Ever. If you still don’t know what kind of drone it is, i will show you first. This is the drone. This turn can heal yourself, so it’s like medic version 2.0. So it is an insert to medical drone to get extra skill. Drone skill this one, the drone fire a shield supply bomb. The drifter is ownership over the next 3 seconds. How much i still don’t know how much i will test it in this video to see how much shield does this draw recover. But, more importantly, is how much threats do we need to get the basic one to get the second tier third tier and the ce one, and for this video i want to thank you to amizan, because she lets me gotcha on her account to show you guys How strong this new drone is i’m guessing this drone is going to be very extremely strong, especially for ctz. Well, it might be a bit costly for ctc, because this drone is going to be expensive. I know already, but it will be worth it. Okay, so without further ado, let’s just gotcha, i want to know how much fest do we need to get the basic one and then the second tier third here and then the ce1 okay. I have 70k fats here. Let’S see yeah let’s see how much okay! Oh, we can also get this yeah antiviral box yeah. This is not bad because you can get antiviral from this gacha and you can get the mouse journal ceso and then you can get shorts and then you can get.

What is this right to win team? I think this is just like pure nature. I guess well, our goal is this: one let’s go let’s, go guys open one time for free boom, the new drone, of course, okay, let’s go jaya change, okay, i’m! Guessing! Oh, we got the mechanical and arm motors i’m. Guessing you will need around 15k for the normal chip, yes, 15k, for the normal chip, because i’m pretty uh, because you remember, oh, i got to diamond sure already. Oh so, lucky yeah what a good start, because, as you guys know how hard it is to get the medic chip, you guys know right how hard it is to get the medicine, and this is literally the second version of the medic chip. So it’s going to be extremely hard guys. It won’t be easy. I mean to get the medic it’s already very hard, and now you want the better version, so yeah i’m not expecting to get easy and i got another nine nine chart. I think i should stop here because i’m already get a good guy, guys it’s up okay, i will end the video in here. Thank you guys for watching. Okay, let’s continue, let’s hope. Oh, oh my god, i got the antivirus box already. This is like how much probably 4k only 4k, and i got two thousand shards and then one on the four boxes. This is nice what a good start, but i don’t know how much it is for the normal one.

Tg Music, please don’t, be so hard to get the mouse chip. Okay, it’s, better than nothing right, Music! Please, please! Please! Oh! I got another antiviral box. I got. Second, i mean i got two already. This is like 8k 8k. I got two, oh my god and you can sell this yeah. You can sell the box. Oh nice, nice, nice, please game, give me some luck. I’M already so unlucky in that high, oh i’m. So lucky in that high and now i’m unlucky in gacha, so i don’t want please give me something: good 10k, already: 10k fats gun and no normal version of the drone of the taurus thingy Music. Well, my friend already gotcha. He said he needs 19k. 19K. Oh, we got it. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, oh we got. We only spent like 13k. My friends went like 19k to get this one. Okay, good, good, good, good, not bad, not nothing, not bad, not bad 13k! For the best chip. I will definitely learn it first. Oh my god, i think it’s gone. I think it’s sent to mail. No, oh, i think it’s already out to learn let’s see on crafting beds. Okay, let’s see oh yeah, i got it. I got it crafting five times. Okay! Good! Oh yeah, we have to mod the chip first and then we can grab it. Okay, i already done with the modding. This is the final skill that i got quite lucky: huh yeah i got smart eight.

I got a tekken changeman. I got a more adjustment. I got hp enchantment, i got durable, run. Durability increased by 5000. This is quite good. This is quite good. Oh my god. Look at that guys! Look at that inside otherwise, i’m like oh, so you can basically craft this drone like normal. One like you can, like you, craft guardian chip and then normal one or you can insert this drone too old, one like medic chip. So two drone with two chips. I mean one drone with two chips: one run with medical and then that drone also have this chip inside you can see it from here. Assembly is the normal version and then insert attributes. You can get wait. Let me read yeah. When you insert it, you can get this when a beta chip is inserted. The new omega chip will inherit some skill and special skill of the benzene when inserting an omega is produced receiving 5. Ms five percent damage reduction. So if you insert this to medic chip, you uh, the medic drone will get five percent damage bonus and five percent damage reduction is really good, so the drone will become more tankier and more painful, but we need to thank you more than painful, because five percent Damage bonus literally nothing Music, oh my god! What is this? The diamonds what’s that? Oh i see so, if you insert this chip to magic chip, the drone will heal less. So, if you put this on medic, this chip will heal less.

