So in the meantime, im looking through some of this footage that i did today, i will be making some decent videos. Yes, i will, but while you yahoos are all coming on and before i review some lovely footage of what i would consider to be the new mavic air, i think its important now im gon na make sure that im connected correctly looks like i um takes a While for people to see whats going on and in the meantime i just keep on rolling and rolling and rolling so here we go. This was pretty impressive today. If i can just move it over slightly, then you might be able to see the screen a little bit better, just as were looking at this, so im actually just preparing a little short here in the meantime, while i because, while im looking at the footage, no Im waiting for everyone to come on were going to be spending tonight. Looking at some impressive drone footage um from the mavic 3, so stick around so that we can look and analyze and see what we can learn from that. But in the meantime, when people are popping on im checking out some of the other little bets that i had going on here, let me just say this is looking like its ready. I was getting in ship, i wasnt was i coming up there and then i went in too deep right see you have to just be constantly looking and seeing, and then i started to record again see its just getting that interest for people ill bring in a Little bit more footage, i suppose im gon na have to bring in the second one um yeah lets bring that in.

I was out there this afternoon, so we might as well start from do. We start with it a little bit going like a little reveal Music. It was off to the side like so off to the side i had to at some stage adjust it. Oh there we got a little, but some of the times you have to make sure that youre getting enough footage enough on for people anywhere five minutes to go. How is everyone am i in the middle here? I should be making sure i have all this nice. Okay, so im gon na spend the time im. Just gon na spend the time looking at the new footage, but in the meantime i guess i got ta sort of get some of my own stuff. That was quite nice, so a little reveal just from about there. As it was moving along, oh it didnt last very long that little bit all right, but again were just doing it to the end anyway. I hope everyones week has been going pretty good today was lovely, i must admit so. You can go from the end. Then lets fire that in there anyway started from the end, as they say, uh dont, be afraid to say hello. If you do drop in and lets just see what that looked like yeah well, therell be no birdies in this one and therell be no wind either. Well, there might be a bit of wind but be more the sound of the sea thats nice already.

Look so well transform that make it nice and big for all the cameras that have to be have to be looked at from there and were just starting its amazingly common round. Yeah thats gon na be good. That is gon na be good anyway. Thats thats that and we four minutes left and then we start to look at this is going to be called lets, put it up first, and where are we? This is hoth whats, the name of this lighthouse again, its called um, its called. What is the name of it right as people are coming in, hopefully, theyll, say hello and well be able to get started. The name of this lighthouse and hof hoth, lighthouse hoth of hope, hope lighthouse. What was it called its? Not that one see theres two theres, two of them, one of them is uh the walk, so it brings you to which brings you to which pique head. What is the name of it again, ah oath lighthouse, is it barely barely or something? I think its called yeah, maybe bailey yes, here we go bailey there so well have to pop that in b, oh jump to the wrong section b, a i l y light lighthouse thats. What it is that looks, centered bring it over a little itd, be nicer and white wouldnt. It theres no doubt about it. Well show that well change that to white, ah thats going to be nice light house uh its in hoth hoth in dublin.

We just call it hoth county dublin, there we go and that one will be the second one, its outside of its rim at last lets bring it in im. Gon na have to come down, see these colors not good, not good anyway thats enough of that right. Oh two, more minutes, still two more minutes, um so thats looks like its needs to be definitely needs to be. No, it needs to be thicker. What about that its a bit better? You can at least see it now the light the thats nice there. Then you wont really see, i suppose suppose we could leave it for those who watch it as a real, so we could have it up nice and high. That would be even better. I think now we can bring that one in make it exactly the same, but were gon na have to make it exact two minute warnings right. One minute warning one minute warning: oh youre, right ive got all these videos that we got ta. Look at yeah, dammit, okay, here we go john! Is there in canada with his two minute warning helping us all. I was out today so lets just get this changed to white before oh im, gon na go back to the other font. Now that, now that its there nice and crisp make it a little bit bigger, were gon na have to bring it down. Look at that look at that county, dublin that side that looks good and then do we do the ireland bit oh wrong, one wrong! One wrong one: then we go to the this one here.

