To show me if i am live and then ill be able look. If i do this even go up here. I need to make this screen as easy as possible, so i always have to come down. Then i go back up then. I can go like this. Ah man thats even nicer, look that makes it and then we can get the whole screen. Then, if i go like this, we can. Then we can do that. Yeah thats, not bad. Let me see one two one: two: how are we hey? Music? Yes, i know, i know i know its a bet. Now i wonder, will i will you be able to hear my volume right? So bottom line is missed. Yesterday, promise im going to get back onto a schedule where we are oh, i wanted to go live also over here. So if i do this, then we will actually be chatting to people in instagram also. So i am very, very sorry that i didnt come online yesterday and that there was a small issue regarding uh timing. So i apologize oh, if theres anyone live on instagram im, just gon na have to go over and say hello to them for a second. No, let me want to, i need to just do a few checks because im not in my normal office scenario, right now, im in a different office, so i have to just do the odd check to make sure that we are hi anyone whos on instagram im.

Just uh, saying hello, gon na do a live stream here on reviewing peoples. Drone footage – i do this on a thursday evening, usually so or sorry on a thursday evening last year, but now were changing it to a case where we are going to be going live on a tuesday evening, but this week i messed up so its wednesday. Now what i do need to do is just check in to make sure that this comes across. All right now do a little check here. I think you can hear the music cant you yeah. I think you can hear the music too. This is just a little sound check. Tell me if you can hear it: okay, because im using this mic and this mic kind of doesnt doesnt, really its one of these surround ones so im not too sure anyway, for those of you who are joining on instagram. Please do go over to facebook or to youtube and lets get started, who who, who has been doing yep music come here. Thank you, brandon. Thank you for letting me know all right and then, if i go at and i put in the name, does it come? It does look at that perfect, okay, guys if youre joining me from instagram remember to head over to youtube and watch us review. Some drone footage and of our live stream peoples that are here. We generally tend to go in search of their stuff, and i was just looking at ireland from the air there and it was just beautiful and we have some lovely little bits anyway.

Im only going to be on for about 45 minutes this evening. I notice that my internet connection, just isnt great, would like to be able to transfer it over, but id be afraid of losing use, but hey, apparently its supposed to be all good anyway. Dont forget to like, like like the live stream and to let me know how youre all doing because im keen to. I should really have this a little bit like watch this, so i should really have this display captured. If i now we get right into it. In just a second, i just want to adapt here. If we go control – and i go to the filters, then we can, on the filters just adjust this little crop. We put it at 250 there, which is fine, and then we will go back in go back in and we will do a little control here into the filters again and well just adopt it a little bit to the left. Lets put it at three: oh at uh, that was at 250 before and then on. The right well put it at 200 lets see what thats like is that more or is it less no and we put it at 250 thats the wrong side so its the left. I need to put it at 300, oh yeah, and then oh no. 250. We put it out there top right. This is the left, so the left will be 200 yeah and 275.

There we go what about 300 thats even better last one 350 and one last one 400. There we go now now were in a better position. You dont need to see all of that. Okay lets see who has drone footage, hi everyone, if youre not just come over to youtube thats. Where were doing this particular little uh live stream right. Who has footage? Patrick, you said tuesday night wednesday? Is a black ops night yeah? Sorry about that, mr red! Sorry about that, but i let you down last night so now im, i will be doing it on tuesday, but i, but tonight were doing it on wednesday. Just because of the way things worked out so dont forget to hit that like button and dont dont dont forget to share it with your friends. No, i can see the comments here can see the drone footage up here. Anybody who wants drone footage reviewed shout in the meantime, look at this ireland from the air look hes got a little hes got his little logo up in the top isnt that cool i like it and nice music. Oh, that just looks amazing. I have to get down to west cork theres, just no doubt about it. Theres just no other way around it. I have to get around to it and im gon na do it. I promise lovely choice of music. I, like the greens, has there been any color correction done? I wonder i just wonder Music, it doesnt seem too bad its not over over oversaturated, which is something which weve got to take into consideration.

