I got its pretty cool. The new spider man. Drone duel lets uh lets build it. I finished the set so um, yes, look at it, so the first part is this vulture deed. You know this is the vulture. So, honestly, i dont know if the vulture is going to be in the new movie. I think this was inspired by the original homecoming movie, so i dont think this is a spoiler, so apparently uh it says inspired by marvel studios, spider man homecoming on it. So, yes, it was inspired by spider man homecoming, but so this is the vulture. He looks pretty cool. I actually, honestly. I think i like this one more than the original figure for the uh vulture, so yeah and pretty cool wings man. Next, we got the spider drone. This is pretty cool. Has a shootie shoots? I have no idea if this is what this is from. Im gon na be honest, uh, maybe from the new movie may not. I dont think theyre spoilers, so i think its just inspired and then here is the main reason i got this set this figure right here. This thing looks so cool and honestly i just like i thought it was. It was just the best part and theres, like i havent seen it anywhere else, so you know why not its pretty sick one of my favorite spider man, legos ive, ever seen so yeah.