Two minute warning has become thats us were starting ireland and show that fill that change it to white ill, have to bring that down a little bit its a bit too big keep the cm. Let me bring it down more bring it down more anyway, thats from today, thats going to be for a short, definitely will be its a little better. Okay anyway, thats enough of that Music didnt come out exactly on time right folks. What about this new mavic air? Oh sorry, mavica what about the new mavic 3? What about it? What are we thinking? A wonder, john? What do you think of it? Look at this here we go how about this. This is a video which i thinks really important to have a look at. Listen to it there, it is first of all, are you gon na get it? Are you gon na get the new mavic? 3 eight oclock, my friends lets, have a look at this beast. Lets turn this up? No, we have to look at it. Tell me that you can hear the music okay tell me that you can hear the music okay. Anyone whos watching just tell me that its coming in nice and smooth, you can see my mouse on the screen and we can take a look at this and we can learn and we can say yeah. This is impressive. Now this was done by stefan forster, who i really like as a drone pilot.

Now was this one of the ones that oh, this might have been the one that david doyle told me about. Of course, it is, of course it is. Oh wait a minute. I forgot to include my overlay on this particular drone. Aha, what happened there? My overlay should be there somewhere, oh well, its too late now um. I should have that done before things got started anyway, rihanna here today and and sonny, and i i know what are the chances im just a hobbyist, mavic 3 is way too bit too expensive. I can hear the music good john. Yes, i dont know im a hobbyist too, and i just think its a way too expensive, but lets see if we can learn anything from this footage. Lets see how long he takes on each scene. Lets play the first two scenes here: hes got his logo tells us what it is its above, iceland im just gon na write down. He starts it. There shows us the old drone. Okay, so from second number did that one for 11 seconds doing them about 10 or 11 seconds? Why would he? Why would he do it for two, so it gave us hes giving us the context now. What i like about this is listen for the sound effects. The sound effects are amazing, its not just a shot, not just no. No here he goes, he brings us in from black into the actual scene. Perhaps ill say what i should be doing on even in the shorts we got ta learn from these guys.

He definitely does sound and the birds are below the waterfront. No and the color correction and the rule of thirds its, not slop. Bang in the middle and hes only got a little bit of the sky and none of its blown out hes got the rainbow going on thats coming off from hes, probably up there so hes far enough away to him capture the whole scene, but not close enough. That you dont even get whats going on im, not too far away that you think that youre looking at it from the sky! No – and you can hear the wind and you can hear the waterfall – and i bet you hes bet hes up there and hes actually got the uh footage himself and even the sound effects hes put on in post just bring this over a little bit so that We can be seen right moves on to scene number two and he does that at 31 seconds. Okay lets see again hes bringing it in giving us a chance to observe it boom. So he did it from 31 to 44.. Okay, so hes doing it about 13 seconds for the majestic scene, interesting but hes going to black, and then he starts again. Is that false blade or slow mo no its normal spade? Because you can see the birds are going at the normal spade theyre flying away? All right, then, he goes to black and he comes up with a little bit of the of the sound effects have come in now, hes on to another scene, straight on so hes gone from black, but hes linked it to the music in the on this occasion.