Anyone whos popping on from instagram go over to youtube and watch me review some drone footage and, if youre into the drone world join in the chat, follow those people that are around and yeah. We can all help each other typical, irish timing, why? Why is it typical irish ty yeah? I know i know i promise not right thats it, okay, ive apologized. I will learn apologize again next, what day, what day next tuesday, 8 p.m is when these live streams happen. I apologize for last night, but it was a friends birthday that id forgotten about and i had to go out to the mail. The color looks tremendous. It does just not such not overly saturated, musics, good, soft and smooth got a great day and lovely rule of thirds hes keeping this in the middle Music and youre, seeing the whole of brown tree bay. This is a bit loud here, so well, just pop that down the slightly are lovely look and nothing is overly overly exposed. No whites that are blown out. You got to be careful with blowing out the whites, especially when there are clouds going along. He hasnt done that at all Music. It is an amazing part of ireland. So if you havent been there, you got ta, you got ta, you got ta check it out, Music hold on. If i go like this, oh is that too much might just be. We keep it, we keep it, keep it to that size for now, oh a little transition.

Oh, i love the top down and and when youre doing the top shot, you really do want to always keep lots of contrast, different colors and this when its over a rocky beach again hes, not too high hes not going to you dont want google earth. We do not want to google earth image of our drone footage. No, we dont, we just want it to be high enough that you get to appreciate it and there hes just above the level. Look hes high theres, no doubt about it, because there is the path but hes bringing us along and its just you just dont want it to be to the point where you cant see anything Music now remember to like remember to like the live stream. Thats all im asking – and i want you on soon – my new website will be live and i want you to join up in the newsletter so that you can keep an eye on everything. Thats, going on therell be lots of free stuff and lots of stuff to help you as a drone pilot. Now i cant believe hes only had one like thats mad anyway make sure i did. I comment on that one. I thought i had huh anyway Music. Oh mr redders gon na give us one top down thats what they say in ireland. I heard birds eye as well: yeah top down birds, eye, listen its beautiful and again look there. You got a guy god hes, pretty close to the edge of that cliff.

What the, what the hell you just cant see it on this look. Let me show you, let me show i got to bring ive got three screens here. I dont know if you can see it. Look at this guy look hes just right there. Oh, if i suppose, if i moved over like this, that would work too yeah. Does he matter? Look at him sitting right there, god that is dangerous dangerous anyway, you dont want to be making any mistakes and youre beautiful beautiful, have to say that no doubt about it and hes, using the transitions well, nice and fast, and to the point just right out on Baltimore bay and that believe it or not is were baltimore in the united states from what i understand thats, where its name comes from. So there you go all you american viewers. This is the original baltimore, i wonder, did the ships of the famine ships leave from baltimore any historians there keep us posted now, hes going to look now hes, giving us that lovely shot which is coming in and lowering the camera at the same time and thats. What keeps it interesting thats one of the key best 20 shots has to be said. If i was sitting like that, that would be even better best 20 shots instagrammers come over to youtube, join in the fun there. We are patrick, b, conlon, okay, right, hello, everyone who has just joined me recently. I thought it was lord baltimore in there somewhere.

Oh, was it well, it might have been. I thought baltimore was. It was from the irish port in cork or hmm famine, ships. All the rest, but listen, im, sure theres a historian will let us know that the greens are like that all over ireland. Yes, they are now you can bring them out slightly. You just dont want to overdo it very easy to overdo it very easy Music. Oh mr red mavic, air, uh heres, one of my news from the other day it actually marked at us and didnt, even show us it um. Oh, what happened? Did i uh approve it or how to prove it? Oh, i thought it was lord baltimore there somewhere. I probably was look at you being all diplomatic and not wanting to say youre wrong, youre wrong, patrick its from lord baltimore yeah. Well, im! Sorry! Okay! Anyway, guys! Please remember to smash that like button as we go through the footage – and let me know if youve been up to anything and do you plan to get out so theres that lovely reveal shot coming down Music, beautiful god, you can even see the where the glaciers Would have just slid off there during the ice age now you know you know that im, a big fan of stories make stories with them. Please make stories with your drone footage thats, where i want to be thats what i want to say. So, please do its. Not its not three weeks since ive last flown drone views media hold on a minute its been over two months since i last got out.