So i think it’s better to just make this chip alone no need to put this on medic, but i still don’t know let’s just see yeah let’s just see first, i will test this on arena later. For now, let’s continue the gadget. Let’S go 57k fans. Let’S see how much do we need to get the ce one or maybe we won’t get the ce at all i don’t know. I hope i can get it. As i said before, i’m already, unlucky and high. Can i get lucky and gotcha for once Music? Oh, my god. Oh my god, i got another one. This is the third one. Third, one for 17k 17k effects, the third one so yeah for the basic one. You will spend roughly around 10k effects yeah. Once you spend 10k effects, you have chance to get the normal version of this red lotus 10k, like maybe the minimum Music for the second tier or third tier or the ce. I still don’t, know i’m trying right now. I hope i don’t need to spend much. I got oh, my god. I got another. Yes, yes, yes, good good, even the normal one is really good. Already. I’M, not complaining. I’M, not complaining guys. This is the fourth one. Fourth one, and then this is the second one i’m, not complaining. I got this. This is very good alright, so i got like 22k 23 23k to get 2 of the normal chip 23k to get 2 of the normal new drone chip.

That’S, not bad. I guess compared to my friend luck, he said 19k, so this is yeah. This is this. Is good right, it’s, not bad now, what i need is just two ce one we can bet over here. This is the five on the fifth one: five antiviral already Music. We can skip the second tier and then the third tier, if we can get the ce1 – and i already read this skill before the second year – is literally just like the normal version. Oh my god, what is this i? This is the first time i got this. This is this hard to get. I don’t know i’m, not a fan of furniture, so skip, and i already read the skill yeah. I already read the skill of the new drone, the second tier one it’s. Basically, just like the first year, i mean the normal version. It’S, just it has some useless bonus, skill like record engine and blah blah blah, but it’s still useful, like it’s, just like i mean it’s, just like the same with the first tier Music, but the third tier is really good. Oh, my god, i got another okay, not bad. I got the third one let’s open every time. I got this it’s good it’s, not bad, but i want at least skin one now, Music, still nothing. Okay, okay quietly! Oh, we got the sixth one, six yeah that’s number six already, okay, let’s claim all of this.

Maybe we need to claim all of this Music in order to make the game notice that i already spent a lot, and i still couldn’t get the second or the third tier. Oh skill points like clay wooden who needs that? Oh, my god, to get the amount of skill points. Mother optional! Oh my god, my luck went downhill, so bad like really bad. Like seriously, i couldn’t even get oh, i got i don’t know. What here is this let’s see? Oh, this is the second year and it’s really see what did uh. What i mean engine review consumption decreased by eight percent. Usually they don’t already destroy it because before you can use all of your energy anyway, but yeah. This is basically is the same. Like you get the normal version, if you get the second gear it’s the same, like you get the normal version, Music, the backpack is full. Oh, we got another one: okay, okay, oh my god! I got the super c. I thought i i thought i got the new drone ceiling, not bad, okay, not bad. What i’m afraid is. You know what i say when you have to spend a certain amount of fats to get the drop to have a chance to get the drone i’m afraid that by getting that ce, the game reset its counter. For me to get the new drone ce it’s like oh, you already got ce, so you have to restart all over again you’re spending to get another city like.

Oh, my god, you need to spend 50k phase again, so you can until you can get another drone Music pricing, sun. I hope i don’t need to be like that at least give me the 301, so i can test. Basically, the third tier one is nearly the same like the ce1, because it can heal yourself by 10, more percent, while the ce1 will also boost your armor Music, so i’m, just hoping that i can get at least the third tier one to see how much shield Does it cover okay, good? Yes? Yes, i got the third tier one, okay, good good good! I don’t need to see you on yep. This is the thirteen one really good yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, okay, god, okay, but we will spam all of the fats let’s see if we can get the ce one. Oh, my i don’t know how much how many box i mean the anti power box that i got already. I think that’s, the seventh Music one Music, nothing, nothing! I got mouse again. Oh, oh my god. I seriously get a lot of this. I think i have like 30 cards or something or even more – oh, my god. I think i already got all of the anti fighter box and 70k fats and i couldn’t get the ce one. Even once and okay that’s it 70k fats and i couldn’t get the c1. I got six times for this and then Music one time one time for the for 70k fans – oh my god, i’m, so lucky i’m.

So lucky i got this ce one, but this is okay. I guess this is quite good, but i want this one it’s. Okay, though we can test it on this one, because the difference between ce and the thirteenth round is the armor. Only that this drone can restore, i mean, can boost your armor by three four five seconds. While this one cannot but that’s it that’s, it 5 seconds is not really that long anyway. So what’s important is this one. I really want to see the drone shield supply skill can restore shield by 10. I want to see whether this 10 is from the drone skill or from your maximum seal. You get what i mean if this from the drone shield, i mean from the drone skill, it’s kinda useless, because, for example, for example, the dream restore 400 shield, yeah 10. Will restore your shield by 440 it’s, like oh, my god, there’s only 40 different, but if this shield i mean, if this skill can restore 10 from your maximum seal, that will be so great. I mean, for example, you have 2 000 k. I mean 2 000 steel points and with this kill, the drone will heal extra 200 skill 200 shield, that’s, really good, really really good. Okay, let’s try to craft them; let’s try carpet and let’s go to arena. I want to see okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, skip, okay, okay, insert run chip, let’s see, sweeping win are more towers.

