No. I have been on trying to set this up a bit better so that i dont get any sort of issues like like the ones i had. Last week, where i was all over the place looking for people things anyway, i ive been looking at some of your latest videos, and some of them have just been great, absolutely great, absolutely great. Needless to say, and we were looking at at alan at drone views – media hes got a bit of a compilation going on here, so i like it so lets just see how how it looks on this new format that i have going on. Weve got drone viral. No no everybodys popping on to say hi, because ive been looking at all your videos from beforehand. Yes, oh excellent weve got david over in new hampshire. As far as i know, isnt it new hampshire. I think it is yeah. It is new hampshire and a drone viral drone viral remind me where you are. I need to get all of this. I need to get back on top of things so that we can keep it all going. Drone viral is looking good all right, brandon. Is there too? Yes, he is, oh, just remind me where youre all from now already know. I know that david, for example, is in new hampshire. I know that uh brandon is in minnesota isnt. That right, i think, youre in minnesota. Drone viral help me on the netherlands of course.

Of course, all right right im not remind me of memes too, because im um, i im getting old im getting old netherlands; yes, love it. Okay, minnesota! Well, its been a quiet week a week down in lake wobegon its been a warm week, unseasonably warm for this time of year. People been talking about spring. Do you know that more news from lake wobegon brandon yeah um its uh in saint paul minnesota? Yes, i think thats him used to love listening to him years ago. Well, thats been a quiet week down in lake wobegon anyway. Yes, oh its, so much fun. Yes, j, oh jesse from drone viral yeah thats it drone oh and its jesse. Yes, im! Never going to forget these names again like capture life connection. We got stevie bronx, i think youre from the bronx too arent you arent, you are you in around that area in new york, uh anyway, welcome everybody. Oh wheres me hat wheres, my hat we put on our new york hat tonight. Yes, new york city is here: oh im, theyre going to start flying again from um from ireland, theyre getting it all set up so that youve got a united airlines. I believe its or is it american airlines might be american airlines and air lingus are going to be flying uh directly to the united states. Yes, oz, beach, andy the whole way from america. You just are from australia, youre still having your coffee.

If im not mistaken. What time is it andy? What time is it where you are anyway? Okay, so let me check my setup, fear guys, theres. One thing i want to ask just want to ask you one thing: go over and sign up to my newsletter on patrickconlandtv, please thats all im asking so that i can start to send you a little newsletter. 5 us dollars for the mavic air. Three! No im not doing it im not doing it. There is no way i am doing it. I got ta get ive just ive had enough with the upgrading i have to upgrade. Well, you know i have to upgrade. I have to upgrade still my my laptop. Let me get this computer over here properly. I have to upgrade my my computer 625. I have to upgrade my computer. I want to get the new macbook um macbook pro with its new m1 chip, so thats, where my resources are going to so that my editing can get faster, and i can i can stop any latency its just. It just goes it just just gets too much gets too much now. Let me just do a few checks. I want to get looking at this video. If any of you have done any videos recently, let me know seems insane for our mavic platform. It does everybodys trying to cash in anyway. Drone views media is here, allen may not be with us at the moment.

Let me see if we got weve got a couple of people on here and having the chats having the chats getting ready for the big. Oh wait a minute thats concur. I always mix up my different different um, but listen. Yes, it seems very, very expensive. Here we are looking at drone views, media and his lovely new video on music isnt. It lovely now im hoping that you can see it nice and crisp. Oh look, hes even put his little. Oh, he wow alan had no fear. He went way over the sea. Oh in my video, i was at bread. I didnt just go out that far well. This is really nice footage. The r2s is all i need. I know, could you look at my normandy video? I will drone jesse. Of course i will. I look at it next and you know what on something which is very good. Youve got to go and see the one that i did on saving private ryan, where it was supposed to be like the d day landing. Well, albeit im, not sure if it was normandy beach, it might have been omaha beach, so theyre all sort of similar. But yeah okay! Well, thank you! Unlimited vertical um! I i im happy that it looks clear, no remind unlimited, vertical canada. Correct just remind me, youre from canada, remind me of your first name, because i want to start calling people by their first names, darren, hello, darn, darren, spoonley, photography, nice thats, a new name gosh.

