Hopefully we look at a few of your drone videos and comment on them and hopefully we will be able to learn together and we’ll also chat slightly about this new dji air s2. R2 s what’s it all about what is it all about i’m? Starting to see a lot of videos coming up is that what it’s all about they’re going to bring out another mavic air 2 s and i’m? Just about getting the hang of the mavic air too? They’Re, just bringing them out way too fast, don’t, you think don’t. You think that they’re just bringing them out a little fast for our own liking. Now we did have a chat earlier on. Tonight’S live stream is all about looking at footage. So if you have done any other drone videos, well then let me know and we can have a look at them – we’ll try and go through some other people’s videos that we haven’t looked at before good evening. Jj drones. I hope you are well. I wonder, is it better like? Can you still hear me quite well with, i suppose i don’t need the ear. Don’T need these on because and yeah you can see me: okay, yes, um yeah, there’s, a new high there’s, a new drone out, which is the dji mavic air, 2s and it’s got a one inch sensor on it, which i imagine means that it can see. It has a greater greater field of vision, but i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know if i can keep up with it.

That’S all i’m saying now. If i go like show, will that actually show me? Oh okay, right well, we’ll, try and look at that jj drones. If we get a chance, i did want to take a look at a couple of things here that i thought look at this thumbnail now. It’S had a million views let’s just take a look at it now, let’s see. Can we make it? Can you hear it? Okay, look at how beautiful it looks now, if i go like that, is that better genie, mac aren’t they flying through it there it’s too fast see what i need to do here is i bring in this yeah that’s, what it was yes and then i restore The chat to there and then you can see it a bit better, correct, okay, yeah those those your audio is a bit low. My audio is a bit low. Ah, here we go. What about that? Is that better and let’s see if we can hear at this end, i wonder: is it controlled here? Let me just check this yeah it’s kind of from that end of things. That should be a bit better now now you can tell me if i bring it right up. One two, oh that’s way too much okay, so that should be better. If i hear it here, that’s good, that should be fine okay, so this is a. This obviously is the fpv version of events, and it is really interesting what i like about this is the thumbnail.

Where did i just see it? I just saw it a moment ago. Is this that oh the making of, and then he did, one for the making of it? Absolutely now, let’s have a look at some of the other drone videos that i have been having a look at this one is set for a reminder. This one obviously is testing the new um, the what’s happening with the new one 30 days later now people are getting the hang of well was the fpv drone, any good that’s? What they’re, saying too, is that the new drone will probably have some um of the features that the fpv drone has but i’m unsure. All of that will be revealed, apparently in the next little session. All right slick drones is looking at stuff too now. I hope you’ve been following some of the little shorts that i’ve been doing. That was the one there. I just think that the thumbnail is really well thought out, look see the way the thumbnail is where he’s put it in behind it just goes to show. I would click on that. Just for the thumbnail i don’t know if you agree, and i hope that you all do make an effort when you’re making your thumbnails to see even that one looks lovely let’s, have a look at this small business so immediately. When i look at this, i see he has analyzed and put in the exact location and he’s put in a full title where it is when it is what he’s using, and that is good too now let’s have a look at the video he’s.

Also put his a little bit of color correction there, which is good. So if i put this like this, you should be able to hear me both ways like that and like that, which is really good now, even just the way he starts this off like he. Just reveals it to us and immediately he’s in with the music, and he puts a tight line within the first four seconds again: he’s, observing the rule of thirds he’s, given us a little autumn and he’s shooting at the golden hour, which is when it’s nice and Giving us the best possible lighting conditions. So if you do have the choice when you’re filming your drone videos going forward, definitely consider always shooting during the golden hour and that, i believe, is really important. Hello alex drone exploration, hi and hi to jj drones and how to select drones and hi to anyone who says hello to me in the chats and don’t be afraid to to say hello in the chat. Let me just see here if i’m, let me just make sure that i’m there we go. If i do it like that, and at least you can see what i’m popping myself in the middle a bit more and then you can see me analyzing the drum videos. I should really be putting it like that, because, eventually the comments are going to come down, i suppose even putting it in the middle there that’s pretty good.