Gosh, where am i supposed to be sitting here for this to be ah im looking in there right so now, so he is setting the scene giving us a bit longer something to bear in mind and then off. We go all right to the music. Now, how long is this one 46, eight seconds Music so so were looking at it were looking at him, were thinking yeah its its 11 seconds, its 13 seconds, its 8 seconds 5 right on to the next one. Music and weve got 54. He starts it off. Music, seven seconds Music, another seven youre, looking at seven seven seconds, thats all hes doing so lets this for last one and then well be able to just continue watching the whole thing. Drone viral welcome. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome, uh its, not its its good to see. Jesse is popping in to say: hello were really were really breaking. This footage down of the mavic 3 were looking at it and were saying okay. What can we learn from it and were actually just now saying hello, john toner, my goodness, ah youre there nice to see you to see everybody say hello to everybody else, and it is great. So here we go so we moved on to that. We liked that scene that was the third okay. Then we went to this one which we know lasts for seven seconds, Music and its this time. Its up close then this one is 101.

Music, 101 to 109., so youre, looking at youre looking at eight seconds. I think he gives us a really good tip here, and this is the last one were going to look at and then well just watch it and ill talk you through some of the things that immediately stand out for me. Okay. So if you dont notice on this last scene, its coming down from the left down to the right, which is really nice, the really i know this one, the one that is immediately after it, Music is from the right down to the left. So it was left down to the right and now its from the right down to the left. So you know a mexican. No, that can be done in post and probably was if he just focused, and he could have done the ken burns effect, but like isnt, it amazing that theyre all the guts apart from the first two, which were impressive shots, he gave those 11 13 sec 11 And 13 seconds sets the scene for us no harm in that at all sets the scene, and then he turns around and hes once he once its it its giving a little bit to the music at the beginning, 11 seconds 13 seconds, then he goes to black. Then he goes boom to the music and hes up to seven seconds, seven seconds, eight seconds, so its eight seven and seven and thats what hell continue and then its not just no jerky movements at all.

You got ta hand it to no jerky movements, no up or down its just nice and smooth, and even the music itself is nice and smooth. We got ta take this into our own drone videos and enjoy the process too slow down the yaw on your camera. So that it goes nice and slow, nice and slow, and that can be done in the settings too and thats what i was out doing today practicing with that so lets just watch it not enough patrick. Would you stop talking and let us watch the clip. Okay here goes check it out: Music, thats, all right Music. This is another lovely feature where youre actually top down onto things a little bit more abstract, but the same time you know hes like thats, something which hes definitely done look at. It probably done it while flying now, hes going for some abstract patterns – Music, isnt, it art really is its just art Music. Here we go and were coming out again. Hi david, yes, were coming out again and this time its a backwards shot. So we started off were going through this video david, and we are looking at it were looking at it in depth, were seeing how long? How long does he spend on each shot boom 13 11 seconds, then he goes into the smaller seven sex gives us the view of it. Then he does a little bit of abstract where hes shown us some of the glaziers, from above and and into the water.

Again, another whole set and now were doing some backward shots, hes mixing it up, mixing it up, Music and all all within all, between the seven and thirteen seconds, thats it and hes, obeying the rule of thirds nothing blown out of shot and everything nice and smooth Nice and smooth john, my thoughts on the mavic 3, its bloody, expensive and thats. My thoughts on it right now, dont forget to hit that like button folks, if youre all into that, so that this live stream gets a few likes. We only have two likes, but we got a lot more people five to ten seconds as i deal yeah, but he did the first two shots. He spent actually 13. He spent 11 and 13 seconds respectively, and i wonder if thats just to set the scene to settle us in and say: okay, this is gon na be good. Perhaps that was the name of the day of the game, and then he went from black and said right set. The scene boom lets start again and he started it and he started it back here. So he did. He had his first scene showed us. The the mavic 3 okay, okay, okay, were going back again gave us these two beautiful little little bits. Oh each one was 11 to 13 seconds and then boom thats, where he brings us in again hello, any journalist. If youre, new and youre just popping in do not be afraid, please give names, we need names, we want to know who you are.

