s came out, so our flight time is going to be roughly around 2 minutes and 40 seconds and thats. What i found on these batteries, i had a couple flights that would come in around 253 258. I had think i had one or two come in like 301 302.. So for the most part, your flight time is going to be about 245. If you fly like, i do, as you see here in front of you, of course, you can always lower the camera angle. Both canopies give the ability to lower the camera angle and you can slow yourself down if fast fight, isnt what you want or youre, just not comfortable doing with that doing that yet, and i think thats, probably one of the big questions that ive gotten right away Is you know, is this manageable in the house? Well, i, like 75 millimeter and theyre, even faster with those 40 millimeter props. So this really wasnt that different the motor slowed down quicker than i expected, but that was the really only difference outside of the actual weight of the quad. Okay, our flight has ended, you see there 241 and our battery has bounced back back over to 3.578. So were in good shape, so this is the outside flight and you cant really tell. But if you look in the top right of the screen, you can see the trees moving around the miles per hour on the wind was 17 miles an hour, and i thought about swapping this out for a calmer day that i was able to fly.

But i thought it would be more interesting to show you in the configuration without the whoops, the that you could fly in pretty dramatic wind of course, 17 miles an hour were not feeling that were within a neighborhood. Weve got trees, weve got fence, weve got other stuff cutting the wind down, but there is still a pretty good wind. I live in a windy place. Its generally got wind somewhere between even on a calm day, its 7 to 10 miles an hour. So this isnt terrible, but its definitely not whoop sort of weather flying. I think most of our veterans would probably concede that if youre going to go out flying a whoop 17 mile, an hour winds, even if youre not directly exposed to all of it, thats a little bit much, especially for something thats coming in at this weight, because Its going to have an impact but uh, so i thats the reason why i picked this particular flight was the fact that you know ive got the wind. I can show you how it flies even in wind, because not every day is going to be a great day for flying. An ultralight micro were also getting some greenery back and you can see the progress on the pool they were here just today and i stepped outside and, i think, were real close. I think were going to be able to swim next weekend and thats exciting and the outdoor cooking space over there behind the garage that has started to progress.

You see the lumber thats sitting out there. Some of that lumber is actually up in a structure but well see that coming along in the next few weeks. And oddly enough, my flight time is about the same outside as it was inside uh, which i did not expect. But i think its probably because when you dont have the resistance of the whoops in our way of you know cutting through the air and its lighter in this configuration you just dont, have as much weight so less weight more efficiency. This thing, i think, is one of the advantages of it is that you know you do have the ability to transition its not as you can just flip a switch its going to take you 15 20 minutes to take all the little tiny screws out and move Things around, but you know if youre someone who just flies whoops inside in the winter and you want something else to fly outside. It comes all in one package now i dont think the carbon is necessarily very stiff, but i think the advantage is that it might not break itll just bend and flex, because i had some pretty dramatic crashes and uh wolf showed those where i ran into the Post of the pergola – and i also hit the side of the house coming around the bush, neither one had an impact other than to bend up some props, so thats a good thing inside.

Of course, i had loads of crashes. Ive been flying these things for a while. Now so, like i said earlier, uh you will need to change your battery voltage when it was shipped to me. The minimum cell voltage was at 2.9 and i think thats too low. So i pump mine up a little bit to where i would start to get the land now and then i could come in back off the throttle. I could come in land and disarm as we hear on the table and my battery would be in good shape at 2.5 or excuse me, 3.5 volts, so uh ill show you my battery settings, so you can model. Those if you want to here are the battery settings that i mentioned. This is what i used in the flight video, so you can go ahead and use these. If you want to or use your own, you know you may have better batteries better health on your batteries, so you might not need to make the particular adjustments. I did. I dont encourage anybody to fly below 3 volts at one point in time we had one of the happy model boards that suffered from a beta flight reset below 3 volts. This board does not suffer from that, so that was a one time deal, thankfully. So to keep your batteries healthy, you shouldnt discharge them below 3 volts. We ultimately want to land disarmed and come back at 3.5 volts if you want to come back more than that or real close to that.