So this is – and this is me now analyzing – a drone video from a fellow cardoso media who has 4.77 000 subscribers and there’s a reason why he has that, because he’s good, i can already see some things right from the beginning that are giving me an idea That this is going to be good. First of all, the thumbnail was excellent that’s. Why i clicked on it now he’s put a little he’s cinema he’s using the cinematic idea. So therefore, he’s put a letterbox on his edit. That certainly helps he’s he’s shooting at the golden hour, so that’s either the best star of the sunlight rising in the morning or dropping down in the evening. Can’T go wrong with that. So there’s two other hints that this is going to be very good. I haven’t watched this video before i’m, just talking you through it hi dalvin, and so we have the ladder box which is going to show that it’s going to be cinematic. We’Ve got him shooting at the golden hour, even a scene as banal as basically a sand pit. He has made it look good and he’s added some color correction, so he starts at the beginning. One two after two seconds, the title comes up and he’s going back. Drawing us into what’s going on it disappears and immediately he’s, giving us a little bit of b roll nice same idea, nice and smooth same speed, even though he’s, probably using his sony s6.

For this is what i mean by b. Roll Music see he’s telling us this is fossil. Reg and he’s just walked along with this camera hi chris that’s, all he’s done i’m back again to another drone shot. This time, going in but it’s, calm, rule of thirds being observed sky nicely, color graded, not too white, not too blue. Immediately, pops in a card here, that’s good, best practice being observed and now a little side shot, whether it’s being done by he’s, going from left to right, whether it’s being done by the drone or whether it’s been done with his sony sx400. You can do this with an iphone, but he’s brought out a little bit of the colors and he could be standing in a quarry for all. We know: he’s added some nice music he’s, giving us another nice view there, obviously isn’t too much about this location. This is the most interesting that he has now he’s gone up close to the reserve to the monte montoba fall. Drawing back and now it’s got up c. It doesn’t need to be a million miles away up. He goes and going back suggested now he’s suggesting something else so he’s a couple of cards in there – and this is only two minutes – two minutes and three seconds but that’s all it needed to be. You don’t need to draw out your footage forever and even there see that he sped it up, because he thought ah it’s, probably a bit boring keeping you there for that long, but he’s matched it to the music and immediately moves to another shot, see the way.

He’S using his other camera nice and slowly, he can’t go wrong at that he’s, making some a place which is relatively straightforward. Really nice he’s made it really nice Music, but a slow mo there in his bay roll. He sped up the footage there. You can see it’s actually going in reverse whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Yes, those cars are going in reverse aren’t. They yeah that actually looks like a card drawing doesn’t it that’s. What it is is that a card drawing or is that a real shot? It doesn’t look like a real shot, looks like it’s superimposed but it’s to keep the interest there that’s. What he’s trying to do here – and he has slowed this bit down but it’s going forward. So he never wants to repeat the same shot, which i think is a very good idea mix it up a little bit. Has he told much of a story? It’S, a small town close to winnipeg in canada, he’s he’s shown us the the quarry and the ski area boom told us everything that he has used. He’S also saying yeah support me old channel, not a bother and some of the affiliate links. So there you go yeah. This is a great video. This is a great little video. I love the quarry shots and the b roll handheld. I take it, so he knows i’m talking about the right thing um. I could also say i reviewed it in my live stream.

He’Ll not be happy to hear that or he may believe it like that. I know there’s spelling mistake. I know it a great of a great example of how you can do a great video with not that stunning of a location absolutely and that’s what it’s all about and in a little two minute, video but it’s he’s mixed up the different shots. That could be the same shot. He showed us a few minutes ago, just now in reverse and now he’s ending and he’s coming back in to land boom, simples simples, i don’t think you need much more patrick devaney, says hi patrick great analysis. Well, thank you patrick from patrick hi is patrick to they call you pat and patty and patrick, which is, i prefer, patrick. I just think it’s nice anyway, so that’s a really nice little drone sequence, that for me works and that’s. Why i’m? Sharing with you? How i believe it works first, so let’s see what the mavic air 2 is. Footage is showing us at the moment, not from 10 months ago, um in seeing footage so it’s, not even normal footage lads. This is insane footage. Is it, though, it’s an unboxing that’s a before and after majorca? I think i did that one before oh here’s, a cinematic one, all right searching for music again 4.4 subscribers. Well, we like the look of it: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay! Here we go two minutes and 51.