So i see an e dronalist drone a list. Give me your name. How do i get my channel reviewed? You just say: hey yeah, just tell us your names, i want my stuff reviewed and we probably will and well probably do it after. We finish the review of this bad boy, but look those first of all yeah theyre spectacular and he had movement. But i know it was just its just, but then boom and he goes, and he starts then into his five to second seven seconds gives us another establishing shot another establishing shot, barry nice to meet you to meet you nice im popping your name in here, because Um i do like to try and remember, barry. Where are you from do you? Do you still know my name drone viral? Yes, its jesse boom? Yes, he did. He remembered. You can also check a video of yours, yes, and we will try to remember now any. I take it review, please review okay, any drone list well. Well, let me just spend another five minutes on this. Video itll not go too long, then. Well, we give someone whos new, any journalist. Where are you from barry mullen? Where are you from barry? That sounds like a real irish name, doesnt it anyway. Look at this see what you can observe. Not just me now, look at the angle, hes come down from left to right and then he goes from left to right going downwards and then he does the next shot.

Then he comes look watch the next one see that then he comes from the top right down to the left, with plenty of bits of interest. Okay, one last one of the glaciers which we saw ariel Music and then hes got a bit hes a bit more abstract here, showing us the glaziers up nice and close another beautiful artistic shot, oh its just so nice, again, four or five really enhancing the colors And then its going to give us a backward shot, go back. Yes, what is it with always doing the same shots? No! No! Okay! Of course, the n e is for new england. Now guys remember to like this little live stream. Please um give it an ill show. It keep commenting the more comments, the better and go on to my website and sign up for the newsletter im reviewing your videos stay on the loop. If you like this sort of thing, look at this next one! Oh, yes, i think weve got enough tips on that, one, okay, that is so good. I want to go back to that. I do want to go back to it because it is so good see its forward its back its left to right its right to left its from the top left down to the bottom right, its from the top right down to the bottom left its mixing. It up all with five to seven. Second, shots all observing the basic rule of thirds and all super crisp super crisp and a little color correction, without it being overdone anyway, barry mullen from massachusetts didnt, you say it from new england, its so lovely at this time.

Of year around there, with all the leaves, oh it is, you got it, you got ta, you got, ta love it and theyve just started to. Let us fly over again, cannot wait. I get over to america. Again, cannot wait anyway. Okay right lets see any journalists lets go on hammer, because you knew youre new to this channel so well have well well check it out. Well, give it a go. Okay lets see all right here we go here. We go oh right and it is an e dronalist. Yep lets say: does he come? Oh it didnt come up. First, oh did i spell, i must have spelled it wrong. All right lets. Try it now there he is lets subscribe to this. This man lets see what barry has going on new england. Drone travel guide new videos every week holy camoly. I could take a leaf out of your book now, guys that are on the live stream. Go check out. His things, too dont be afraid to hit that like button and subscribe, we all got ta support each other right now: okay, love; it love it at least over here. Can you see all this? At least youve got your little icons there, which is really good so that we know where we can find you can we go over to instagram too and make sure that youre getting a follow there? He is yes, traveling the south coast and sharing the fun all right.

I love it well check that out a little bit more going forward. Okay, so which video, which video are we going to look at now, make sure you like the live stream, guys dont forget to like it david toilet, john tuttner, and everyone else is on dont be afraid to hit the old like button. Okay, all my tea. I forgot to bring over my cup of tea. I had it all ready me too, im lucky, i im lucky to have a. I know thats, because youre too busy camping going around and camping all over the place. What about me old cup of tea right lets start watching this, and then i will be back now to review this discover germany, your way. Yes, there we go its coming, its coming ill, be right there, Music right! I like the music, oh well! I knew it was going to be lovely trees, nice, okay. Now what now? What about the i see the way i subscribed there, and now we give you another subscriber thats, pretty good, you got ta get a lot of likes. Youve got everything going on there. Whats your favorite thing about fall and people good engaged audience. 11 people all chiming in there giving their bet about fall. Okay, so all right, nine, nine, nine, nine nine! I like Music, at least youre putting things there. Music. Do. You know how much i love you, you put my favorite song on. I put Music this moment Music Music.

