I do know that you were last week asking for some some some of your own footage to be reviewed. Lets. Take a look were on here very quickly tonight, because um something has popped up im normally here at 8 oclock tonight, im here, 7 30 to 8 oclock to just swing by and say hi, so bavarian sky pixels, given as youre on lets, have a look. Let us have a look and see what why is my own okay lets give you a subscription to make sure now. As you know, some of my subscriptions have fallen off, no bavarians guys. Okay, so do we have here we have the mini. Lets. Take a look at this okay, obviously telling us where it is always good side to do that. Ah, its giving us some views here. Are we just getting pictures three pictures with the mini dont? Do that give us more than that? Give us a little bit more than just the pictures. Ah, okay, here we go bit of footage. We have a hot air balloon there, musics good, i must admit yes, yes, there was. There was too much movement in the trees and the wind for a time lapse. Absolutely unlimited vertical: you got it now im having a little look here at bavarian sky pixels, who uses the dji mini to just have a look now. Am i able to give a little critique that will help you? I hope you say yes, because theres lots.

We can learn here, theres lots of different bets. Now, of course, the first thing i would be saying to you is that you want to get at least three hashtags into your description, so that its easily discovered so please do do. Lets show that my worst video will tell me what your best video is then tell me what your best video is im looking at it here. Im trying to see you tell me just flying around is that it, the autumn walk with the dog oh well hold on. Is this going to be thats the cat? Are we going to get anything more than that? Give us tell us which one which one would be the best one to look at, but we can see some sky here. The autumn walk just flying around or the mini theres. The three lets see whats happening with this doggie out for a walk. Is it gon na? Is it gon na load for us, musics, nice titles, nice me me and my dog id walking? Yes, now we have okay. We would no be interesting to see. I noticed you have the ladder box here, just at the end and im wondering why its not down at the bottom or is it. I suppose it is if this disappears on us. Yes, thats, okay, weve got the moving. Okay, so were starting off along the path. Okay, walking, along with the dji, well theres, the doggy coming in id love to know what this neem is.

Ah, oh i like the way the sky is on this one, a lot less blown out than the one we were going to look at okay using a quick transition. Colors are nice lets see what hes going to reveal to us. Oh, he reveals that yes, but suddenly movement, but not too bad. You can usually slow that yaw down slightly then hes coming back now, thats a better one. Why didnt you just start with that! One forget about the last that just dont even put that in start with this one here that you have okay, that no need, i would be starting it there, bringing it down nice and slowly, thats a beautiful shot, and now weve got our canal showing so one Added less would make it even better. No, it is good, it is good lets not get anybody who gets out nowadays to even just fill them a little its worth. Looking at, so you just cut out the first one bring in the drone to start. It gives context so you as youve done here, which is showing us a nice smooth, shot me and the dots thats the way to do it, get an establishing shot, get an establishing shot of whats going to happen. Its me and my doggy and off we go and youre telling us. I take it thats the little village where we are and and off we go dog walking with my dji so again, hashtag a bit of that with the dji dji mavic mini or whatever.

It is that you use to fly the dji dj. Mini 2. um put the i in there, even if they dont do that in german. But you want to get your four hashtags, at least just so that we know whats going on no nd filters yet thats. Okay, so thats, actually pretty good, probably would have brought the title down a little um, but i get it now. We know that hes out with his dog and hes having a little rummage around bringing hayes. I take it. The other camera is his samsung s9 or his dji osmo 4, again id hashtag that properly in the description and thats, why you lost a tiny bit of control. There oh hold on sorry. I didnt mean to go so fast again. I love that shot, love it. So far, thats my favorite shot this one, as i said, going up no need because it was too sharp too quick bringing it down. Yes, very nice, absolutely lovely! Oh keith joining us! There eagle vp, yes, just popping on for half an hour before the champions league. Weve got real or atletico madrid who are playing against liverpool, well, give them a little watch later. I may even come on again tomorrow night, you never know so its bobby bobby b, baby bobby b. There we go. I like the whole titles thing. Youve got going on nice, its so hard to get a good view of the dog isnt it okay, all right.

So i have this thing where no sudden jerky movements with the drone um like whats, happening there, but listen its fine, its good youre, only starting and transitions and now were done. See i like the mix of going from drone shots to our camera, be interested to know what frames per second youre using. It does seem a tad glitchy at times, but that could be just that its rendered out in a different frame rate to try and match it all up at the end there. He is well bobby and theres that one lovely shot coming into play again: man, city, five, one Music, more dont, be telling me the liverpool result now, im gon na be watching it in a minute. Okay and off. We go up the autumn path. Having a look! Yes and its nice nice little walkway, listen, youre getting stuff online thats, the main thing at least youre getting stuff up there. God took me three months to get my last, my last edit done. I had that much going on. I, like the little flare coming in there in the corner, not sure if that was accidental or accidentally on purpose. Hopefully, hopefully it was, and now were going into the next song now youre going to watch the liverpool game, youre just right, keith, just right its a dji mini 2 on the osmo 4 om4. Okay! Well, get that get that hashtag to put into the description properly a little bit of a time lapse nice! Nothing wrong with that! Musics good! Oh, and this is a walking shot with the osmo, showing us a little bit more whats going on nice.

