. The smooth 4k is basically a stripped down version of the insta360 1r camera, with the 4k lens and without the battery, and now the smo 360 does the same thing. Just instead of using the 4k lens uses the dual lens module. So it will enable you to capture 360 degrees, videos in terms of features and specs. The smo 360 uses the same board of the smo 4k. Using these four pins, just a connector youll be able to power it up, as you must provide it with an external power source since it doesnt feature a built in battery. The supported input voltage is between 6 to 27 volts, so you can power it directly with up to 6s batteries and once connected to a flight controller and configured properly, youll be able to start and stop recording videos using an auxiliary switch. In addition, im glad to tell you that now the jestic connector of the smo 360 is better protected under the bottom cover, whereas on the smo 4k, it is exposed – and i actually had to resolder it back after it was ripped off as for its weight, including The insta360 one x2 lens guards, which i highly recommend to use in case youre, going to purchase this camera because you dont want to scratch the original lenses. The weight of the smo 360 is 57 grams. It is, of course, heavier than the smo 4k and its about half the weight of the insta360 1r camera with the dual lens module.

Here you can see a quick rundown of the measurements of the smo 360, which might be useful for you in case. You would like to design your own mount or build a custom frame around it, like the bid fpv power 360, which im going to feature in upcoming review and, as far as i know, currently, the only frame which is fully compatible with this camera. As for using the smo 360 camera after recording a video, two files are going to be created, one for each lens. The insta360 studio app, which is available for mac windows and mobile devices, is going to automatically detect the files based on their name and stitch them together to a single 360 degrees. Video due to hardware limitation at a short range youll, be able to see a big distortion and you can easily see that the images are stitched together. But when the object is getting farther, the stitching procedure is going to be less noticeable. As for the insta360 studio app, it will enable you to adjust the aspect ratio of the video trim it down mark a keyframe, a very nice feature that will enable you to adjust the properties of the frame that is going to be shown on the video and Of course, you can add as many frames as youd like and the app is going to automatically switch between the different viewing options track an object by selecting it, and in case you wonder yes, im legally allowed to fly in this area up to a height of 40 meters, the tracked item can be any type of object that the app is going to be able to detect, and it is going to be tracked for the set amount of duration that you are going to set it for or until the object is going to Disappear using the app youll also be able to speed parts of your video and add motion blur.

As for the audio options, youll be able to enable or disable the flow state stabilization, a feature that is going to use the recorded gyro data for stabilizing the recorded footage. You can enable or disable direction lock and in case you are going to enable it. It is going to ignore all the point of views that you are going to set in your video and the exported. Video is only going to point the direction which is going to be set to under the stitching menu. You will be able to adjust the properties which are going to be used for stitching the two videos together and, according to my experience, the best settings for the smo 360 camera when used with the sticky lens, is to set the stitching option to 360 mode. Sticky lens guards – and you should also enable the dynamic stitching for the application to better stitch the videos together, and i also recommend to enable the chromatic calibration. So the app is going to automatically calibrate the colors of the videos that are recorded by the two lenses. Under media processing, you can enable the aqua vision 2.0, a feature which is used to enhance videos that are recorded, underwater and adjust the true audio feature, something that is not really applicable for flight footage from drones under logo settings. You can add a logo which is going to be displayed on the video. You can adjust its size and position and you can use a custom one or a one which is pre loaded with the app.

Finally, as for exporting the video, you can either export a reframed video which is going to use all the keyframes that youve previously defined, or you can export a 360 degrees videos which will enable the user to look around and see the entire footage. That was just a quick game of the app, and i think that insta360 got it right, as they were able to come up with a user friendly interface that doesnt have that many options, but still enables the user to create some nice footage based on their creative Skills so overall, in my opinion, the smo 360 camera is going to be especially appealing for professional drone photographers, as it will enable them to capture footage, which is sometimes impossible to capture using a regular drone and, of course, for normal users that dont mind spending the Extra money in order to spice up their videos, keep in mind, though, that at the moment of shooting this video, the only drone that is fully compatible with the smo 360 is the pavo360, as the drone needs to be built around it, because, in order to fully Achieve the invisible drone effect you dont want the batteries or the frame to appear in the flight footage on that aspect. The smo 360 has a big advantage over the one x2 and 1r cameras, as it features a much smaller footprint, so it can be used on smaller platforms. As for pricing, the smo360 pretty much cost as much as the one x, 2 and 1r cameras.

So again, it can either be a novelty item or something that is going to be suitable for professional users. Now im going to wrap up this video with some footage recorded by the smo360 camera, and as always, i thank you for watching my video. I hope you enjoyed it and you found it useful if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below dont forget to leave a thumbs up.