Four minifigures i showed in the bottom right and its for ages, eight and up now getting to the back of the box here. Ill show you some of the play features and, like all the other, far from home and homecoming sets, you see sort of a comic strip there of all the features so lets get on to what is inside the box. Next, here we are with the box, all open, heres, all your stuff im gon na organize this, for you guys guys here is everything all laid out. You got bag, one two, three four uh and you got your stickers and a really large instruction manual uh. So lets get to the uh. The build here is bag number one here is bag number two heres bag number three bag. Four, all right guys here is the set all built here. Is your extra pieces nothing too special there and lets get to our minifigures first, like we always do. Our first figure appear is spider man who better else to start with than spider man himself. This figure is the same one you see in both of the homecoming sets and the minifigure pack that would release later on that year, when the far from home sets came out, it has some pretty good torso print and awesome back print there as well. It is a really good looking figure, and then i just have one problem with it. First off this should have been the black suit spider man.

Instead, they stuck with the blue suit and, with those two other homecoming sets and the minifigure pack its, not even blue enough, its way too dark of a blue. It should have been a lot lighter of a blue, so its not even the accurate blue and its, not even the accurate figure to the set, which is disappointing in my eyes. Speaking of disappointment, happy hogan. This does not look like happy hogan, uh. First, off no leg print is pretty upsetting its not the biggest deal his blasters uh. You know casual uh, but happy hogan. John favreau is a little bit heavier and you dont get to see like wrinkles of his. You know, without with like a better term fat right and in the movie, he has a beard like a goatee looking thing, so he doesnt have that and this face print doesnt, look like him at all. It just doesnt fit him the hair piece doesnt either i mean he has a second face. There look at the back print two lines like this is a very disappointing figure and it doesnt even look like happy hogan whatsoever like this looks like phil coulson like first avengers phil coulson, not happy hogan. Our next figure appears mysterio and another disappointment with him is uh consistent with the other two far from home sets. He gets the trans blue blast pieces, which you can shoot off, which is a good playability feature. They should be trans green, though uh in the comics and in the movie mainly have been green and theyre blue there, which is disappointing, but the actual figure is quite awesome: good, torso, print, great leg, print, even flows well with the hips there too, it is just An a really awesome, looking figure, you get the back print here, softer style of keep and a very unique color with awesome back print, and you take the fish ball piece off and you got a silver gray head underneath it is a really awesome figure, just the Other two figures are disappointing and the blasts are also disappointing because theyre, not even the correct color, our next figure up here is easily the highlight figure of the set for me.

Thats nick fury uh. This actually does look like the actor. A lot samuel, l jackson. It looks very, very accurate to him and look. It has a beard and mustache thats accurate to him happy hogan, im looking at you, but the uh, the torso print, the leg print, nothing too special there. I want to say this is actually like the same leg: print theyve used on like vader and um palpatine in the past uh funny enough, but it does look effective and it looks good some ari back print there as well, and i like how the eye patch Uh comes around the back of the head too theres a very nice added touch. He has a pretty cool gray blaster there. So definitely the highlight of the set for me is this figure compared to all the others uh. So at least we ended a high note. There and we ended on a high note and were right back to the bad, the drones they actually do. Look pretty cool ill, give them that they actually do. Look pretty cool and decently accurate to the movie. Just the biggest thing is the movies are white. The movies drones are white theyre, not black, like that is the literal polar opposite of white, and that does not match the movie at all, which is disappointing. However, everything else about it actually is pretty accurate to the movie, and it looks nice theyre. Both the exact same, i dont really think theres too much else to say about it.

Theres like binocular pieces. Here you got study shooters that you can fire off again, just not the accurate color, which is disappointing, and here is the actual star jet again im gon na start off with something bad here, its the uh opacity of this white print. It does not match this white on the box. You can see it in the back there. It false advertise you as the same color and theyre just theyre, not the same color, its kind of blatant that theyre not the same color but lets finally get on to some good things. So, first off here you can flip this entire part up and you got interior space to throw your fingers and ill show you what that looks like and there they are in the cockpit uh. You got happy looking nick fury and then you got happy. Hogans uh pistol, blaster and nick furys pistol blaster there in the back thats, actually a really cool feature that you can have them both sit there. Both, i guess, pilot the thing and have their weapons in a secure spot. Getting up uh some more detail here. You got a nice printed piece here. I also want to add that these pieces here are sadly stickers. What oh well, however, this one uh or you know what this one is: a sticker as well: isnt it yeah. Okay, that is a sticker. I must have forgot, but these are two different canisters of i guess like different, like chemicals and stuff, and maybe spidey is just testing out for new web shooters or so, and speaking of webs ill.

Show you what this does. What you can do is you actually attach spiderman on there and ill show you what that does in the sec, so im going to close this up and you can fit all three figures in there uh, which is pretty awesome, and now you can flip up the Back here, as well, uh by doing this and youll, see some crates back here, which is pretty sweet and ill show you what those are used for later as well. You go to the top of the model. I do want to mention that this is a print, so that is pretty nice uh this here and this here. These two stark industries, uh uh, i guess prints – are stickers, and then you got these windows here on the side which again are also stickers. They are on both sides there and then, on these two sides, these two wings. You will see two stud shooters built into the wings, which is pretty cool. I also want to mention with these wings. You cannot move these unless they, you know, break them off, but these you can actually move. So these have some articulation here in the back, which is pretty cool and getting onto that back again, you got some engine there with some like light, bluish thrust, which is quite awesome and now before we get to that play feature, i wanted to actually show these Under the wings, these are like some lights or something like that theyre on, like a ball joint type thing, which is actually pretty cool and they are on both sides of the wings and now getting on to that play, feature im going to try and do this With my two hands here, you see this top thing uh or you see this little round circle thing on the top.

You actually just pop this out and spiderman pops out with the web there and thats pretty awesome and now those crates as well that you saw earlier in the back here. You can also have drop out there. If you place them there, its actually a really cool and simple mechanism – and i really really do like that and im glad they included that im going to show you guys the function again, but this time with the crates and there they go rolling away. And that is a really cool feature, so, overall guys, this set actually ends up disappointing me a little bit um it doesnt it just isnt accurate, like uh the figures arent accurate, the drones arent accurate, the stark jet i didnt mention it isnt, really that accurate, because They did that feature right, spider man, doesnt drop out and hang on to the web. He just drops out with a parachute right crates. Dont drop out the back. The entire back section here should have been used for spider man suit. They should have did like. I dont know exactly how, but they should have done something where he creates his red and black suit. That would have been a lot more appreciated and they didnt land that with this set, and that is quite disappointing to me. Um, overall, though i do think it actually is a solid set, the fury figure is pretty good, the mysterio figure and the spider man figure are pretty good uh theyre.

Just neither are really that accurate, especially that spider man um and then the happy hogan is a good figure, just it its not happy hogan um in the 70 price point. I actually do think its pretty fair for this set so yeah. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below uh heres playlist videos you may not have seen yet uh here is my channel. If you guys dont, mind, subscribing uh, make sure you guys like comment and subscribe. There will be more far from home and homecoming sets uh in one big comparison and then ill.