This moment. Can we stay here forever, forever: Music, forever Music im watching it first and then were gon na give some commentary Music hold on a minute here? Why did you not put an end screen at the end free promotion, okay, okay, all right, first of all, very good! I like it, i like it Music, okay, so i really really like. I really liked a couple of the shots that were introducing again. If we even look thats a lovely shot Music, i didnt get enough of it Music, all right here we go now youve kept it snappy there, so thats good, thats, good, definitely good! Now that okay, so here we go right im, not a big fan me personally, of music that has lyrics during drone videos. Thats, just me am i the only one thinks like that, because all of the big cinematic stuff that i see, i generally just see it um and im – think im thinking of the scene and im not listening to the lyrics anyway. So a lot of these guys, you will see its all very sort of you, know nice and soft um, so i would probably choose music without lyrics right. So this is your first saying again: you want to practice. You want to practice that smooth shot smooth shot. No jerking, no jerky movements ever in your shots, so you dont want people to know whats with the drone and thats, and that means just that means adapting the yaw and the camera to make it nice and soft and cinematic so that the moves are nice and Smooth okay: here we go Music.

Now i like the way youre bringing it up there, which is really good, thats, really good, really good Music, and then youve brought us into the next shot. This i like, what is your favorite troll? What is your favorite fall trait? I do like all of that sort of thing. I, like a story. I dont just like boring drone footage unless its an absolute clinker that national geographic are going to use. I want you to tell me a story. Tell me a story about whats going on and if youre not afraid to appear on the camera, go ahead and do that too no harm. Now there is a few different contrasts in your colors there, but hey thats as long as youre, not over saturating the footage. Youll be fine, see i would have given that shot a bit more unless youre trying to keep it nice and brief and keep us entertained, but that one only lasted. How long did that one last right, so weve got eleven thirteen fourteen thats, not even five seconds. You know its not even five Music youll get away with it. Definitely, Music and again see the way there was a little clink in it there just a little clunky again say it just said: whoop, even if you there, you could cut a transition in to just make it nice and smooth Music right. So this is what its about its about the cranberry harvest – Music. If youre sad! No! This is just me.

This is just me trying to get the retention. This is just me if youre telling us a story, pick fall right, pick fall foliage in new england cranberry harvest. I would definitely definitely definitely put in that title. I dont know the cranberry harvest um or the the the peak fall foolish in new england cranberry harvest with the mavic air 2 s or with the d and hashtag the title put a hashtag in the title. Folks, you got ta, do it its gon na help discovery at least try to use those those few tips? Definitely, and if youre, a final cut pro guy, which i see you are theres, no excuse. Definitely so when youre exported also when youre exporting it put the name of the drone in the title of the video and put hashtags, please it can only help. It can only help. So you want people now, 722 people have seen this so thats, not bad. That is definitely not bad and it only went up on the 30th of october. So will it help your attention if you do put a little bit more in there? I think, if you put in the the name of the drone in the title, if youve put it in 4k, have you uploaded it in 4k? You have. You might even want to say that at least you put the geography there, which is really good and then youve got all of this going on. So its peak fall foliage in new england, cranberry harvest, perhaps thats what should be perhaps thats what should be going on here as part of your story, you know tell us about that Music see like the guy that was doing his little bit of um.

How would you say his abstract art back in the mavic 3 of iceland? You would have been able to get some nice and youve kind of got it here. This is a beautiful shot. I probably would have put that a bit earlier: Music, yeah, thats nice. I suppose you were setting the context yeah so david in the description here. He has that its the air 2s, i take it thats the mavic air 2s. Definitely really good. Music got some lovely shots of the cranberries in Music. I would probably agree: no need for the fancy transitions Music, some of the shots that youve put closer to the end. I think the one we are going back there. You almost want to put your best shots close to the front Music. I can see the shadow of the drone. I can see the shadow of the drone mummy too just bought the air to ask nice all right. We have mr mavic, mr red mavicker. Yes, we do lee has popped in to say hello to everybody. He shows us his own. This is pretty impressive, too old factory. I love this shot. I actually love that shot. What is it part of the story? Guys remember to like everybodys everybody, please, like this live stream. If you have indeed liked it and dont forget to head over to sign up to the newsletter, if its something that you like david, says, some fancy transitions are okay, but if you use them too many times, these things have been amateurish.