If you have any new drone footage that you want reviewed, do come in, say hi, so i have one that i did with on bray. I did with bray there um during the summer i didnt go as far out as alan at all. Hes got some lovely colors, look wow, ah nice, oh thats, thats, really nice, really nice docky island. Even oh alan is not afraid to use his dji mini too. Yes, sir canada. Of course it was knew and its john, of course, its john all. Right. John sorry about that, sorry, for not your name, dronat yo! He is there the whole way from kerry. Yes, alan isnt, it isnt it alan his dad works in. I think its my best, video, okay, all right well lets get a quick look at the we finished watching this one here, because i believe that drone views, media allen has improved. So much look at that. Even oh hes got the birds there to contend with too. Look at it isnt it so nice. I hope you can hear me all okay, because im working on my on my audio, i dont want that there that should be irelands eye. I wasnt afraid to get up there either. Look the birds might be afraid of those seagulls. Anyone had any experiences with the seagulls. This color is just lovely guys: go over and check out alans videos if you havent, definitely definitely looks really good lovely colors, not too blown out its the birds that i worry about.

Look at that i think hes heading over and he gets out towards the standalone wow, its a lovely compilation. Theres, no doubt about it. Look at that in westport. That must be. Is it crow, patrick over in westport that just looks so nice? What is that golf course? Oh clue, ben westport be heading over there. Yes, i knew it was crow. Patrick went up there when i was about 19 or 20 didnt even get up to the top of it because they had closed it off. It was so foggy. Beautiful timestamp via doctor, i love the shots going up, youre going up, youre, bringing them up nicely and theres lovely smooth footage. That is a like what you deserve more than 677 subscribers. That is, without a doubt, whoa oh thats, on my list black castle down. In wicklow, i plan to go there very soon. Oh my god, youre going right through it. The pressure is on menlo castle. I wonder where that is so. Mama looks like wes maith beautiful footage. That was a great little compilation. Love it love. This compilation got ta, get love this compilation, we reviewed it, we reviewed it, we reviewed it during tonights live stream. Yes, we did. Where are you live scream its? It is not even halloween live stream. If i could type would be a good idea. That was very, very nice right drone viral now let me see this normandy video now i that some of my subscriptions have been disappearing.

So please, please, dont, dont dont think that i have been unsubscribing not at all. Why would i do that? Oh good im. Still up a subscribe, which isnt so bad dont worry, patrick uh, dont worry ill. Probably remember you crashed into the bridge. Please yeah exactly need to stay away from that. Okay, normandy! Where are we? Oh, it is oh, its the same beach. Is it okay? I like it no and now this is the real. This is the real. Can you pop a link drum viral okay, so here i can pop it in here too, everybody please make sure that you get to see this one and uh, on the other hand, check out the one that i did on saving private ryans movie filmed in wexford. Ireland, but anyway, lets take a look at. This looks amazing, love and already i love the fact that youve got a lovely crisp title france, normandy by drone, okay, and we have we have. We also have the likes of david savey, who are veterans so theyll, understand it even more ill. Tell you a story about this afterwards by the way gosh thats it now is it wow is still some wrecks there. What is that? What is that? Wow, my god, hes, not mad love the music love the scenery so far, absolutely amazing, just the fact that its so historic whoa is this also. This is also normandy. Look at that. I didnt realize that its just so nice, i love the choice of music.

The way youre bringing us suppose anybody who knows anything at all about history, will understand how symbolic it is. Yes, most of it is made okay. Well this this, my friend jesse. This is unreal. The lovely aqueduct monsoon, michael, of course, trans view me, i decided to pop in no its too late now, weve already reviewed your video uh. It was really good, though you got ta, go back and watch it afterwards on repeat that is so nice gosh. You could have flown your drone in under there, its just so nice, so lovely look at that is that a memorial church, i suppose, god look at that im gon na im, definitely gon na. Go there. Im gon na go there in the next few years. Definitely i suppose you cant fly any closer. I actually might go next summer yeah. I might i i really its on my bucket list just for for the history thats in it. You know, and you can cycle it – god that was so nice, so nice and i like the way you started it off so yeah well done. That was a really really really great video, and it was so well put together and smooth and calming – and it was just its one of those ones that really doesnt need much of a commentary. I dont think like the store, the name itself. Uh tells it all. Um so yeah, and it does look like pearl lads, all those young lads that all died, but anyway listen its its part of our history and we have to just make sure we dont make the same mistakes again, thats what we got to make sure anyway.