You know its all up to you, but i would say the closer to 3.5 volts at least not lower the better off you are, and of course we do have the wi fi whoop store charger, which is really really handy and something else that i learned and I forgot to put it in that video is what, if you start charging or storage charging this you can just you know when one of the batteries is done, whether its storage charged or its charged all the way you can just hot swap the next battery in And itll pick right back up charging, so thats a pretty awesome feature, so you dont have to wait for them all to complete and then unplug all your batteries and plug all the next set in and then start it over again. If one finishes before the others unplug it plug it plug another one back in and youre off to the races, so nice little handy thing, i im thankful that this is about. I do wish it has some audible feedback for when things completed, and i wish we had that on a switch. So we could turn that audible feedback on and off um depending upon our desires but nice little product, i think v3. If we can get a little bit audio feedback, even better okay, so this is not happy models. First express lrs whoop. This one was uh. I cant remember what you call this, but you might remember it all came out in this green frame.

They used this three point: canopy, which im not a fan of, especially with the run cam nano outside. You would tend to get jello in your footage, uh two reasons, because the canopy isnt stable up front as well as i think this camera is just more susceptible to that. I showed you full sunlight outside footage. Hopefully that was enough to show you that i didnt see any jello. So if you see jello, please let me know – and this had 25 000 kv motors on it too high a kv. Unfortunately – and i should step back for a moment and note that this diamond board that we see here, that was an initiative that that angry dawn fpv really wanted, and he was he was really onto something you know youve got to give the guy credit. He looked at the boards and he saw a layout that would allow you to shave part of the pcb off and therefore shave some weight and when it comes to super micros like this shaving, some weight is uh great and then a happy model of course ran With that and now theyve now added express lrs and a 400 milliwatt open vtx, which i think is pretty pretty fantastic if you can fly legally at that power level, uh a couple of others that i had these snuck into a video that i released on whoops Back in february, so these are the ones ive been flying a little different configuration.

You can see that they originally when they sent these to me. They had the cube antenna on them and then we have uh 20 000 and 23 000 kv motors and they were kind of that low mounting profile. As far as the the camera or fpv goes. I do appreciate quite a deal because i have a bias of im, just not much of a fan of this style of camera um. I i break more cameras when theyre down like this than when theyre up proud. I dont know why that is but thats. My experience with these um, so i like the fact that theyve got this new canopy and weve got our camera up above our whoops, although it is pretty low profile. You look at that that camera is just barely above our whoops, so thats a nice thing and theres also its really hard to see, speak theres, three more points to where you can adjust the camera angle. Now the camera angle that i flew it at is what you see it. So this is the lowest or most modest camera angle that this particular canopy has, but we have the other canopy thats included with the kit, and this will give you all sorts of camera angle that you can adjust it to, and so, if you want to fly Slower, a natural way of flying slower would be to just decrease your camera angle, bring it down to five degrees, bring it down to zero degrees.

If you want thatll allow you, regardless of whoop, if you can bring the camera angle down, you can fly it and start to get comfortable in really any sort of space. And that brings me to one of the questions i got uh four or five times. I couldnt say: is it too fast? Well, no. I already said that hot my favorite is still the mobile 7 elrs. I really enjoy this. Its got. The four point canopy, which i i was kind of harping about for a while – and this this design here, is much better with the four points of mounting, so our camera isnt moving around this one has the cube antenna and i, like this format, im completely comfortable In my house flying at the speeds this can produce at the camera angle. Of course i control my speed with my camera angle, just like i was suggesting. I just feel i like the authority better on this, but i can understand some people, just like the smaller footprint and in this case youve got the ability to transition to a non prop guarded. So you can fly it outside in wind, yeah, its its got its advantages for certain uh. I think the next question would be: is it better than a mobile six? I think you have to give it to the nod as better than a mobile six. Its got express lrs, which is really just taking the market im a big proponent of that.