Okay, i agree. I definitely agree theres a lot of them there and i guess, when youre shooting, you probably have to be shooting uh each dont move the drone, at least until after 10 or 15 seconds of flight, so that youve got something that you can take from it. Without any jerky movements, thats my tip and put your end screen in there when youre uploading, it add an end screen. So as i can go on and see something else, these are just some basic stuff that you can get a few more views Music, but listen at 500 at 772 views thats, not bad youre, obviously doing something right whenever you get and all of the comments holy Camolys, just a very engaged audience. I would be saying: love these videos absolutely beautiful best time of year, brilliant on tour like youre. Getting a lot of things going on and all of our pretty cool good work, barry. Look all sorts of things going on. Everybody seems to be theres a great amount of engagement. There look at it beautiful and intense pictures, so youve got an awful lot going going on. Definitely so six to seven. I think you need to be at least well. I mean five to seven seconds is grand its good for each shot, just no jerky movements when youre doing it shoot a little bit more when youre out, shooting it youre shooting 11 to 15 to 20., getting it straight on down straight on down, but youre only Going to know that afterwards, within that at the you know that afterwards, youre only going to take five to seven seconds of that on the best part of it yeah.

Sometimes it happens if you did try to try to do that, so that would definitely be, but youve got loads of people and the colors are great and people are commenting and youre getting loads of and get and thats. Probably why youre getting so many views, because youtubes picking that up and saying my goodness, yes thats good big like and the support thanks and lees going in there too hey look. Some of it is just amazing theres! No doubt about that. Okay, so thats pretty good guys. That is pretty pretty pretty good. Now im going to go back to the video. Is there anybody else? Let me see drone viral. What are you doing over here? Oh, okay, okay, so jesse. What have you got? Youve got something else: the hot air balloon did. I not check that the last day right well give that a go anyway, mr mullen brilliant work, absolutely brilliant loved. It barry love, it love it love it love. It lot. Little tips. There hope that ive. Given you a couple of tips, i hope i may not have, but i hope, aim for five seconds for most shots up to 10 seconds for longer or the more interesting shots. Those are all good tips, definitely and go over and look at these guys here. That are creating amazing ones and learn from them, and even though yeah okay, you dont, have the big fancy a glass here so hard to keep up with the common yeah, especially when youre getting loads of them.

Theres, no doubt about it. Ah, listen! Some of them are real, some of them arent. You know you got ta, just hope that theyre all the good ones uh – i checked the norm. Oh yeah, it was beautiful. Yes, take a quick look at it. Drone viral roan barrel drone viral all right. Here we go okay, wow, ah immediately. I liked it immediately. It went from black boom in we go hot air balloons. 4K. All right also stick in there. The drone youre using because people watch it for the drones flying over dutch landscapes, hot air balloons – 4k scenic flight – with what drone stick it in the title, four dead drive at least youve got glass ears get up there right lets. Get back to this. Lets get back to this one minute and 40th lets watch it love the way it came in, though, that shot Music Music, this so Music, Music, Music. Oh, we have a few more people popping in to say hello. Yes, we do. Hey. Kevin sullivan makes a guest appearance, mikes eye in the sky. Also, nice mikes eye in the sky. Take a look. Take a look at what take a look. Take a look max eye in the sky mike mike mike mike from mikes eye in the sky. Please remind oh well, obviously your names mike yes now, if you havent, introduced almost missed your livestream today, yeah you did you did you missed the first 40 minutes, god damn it anyway were here.

