This says the uh no way home from the new movie coming out, but it also says inspired by the marbles studio spider man homecoming. So this is supposed to be a homecoming set, not really accurate to them to the movie homecoming with the spider man, but the vulture is accurate and the drone is also not accurate but its okay, because hes an amazing spider man, an amazing figure for the vulture. So lets get into it well bring the sets in here or the pieces and whatnot to it. So sorry for the minifigures as i dropped them, we have the spiderman in the black outfit, which looks amazing. He looks super good with those gold highlights and the black undersuit. Also, surprisingly, he comes with arm printing, which i would expect to be in the 40 set, but this comes in the 20 set, which is interesting kind of messed up in my opinion, but focus maybe would you get the the picture? It really is a great figure. Absolutely stunning, he just looks super good um. He has gold hands, the other spiderman came with black hands because it matches his arms but, like i said, an absolutely amazing figure and then on to the vulture, which is connected to the his suit. But the vulture is a super nice. Looking figure well just disconnect him here. He comes with that nice piece. I really like that about this set thats kind of. Why? One of the reasons why i got it, i also like the helmet and his um head printing, but it comes with the nice green eyes that really shine through theyre really easy to see nice uh chest printing with the like kind of a not really winter, but A just a nice jacket look at the back printing, which looks really good, also its a shame that you have this the clear backpack piece that covers up the back printing, because it really is a lot of detail in there, but well reassemble him just to have The um set in one piece, but this also does come with a back printed head or a double sided head, which is that which, for the most part, it really does.

It does look like the character in the movie, which is surprisingly hard to get with such a small amount of face because he has a mask on still but looks really solid overall ill. Just put him back on here or well detach him for now. This is his wingsuit that is based in the movie. I guess youd say im really really bulky, but i guess it is kind of bulky in in the in universe. Um. You have the engines down here which can move and move like in the movie. I believe they in the movie they are um set up like that to take off and whatnot. I just watched it last night for the first time actually um, i think thats supposed to resemble his backpack or his the back printing, maybe or very similar. These are all sticker elements on all parts of the wings, but i mean for the for the most part. It does do the job. It is fairly accurate and gets a point across of who he is and what he does in the movie, not too sociable. But if you find the right place to hold on it can definitely be a nice fun. Pl play feature for kids. The one part is like: if you are flying him in his arms will fly forward or the wings will fly forwards, thats one bad part, but i mean if you can overlook that it should be fine on to the drone itself.

Well, slide him over out of the way its pretty big um, its a bulky build, but it is pretty cool after i did, or my wife built it. Instead, i didnt, but it doesnt look pretty cool. Honestly, it is um, it is what it is pretty plain and simple: you can fit a minifigure in the cockpit. I guess youd call it which a drone is not supposed to be flown by somebody, but let that slide right. You can set a spider man in there close it up, and now he can fly it himself um and take down the vulture. There are stud shooters, which i did not put the piece in there to launch the studs, because i dont, like the look of that. Personally, you have stickers on each part of the arms of the drone and then on the top there with the spider symbol, and then these two back pieces here. You can open up the back here and theres, a small hatch which is hard to get if youre, an adult that opens up back there with. Oh, i cant get him out now. Is he stuck? There goes as i drop off the ground which comes out with a micro spider im, not sure if that would be the front, but itll be fine. If you can see that its really hard to get him to stay. Put that i i believe that is the front of him yeah its not going to focus.

Is it oh well, but you get the point just a small micro. I think its supposed to be a drone from homecoming um after learns how to unlock a suit theres. A piece here that comes with the uh supposed to be a gold web that he can swing onto right there, but, like i said i dont have, i should have had it with me, but i dont, but it is what it is but yeah. This is a alright set, its not my favorite set, but you know it is what it is like. I said the minifigures are really what draw me to buy this, which kind of sucks, because you dont have to have that pay wall to get some amazing figures, but it is what it is. You do get some all right pieces in the gold color um. Also in the green color, with these different elements you can use in mocks and whatnot like i said you do get two amazing figures, so it is a buy if you like the figures, but if you dont, like the sets, maybe try and see if you can Find the figures independently for a decent price, but uh. Let me know what you guys think in the comments of this set um. If you do like this channel would like to subscribe.