In my previous review, i reviewed the shanxi and uh great protector polybag set and so today well be going over spiderman no way home, spidermans drone duel ages, seven plus set number seven six one. Nine five with a piece count 198 pieces. While the price range was about, i think it was around twenty dollars, so in 1999, so yeah anyway lets go over the box and we got spider. Man no way home and the set is inspired by marvel. Studios is spider. Man homecoming lets, get the minifigures here. Spider man, icon and the new spider man suit, thats gon na be shown in spider, man no way home and then on the back. Here you got all the functions and stuff and spiderman no way home. Oh and a um minifig version of the spiderman, so yeah thats it for the box kitty, im gon na need you to not im gon na need you to not be over here. While im doing my reviews. No anyway lets go over the instructions. Instructions are the same when lego, with a pirate, so yeah thats on the instructions now lets go over the main figures so starting off here we have spider man in his new black uh gold suit, its basically, i think its his iron spider suit, but its inside Out or his other suit, i guess um, but uh yeah, he does come with some web. It does not come with web shooters as he does.

It did from the molten man set, but it just has these. He only comes with these spiderweb pieces that are in gold to make it somewhere, so it could be the same as his suit. I guess and more pieces. You know like the shield piece and the whatever these things are, and these spidey cups and also yeah. I need to get an extra one of these and hes shooting the thing off again its not come this time, its just gold, so yeah anyway, thats about it for spider man and lastly, we have here is vulture who looks um how hes supposed to look in Spider man homecoming, which is pretty cool uh, he does have one of these transparent pieces that attaches his wings ill. Show that later he also has. This is a new piece as well the whole the breather thing, and he also has a secondary face right there and the visor piece here is also pretty new cool as well. I think so yeah and he has his blaster thing and of course, uh crystal and compared comparison to the the one from spider man homecoming yeah, much different and of course the helmet is like just an iron man helmet, but with the vulture face printed on. So yeah anyway, thats about it for vulture and all in the figures, so lets go over vultures wings. Here, vultures wings is pretty big for his size, which is pretty cool and they are exactly how they are supposed to be represented in homecoming, which is pretty cool.

The turbines and the wings and again stickers – ah still not a fan of the stickers theres, also some printing on the back like another print right here and uh yeah thats a whole lot to say for the vultures wings. So now lets go over spider, mans drone vehicle. So i am not sure if this is even in uh no way home, if it is uh, itll be pretty cool. It has this cockpit thing. This is one of the nexo knight uh uh mech armor pieces. So then uh we can take uh spider man. It also has some stud shooters right there at the top, so yeah put him up right there like so, and then, of course, you have the string here, so spider man can latch onto it of course, and also theres a little compartment here where you can take Out a somewhat of a spider drone thing, so thats pretty neat thats a whole piece as well and, of course, the propellers they spin and uh yeah. I really like the color scheme, black and gold. It does kind of remind me of like a wasp in some way, but yeah, but anyway, that is it for this set review. Um. I guess, do i recommend this set? Yes, you know this is more inspired by uh homecoming as opposed to the new movie. I guess they just didnt want to just dont want to make a whole bunch of sets to reveal like a bunch of spoilers like like toby and andrew appearing in the movie, but uh yeah um.

I guess join me next time when ill be going over a spider man, homecoming minifigure pack, i mean spider man, far from home character pack and then a a ninjago um, uh, 2021 set and a and then a uh avengers endgame set so yeah anyway. If you guys enjoyed this video, please give this video a like if you liked it a lot also subscribing helps too dont forget to turn on that notification bell. So you can stay notified whenever i post a new video and how want to go up to 1k subs before 2021 ends so yeah anyway thats about it.