At least that was my intent when i purchased this drone as a gift for my seven year old boy im going to share why that may or may not have been the best decision by giving you some pros and cons, not so much for you to buy This drone, but to let you know what to consider when choosing the right one for you, Music, all right, so this is going a little bit better today with a lot less wind, but right now the drone should be totally still when im, not manipulating it. Its just got a lot of drift, so you can see im not even doing anything on the controls right now and you can see how much its moving so for somebody thats good at drones. Uh, you know not too bad to compensate for, but considering im giving this. To my you know my son. With my help to be able to use um, i think it would be really hard for for him to fly at this point so um. There is like an emergency land button and i you know i basically just kind of let it drift and then just kind of steering it around like that. I should be able to steer it back towards me, but definitely a lot better than the first few times that we tried to get this out and fly it. In fact i might. I might let him try in a little bit here, but i have another drone.

I have an uh, a confesso f24 pro, which is you know a 300 drone compared to this uh 40 drone, but and obviously you get what you pay for, but i mean i just thought this would be something that would introduce him to. You know kind of the the sport if you will about flying drones. This is something you know, neat and fun to do so. Thats, basically – and this is super hard to film, while im trying to control the drone by the way. So i apologize for the horde camera angle and perspective here, but i just want you to know what uh having this drone its like, particularly if youre interested in approaching purchasing this for a child. Now i say child i realize like on the box. It says for like ages, 15 and up and my son is seven, so i realize hes too young, but i mean you at least its hard to explain how to do the drone, when its not even gon na, really hold still and requires constant manipulation. So, like i cant even get, i i send it down and then it just moves right back up so cooper is flying. His drone all right bring it down a little bit. Push that left knob down Music. Okay, you want to steer it away from those trees. There, okay or go go up. I guess all right dont, i dont want you to go high with it.

Okay, hey bring it down a little bit lower, actually fairly impressed with how my seven year old is doing with this Music. Okay guys. So here it is im going to give you a list, a complete list of all the pros and cons from having this particular drone. Okay, one. The first pro is the cost, its forty dollars its not going to sting as much as if you lose a drone to a crash when it costs you a couple hundred dollars. So you know that being said, i think it is priced reasonably for what it is. Um, it also is just super easy to set up. You really dont have to do anything um it. It charges pretty quickly id say anywhere from about an hour to maybe two hours so thats, not uh too long. It was able to pair up with the remote control pretty quickly as well youre going to get about 30 minutes of flight time, which i also thought was pretty good for this price point, and i really like the emergency stop button like when it was starting to Drift off to the side, we were able to just kind of drop it down into the grass and save it from hitting something really hard. Like a wall um, we havent figured out how to do it yet, but supposedly theres a button that you can press to make the drone do flips and stuff. So maybe well do a follow up video when we find out how to do that.

Okay, now the cons, the drift is the biggest thing for me, its so hard to teach a young person how to to you know properly control a drone when you are constantly having to uh, to compensate for it just kind of drifting away and if theres any Wind whatsoever, any wind at all, like i dont, even know how you would even own this like out uh. If you live in a windier place like uh colorado or new mexico, west texas, i just dont, even see how it would be possible to fly theres. No camera so that can kind of be a pro or con um. It would make it. You know, be more money and you dont really need a camera for this, because youre not going to be flying super high or far away anyway. Uh. It is a little bit fragile okay, so if you do happen to hit something that is a little bit harder, um its probably not going to survive, we were pretty lucky like even some of our harder landings were down in the into the grass okay uh. The last con is really youre only going to get one battery, so you know you are going to have to take a break for a couple hours to charge it up in between um flights. So im going to drop a link to this drone uh down in the comments or im. Sorry in the description. Uh just know that, for whatever reason uh on amazon now its showing a picture of a different drone, ive actually never seen that happen before.

But if you look at the the reviews on amazon, youll see uh the pictures that people uh in the videos that people made are of this black and yellow drone. So im not sure even the product description seemed to get a little messed up at the length. But nonetheless, that is the length that i went to to buy this drone two times now so um anyway. I hope you got some value out of this video.–lJLDG80