This is set seven, six, one, nine five and retails for 18 pounds in the uk so were going to start off with the minifigures. First of all, we have spider man. This is one of the suits from no way home. However, it is briefly seen in spider man homecoming when he is taking the tracker off of his suit and he turns the suit inside out. You see the suit design that we have here its a lovely suit design. I love the black on gold feature, especially so. Hes got a nice arm printing on the sides there with golden hand there and, as you turn it around, you can see the back of the arms as well as his classic spider logo and the classic spider man back of the head. This is one of the best spider man minifigures. In my opinion, i love the color. I love the design of it, and lego did a really good job with this one. The next minifigure we have is vulture. He comes with a blaster and a crystal, and if you turn him around, you can see the back which you can connect his wings to which was a nice part of the set, and you can have him with the wings on and the wings off as well. Personally, i like it with the wings on it, looks like its actually from the movie. Then hes got hes got a visor and then, when you turn it around, it reveals his other face there.

Music overall vulture is a really good minifigure. I love the design and i love the feature of the wings, because that is one of the main parts from the film now were moving on to the set. Here we have the spider man drone. This color design matches the minifigure, which goes really well. You can pop spider man into the compartment here and then lift it up and fly away to my vulture thats, one of the main play features of the set now moving on to the detail. There are some hidden details in this set, for example, if you turn it around to the back, you lift up this compartment. It reveals this little area inside where you open up that you can get out shake it out. There we go um mini spider. Man drone. Quite cool feature to this set: i love how they have it hidden in the back there, and you have to get slightly open up a lot of compartments to get to it Music. So then, if you turn it around here, it comes with this piece here, as well as lots of web pieces for spider man, which you can connect to here, which you can dangle spider man from which i really like. This is a great feature for when im doing storm motions, you can have them dangling down, jump down and fight vulture. I dont know why this reminds me of something from mission impossible, where theyre coming out of some sort of vehicle, but i do love that addition to the set well apart from these webs, which i mentioned earlier, that is pretty much it for this review today.

I will be doing more reviews in the future, as well as some stop motion animations with these sets that ive gotten.