We are going to be building this custom drone frame. This is a seven millimeter arm thickness drone. This drone has some monster arms on it. I mean you can just look at the design and see that it was built. Well, it is a freestyle drone frame fully customizable through the manufacturer, of course, and its not even that much money, its like 90 bucks, 95 bucks, i mean all drone frames – are 95 bucks these days, but most recently you may remember. I went to the barbecue bando bash and i broke every freaking drone that i brought well guess what a new bando bash is coming and i aint breaking no more frames. So i am gon na build me. A custom. Seven millimeter arm thickness wasp frame lets, go Music, all right pilot, so lets dive in first off. I want to talk about the frame itself. This frame here is called the wasp and it was made by woodchuck fpv, and this is a custom frame and what that means is i chose to have the x style arm placement. I chose to have the seven millimeter thick arms. I chose my color scheme with the light blue and red, and you can do that for yours as well, so this is pretty awesome that its a fully customizable setup, its not just one size, fits all you. Let them know what you like you. Let them know what youre flying and he will build it to your liking, so lets go ahead and dive into the build im going to go ahead and open this up now.

What did we? Oh, so, in a little hidden baggie that comes inside the gopro mount, you will find yourself. The skids cool, so weve got four skids because theres four arms and four motors and youve got different size camera plate adjustments. So what these do is these pop right? Inside of here, and they allow different sized cameras to work, i also got this really sweet sticker. That came with it. Thats awesome. This is a wasp sticker. So for this build i know you want to know, so i am going to tell you. I am running the one and only vani motors they are ran in 2021, with 2021 kv. I know you like that, and they are a 2207 motor. They are absolutely gorgeous. Let me go ahead and show you one. They come in a beautiful, beautiful, blue. Let me show you this look at this and since were building a red and blue frame. It only makes sense. Look at that oh dude thats gorgeous. I love it all right along with these motors. I am also going to be running a caddix air unit, but guess what this is no regular air unit. This is a polar air unit, and not only is it a polar air unit, it is the coffee, colored version im excited right here on the front. It shows that the entire thing is going to be a cool black color. We know thats, probably not true its probably going to be.

You know the regular silver color with maybe a black camera, and they call it coffee. So i want a coffee polar. Lastly, i know you want to know what escs, what flight controller is going in the wasp, build because thats an important part of this and guess what i have a very, very special board boom thats right. This here is the luxe hd aio stack. This is a full aio stack. This has the f7 flight controller 50 amp escs everything on board ready to go one board. This is going to be a sweet, build and heres what i got for you if you are interested more about this board, you want to know more about this board. I just reviewed it so lucky for you. I will put a link down in the video description. Click that check this board out its awesome, its one board that does it all lets set that aside and we are going to start off by opening this frame up and lets begin the build. I do want to show you on the back of the drone right here: youve got a little spot coming out. If you wanted to put an sma uh adapter right here, it will lock down you right. You put your nut around the outside, lock it down, and then your antenna can hang right out the back. You also have this right here, so you can put a immortal t across the back. If you want to do that, thats super awesome and then i already know by looking at it im sure he meant to do this.

But right here, youve got the two perfect im hoping theyll fit the two perfect little pockets for your dji mm, cx 90 antennas to just bloop right out the back and fit ever so perfectly. With your 3d print assembly, youve got bumpers on the back. Youve got the dji holster right here, be sure to let woodchuck know if youre going with the vista or, if youre, going with the regular air unit and then right on top right. Here you have yourself a 3d printed, ntpu matching colors battery pad, and once you set the battery on top and you lock your battery strap down, i mean that is just going to hold it perfectly fine. Can you pull it off and put some rubber put some uma grip? Yes, you can so dont make a big fuss about that. Its, not a big deal. Look at that theres, the wasp, all naked and stuff looks a lot different. Did you notice down here in the bottom, he has engraved a cool little wasp in the bottom thats, pretty awesome, also im sure youve noticed this cut out and it fits the skids ever so perfectly. What do you know all right if i flip it over and i pop the top? Oh look at that. Damn that camera plate fits perfect all right then right here, weve got a little uh nubby nub thats a 3d print dealio. You could probably print you could probably print these uh on your own, but thats pretty awesome.

