It has 504 pieces its for ages, 8 and up and it cost about. Um lets see 60 dollars. You got on clearance for five. I know it says 45, but i actually wrote it up and it said five dollars you can. If you dont, believe me go on like at lego, four feet: six six at instagram and check some of my old posts and i posted the receipt. So yeah ive had this since, like last winter, it comes with four numbered bags and we have four number backs. One instruction: booklet, four minifigures, Music, six small bags, a cape box, one sticker sheet – they actually werent too hard to put on so thats nice. These stickers are getting easier and easier to put on. So you have this instruction booklet right here um. It took me about like an hour and 15 minutes to make, which is about pretty standard for um sets. With these amount of pieces, so yeah heres the pieces it came with, comes off a brick, separator and whatnot. So, im going to move this out of the way: okay, Music, heres the set itself and show you the back of the box heres. What the back looks like very nice, very nice, okay – and i guess i could go ahead and show you the extra pieces. Okay, here are the extra pieces, just you know: projectiles a gun and whatnot. So yeah you have all those pieces. Here are the little drones that you have and, of course you can shoot these pieces out, but im not going to because we weve all seen them been seeing these kinds of pieces been shot out before a lot.

You get two of them, which is pretty nice. Pretty cool so a lot of playability there here are the minifigures. So here we go, you got spiderman, which is pretty nice. There you go. You got happy hook it in his gun. Pretty cool hes got a cool, nice, tuxedo wand, very cool, and you have nick fury, which i guess you can give him his gun. There you go, and here we go mysterio almost caught him right, mysterio from wwe, okay, its cool with figure weve seen before so there you go um, no double sided head, but you do see the rest of his like um eye patch hes got double sided head With this angry face, which is pretty cool, i guess of course spider man does not, but you see the rest of his like mask on the other side, so yeah so now on to the side itself: okay, which is pretty cool a nice jet very nice. You can see the windows really nice because you dont, really this is a pretty cheap jet or for um legos thats, pretty cool. You can obviously shoot these out but, like i said, im not going to shoot any projectiles in this video because really try not to make a mess so yeah. You have these this as well, which can can move or turn in some ways and youve got this, which you can lift up, and so, of course you can go in.

You have spiderman and his um web inside so im going to put him inside so or we could just here well, do it this way! Well, do that here there hes in hes kind of weird, like that see how i put his head. So yeah were going to put mysterio here im going to put well happy, hogan will be driving, i guess for flying, i should say, and we can have nick fury passenger seat. We can also have mysterio sitting here. If we want oh, i guess he should be sitting not standing. If i wanted to go in, you could also put the guns here. So there we go so there. Well, you see even that doesnt fit real well, so were gon na. Take that out. Take him out hes not really meant to go in there. I was just trying to see how many could go see. Why is this breaking because of spider man? Okay, we can have him go in there like that, then, okay, there we go that works. It looks pretty nice very nice one shot. You can see him flying in there and then we have the back in here, which you know you have those in there pretty nice. So you can move those to where spider man is and if you do youll see like right here, spider man comes out with his web, so you have that or you could open. This up say were going to move spiderman out of the way and were gon na.

Take these put them here and put whoever else we want in there. Maybe we captured mysterio and hes gon na go in there and were going to press that and then, when we press it down right here right there press down right here and see what happens so lets see what happens when well press here, yep those go flying Everywhere so thats pretty cool, because this part right here you press it and it just moves this part out of the way. So there you go thats what that does um so yeah. You can move these um the tail here and the wings, and this you can move around its pretty cool. It looks very nice, its gon na, be it would be fun to display its cool if you like, the movie youd want to get this. If you like jets or aviation in general, youd want to get this, maybe you want to collect minifigures if youre, a big marvel fan or a spider man fan or if you just want to find um if youre its good for investment, because you know a lot Of people find it pretty cheap, so like me, so maybe you could um resell it for resale value if youre able ever able to find it. You know i found it like around christmas time last year a lot of people found it for that. Like two two years ago, a year and a half ago, whatever um they said was about two or three years old, so yeah weve got these for it that represent mysterious powers, so yeah its a fun set to build its not too hard its good to display Its good to play with and its fun its got heroes and villains and a good selection of characters and its from a movie that people like so yeah um so yeah.

You can lift people up, lift the hatch up and take the people out. Its very nice got plenty of room its fun and its easy to build not too hard at all on my year old. It might take them. Take them a little bit longer than maybe an hour, but um dont have no trouble building it so yeah. I think its good and i think people of all ages would like it meaning older than eight so yeah its fun its good. You got some good characters, its a fun build and its got some good pieces if youd like to maybe like turn it into an airplane, mock or whatever kind of mod. You would like to make so yeah, so yeah its a good set.