So i on that note, i suppose a shameless plug would be for me to go along and actually put put in here my videos and go to the one where i actually visited the place where they, where was it, where was it? It was uh, dont fill them. Where did i go? Where is the one where i was dont know me too yeah i would like. I would sell a kidney to be able to fly more and say. Michael there you go oh yeah, its beautiful. Now. Where did i do that wheres the exposed this? Is it folks? This is my take on saving private ryan. So if you havent checked this one out, i would appreciate uh a look at it ill pop it in here. Please do take a look at that. One um, and that was me just discovering the place where saving private ran d day landing was filmed because obviously they couldnt fill them in the proper place. But i loved that little trip and i went to look for it and it was great and i crashed the drone too so, but look doesnt it isnt it slightly similar. You can understand why steven spielberg chose that uh. There was me trying to go and investigate for tonight um what we were looking at, but but cant you, you can. What am i doing here so um so yeah that that was that? How now ive lost my oh yeah, so theres my saving private right.

So anyway, guys yeah, it does look familiar doesnt it. It looks very, very similar to the normandy beaches themselves. Anyway, that was lovely. Anybody got anything else that they want to just run by anybody. Any dont be afraid anybody done any recent video. My aunt lives. There lives right there lives right where, where what lives right were allen were where that area is awesome. I spent a lot of time there years ago, spent a lot of time work im, trying to work out. Your comments go faster than what im alan. Where does your aunt live? Is it normandy no im, definitely going to that same bike, so you cant, really drone any closer, but you got you didnt do too badly. You got pretty close to it anyway, folks this has been lovely to catch up with everybody brandon in minnesota uh. I have just uploaded the hot air balloon video. I know i saw that, but do you want me to look at it? Do you want me to look at it? Do you really drone views me hold on drone? Let me see drone views. Media theres bound to be a pop there. Can you not pop the link in directly into the chat and then we can just click on it? What about that, if you want a video reviewed, just pop the link in directly and then we should, because i cant really go, can i go directly no see i cant.

I cant go directly to the videos. Oh and normandy. Oh wow, well, thats, pretty cool! That is really cool that she lived there, no definitely go in there, sensa dubio, as the italians would say. Oh and my story – yes, i got ta, i got ta tell you, i got ta tell you so so when this film came out, um saving private ryan, which kind of highlights the atrocities of the second world war and how how sad it was. I actually was working in america. Would you believe it i? I was working along the whole east coast of america, so it was from philadelphia, new york, uh right up to cheshire connecticut and i used to have dinner with i had dinner. I dont know if it was in in maryland, um or in washington dc, but i had dinner a couple of times with veterans who hadnt landed on omaha beach, but they had landed in ancil in italy, where i have also visited, which is close to where maria Gorettis little places so unbelievable and they said that the the opening scene of saving private ran really touched them because it it kind of brought home the realities of it. Um yeah, so you you just you just you know these movies do do really help so theres a reason why he won oscars because of it anyway, anyway. Enough of that speech, just stick the link to the video you want me to look at in the chat.

Will that work go on, try that it saves me having to go and look for it just pop the exact one in like its it. Then it see its harder for me then to um to get through the channel see. Then i spell peoples names wrong. Uh, dear Music, dear development, no hitch dear valen, there we look again. It says im unsubscribed what is going on right. Oh okay, wait a minute! Oh jesus, oh thats, not you! As an ad youre, okay, holy smokes, nice! Well. New hampshire has a reputation that basically looks unbelievably like normandy, yeah. It doesnt date well, thats why they chose that the scouts the film scouts used it for the the landing anyway over. Here we go to david all right, ah theres, nothing like the autumn colors in new hampshire, yeah isnt there not like it, is so good new hampshire, whats, the name of that lake that you have around there isnt that, where they film friday, the 13th lake, is It lake michigan uh, no, it couldnt be, is does new hampshire have a lake close to it. I cant remember i cant even remember anyway, thats thats thats, the way it goes. Okay here we go right. Lets have a look at this david nice. We got it tonight, cause county, i just subscribed and then it unsubscribed again. I dont know what is going on. Why? Why is that anyway, like if i refresh it, will it unsubscribe me, look like whats going on there, lads look, so im subscribed to the channel.