If you can find no, if you could find the right capacitor its probably a awesome. Little cap holder, you set that there and uh stub up your cap, and then you can wire it back to your stack or you could run your xt60 leads through there right. We could do this number and thatll keep it up. Nice – and you know neat for you like that, im, not sure im pretty sure its designed for your capacitor but be as creative as you want look back here. We have this beautiful holster, which is going to hold our dji air unit ever so perfectly. All right. Also, if i flip it over just like most frames, do have youve got 30 by 30 and 20 by 20 mounting and this bottom hole is bigger. Why so you can fit your screw through perfectly fine, and then you can also fit your driver through to tighten that down, see that right, so it fits right through and then you lock it down, put a nut, put a scoop or whatever you want to hold It through like that all right, so the first thing were gon na do is go ahead and mount all four motors lets go ahead and do that now. Whoa. Look at these motors yeah theyre gorgeous man, man, oh man, all right lets go ahead and get these motors mounted on here. So, im going to show you how to do one real, quick and then well be done with the motors.

So very simple, very simply, youll place your motor on top skid from the bottom right, so motor on top skid from the bottom. Make sure you line up your holes all right, itll make your life a little bit easier for motor mounting. As you all know, i like to run loctite. It keeps my motors on and strong. So what im gon na do is im gon na grab this little uh case right here ill pour some loctite in the corner, just like yay and then ill seal. The top – and this will prevent me from having to open it and dip each one or freaking, sit there and squeeze a little bit on each one and im gon na just start it a little bit. Okay and then im gon na grab another one caddy corner. Okay, grab a motor through the back bottom corner, see that see im going, caddy corner and ill poke through ill, just lock it down just a little bit. Okay. So now my motor is on right, its not going anywhere right, its not all crazy or whatever its not locked down tight its completely loose, but i know that its aligned this way properly this way properly and that way properly. Now i can grab my next screw. Okay, i will dip it in the loctite, just a quick, little dab boom and then ill go through the bottom and i dont even have to look. I already know that its lined up how nice is that nice and tight boom all right, so im going to lock this down after my driver has bogged down.

Oh, you know ill still give it another crank or two just to make sure so now what ill do is ill back out these screws, because now the motor is locked down and tight. I know that its not going anywhere – and i know that all of my holes are lined up ill dip. My next screw ill go right through the hole and then Music boom thats it all right. So, with that motor on lets take a look there, it is mounted and looking good gosh thats sharp looking. So what im going to do now is im going to go ahead, and so i dont bore you to death. Is im going to mount these other three motors, real, quick and then ill meet you back here to jump to the next step. Look at that there, those motors came out absolutely beautiful. These are perfect. All right lets head forward with the next thing. What im gon na do is bust, open this coffee polar air unit, and yes, i am stoked about that. So lets go ahead and cut this box open and lets see. Ah silver. I knew it was going to be silver. I dont know why i lied to myself, but look at that thats almost like a dark brown purple, coffee sure, muddy coffee, but anyways. Super awesome. Air units are back in the game. Im so excited lets. Take a quick look: oh my god fits like bottom look at that.

That is awesome all right, so anywho, that is, our air unit, were going to mount that right, like that boom boom im gon na set that aside for right now we have a control cable. So keep that in mind, if you want to you, can open up the camera, you can connect the controller and you can actually connect and control the camera all right inside we have the og dji cable, which we will not need check this out. Here is why you wont need it right here on this stack. Weve got our plug right here and awesomely enough. Look at that plug and play. I love it. I absolutely do and theyre not the first to do it, but i still like it all right so lets go ahead and get our stack figured out for mounting holy mackerel. That is a big big board. With that stack. Came this little bundle of joy right here. So hopefully i have everything i need to mount im gon na, pour it out right here: oh thats, a lot of stuff all right, so we have the option between white or black gummies huh. How cool is that im gon na go ahead and use white? Why not so lets pop these in real quick, so they have some that are too long and some that are too short, so lets use my size here we go so there you go see what ive got here. Ive left enough to put the stack on and then put a top nut screw, its just one stack its, not an esc and a flight controller, so that makes our lives kind of easy.