Okay, and this is all the skills it’s a friendship. Oh, i see what the bot we inserted in here: chip durability, after inserting Music. Oh, i see a song so if you want to insert this new chip it’s better to insert to a newly made medic chip as well, don’t insert it like this, because your durability will only increase to 489. If you’re, if your medic chip has full durability, you will have 800 total durability, so it’s a lot better. If you can insert these to a newly made one so let’s see let’s see the c has 300 318. I want a new one Music. Okay, see if you insert a newly made chip and then with the new chip, you will have a total durability of 799. If this chip is for durability, you will have 800 durability, yeah, so it’s better to insert this new taurus armor to a new drone. Don’T use it on a dying chip. I will try. I will try to insert the chip and see whether i can separate them again or not. Okay. So after i insert this, the drone cannot be disassembled design block. The drone cannot be disassembled or solved. Okay, let’s. Just try it oh look at that Music. Is it oh lee hell? Oh my god, nice spirit, look at that effect, guys look at the thunderous event, looking good ron looking good. Now it can heal my shield right at fancy link okay yeah.

Now it can heal my shield, but as you guys, i mean, as i explained before, that you can only get 60 shield restoration of the original skill so, for example, the the towers if power is held, if the towers heal 1000, you will only get 600 shield From this omega drone, okay, look at that that’s looks so sexy. We have too cheap here. The chip are booty. Now they cannot be separated. We can can we dismantle it that’s right, oh, my goodness, with dismantle Music, you can actually dismantle this, oh it’s, just that the chip is become one yeah omega see: durability, derivatives, 100, okay, yeah! I got it i understand now, so the chip become one. You can still dismantle the to get that to dismantle the part, but you cannot dismantle these two, because it’s already become one powers: chip already butchened with medic chip. They cannot be separated, let’s, try and put in hanger. Yes, please and then let’s go to arena Music. Okay, let’s see now let’s see how much shield this new drone recovers. Let’S see Music need to be in combat, so it doesn’t reconfirm right here. Okay, i have zero shield let’s see how much shield this neutron hills zero shield right now: oh, okay, okay, it heals 489, so it’s just about 500, normal version; 500. Nearly 500, okay, 489, now let’s recover. First now let’s see how much shield the tier 3 drone restores let’s go. Let’S go unequip the shield first Music, zero shield let’s go; oh so it’s, basically really ten percent it’s.

Just ten percent of the drone restore it’s not 10 from the total maximum shield. Well, it’s, i mean healing 10, more percent it’s. Okay, i guess for the bonus it’s, okay, but wow, but you just need to buy the tier one tier one is really really really extremely good. You just need to buy this one. This one is for the sultan. The tier 3 is for the sultan and then the tier 2 also for the sultan, but the tier 1 is really good, because it’s nearly healed the same amount for the tier 3 and it’s supposed to be cheaper right. Ok, now let’s try the omega drone one. The one that we merged into medic chip let’s go. How much shield does it become let’s, see Music. Now we have three shield i want. I have to be in combat check up this and then few people let’s see how much he’ll, okay 300 only yeah that’s, like 60 of the five hundred there’s. Sixty percent of five hundred shield recover so yeah okay. But there is still one more thing that you guys need to know about this new drone. What is it um this one, this one here, as you can see it says the effect is reduced by half if the skill is used repeatedly within a 15 second period. So if you keep using this drone the shield, the amount of shield that this drone restore will reduce by half so it’s, not good right.

If you keep spamming this drone, so i will pass it whether it’s, true or not, let’s see Music, first, okay, let’s unequip. This chill, first Music, sorry boom boom boom let’s see it should kill me 489 and then the second run should kill me to 600 only because the effect is reduced by 50 600 shield now boom, as you guys can see what. Why is it with you? 1000? What the hell well it’s a good battle, it’s, a good walk, though i mean i thought it will only heal me up to 600, but it’s actually kill me 1 000. How well i’m guessing is, if you try to heal with different tier of run like this one is tier one. This one is tier three. If you try to heal with tier one and then tier three um, the rules does not effect yeah. The rules does not effect work for this one yeah, so i guess you need tier one tier two, two three drawn separated. Then you can keep getting one hundred percent still rico three gg. If you have tier one tier one tier one, it will only heal 60. I mean 50, i guess only hill half of the original amount, i’m guessing it’s like that, so it’s better to have tier one tier two and three or three. I don’t know if it’s a buck or not but it’s a good yeah it’s, a good power players and my opinion. My recommendation: is you shouldn’t, merge this chip to midi chip like this, you shouldn’t do this at all.

Why? Because you get less healing and if you can heal shield, why you want to heal hp right, you want to keep yourself intact, like you want to keep your shield full. You don’t want your shield to be empty, so you need to keep healing your shield. If you merge the drone into one like this, you need to empty yourself, first and then get damaged. Then you can use this drone and it only heals 50 percent, so it’s, so bad seriously. Just make the drone normal version like this. Well that’s it. For today, video, thank you guys for watching, see you guys next time.