This is going to be a hodgepodge update to let you guys know whats going on with me why ive been a little m.i.a and to assure you, i am not going away um, so its kind of like a july wrap up a life update and some announcements. I dont know if theyre officially announcements, i dont, know just kind of a getting back into the saddle kind of thing. So, first off uh, something really exciting is happening. Is you probably saw im starting a bookstore with my wife, uh garden party books is the name of it were opening it right next door to the business we already own and operate, which is a movie theater and coffee shop uh and were really excited about it. But we are in need of some funds to help us get going. If youd like to help us out on that uh, you can. Click down in the link below uh were doing an indiegogo till this saturday, just like august 29th, or something like that. No august 25th – i dont know until this saturday as youre watching this itd be great. If you guys could help out, you can give as much or as little as you want, or at the very least if you could share it. Thatd be super helpful to us. Um as we try to get this going so thats obviously been taking up a lot of my time. Ive also been going on a ton of super great vacations just some time away, and i wasnt able to pre record as much as id really like, but still had a phenomenal time and one of the fun things is.

I recently got a drone, so i got to practice that out. So i did a week in northern wisconsin in this beautiful lake uh by minocua called clear lake. It was delightful, um and youre, probably watching footage of it. Now i like to show off my drone footage, one of my favorite silly moments that week that again youre probably watching right now is the first time i flew my drone. Besides, like some practice flights, i did. I quickly lost connectivity to it because theres not a lot of satellite connectivity in northern wisconsin, and so we had to manually try to grab it from a boat which had a lot of uh hilarious consequences, but it was very, very fun, nevertheless, Music, not true Music. I dont know Music, not true Music. I dont know Music Music, its, not true Music. I dont know Music. After that. I almost immediately went into another great week of vacation with my family in lake tahoe, california thats, where my family went basically every now. Basically, every summer that i was growing up and now that were me and my siblings – are all grown and have families. We try to make it every two years, and so this year was one of them. It was super fun and i just didnt want to work on youtube that week and i didnt want to even work at my regular job, so a lot of stuff kind of backed up, which is why i was away for so long, but guys now im back.

So, to go over a couple things that happened uh while i was away first off, my channel turned one. My first video, i believe, was july 30th, 2020 and its been a year of immense growth. This is way bigger than i ever thought. It would be you guys are incredible. Thank you for accepting me into the booktube community and even giving me like a pretty substantial, at least based on what i was expecting following and interaction and community. It has been so great as a outlet for my bookish trends. Its helped its done all kinds of crazy stuff. Like one of the reasons i have cali whos one of my favorite things in the world now. My cat is because i saw so many great people on booktube have cats, and i thought i wan na try that out and i didnt its a great idea. Probably one of the major reasons were willing to sort of take this risk on this. Bookstore is because i love books and ive realized how much meaning that gives me to build community around books, and i want it in person. So a lot of really cool stuff because of booktube, not least of which also is like. I got to like talk with my favorite author of all time, stephen erickson and everyone on facebook. I still talk to him um, so thats just really cool its been a great experience. Thank you guys for doing that. So much sincerely from the bottom of my corazon.

Thank you also. I finished a couple very exciting things. Most especially is i finished fools fate. Excuse me uh, which is the final book in the tawny man trilogy. I have so many thoughts on this all good and positive. You guys are not surprised that i love another robin hobb book. I did and i do and i read it. It was great and uh my review on that is going to come out more where ill talk much more spoilers. So i dont talk spillers here, but this is great. If you havent started roaming, the other liens definitely do that. I continued on the hashtag skalalong, with chris im, going to put also in the notes here, a discussion we did on some of the other ones uh earlier this month and i just finished white road yesterday uh this got this readalong is going well im getting a Little, i love the characters in these, so its still a delight to read, but the plot elements have started to get a little bit, um repetitive or wrote in how it goes, and so this was sort of a shallow experience to me again. I still like hanging out with characters its only 300 pages, so it wasnt like a huge strain, but did that ive also read a ton, i think three or four dresden file books. Those titles always like run together. My mind: theres, like white knight, proven guilty dead. Giveaway or something like i cant remember, i ive read, i think three or four addressing files and im enjoying it.

It continues the world i like how its being built out um. I do like that dresden seems to be growing a little bit, although im still sort of on the side of things where i do think it is a little frustrating and how uh his male gazeness is, and a lot of people are like. Oh, it gets so much better later, at least now in book, nine still, not really that better um. So i still think thats a major problem with the series, but i am enjoying reading it uh. The other major thing i read so over here. It is here for the milazzin uh. I did uh read return of the crimson guard. My first like substantial ian eslamont read, i read nine of knives, but you know thats like basically a long short story. Um didnt, like it didnt, really like this im, going to say a lot more on a separate review. I have just on this um, but my basic takeaway is in this book. It seems to me that estamont is trying to be steven erickson rather than write like ian eslamont and to me that is a huge detriment to how this story is told. Um, even though, like this, the like the plot itself is pretty cool. Its just not told very well – and i dont think i want to be very clear – i dont know thats, because enos enough is a bad writer. I think hes a good writer um and from what i hear, he kind of adapts his style later on to more his own, rather than trying to tell in such a way.

Steven erickson would tell it and i think thats going to be much better experience. So im excited to get to stone, wielder and some of the the next ones uh on down the line, because this was definitely not it for me. So i think i caught everything up on that. Oh i also uh finished uh. My classics read of last month was Music, uh, chron or excuse me, the death of ivan ilich, which im still reading at the moment, but will finish very soon and then, after that, i need to read the giver and ill have a live show on that with Angela from literature science alliance so much ketchup on, but i think that is the basic update. Thank you guys for coming back and watching after my absence um right now, i think im gon na probably again because were starting a new business, probably pull back on. How many videos i have, but i will try to get at least one out to a week like i said i have a lot of reviews. I want to get out to you so once im able to sit down and do that ill. Try but uh busy times, but i miss you guys, im glad to be back as always.