Your drone see my friend right here. This is chris hughes and he was flying his drone in havana, cuba, and we saw two beautiful big buildings with big faces on it. I broke out my drone when at that moment he was surrounded by military thrown in a police car and then put in jail, no lighting broken windows. I was getting yelled at the reason why well fidel castro happened to be in that exact building. At that exact time we were being pointed at as being american spies, chriss wife hadnt heard from him in over three days, so she called the canadian embassy and luckily a member of the canadian consulate was able to find chris and chris was able to ask how Long am i here, shes told me: she doesnt know it could be two years it could be 20 years and after 12 days, while chris was sitting outside in the prison courtyard in his underwear, a guard came up to him and said: weve decided that youre innocent Of all charges, and then he was just set free.