Now. What happens in this little town, apart from you, walking your dog, giving us your big into your titles? Why not throw some more info up? Oh there he is thats the shot you should have started with hold on a minute lets just establish one thing here: it doesnt always have to be in chronological order it doesnt have to be in chronological order. I would have probably have started with this shot. Not this one: okay, something like this boom! This boy is on fire boom, shot number one transition shot number two boom shot; number three, yes and then cut to your drone shot thats. What i would be thinking, because there hes much more enthusiastic at the beginning, youve only got 15 20 seconds to keep my attention and its a bit. I would have been bringing them in faster, faster speed up that edit. I dont know what im saying is ours. I dont know about that. I want to kept that for a little bit later. We dont know that this field is further away from your house. We dont know that. So, if i were you, i would have definitely have started with the man coming in here. Even cropped it a little bit and then just boom from here, let crap it in there. Here he comes absolutely going bananas over the moon to be out for us walk and there you go one two, even chop it rather than going around.

Although thats a nicer factory three after that drone shot top down and continue along the walk, then youre going to show us youre walking across then you can show us that its all about getting the story, it says hope youre having uh 863 hope youre enjoying the Show, as as all 863 jones has popped in yes, id like to watch a fun nestors live show this evening. Okay, what time is that on eastern time? Well, what is 8 p.m? Eastern time? What times on in the uk and in ireland folks, if there are seven of you watching this little drone live stream just before we head off to watch the champions league, please do drop an old like make a comment say. Hi were always happy to have you here and yes tell me to work away with your drone footage if its something that you would like to have reviewed here were looking at bavarian sky pixels. He uses the dj dji mini 2. He also uses the osmo 4. Hence his his his footage is a lot more stabilized hes, getting to grips with the story, end of things and were just were just shooting the breeze here and talking about different bits. Theres a lovely shot too hes, obviously spotted something. John toner is saying hi to heidi hi um, just another nine minutes left before. We have to knock off and watch the liverpool in the champions league, but hey we may be in tomorrow.

We do have bavarian sky pixels here and he is doing very well with this little edit hes mixing it up, which i like hes, telling us a story about the dog walking in autumn, which i also like and hes giving us a good mix of different shots. Does he look at the camera? Does he know hes sniffing around there smell something, okay and and weve taken what could be a relatively boring subject and hes made it really interesting with a nice mix of shots, its all about the story that we want to tell if you want to tell a Story, if you want to tell that story properly, you want to create enough shots around it to be able to tell it if youre uncomfortable, going in front of the camera use some more titles just to give it a little bit more of context to make it Interesting because you have some nice shots there and the musics lovely too, and it really was an autumn walk. I know i know. I know that the next story that you tell will be amazing – drone63 love the channel, patrick everyone give a thumbs up. Thank you. Thank you very much. Yes, i appreciate it. Please do everybody drones 863, drones. 863. What time drones 863 now, let me see: okay, all right well, im subscribed at least that one stead all right: 3.7. 000. thats, pretty good. This is gordon ramsay thats good, too medic holy smokes for the medicine drug right.

Now, what about your own video stuff? Oh thats, you reacting to different bits and bobs nothing wrong with that. But what about your own footage? I suppose how youre doing a lot of rea? Why have you not got your your green screen on there? You have it sitting in the background, but its not mixed in drone guy reacts thats a good idea, hello, justin, nice video bavarian is a 1a. What david doyle no thats way past my bedtime, so hes reacting to different thats, a good idea, thats a very good idea. Well, i wish you all the very very best with that. Then hes got oh no playlists. Oh, we need to get you get some playlists going there. What about you out and about oh here we go three weeks ago, god youre flying with the amount of footage that youre uploading, oh hope, im not going to get a copyright strike there with this music. Oh thats, a night there we go. Yes, i forgot about that. Little trick, hes good at the old editing, oh drones, its xx3. Yes, nice, look at the lovely area youre from too and thats a lovely shot. Look how nice! The sky is not one bit of a blown out, something which i cant always claim to be good at remember. To like this little live stream lets chat more in the coming days, because we do. I like that. Youve got a little bit a lot of reaction.

Video nothing wrong with that at all a bit of a reaction, video Music. That could be giving me some good ideas here. Oh then garyvees uploading, stuff there, yeah thats, very good, see the way youve got see. Hes got his hashtags in there absolutely right, oh yeah! I suppose, if you mention it anyway, bavarian sky pixels. It was all about saying hello to you today. If you havent subscribed to drones 863, please do drones. Drones863 get a few playlists there so that if i just want to watch the reactions i can or if i just want to re watch you flying, i can and then youve got some tick tocks going on doing a lot of. I suppose i suppose, are these shorts, not too sure progression. My progression over the year. Well, thats all the different bits that youre at im gon na get a good look at that later on anyway, unlimited hi to everyone in question. Thank you very much for joining me on this very, very lovely tuesday evening, here in ireland in northern ireland tonight, not in dublin and off we go on which jesus looks like theres somebody whos dead behind behind me. There oh work on that playlist, yes, so that i can go in and see all of your drone footage directly because i dont know ill react. I, like the reactions to some things, but i dont know if ill, if im, that much into the old um grand theft auto at the minute im, probably more into watching a little bit of fortnite being played.

So all of that sort of thing. But yes theres plenty going on there, just if i can get a bit of order into it, then its easier for me to find the stuff that were talking about 20 to 25 views. Oh very good! Look at you putting up all of your upload 200 uploads! Twenty thousand views, my god, nice god theres some good stats there, my friend, yes, anyway, folks, i will see you so later. Oh look at that looks like youre, oh youre, doing great. Why do i get one of those things up to say how im doing how i dont think id be getting that many views? Would i no i wouldnt say so, but listen channels going well really well guys, lovely to say hello to you all dont forget to like and subscribe if you havent done that already give this little live stream a little like theres, eight of you watching it and Only four are given a like, not cool, make sure that you like it and help help with my stats on bavarian sky pixels. It was nice to be able to look at one of your videos, look forward to seeing more again im john and david and and keith from eagle vp thanks for joining us, and i will catch us all again.