Looking at drone viral and jesses video of the hot air balloon, we did look at uh. We were looking at a great one there of the um. Oh, if i put it away now, i wonder what should have really of did i go back it did. I want to keep that one open, because i hadnt just finished with that, so well open up another one here, go back into drone viral and continue looking at that drone barrel at his hot air, balloon video whats, the music huh. There we go. We got i like the best part of this. So far is the way youve gone from black boom into the first scene. Nice and close. We see whats going on and youre matching it to the music which i like, and then you gave us a little bit. Luckys over there Music and what you should have got even even closer to those trays and revealed it from behind the trays, perhaps youre gon na. Do that please tell me you do that Music. Ah, he added a sound effect. Yes Music. I like that, lets just see that again. Ah, i got a sound effect in there. Nice nice rule of thirds not too much empty sky nice looking down and we had the old car there. I wonder: would that have been even an even better one Music see? Could you have even zoomed in a little bit on that and got rid of all of this bit of green here, where theres nothing happening and left it over to the rule of thirds, especially if you filmed it in 4k, where you have said that well, i Can see it here, cant, i yeah so its in 4k, so your software would allow you to edit that a little bit and just get rid of all of that grain, which is kind of extra, because i would have definitely my eye – definitely would have been drawn Towards that and again, if you could have got from behind the trees here nice and slow and revealed it even at a distance but closer, you probably could have, i think, theres a lot of empty space unless thats the effect that you were going for love that Sound effect, this is obviously at the end, which i wouldnt even have known.

If that one had to be not the beginning, you know Music, musics, very good, guys dont forget to like the live stream. Music. Of course, theres a lot of people viewing the end screen. Wheres the end: what is going on with the end screens? Why are you not putting them in lads? This is 35 seconds so that i can go on to your next video get the end screen in super important anyway, jesse that was lovely. I think i probably the only tips that i have for you is yes, the establishing shot is really good at the beginning. I think that some of your better shots are mixed in there. Definitely this one here that you have after one minute Music would definitely get that in, even though its probably at the end, if the guys coming across here to pick up everything Music uh. Yes, i agree, but its pretty scary, to fly in the uh with hot air balloons. Yeah probably got ta be careful, it doesnt fly into it. Jeez might have problems anyway. It is a great video, no doubt about it, guys for those of you who have joined us a little bit later. Just remember that this is one which david sent to me earlier with the, which is the mavic, 3 and weve been going through. Every single shot of it and weve been trying to learn from it and unless somebody says check out my stuff, i am going to go back to just finishing it off.

Weve been on here for 45 minutes, and we have looked at this fabulous fabulous piece of footage with the mavic 3, which we like and we all agree is very expensive for the hobbyist. We went through his first two scenes, which he has a lovely rule of thirds going on, which were 11 to 13 seconds. Then he went into his to some of his shorter five second shots. Then he brought us along and he did one from left to right and from right to left going down. He may have used whats known as the ken burns effect and post, not too sure kept the rule of thirds going on. Well then, he gives us a little bit of abstractness after this shot, where he gives us three, where its just patterns has plenty of sound effects going on in his video, the wind, and then he went on to a backwards shot, which is always to be practiced. See that with the reflections in the background now, hes got us going on at the golden hour, kept it in the corner and its just a lovely piece of work. But we can learn from these guys, see theyre all smooth theres, no jerkiness ever even when he is bringing us through the glacier here, Music and if it does, he he moves on to the next scene. Music brings us back its even got the sound effect of melting ice, Music and theres no harm of having one of yourself there.