In fact, i charged my stuff the other day and i still havent gone out so im not impressed, but i have a video dropping on sunday. The second one of my killarney trip so make sure you check that out when it comes when it hits the hits. The youtube world definitely nothing much happening over on instagram yeah. These guys, these guys and instagram just isnt as as popular when it comes to the live streams. Right, do remember to hit the like button and to interact yes now. Anyone anyone whos watching at the moment have any of you done anything. I do chasing drift cars capture, life connection whoa. What was all that about? Oh, is this: what youre doing on a wednesday wednesday, black ops night, all right, thats good? That is so good. That is so good. I wonder what you play it on thats. What i would like to know anyway, that is just great okay. Here we go lovely Music. I think its done very well see theres lots going on, which is the main thing. Youve got a lot of different things happening now: Music and the footage it doesnt, even look its not even sped up, which is brilliant. Nice little reveal look at the way he did that thats a lovely shot. Look there. He comes how nice the way hasnt left lots of sky and keeps it super interesting. Baltimore manor was the name of the state in ah of the estate in okay, baltimore, all right, sorry, patrick, okay, all right whats up everyone, whos joined yes, wow good, one to know Music im, definitely going down there.

Even oh! No, it looks it looks like you. Can actually, you can actually get fairly look at those islands beautiful, just beautiful Music, all right liz, anybody whos watching at the minute anyone done anything carving, creek, prince curving creek prince lets have a nosey. What is it curving, creek prince lets see what youre all about youre new on our live stream. Let us see whats going on and now well have to put oh there we go. Oh im subscribed also oh yeah Music, this wasnt, the one that we looked at last week, no im a marketing manager but im, not an analyst thats. Why? I use a ruby, not google analytics. Oh yes, i remember this one guys from april have a look at this look at how you start it. Oh, my goodness, from annapolis in maryland, usa, i love it. Oh dont tell me youre going to start with that and then just show us the city wheres. The story put some text in there guys dude dust off that look at that nice little sound effect, not too high same thing, a little bit of color correction. There thats a great way to start it, but you got to give us more give us a story. Okay, so i see that – and i think all right hes going to say something to do with the close to the beach. Well, it obviously must have a little bit of coast. Look at that, its just the perfect picture, an apple ah, its, not ann harbour, though annapolis.

How close is that to merlin itself, gosh doesnt, it look well, cannot wait to get back to america loved, it absolutely love america, and i spent a great summer there, working in new york, city, philadelphia, cheshire, connecticut, washington state loved it okay, but this is the reality That a lot of us have, you know a little bit of coast there. There might be anything too interesting. I would have put to some sort of lovely title, just saying what it is youre going to show us suppose you have down there love the sound effect. Got ta hand it to you, especially around the waves, get some sound effects in there. You have to you cant, not the edit. Is everything no point in just flying around doing nothing, none no need anyway. We love that intro just play the footage. Patrick okay, im. Not gon na touch it im just going to play it and comment as were going along nice nice. I droned the tallest folly in the world massive in halifax 1875. Well show up to us, mr red mavicker, get off your black ops. I wouldnt recommend visiting those anymore Music. What visit? Why not? Why would you not recommend it? I take it youre talking about my visit to america. Look at how lovely it is. Youve got the church right in the middle of the roundabout Music. Oh my god. Look at that roundabout! No, oh! No, can you imagine the people going into town on a sunday and having to stop at 50 dozen times in the middle of the roundabout? Ah, some pastor minister turned around and said no lets build it in the center of the road yeah and all the cars will have to stop, and then we can teach them a little bit about jesus Music, so youd have to stop all the traffic.