Okay, all notifications on all right. There we go david subscribed. No refresh me page, not subscribed like whats going on. Do. I have to watch it for a little bit of time or something anyway. David has done something very good here where he has included some hashtags in the title: muy importante, muy importante. So definitely keep that going. You got to do it. You got to do it to get some sort of. So what are you using here? I would also say all you do have the air: oh yeah, dji, drone, mavic air 2 s. Okay, we have it here, have you uploaded it so that it could be seen in hd? And oh? Yes, you also have it in 4k, thats very important too. So youve done all the basics right. Look at the colors tell us more about witness picoski. What the hell is. That was that the name of it. Okay, i made three stops along this route about route 16 between berlin and earl, the rain held off for the most part, okay, giving us a little bit of yeah a little bit of a little bit of a history thats. Okay, do it very important nice? Music? Look at the fog in the oh, the trees. So again i love the title. Nice lets just see how it begins. This nice brings us right into it with a black to reveal lovely nice little reveal into the water colors on either side.

Does he dip down the drone? Oh just before that cuts to the next shot, nothing wrong with that loving the fog. Are you using an nd filter? So if i even like it will anything happen, this better stay subscribed. Look at those trees, god i had a friend from new york city. Actually, he said he used to head up into like the likes of new hampshire and hed. Just be there for seven days, id camping, not a bother that you could just get lost in those places. Oh, i suppose theres bears and everything you might even meet. John rambo yeah company colin raymond come in raven. This is where john rambo had to have to escape to when the boss were coming after him and rambo won. We love that movie good old sylvester, no nd filters that day, wow love it love the trees. Look at the colors just lasts empty up there. Just last so long doesnt it over there beautiful and the musics coming gosh. Look at that wilderness. I said theres some bastes of fish in there. What sort of fish empty up there are you allowed to go around whats? Tell us more tell us more about what goes on isnt. It lovely love that shot when youve got like literally youve got a path or something which just breaks the scene in two, its actually a lovely sweeping shot. You got ta, get on camera, get on camera and tell us stories.

I spent five hundred dollars for a hotel that weekend on a rained all weekend, god damn it. I hate. When that happens, you went up there, you had the drone batteries charged. You had everything ready to rock and roll and it rained all weekend welcome to ireland thats what we have to put up with every week. Thats a reservoir. Some boats are allowed: okay, okay, okay, so dont come complaining to me about having to spend five hundred dollars on hotels. We do it all the time and we get rained out of it. But then you make a vlog about that. You just say: yeah youre, going to get out what you got out and rain all weekend and rain all weekend like come on all weekend or almost all weekend, god, the americans have it so well. Look at this look god! Theyve got the road and then theyve got their infrastructure. Im surprised, theres, not a runway, incredible new hampshire, colors, absolutely and look just nice nice is you hey wait a minute is that you done there? Is that you down there. Let me say: is that you down there with your drone? Is it? Ah? I spotted you. Yes, i did but look at the amount. You definitely would be. Oh you cant even see it. You lads cant, see it because my my face is covering up most of the way: okay, thats, better, really yeah, exactly yeah yeah im with you drone views, media huh alan.

I hear you we we we have to deal with this every week now. You know you guys can at least sort of more or less know that in the summer itll be roasting and in the winter its going to be pretty bad, but an island. No no every weekend is touch and go. You know you cant go out without an umbrella or without a coat and a hat i wanted to get out. I was literally in sligo last weekend and i was about to go on down the coast bank holiday weekend. Rained the whole time ended up coming back to dublin yeah, but the good thing that we have is that it doesnt take us too long to get out there. Yeah thats the good thing anyway, absolutely beautiful! Look at it get on camera and tell us more all right is that a bit much god so calming wouldnt you just oh. Can i take my drone to america if i go back where sorry, not not. If i go back when i go back, that is definitely back on the bucket list. Absolutely beautiful footage. Youve got the dark gray skies not blown out. Colors are just nice and no amd filters. Gosh and thats up to a reservoir ill, see. Now, what youre saying yeah cuz kind day lets go over and have a look whos current day, cuz kind day, whos kind day. You know, because kante maps, why is that new york state hold on a minute, so you were in cuz cruz county? Is that right? Am i dont do your trust huh? Is this this? Where were looking im going over there next year, yeah? Well, i thought it was the other side, so cuz hold on so wait a minute, cuz kind day, new hampshire right, i didnt realize it.