If i slide that on look at that – and that leaves me just enough bite to put on a nut all right – there, we go weve got all four mounting screws in and looking bueno now i do want to, and i know it may seem silly, but i Do want to pass my dji uh wiring for my camera, the one thats going to head up here. I do want to pass it underneath the stack. So what that means is. I need to install this now so lets go ahead and do that now im going to grab my antennas well put our antennas on one two. Once we drop this in, it will probably be a snug fit so im going to disconnect my cable from the board and im going to plug it in the back just like yayo. Now we know that we have space for wiring over the top. So im going to kind of go over the top with that and then im going to drop this down just like yay and lets see if we can get it to be a nice snug fit there, we go wow all right. So with that being in im going to give this a little swirl boom, okay, camera is across the bottom. So now i should be able to grab my stack and you know we can decide. Do we want to go out the left. Do we want to go out the back? We want to go out the right.

What do we want to do me? I actually im gon na go out the left side. Look at that holy mackerel, all right now. This should just whip around. Oh man should i put that underneath dang dying, all right, im gon na pop this back off nice and easy leg. Oh easy, probably dont have to be easy, but i dont want to break it. Okay, so i pop my plug back in im gon na give it a nice twisty, so that way its twisty twisty and then im gon na drop it back in being mindful that i dont pinch any wires. So what ive got here is your cl racing leds? I did go with the 35 millimeter. You can do the 25 mm thats up to you, and these are in blue, so lets crack these open and lets dump them out. I do love that they come with heat shrink because i like to protect my investment so lets center. Our led lets say right here then im gon na put my motor wire forward and ill cut right about where i want it, which is, i dont, know right around here somewhere, okay, once i cut them boom now my wires are cut. Okay, ive got to take note that this is staggered right, see that its staggered. So i need to line that up just like that, and im gon na actually trim this one on the right. Just a hair bit just a wee bit mate, then im gon na go to the one on the left and im gon na trim that one just a little hair all right.

So now, with my soldering iron im going to go ahead and tin, these pads and im going to just hit both sides while im at it. No, i know the resistors are on one side, but it doesnt matter you can. You can connect your motor to either side. It wont make a difference, then go ahead and tin your motor wires, one two and three okay, then im gon na grab the pieces that i cut off my motor okay, this motor right here and im gon na solder. Those up first, two im gon na grab the third one, and now all three are soldered up ready to go one two and three. So now all six are soldered up ready to go. They staggered them for a reason. I know when you go to cut the wires its a pain in the neck and youre like, but they actually staggered them for a reason. The reason why is because they are thin theres, not a lot of working space, and if you had all three motor wires at the same length, it would be even harder now im gon na grab. My heat shrink im going to come over here to the tip of my wires ill, spread it and ill feed them through right. Do not do that before you solder. Everything up go ahead if you want, but it aint going to work very well. So now, im gon na slide this down boom bitty boom.

Once its centered, you can grab your heat gun and heat everything up for sides all right there. You go. Look at that. Looking good! What im gon na do is im gon na grab a pair of scissors and im going to grab my double side. Sticky tape, just like this boom and ill go the whole length making sure that im not hanging off the edge now thats important. I know youre thinking, oh my god, its, not important, but it is the reason why thats important is because if you do hang off the edge, it will look silly number one but number two. Every time you get a little piece of dirt dust sand, whatever its going to stick to this and then youre going to have a freaking sloppy mess, and i dont i dont like sloppy messes, so for me, im going to cut it right along that line, making Sure that none of it is exposed, i know its time consuming, because if i was just soldering, these motors without leds would have been done a long time ago, but the led race wire serves more than the purpose of just looking cool. It also protects your motor wires because, if you ever bend a prop down – and they start spinning around smacking – your arms theyre not going to chew up your wires its just going to hit the leds all right with the sticky tape on im going to center it To the best of my ability and im going to push nice and hard all right, so lets cut the first one.