I can just dont go for coffee at 11 oclock on a sunday morning. Oh mr red, we will get. We were oh nice, oh thats, a nice bridge Music, saint johns college over in maryland, lovely absolutely lovely, make sure now that you hit that like button now, let me just tell hit this Music okay and if youve come on just just just say hello: oh carving, Creek prince your, your sky is blown out. You need to get an nd filter on there and adjust your levels just saying just saying hope you dont mind the little bit of feedback. Oh you had an nd filter 16 up. What happened there over character? You do have an nd filter, huh, so thats, probably why thats quite low, but then you got ta manually, expose, i guess anyway, its still beautiful. We love it. Thank you for sharing that lovely 4k cinematic drone footage with us and ending again with yeah. Okay. Now i hope youve put in your cards at the end to increase. Oh, please tell me youve put at least the cards in to say, dont forget to like and subscribe. I dont think you have. This is just gon na end. No no get your end card in there, so at least we continue watching your stuff anyway, no doubt about it, some lovely stuff now last week this is the last one for today. Mr beast obviously comes up mr red thats, who youre up against mr mr mavic air.

Where do you call your channel again? Where are we? Where are we, mr red mavic air youre up against mr beast and mr bean? Ah, no, no, its gon na be so hard to beat that on the algorithm, but anyway there we go mr red mavic air. What do you have? What am i looking for here very? Why am i unsubscribed? This happened last week right? What am i looking for? Oh here we go. Oh oh, that halifax! Oh yes! Now i get it now that biting makes sense. Okay, welcome to my droning chat, got ta move that title up a little bit because look whats happening here. You cant, if youre kind of getting caught in behind the youtube and all that sort of thing anyway, you ready for some good old criticism, ill, get the cards and do carving creek, prince lovely, all right, tallest, foley tall, moniker, largest foley largest tallest foley knives. I hope this is the one were talking about in halifax kings cross in yorkshire, right thats, your intro, i take it yeah. Okay, god picture i cant say subscribe to your video. Put that title up a bit higher. Would you a bit of a time? I know i went too far what oh man, ah its still its okay, its okay, its okay, subscribe, yeah, okay and then some whoa that was the title, went where to oh its gone again: oh cam calvin crew prepare for takeoff love.

It shows your personality. Yes, i like it but move those titans up a bit, dont be afraid, hi everyone. How are you doing? Hey the big man himself, um? Well big, i mean perfectly sculpted, greek god. Ive got a video for you today. This tower is massive: okay, just like mine. Oh, have you just been from a ufc fight with those gloves on, or were you on the motorbike, oh hes, in the middle of a graveyard, and it is really high? Okay, its windy im going to try and draw on it. Ive come on me back from um love. It love that youre getting in front of the camera. Yes, that is the ideal ideal where to capture your drone footage, tell the story bridge to halifax right and wed: never go its really windy, so ill do the best. I can here ill hear you about the wind. I hear you about the wind. I hear you so hope you enjoy it. I like subscribing everybody, hope youre all well and keep making videos thanks. Perfect perfect, just give us a little intro. Thank you. Look at this, and now he gets off the camera. He says: yeah, okay, now im just going to show you its massive all right massive tower in halifax here all right! Look! How high that is! Oh robert glaze youre welcome anyone. Whos joining us dont forget to hit that like button subscribe to this channel, if you havent already and everybody else is joining in the chats and people on the live – are disappearing.

If theres anybody coming on there, we go if anybody joins from anywhere else. Come on to youtube were reviewing drone footage, live so come and check it out. All right keep going yeah. This is the tower yeah ive rode from hebden bridge to here, Music and looks well looks well built. It does does does is built all right there. We go bit of a story 1871.. It takes out it took them four years slowly and show you just how tall this is: okay, nice, that is top it is tall anyway thats it well get the drone up and see if we can see all right. Okay, so this is where the drone started. Nice little reveal coming up and thats with thats with the the mavic air. I do notice, though i mean this in the nicest way possible. It is just the the frames per second. What are you do? Are you doing it in 29 frames per second two right, so you might be! You might be there when youre doing it in post? Are you rendering it at a different shutter speed, see that little that little tiny, glitching feeling you dont want that if at all possible, no probably 9 out of 10 people wont even notice that, but i noticed it or have you slowed it down slightly see you Could have had loads of information over here too, where youre set as youre as youre, showing us that, oh, my god, its just going and going i dont mean i dont mean it.

