You can maybe comment down below what content i should make, but for today, as we know, new update new gotcha all right there’s, a new gadget, no update. I mean there is a new gacha here. So thanks for my boss, freaks for lending me his account again again again again forget it, because i really guess i my chart is really free to play right now. I don’t pop up at all at all for like two or two months, two months or three months, because i really don’t want to spend anymore so yeah. Thank you for freaks for lending me this all right. New drone uh fix already got uh. Not that not this much, i think around 5 5 or seven k, i guess freaks uh, and now he already prepared me 100k. What is this is this? Is this box, or something see still not that much, because these two haven’t opened yet let’s continue. So the target of this culture is, of course, this ce drone better. Maybe in this video i will what is it maybe in this video? I will try to review this ce drone and let’s see well let’s read first, there rain proof, of course, see restoration. The drone supply skill can restore suit by 10 percent. What is the difference? Maybe 10 more than the normal one you’re called. Ah ah so this drone can kill any weather problem. I don’t know i don’t know what is it like cold, like high temperature and any negative letters on because of weather all right, i don’t know i don’t know let’s let’s give you a letter.

If we got okay 105, let me check is it recorded? Is it recorded and you can see the sun coin yeah if you’re asking me this? This is 157k. Aha uh huh. This is 157 million global men, 157 million – i don’t know i don’t know uh. This is, i don’t know man, maybe maybe uh next target is 200 million dollar. I don’t know let’s, see guys. Okay, let’s open this one first, okay, so maybe i will make it fast. Okay, wish me luck, guys, uh, because maybe i will get fired if we didn’t get any of the sweet. One let’s go one two three boom, oh armor, plus one all right. We need five hundred. So if we get this one, we will get compressed number six. So let’s open, okay, we continue all right all right, 105, so it’s 6k plus another 6. it’s like 12k. Already what we got only the basic one let’s go: continue: Music, Music, um! Oh! What is this all right? What is this let’s see? Let’S, see let’s, see! Oh, this is the basic one yeah, so the second skin is green. It’S, like i know, it’s this all right. All right. We got the third scheme, all right, oh yeah, about how much i already spent – oh, my god. 105.. 50K. 50K yeah. 50K. Yeah. 50K. I guess almost i haven’t done this one well, this is this. Is why i’m not complaining but yeah? I just can’t, afford this panel yeah, 65, 50k, 50k and 50 plus it’s a lot to get ready.

We already spent Music, we got it guys, so, okay, guys. Finally, we got it i’m gon na send this to fix first Applause, so we go out it’s like 59k left. So let me calculate yeah calculator, 105 plus 6k, because 6 already spent 6k it’s like 111 minus 59., so uh this drone is e1 uh. Knit fix knit 52k 52k for the drone. Man. 52K is more than 700 dollars juice. Crazy me hundred dollar, okay, let’s see it’s fixed yeah; okay, so we got where is it it’s gone don’t tell me: it’s gone Music right, okay, so this is. This. Is the drone i’m gon na show you there you go. This is what it’s drawn it looks like okay, okay, so it can heal let’s. Try it heals 500 it’s really good, though it is 500 500. Okay, and it also so at this moment. Okay, so for let’s see okay, so for now the diamond, oh, the fixed ammo is 131 131 and then let’s try let’s, try to use it. Okay after it heals 134. It increases three point of armor in five seconds uh, and then this is what it looks like the ce one: hey, no, no, no! No! No! Ah, there you go. This is what it looks like well, Music, okay, okay and also fruits are already uh craft. Okay, i’m gon na show you how to combine how to combine uh. I want to show you how to combine it, but i i will not combine this.

One. Wait. I’M gon na check out first this here we one this is, as you can see there, there are three uh medic drone right, one, two three, but can you see all right? Oh you cannot see my cross area wait a second, i don’t know man. You cannot see, you cannot see my crosshair man, so there are three. There are three drone medic right, there are trim drone matrix and there is a lightning this lightning. I confuse how to show it to you yeah this lightning. Is this one yeah because it’s already combined as you can see, there are two of it. There are two tips in one drone. I’M gon na show you so like this, so it can heal both of your hp and your shield, but only only so little so later, uh not as much as the Music that one yeah the ce one all right. This is the ce1 you see like this oops. I don’t see it Music, okay, assemble until an omega tip. Wouldn’T happen. This can be december or so so, once you’ve done this, you cannot undo this okay let’s go. Is it the ce one? The ce one right? I’M, so scared guys i’m, so scared, okay, let’s, try! Oh the anime is so cool man confirm so that is lightning whoa, so we’re gon na try we’re gon na try let’s let’s, not open this let’s just use it guys. Okay, how many it get? What start from 95 so 9 100 to 400 it’s like half yeah it’s, like half guys it’s like 20 from 100 to 400 it’s like 13 30 and 300 uh yeah it’s, almost half life plus minus half, okay, so let’s try let’s, try uh let’s, try again With this until the cooldown, can we get this to uh, i mean to say yeah: can we get attack, power and armor? At the same time? Okay let’s see okay, okay, so at this moment the attack power is 121 and armor 131.

Okay and let’s hear let’s see 121 31 okay it’s increased it’s increase, it’s gon na be crazy, really good again. So if you combine this, if you combine this it’s gon na increase your attack, power and armor in the same time not same time but uh a slightly different time but yeah in one hill i mean see, but the armor is not including see. This is that’s. It for today uh, i think, that’s it for today. Thank you so much for accompanying me in this gacha. I really hope you like it and comment down below what content. I should make and see you on the next time.