He is the man himself blue jacket, good contrast, remember to wear a really bright jacket, definitely Music and, of course, this big land cruiser hes got the sound effects. Music yeah, some of it youre right, youre right john, some of those backward shots might have been reversed. In post, but the good thing is theres: no people in the shot theres, no people in the shot, so you can get away with it, theres, no birds and no people and no waterfalls that are supposed to be flowing one way. Well then, yeah thats very, very, very possible that he did do that in post and we can just take a look, because there is nothing here. We might even be able to work it out. Music, see theres, nothing there. That will give that away Music. So its definitely definitely same thing. There could have very well have been done so this this could be an example of one yeah. Most of them are as its safer. Okay, although i tried one today when i was out at health uh and i actually flew it backwards, but i could see there was nothing yep. No people are backwards, driving cars yeah exactly now, so so the shot we were saying earlier because he has taken five to seven seconds of it. Perhaps he did just cut that at it there so hes got this coming around now. Theoretically, if that shot? Okay, you could have went round even more and up, but he obviously must have messed it up slightly.

So he just cut to the next scene, see that – and it still looks amazing Music yeah. He probably did that one forward Music and he goes and reveals himself there. Music and hes got Music. You know the music is always in a crescendo. I want to get my watch hours better im way behind. I want to get my watch ours better. What does watch ours batter mean that youre watching the people are watching. You look at that right over it. Music Music were ending with this one folks, because we can learn from it. Look at that shot, but again, probably in post and hes, going from the bottom right up left and thats. The ken burns effect without a diaper see that Music as its moving four thousand knots for monetization. Ah dont, worry about it. He needs so much so many archers to go on. Dont worry about monetization lads, its only going to be pennies anyway, Music ill, create more videos thats. What we got to do 99 of the shots in this video would be once in a lifetime. For me, what do you mean by that it means to be lifetime for you, john, what do you mean once in a lifetime? Youve got loads of lovely places up there, Music, okay, it is nice, look how the lovely greens are, oh, my goodness, Music, and then it gives us a little bit of black again now he brings us. This is in everybodys drone photos with the volcanic ashy type um and then on to his glaciers again for that kind of scenery, yeah.

It is beautiful, theres, no doubt about it, but we all have beautiful places close to us. Not many people would get up there. Leah i hear you. Oh look. Hes got some reindeer hes quite high, now to be fair for those shots, but i suppose he can get away with that and then hes got like a bit of color correction. Definitely went into that contrast of colors is lovely guys. Dont forget to sub to everybody, elses channels that are here on my own. Please do like this live stream. We only have eight likes. All right did no, why is it? Could it be that are people just not putting in and perhaps theres something happening, perhaps theres? No end screens coming anymore. Is there spending too much time prospecting? Oh the end screens gone kind of not. I should have flew through yeah. Of course he did and then lose his drone anyway. Folks ill be ill, be sending on some new videos over over the next few weeks really want to get back into. It went out today folks check my instagram. Please do go on no everybody, elses instagram, but do go on and look at my profile. Please do sub to my instagram thats all im asking well thanks, patrick that video has convinced me to do some winter flying this year. Yes, do and show it to us all right. Dont forget to go on now. Have a look at my own instagram.

Please do go on and check the stories youll be able to see. Look. I was out today uh with my drone, and i was taking some photos uh taking some videos uh. How come you cant hear that oh yeah, we got ta see stuck some of it in there didnt even take off me helmet, and then i even uploaded so look theres me doing a backwards shot. Dave doyle, look at me doing a backward shot. Ah, revealing that light ice, its gon na be so cool. Whenever i get around to editing it, if i ever do all right, okay, now barry you are most welcome, got my notification bell on. Yes, follow me on instagram too, go over to my website and sign up to the newsletter that pops up after 10 seconds and join me if i ever get around doing any of those newslettery things that youre supposed to do and stay in touch. In the meantime, look there was me saying: checking out where am i gon na go next? There was another shot that we did say you got to give yourself that 10 or 15 seconds so that it passes through the rule of thirds. Now whether that goes in afterwards is another thing: thats the name of the game. Please thank you. Thank you for joining me this evening, thanks to everyone and ill see, you is next week.