No, that must be a different place hold on lets. Go on lets, go and check this out chris county new, hampshire, ah thats. Oh that looks like the hotel that they made that famous filament wonder: is it cruz county all right, new hampshire, cruise county, okay? Okay, okay, i got it got it got it no is that where they made is that is that, where they made that movie new hampshire cruz county is that where they made um the film with jack, what do you? What should we call it? The the scary movie uh youre, looking to know, i know i know i know i know i got it. I got id love to fly with ray kelly, whos ray kelly when youre at home, okay, so chris kante new hampshire, all right weve got it. Okay, all right: okay, yeah were over here: oh janie mack. Yes, oh youre, very close to no thats a different one, again uh cuz county new hampshire. What is going on with the maps tonight there we go. The shining yes, is that, where the shining was made is that where the shining was made because i know it was made in one of those big places, i think that was filmed in colorado – all right: okay, okay, all right so close to vermont. Yes, that would that that set now, where no whats above gosh, i need to refresh my geography. So i was up as far as cheshire, connecticut yeah hartford springfield didnt, make it as far as boston, but did go down as far as philadelphia, washington, dc and right down to annapolis.

Yes in maryland, where they filmed um that movie with uh brad pitt and uh. Oh, the devils own, i think hes called for a fellow drona. He has his own show: okay drop his channel in. Do we check him out? We have to anyway folks its been lovely chatting to you this evening, absolutely thrilled that you could make it send me. The videos you want reviewed pop them can somebody even the shining the overlook hotel, okay, okay, okay, unlimited vertical, yes, john. We needed you to step in give us some internet movie. Database knowledge, yes, thats. Another location anyway. Can somebody pop a link into the chat just to see? Does that work? Please somebody anybody, one person. Is there anybody even still watching? Yes, there is okay, so at least so many these guys are spoiled. You could never drone every place in a couple of lifetimes. These guys, those guys, no, no, no, no, no drone views me hold on a minute. Alan dont say this: like those guys have it all couldnt get. Ah, we could never get around all of ireland if we went out every weekend, theres so much beauty to behold, but its about creating stories create them stories. Boys create them and bring us along thats, the name of the game thats. What i am going to do – and i have two more videos that i have to review and i am going to do it or two more videos that i have to edit more like it so thats the name of the game for the next couple of days.

You guys these guys are spying on drawing every place. Thats true youd never get around all of america. I do agree with you allen. I do agree, but thank you for everyone who has joined us this evening and thats the beer, what beer im, not a beer. I wish dead anyway uh. Please can so many drone views. Media drop drop it dr ireland someday absolutely you got ta come along direct flights from new york to shannon, can we get a link dropped into the chat, or does it not allow it? I wonder: does it and like i can drop links in? I just want somebody to show me that you actually can um that you can. Actually, i can just click on it then, and go and review exactly whatevers happening thats. What thats, what im hoping so nice? Is there a bit more? Ah look at the head on him. Look at that! Oh hes, a proper drone man, absolutely theres a man in the back of your head there. What was he doing spoiling that pic anyway? Good photo big smiley head. I dropped a link. Cant you, you cant, see it. No, i cant. No, i cant, so it mustnt it mustnt. Let you lads do that. I dropped a link if you arent, seeing it they dont work for non mods. Non mods known moderators, ah jesus unlimited vertical, you know your stuff, huh, dont, juan or john. Why dont? I know all this stuff been out of the loop a bit with the old live streams anyway, folks love leaded catches were send hit me up on.

I suppose on instagram would be the best way wouldnt it and then you can see what can i put on instagram here and do another shameless plug? Please do remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and also to sign up to the newsletter. Yeah ive been experimenting with a couple of bits and bobs, but you know what i got to go back to getting out and getting the old drones cant wait to see yours, okay, good man, okay, thank you very much. Everyone thank you for joining me and i will catch us next tuesday. At about the same time. Thank you now, theres, the little theres where i want you to to check out, can i can you see it there is that going to work? If i put it in like that, let me see going to This is the shameless plug to for my own website, which ive worked really hard over the last little, while so its going to show you there is it going to show you? Surely im allowed to do that youtube isnt as open as it should be? Okay, there we go were bringing it down a little bit. Okay, so make sure that you sign up and that you get included so that i can get my newsletters done for you. Thank you very much have a great weekend or a great week, thats to come and well see you next week.