I dont mean its not boring or anything, no, its really good, but im like, like its so tall, its so tall that its taking you forever to get that thing over. On top of it, oh a bit of like a celtic cross there. Oh, you didnt go up to the very top whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Oh, were going to get it leona: okay, okay, okay, okay, it is lovely footage, its lovely! No. I uh yeah yeah, its lovely its nice, but some tower its got. Ta help. The fella has to go to the top there to pick pick up or to clean all the bird food, its very good im liking it. Ah, okay, now were going to see a little bit more. Ah, the birdies. No, are you just going to come the whole way down again, i like the music yeah, its really good pigeons kept going forward. Oh, i didnt realize the old pigeons were out of two one: two, one Music. Okay, i hope theres no copyrighted music in this video because then my live stream will get knuckled dead on the knuckles Music. Why are you not using some transitions here to see any time you get a sudden movement there? Would you not just clip the footage and get rid of that and then just start it again? Whenever it uh becomes sort of half stable and that way it gets rid of that jittery bit its just a simple cut and then perhaps overlapping it slightly with a very fast transition.

That way, you look super professional now i know you are super professional. I know that but im just saying Music its, like those people that say i liked it, but god dont, you hate those people dont, you hate those people. I do well its a strong word. I dislike that web. That was a great that was a great shot. Yeah just awarded you Laughter good evening, david doyle, youre, obviously not camping out tonight, like you were scotland, with all your fancy photos on instagram yeah, all right, thats, not a nice, its and uh. I bet it would be a challenge to keep clean. It was very well, i know it was very windy. Dont blame the wind. Well, i suppose you cant blame the wind because yeah yeah and you were going straight up yeah, but well what about a reveal past and over and st instead of just up and down. I want you to go back to that spot right. You do a bit of a reveal there. Okay, i probably should have gone Music there. We go all right bit lower the music, its good, its a good video. It is, but you could have made it even better with just a few small tweaks, and you know it, you know it, you do know it well im going to give it look. Look i s what is going on with the subscribe and unsubscribe. I subscribed to you not two seconds ago and then it unsubscribed.

Why did that happen, or did you unsubscribe me? Oh no whats, going on anyway just make sure that youve got your subscribe people subscriptions and all of that. Okay, let me see imagine building that yeah yeah. Imagine whats the story like how many people did build it. Okay, we know when it was built whats it used for largest folly. What does that mean? Does that mean its like a lookout post give us some more details for us uncultured people. Let us know bye to the next flight. Oh you moved it up there, oh thats pro, ah tony, when i hover over it. Okay, i pay no attention to all of this. This is my kids watching stuff, okay. Well, that was that was a good review. Definitely um and you do have some more things going on, look see the way that unsubscribed again, why is that is not good? I just sort of clicked on it. Look its unsubscribe me again subscribe now. If i click on it. If i go like this, if i go to, does it unsubscribe me? No, it didnt that time anyway, just watch that lads look unsubscribed again. Why is that gosh? That looks like its going to be such a good video, but were in no time because its its 35 minutes today didnt want to go too far anyway. Folks lets get out and do some drone footage. You can go up on bank holidays 400. Youtubes algorithm is a right pin.

Yes, i know bird frightened, you to death im sure he did god. I ive had some close calls with the birdies yeah, but listen. They think aliens have landed theyre already living among us. As they say, all those alien, uh, ufo expert folk anyway, the stream is dropping. I know david. I have to get that sorted out. I got ta get that sorted. I forget what i have to change to get that now that isnt great i might have to just go to my settings. I dont think i can do it while im live. Can i the stream no ignore streaming, ignore streaming service setting recommendations? I dont think i can do that while im on, but i do know it isnt great the coverage at the moment anyway. Folks. Thank you very, very, very, very much for joining me in this live stream. This evening, um, i will be back to my normal office. Studio, this is another little setup i have in my other place in my other house, so um yeah uh. I look forward to seeing more videos. Yes and seagulls are the worst and mr red mavic air, brilliant to see you on screen keep that up thats what you want to be doing, and you want to be giving us those intros and making a proper story. So anybody whos not comfortable going on camera. Dont be afraid, and if you are at least put some text of what youre at create a story, dont just whip up drone footage for the sake of whipping it up.