, this isn’t even the same guy sure it’s, not no. This is raven ravens Music, so he has thrown a lot on at the end. I love my country, so this is obviously a better turkey going on let’s have a look. All right so he’s kept it again. As i said in the last video he this same fellow ravens d let’s have a look um where let’s see if he says he got an about good. I hope he’s of all a little about section in your in this part of your um channel. So he says that what he is where he’s best, hopefully does he he doesn’t say where he’s best where’s his email address i’m, not a robot and submit it. Oh, it doesn’t say worries where he’s best. Oh well, doesn’t really matter anyway, but he’s telling us a little bit about himself and he’s got a couple of playlists. I said, ah, was really getting to like him. There buddy uses premiere anyway. Let’S have a look at it down here: i’m. I’M. A final cut pro type of guy. Here we go look at the way. I love the way he starts this so he’s bringing us into the scene already by now. Was it in 4k because i don’t like when you say it’s, 4k and then it’s not well? At least it is he’s uploaded in 4k. This is from the 20th of april no location which i would suggest he could put in.

That would give it even better uh organic reach, but anyway here we go brings us in lowers the ladder box. Look. I might do that in my next video and the music comes in and after seven seconds he has changed to the next shot bit of b roll see what i’m saying lads. Do you see what i’m saying it’s? Not necessarily you want to use your mavic air 2 or your mini 2 or your drone to create the seed to help you tell a better story. It’S not tell me a story about the quarry, like the last video tell me a story about wherever it is, but don’t just show me long boring footage for five minutes where i’m gon na knock off after two. If you’re going to show me five minutes, you better make it interesting and believe me that’s the way a lot of people watching drone videos are thinking who are we filling? We know your town’s lovely, we know the area that you live is amazing, but make it interesting for me, tell me a story who walked the roads there before you who who was shot at this corner? Who you know, do something tell a story and then use your love of drones to give it context that’s. What i’m saying to all of you, drone uh affixionados tonight don’t worry about upgrading to the next drone. Necessarily, if you want to upgrade work away, it’ll make it for more interesting, but it’ll only be interesting up to a certain point anyway.

Don’T know why i’m blabbering on about this but that’s. The way i feel so razvan here starts off very well gives us an amazing for save your best shot for the first 10 15 20 seconds of your video, because there’s no point in saving it to the end. If i don’t stay to the end, and in today’s society, where we, where we’re flicking from instagram to youtube to tick tock, to linkedin, to pinterest to all the different social media, you got ta the the goal is that people will watch to the end so hook. Me in if you’re not going to appear in the vlog style, which i like to actually appear on camera and say lads. This is what we’re going to do stay with me and i’ll. Take you along and then you can build rapport anyway. Here we go. He drops in the ladder box letterbox being this effect. That gives it a more cinematic look to the footage which helps, which is more what we see in the cinema, so he starts it off. Brings it in and lures us down brings in the music has a lovely, sound effect going on of the waves, because you obviously don’t get that whenever you’re looking yourself through the drone eye so he’s out of that afterwards, he’s added his color lots, perhaps a little Too strong but hey and he probably shot it a little bright and that’s. Why he’s thrown the lot on there, but listen it’s, not too badly overexposed and he’s.

Given us lots of things to look at here in the first six or seven seconds, and i want to keep on watching now – he’s done a parallax effect here, which is like from the jaws film. If you ever see when he’s sitting down um well, oh well sounded fun until i read the dji. Well, oh well sounded fun till i read through what sounded fun. What sounded fun tell us, what sounded like fun, see: he’s done a parallax there, but like the jaws filament, when the the the uh was a police chief brody sitting in the chair, and he realizes that, oh, my god, the the the shark is in the water. They use this parallax effect look and he has done that nicely. Ah nice now he pro he probably like. Obviously, what if it’s a dji mini 2? He has shot this straight on through the little crack and he has adjusted it in post and he’s. Making a little abandoned. Village look amazing! So there you have after 23 seconds. We already have one two: 3. 2. 3. 4 5 5 different scenes so i’m capped. My interest is capped, it’s that’s. What i’m talking about here and he’s put in sound effects, see the way he just as he goes through this. I love when people put that i, like the westlang. I really like the whistling and the reason why i like the whistling is because i’ve noticed it in an ad on tv and i thought yeah, you probably aren’t big breaking any copyright by doing it like that, and that would be an interest you could get.