So i guess im selling you on the express ls side, because i think express alerts, especially in micros, is not only here now, but in the future, its just going to continue to be more and more prevalent and the receivers are tiny and theyre inexpensive. Even if youre, not in a whoop, so you know, as ive said in other videos im using the zorro thats got the internal express lrs ive got a bag full of about 10, more express lrs receivers that theyre what a gram and a half or two grams Set to use in any builds i might be taking on uh one one bit two bits of damage to report. One the antenna did come off im, not certain how that happened on this one. I suspect it just kind of got bent around from you know crashing in turtle mode or it might have gotten snagged on a rug or something. And when i turtle mode i might have snapped it loose. Possibly because i noticed when i went to resolder, it did have a bump. I couldnt tell if that was copper or just solder the little bump, and this is the pad you want to resolder to. If this happens, so i did resolder antenna. I happen to have some copper wire around. That was pretty small cut it, as close as i could to 31.23 millimeters and soldered it back on the board and away we go. The other break point.

Is this point right down here? Where is it yeah right here? I always break these battery trays on these mobius 6 frames, its not a big deal. You take out some welder or your favorite adhesive, put a little on there. Itll hold just fine. I think my other complaint about the battery tray in general is that its just kind of loose its always been loose its just a little bit oversized i mean you can see theres some slop and some play in there. Of course, you could take some electrical tape. Masking tape, whatever kind of tape youve got to thicken things up its, not terrible how i would mount the battery in there. It would be like this, so i would kind of use the connector to my advantage of trying to keep the battery in there, because, if youve flown a whoop with a dangling battery, that is a challenge to bring back home for certain. Oh, what else. This frame, as far as the ducting it has held up fine over weve, seen this frame for a long long time. Many of you have probably flown this frame in multiple iterations. If you did have a propensity of going to a different frame, i have got a video that i just released the other day. Go look at the comments. We got a lot of good feedback from a lot of people about uh frame durability and there seems to be two frames that they go to and thats the meteor 65, as well as the cockroach frame from newbie drone.

So if you get one of these and you find that youre breaking the frames more than im reporting here, you might look at one of those two other frames. Of course transitioning should be straight over. Hopefully it doesnt affect the tune very much uh. One point i did miss is that on some crashes, uh like in my speed, run crashes. I noticed that the board would pop loose, so it would kind of pop out of its little socket holders, and i think we can remedy that fairly easy. If we want to especially if you have a 3d printer, just print a thin piece that we can put across here and just screw, it screw the screws right through it. You i dont think you need to even get a print with holes in it. You can just take the screw right through it and that will and give you something across here. You could, if you dont, have a 3d printer. I take a piece of electrical tape. Cut it down, to you, know, say some width. We dont want to add much weight thats. One of the reasons why this exists is that its really low weight and whoops that a little weight are tend to be better, but that electrical tape is relatively hardy. You might want to double it up. You know fold it over and then screw it down. So if you have your board coming out a lot thats a fairly quick kind of home remedy, of course you see these.

It might be hard to see theres these little notches out here. You could take a loom band which ive shown on the channel before, and you could possibly take it from the underneath side up through here behind the or underneath the canopy to the other side and latch it down here and that might squeeze this together as well As hold the board down with a weight penalty of maybe 0.2 grams or something like that, but i i think it flew very well. I think id like to tighten up the tune, just a touch if i could. But you know quite honestly, im not unhappy enough with the tune where i would probably spend any time doing it. I think i would have to be in a tuning mood in order to spend much time uh trying to increase the tune, its not terrible. Obviously i showed you how it fly in two different instances: um so yeah. I one other thing i am a bit concerned about in this configuration see how the usb port sticks up im a little bit concerned that you know the battery should protect it, but the battery might also hit it in crashes um. I had a lot of crashes, of course, so uh battery, hitting it over there and theres a possibility that we could end up with some usb port damage its relatively minor, because these batteries arent that heavy. But you know all crashes are different depending upon what youre crashing into and what speed youre crashing at its possible.