Well cut the second one: well cut the third one. What well do now is well go ahead and tin, the motor pads one. Two three add a little bit more to that one: im gon na grab my tweezers im gon na hold that right there and boom big beautiful, healthy bubble, boom, big beautiful healthy bubble and the last one boom big beautiful. Look at that holy crap looks like it came off the production line, man. I should be building drones, full time professionally. Im done no longer a plumber, all right, so look at that. Looking absolutely gorgeous. The last final touch that were gon na do is im going to grab a matching zip tie. This one is blue because it matches my blue motors blue leds im going to wrap it around because thats, how woodchuck designed it and look at that. It just sits right in the line just like its designed and then ill cut off that extra all right. So there you go with the most beautiful solder, pads youve ever seen, solder balls on fleek, so im gon na hit those and then ill meet you back here, pilots. I am just getting more and more excited. Look at that. That is that fire. The next thing i want to do is i want to get a capacitor put on. This is the capacitor that came with this all in one and look at this magically enough. It fits this little 3d print i mean ever so perfectly.

What were going to do, although i am going to tell you this, this is not the best practice to extend capacitor leads and run it over solder it up. You know you got to do what you got to do to keep the build nice and clean, but your capacitors are most effective if theyre soldered directly to these two pads right here on your esc, just a little memo for you to write down im going to Grab these red and black wires ill grab my soldering iron, ill, tin them and then well solder them up to these ends all right. So there you go, that is your positive and negative soldered up and extended, and then what ill do is heat shrink it and then well slide this over here, and you know we could just pick a good place for it. Maybe something like that or something like that – i dont know whatever tickles your pickle will flip this guy over and im going to add a little bead right here. Nothing crazy lets check. So ground is on the right now with the positive and ground soldered up ill wedge them back up under there, and if we flip it over from this perspective, i mean look, it just looks absolutely awesome. Gravy i mean you dont, even know that its connected under there, but really if we flip it, you can see that ive soldered up my ground and my positive and cut now.

If you notice im going to cut the black just a hair longer than the red and thats going to allow me to get a little bit of an angle, we dont want a lot just a little bit. We know that its size, 12 boom and boom so lets tin. This up a little bit – and here we go, make sure your irons, nice and hot all right. There we go, weve got it soldered up red and black positive and ground, and if we take a peek underneath you can still see my capacitors soldered up good to go. Ive got nice thick, healthy bubbles. On there i mean this thing is strong. It is, i mean its literally a part of the board, now look at that all right, so ive popped in the little adapter and, as you can see its really not much its just a little hair that gets added to make your camera fit more snug. But there is a second adapter if you need a little bit more beefy dude. Look at that now. The way that this lines up, i am hitting my motor, so i pulled the driver out, but look at that man. This thing look at this. I, its literally already snug, all ive done, is put in one screw all right, so im going to try to reach up in there and lock this down. So there you go thats snug, thats, tight camera is in snug and tight.

I would say: camera angle is about there and were just going to come on top here were going to lock this stack down and it doesnt need much. I mean you saw, i was tugging on it, i was pulling on it and everything was just working. Absolutely gravy, all right so top lock, nuts are on and looking good look at that stack its in there doing well, if we spin it around look at this side, you can see we have perfect access to our usb c and theres our cable connector. That goes back to our dji air unit. Everything looks great, i mean believe it or not, theres a load of space. In here look i could put the crossfire right here, run the antenna down the back and then pop it out. Look at that daddy all right. So one of the last finishing touches is you know, although these are nice and strong youve got this little doohickey that clips right over the back and it just kind of helps, pin it down so im gon na put it on because Music, why not so lets Get our gopro mount on Music, oh yeah, holy cow pilots. We have reached the end of this build. This guy is together and ready for the clouds. What i want to do, though, is im going to take it over to betaflight im going to set it up and im going to get some fly footage for you so make sure you stay tuned for that.

But overall, this is a very, very impressive frame. Super easy to put together super easy to build. All my components went in just as expected. I love the little capacitor touch. Thats, pretty awesome. I want you guys to jump in the comments. Give me your thoughts on this. I will put links down in the video description if you want to go ahead and get your own wasp made by woodchuck fpv. This is awesome shout out to woodchuck. Thank you for sending this over. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and i will see you on the next one: Music Music give up Music. At least it was worth the try Music. I Music, are you driving from your place, Music, isnt good enough. Music is Music. I we keep playing games, cant, go separate ways: Music.