This is the batman and selena kyle motorcycle pursuit with 149 pieces, two minifigures retailing for 15 dollars in the united states for the robert pattinson, batman minifigure. This is interesting. I wouldnt say its perfect first off that cowl does not fit this design. They should have just went with the one that they introduced later on in the lego dc line, which i have with the batman to the right here, which another point i want to make is this batman is from what 2016. Probably this batman to the left is from the new set from 2022, and yet this one has dual moulded legs. Why does the new robert pattinson batman not have dual molded legs? That looks pretty bad where you have the gray at the front and it just kind of cuts off to the side. I know this could be a utility design of a utility front, but when i looked at all the pictures from the set it looked like, the grain is continued to the side, so thats pretty lame. If you ask me if you do want to see how this looks with that other masked cowl design, while putting that on yeah that looks closer to the movie, if you ask me, i dont know why they didnt just include this piece but anyways for the official Design beyond the design of the cowl you saw quickly, there is an existing face, print that theyve used for many years for batman and some back torso, printing, but whats cool is that there is an alternate face.

So you could swap out the head and put a robert pattinson face on and no its not cedrics from harry potter, rather were using the tom riddle phase from the chamber secret set from this summer. So still a harry potter face. I would have preferred a new face print, but whatever we do have a face on this side, that looks a little bit confused and then, on the other side, a much more angry expression, its also cool, getting that hair piece too, but thats the same design that Tom riddle uses in the chamber of secrets so that match with the face print, makes it look like tom riddle in the batman outfit, but its not like it. Doesnt look like robert pattinson out of curiosity, i tried this. It looks like batmans looking down or something that cut off is kind of hilarious and then with the actual one, including the set. That also looks pretty darn funny for catwoman. This figure isnt exclusive as well also coming in the largest batcave set. This design has a chain as an accessory. I really like the torso print. The face print is cool and a new design from my understanding again same face print that they use in the batcave set. You can see some back torso printing and a pretty confident smirk there, and this design also comes with a hair piece that you could swap out. So if you want her to have that short hair without the helmet that looks pretty cool and then on the other side that works really nice as well and for the build, we have a bat signal and both of their motorcycles for batmans motorcycle.

This design is actually really interesting. I noticed right away this piece right here, which is an interesting modified 2×2. Now this could be an existing piece and i might just be mistaken, but i havent seen that piece before and its interesting, how that builds up the frame at the bottom. There also the front i really like how this front design is built, just the shaping of those roundness and the front design, and the sticker in the middle is a little bit annoying. How the light on this one looks so similar to the light on catwoman. Like i kind of wish theres a little bit of deviation there, its almost like its the same model or something which would be a little bit weird on this side, it continues the opposite side design and it works really. Well, you have enough space to fit batman inside. You can have him sitting down and hes just controlling it with that battering there. That actually makes for a pretty cool looking handlebar other than that at the back, a shot from there looks pretty cool too and thats. It for the build of batmans motorcycle for catwomans. This design again uses a sticker at the front, similar light design to batmans same frame piece at the bottom thats very interesting. I like how the back crate is attached, its just attached with a stuzzle on top technique, and this design has a 2×2 at the front which has a little sticker on it inside theres, a red jewel which cat woman has stolen other than that theres.

Not too much else going on to see catwoman on here, you could also have her sitting down and theres enough space for just her to sit down there, and she just has those two antenna pieces to maneuver the controls. Finally, theres a bill for the bat signal, which is very small now that round design at the front is a glow in the dark, larger tile piece that also came in the iron mongers set, rather recently it kind of sucks if thats a stickered piece on one Hand, i guess thats good for mock builders, but, on the other hand, its just a pain in the butt to line it up perfectly on there. You can move that middle signal just with those side, comb pieces, but honestly youre, better off just moving it by the center, its just a little bit easier there and this side part does fold open. If you want to move it to the front like this, where we have a grapple gun and an extra battery ring other than that theres, not too much else going on with the design of this bat signal, and i think thats it for the builds of this Set lets take a look at the packaging and then the final verdict, the box for it – is that chunk box of like riddles for the ring, i think from the hobbit. I really like the red design of these boxes. A lot of people say it looks bootleg, but i dont know they really pop out for me and at the back you have some different shots of the set which at the side are theres, no side, art or anything like that.

But we do get that cute. Art in the corner its funny, because these two instruction booklets are unnumbered – they dont say which is which, but one of them is for selena kyles bike and the other one is for batmans bike at the very end, we do have an advertisement for the new. The batman sets, but you can see with the bat cave as well as the batmobile. I only have the smallest set for now, for what its worth 15 is actually really good. Starter sets for this. The batman line, like the design of the batmobile, is still pretty iffy for me and the bat cave isnt that great of a value so for this 15 introduction, you get the new batman outfit, which again isnt perfect, i kind of wish they changed the cowl out And i wish they had that printing or dual molded legs to the side and then the design of selena kyle actually really like. I, like that theres an alternate to both where you have them with the helmets or without they give you a different face and everything there. I, like the selection here, where i think each of the builds are fairly strong for a set sub 20 dollars. Both of the motorcycles feel a little bit more realistic than oversized motorcycles. That lego tends to put at this 15 to 20 price theyre better in their size, and they have a nice color scheme that gives it a darker look and then the bat signal is pretty strong and its built.

I mean its not anything amazing or unique, but it works for what it is, if all things considered id rate this set of 7 out of 10.. This is one of the strongest 15 sets on the market right now and i think its a great way to just get a taste of the batman line without investing too much into this new movie line thats my two cents.