Of course, the rubber band that i have here is white, but the ones they include in the bag where the bag go. The rubber bands that they have here are thicker and they are black, so theyll match the motif a little bit better but yeah. I just have a kind of an office. Looking rubber band holding my battery on thats how it came to me. I do think this rubber band. Could you know we could loop it around each arm and make it all tighter and have a nice square, but pretty interesting that they went this route with a whoop that transitions to a more outdoor, appropriate wind, appropriate micro, which i guess is added value for those Of us that are willing to spend the time to transition from one to another. Personally, i ill fly inside so much that i wouldnt take something like this outside, but i think if youve only got this quad or maybe youve only got this quad with you. Maybe you want to uh, take it in your lunchbox, you know you youve got a tiny little box thats, you know about the size of a deck of cards, and you take this and throw it in your lunchbox with a radio, thats small and a handful of Batteries and your goggles, maybe thats your go bag and youre flying outside because its nice out now and then you transition back over to the whoop when it gets a little bit yucky and cold out.

You know its all about how you see your use cases working out for you. It should be noted that, unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers are going through problems and getting chips for these boards theres potential that you wont necessarily get exactly what i have had here in my particular case, ive got the mpc mpu6000 and there is a possibility that yours Could come with the icm2689 or the bmi 270, and you wont really know what youre going to get and thats not specific to happy model were going to see this more and more with our flight controller manufacturers that theyre just having to get chips where they can Get chips and that they know they work with betaflight thats, just kind of the times were living in right now, not ideal by any stretch. So to sum up, is it better than the mobius 6 lets say? Lets say this is my representation of the mobius 6.? Its got the right board and the right motors, but everything else has been kind of swapped out yeah, in my opinion, as i said earlier in the video because of express lrs because of that 400 milliwatt vtx because of the weight the mo beetle 6 is better Than the mobile 6., but is it my favorite? No, i i still like the mobile 7 1s thats, my favorite, but again i like the 75 millimeter format and the way it feels. Is it right for you? Is it too fast? Is it right for you? I cant answer that thats kind of depend on you.

Is it too fast? No, its not too fast its just like any quad lower the camera angle, and it naturally just slows you down. We can add some expo or we can do a throttle curve. We can do all sorts of things to soften the movement. Flying inside is hard. Ive spent a lot of time doing it. So if youre new to the channel ive been flying inside for several years, i cant even tell you how long now, four years and in the same house of all the furniture has moved around and stuffs flying in inside is hard and you have much less uh Room for error – and i think flying inside flying whoops specifically inside, make you better when you go outside, because once you got you know going through doorways and under chairs and stuff down. When you go outside, you look at everything a little bit differently and youre a little bit more comfortable, because youve already done it in a much more confined space, so stretching your fpv legs outside thats, easy peasy. As of this moment in this recording, i only see one shop with these officially listed and i do think they have them in stock. I received a message from them a couple days ago that they received some, whether they still have them or not. I dont know, but they have the price listed at 129, this diamond board for those of you who like to build uh 66.

99 for maker fire maker fire also has a combo kit, where you can get the jumper t pro in this uh. That ranges in price from 219 to 232. So if youre getting started, you might be interested in picking up a radio, whether its bound or not. I dont know uh its very likely its not bound, but you know, i i couldnt say accurately thats, just a guesstimation. Hopefully this video hasnt gone on too long and bored you too much. I try to get as much information in the videos as i can. So if you have the patience to watch the entire video, you can get as many answers as you possibly can. If it was too long, maybe youre gone already, and you just watched the flight footage, and hopefully you enjoyed spending a little bit of your time here with the channel.