No, i must have read that. Did you do a live stream? Did you do whats going on here? Are you in front of the camera with the girlfriend and we went to this beach and i thought the plan was to fly out: hey thats, better youre, giving us a whole intro. Why didnt? I look im unsubscribed again and this was just a week ago hold on. Why am i not seeing those videos four days ago, but then youve got this one where youre explaining? Where did you go? Where did you go? I like the way youre talking through it? Oh, look at you, your fancy little pad there for your taking off and landing Music. My goodness gracious! When all else fails. You must trust your drone. You have no choices and this is a place called land regis right um. I went here with the girlfriend and we went to this beach and i thought the plan was to fly out here and get going, but i didnt want to go anywhere near the people, so this is good, strong safety and straight away. I knew something wrong um. My girlfriend saw some birds coming around some seagulls and i saw something and i thought to myself: oh this isnt good, you know! No, so i thought right, ill click it into sports mode. Now, oh and cane, as much as i can and go higher as im doing it so try and get higher than the bird and try and get out of the way.

So if anything goes wrong its over the sea. Okay, so i have no problems: hey youd lose your drone. My theory was im im free now, im in sports mode im going about. I dont know 35 miles an hour, okay and im getting out of the way and im thinking im more out, but the further it goes out. Okay, i cant see it okay. What im worried about mostly is uh just getting away from this bird. At this point, its not that im doing so, im liking this story, scenic filming or anything like that im just trying to get out of the way all right, whats that its a bit blown out there up at the top whatevers going on. But – and i know thats not the objective of this is about the story. I know the second thing went wrong, um what i have a big phone i used to have a big phone before i changed it for this one dont start telling us about a phone. What phone and what did you change it to dont, give us half details and it came unplugged at this point now Music and i was totally stranded at the other side of the beach heard, without seeing anything on the phone. Oh and not knowing what had gone wrong – oh okay, oh i missed that. There come on. Just go back came unplugged at this point now it came unplugged and i was totally stranded at this point now changed it for this one and it came unplugged at this point now it came unplugged and i was totally stranded at the other side of the beach.

Okay, without seeing anything on the phone and not knowing what had gone wrong now, i was worried for two reasons. The first reason was: is it gon na come back? Is it gon na right well its hovering land on someone when it comes back, okay, mendes, drawn ups, mendes, Music, stormy, youve been knocked out of the sky, i dont know or broma depended on the errors ordered. Although the scenery is really nice. Okay and its really nice at this point now yeah, you just want to get that bad boy home im in a real panic. Now, what i should have its just kept calm, really, because the drone did what its supposed to do it stopped when it lost connection. It stayed there for a second, i think its 10 seconds and then it turned around and started to come home and i thought you know thats what it should do. But at this time, when im stood down there on the busy beach front and the girlfriend saying you know where is it and im panicking? Where is he i cant get connection back im struggling? I was really you know. It was one of the worst flights. I ever had failure pain. I feel your pain just waiting and waiting and waiting. Although this video is only like four minutes im explaining how stressful it can be when this happens, i know we all know how important it is to just keep calm about it.

Theres. Nothing you can do, keep calm and carry on if the bird would have hit it out in the sea and it had gone down then i couldnt have done anything anyway. Now at this point its flying right over my head now – and i can hear it coming back – i mean im too busy concentrating on. Have you put a little sound effect in there trying to get this signal back on me, trying to get the app going again because the phone was a bit like dicky, you know and then its one of those things that youre there and youre panicking, and then Things that normally come to you that are quite easy, oh its! I was next to a lamppost, which would be even more so if it did land and it was a bit off either way – oh puerto rican, puerto rico, but im in new jersey. Yes, it would hit the slab post and maybe rock on to the front. I know you know how long it dont get dramatic on us, its not going to hit a lamppost. So on top of that the seagulls are going mad around it, yeah well, thats thats. What you got to be worried about, i dont know if you can hear the seagulls on here, but they were going mad still with the drone, but now its stopped yeah. I can hear the seagulls, but how? But we cant hear through the audio of the drone.