Somebody on fiverr.com, i want you to whistle this tune, that’s an idea, and then you use that for your drone videos. Surely that’s not copyright infringement it’s, your own music, all these effects that i am not able to do not able to do yet alex drone exploration, but believe me when i started editing video a year a couple of years ago. I knew none, none! None about an editing video, i just studied the university of youtube and you’ll pack. It up just add one feature to your next video, but look how cool that is nice brought in some music and he’s got his his model here, going nice and slow? Oh, everybody loves a car, going a long shot, see and then up facing down with the seagulls now he’s used the parallax effect again: Music, the sign the facts and he’s gone Music but what’s. The message the message is: is it’s not fast and furious. It’S, slow, it’s, letting us take in the beauty, different shots. I love a shot of the waves, so the next time you decide that you’re going to the beach or you’re going to a club face, get this shot. How nice is it he’s? Not a million miles up in the sky, he even brings in the sound effect before the shot. Look see that so i heard it even before it so my senses are kept. I i it’s, i are engaged still and he’s matched it along nicely and he’s rotating it at the same time, Music and now we’re back to the b roll, but different shots.

Different colors and this is shot with a mini with a dji mini, not a ferrari. A mini, unlike he could be just like moving his hands slowly up there. I could have shot it all in the same in the same frame, but he’s just moved it up through now. Look at this look at this now he’s, speeding it up for us he’s. One minute and 21 in now, he’s just showing off his editing skills, see that bringing it in and now he’s bringing in a whole different. That takes a lot of work. I’M different transition. Now we’ve got a bit of base, so he started very slow and now he’s brought it in quite fast, and i think we’re going to get the climax here so he’s using the classical crescendo of uh of a piece of opera music. Even where he’s going up and he’s coming down great idea, let’s just watch it beautiful he’s taken some ideas from probably the most famous video that ever came out of turkey, which i’ll i’ll make reference to before we sign off for tonight. But has he copied it? No he’s made his own version. I like the idea of that that’s a great song. I wonder where he got that song from doesn’t say. I would really like to ask him that anyway, um how’s he put in at the end just his logo anyway, the there’s a very, very film. Is it the watch tower of turkey and that’s? What a lot of these videos are? Inspired on and that’s a real it’s, a oh come on more ads.

So a lot of the a lot of the videos that have ever been made regarding the um regarding turkey in recent times have been viewed made, have been inspired by this travel. Videographer called leonardo dale sandra d’alessandry, and i invite you to watch it it’s the watchtower of turkey, just pop it into your um youtube and have a look at it’s amazing. Now, if you’re gon na take on a project like this, you got ta really know what you’re doing but it’s more about the sound design, love it but it’s very, very fast and a lot of editing. So i invite you to watch that folks it’s been lovely. I wanted to pop on this evening so that i could ultimately say: hi could see if having it a little bit later on in the evening, helps i’m still trying to work out. What the best time of the day is in order to be able to review your footage, we will all be getting out later. We will look at some other videos down the line and i hope i hope that if you have been watching that there has been some value for you in watching the way other drone pilots are editing their footage and presenting it to the world. We can all learn from each other that’s. Why i come on live to have the chats to see if there is some way that we can pick out little bits and bobs from analyzing their footage and their videos, because at the end of the day, we’re one big community trying to help each other out.

So thank you for joining me this evening. Don’T forget to check out my own youtube channel subscribe. If you haven’t already like this, please like it, because i think it all helps towards how my channel is then analyzed. If you want to check out more of what i am doing, don’t be afraid to go along to patrickconland.tv and also to check out everything else that i am doing and don’t free be afraid to hit me up with your new videos via instagram or via youtube. And i will catch you all again have a great evening and a wonderful week, bye, bye there you go that’s us signing off, let’s, say bye, bye to everyone, who’s who’s, on the chat, bye. Everyone have a great evening.