Just to land – and i still havent got connection with it – is that just another camera that youre recording just a really bad experience, and i thought well, i dont know whats going to happen now. Um, i just thought im just gon na have to let it do yeah theres, nothing. You can do theres nothing. You can do when this happens its a terrible feeling but theres nothing you can do. I think the best thing to do is just let it happen and keep people away from the landing pad stare back step. I can imagine, do not go near the landing pad. Oh sorry, i dont mean to make light of a very serious situation, stay away from the landing pad. But at this point i was so miracle it was. I managed to get connected its a miracle, its funny theres, no seagulls there are seagulls. The birds were still around it and there were people all around here. This double barking like heli and i managed to land it. Ah, so its obviously another camera that youre recording, okay and the seagulls are going bananas get them, get the alien um, but, like i say it was one of them. Meanwhile bennys over there having his ice cream on a car in the world. Do you hear that loaf whats going on there? I thought i heard a ufo, the worst drawing experiences. Ive ever had, i know im. Sorry, i shouldnt be making light of it.

I shouldnt be making it the girlfriend said no more droning on holiday. Oh, you messed that one up, no dear its really important, you can do your shopping when im having a little drone joshua. Look at all those fancy boutiques along the seafront. You dont want me going in there puffing and patting and tucking and saying that what are we doing in here, i could be out with my drone. Is that that you got ta use its all about how you present it? You should know that its all to do with how you present it, but it just got to show you know: dont panic, dont have a heart attack. Dont have a heart attack. Well, you didnt, so youre. Okay, then trust your drone, oh that guy there on this little mobility skinner could have had a heart attack all right just watching the wall watching the wall. You were a bit close to that wall, putting your landing pad. You got to take it away, but away from the wall. Uh. Definitely the definitely right. Just before i do go uh. That was really good to see that uh lets go into my own little channel here and ill show you ill show you uh an experience that i had whenever um. Let me see if i have it uh well, is it one of these? One of these drone feels that i have let me go back and see if i can get it here, hold hold your horses one second.

Well, i had a very similar experience. Oh my god, just where is it? It was a long time ago, all right its coming its coming bear with me a second. You should go back and watch a few of these because theres some good stuff it wasnt that drone crash it wasnt that one there was one where i was out with the seals over. Where was i wasnt there? Was it that one? No, there was one where i was in sly. Go. Oh this one! No is it no phantom four footage, no its, not that one time i cant find it. Oh, it was sligo. Let me see if i can, if i put in sligo what comes up best. The 42 review and footage – let me go to no its, not there. Oh, i thought strand hell. Oh sorry, folks strand hell lets see. Oh, if you could spell it right would suit you better wasnt that one i wasnt unboxing it did i ever post it. You know, i must find that for you. Well, daphne did have it, it was the seals. Oh sorry, sorry sorry lets go, but i was filming. The sails right lets. Try it again before you just go: um! Okay! I think, if i put in sales because it was calling the moore no, why is that not coming up tonight delete that one call in the more call call god sails huh, oh, that wasnt garnish island god, all right put that one dont know where i put It lads uh sensors, fail now its not that one, because we said ah, what was this right so its so many visitors.

This is it here so to speak. Well, what? If you had a tool, you could actually right link. I missed it totally Music check this out odd man. I have frozen props once lets, see it all right, so there it is there. It is. I know i know i know. I know it was terrible, but there you go. That was me crashing it anyway. Folks, thats it got ta go ive enjoyed this tonight with you, so hope you all have a great day, our great week and ill catch you next tuesday, sensodubio sinduda. Without a doubt, and tell me if you like, the old drone footage. I forgot i was live on instagram thanks for joining us on instagram and i hope that you went over to youtube to see what i was at all right. Folks, thats it and oh here we go this camera all right, get a landing pad. Did you break the props, patrick? Oh dont? Even talk dont, even talk, dont even talk, yes, it did. It was the phantom 4, though it survived anyway ill see you all later. Bye, bye and good night and dont forget to like and subscribe and hit me up on instagram at patrick d conan and follow along what happens on a normal, daily basis, bye right.