Today we are looking at set number 76195, the spidermans drone duel, and this is actually branded under spiderman no way home, but it says that it is inspired by spider man homecoming. So dont go thinking that vulture is in the movie or anything could be, but uh. It is just inspired by the first movie, which i think is a really cool concept um, when you are doing a set off of a movie that is so spoiler filled, presumably that they dont want to spoil the sets. Hopefully we do get more in the future, but anyways this set is actually going to be available, beginning on october, the 1st for 19.99 usd or 24.99 canadian. I was able to pick it up a few days early here in walmart canada, thanks to a good friend of mine, who told me that they had them in stock, so anyways uh without further ado lets, go ahead and lets get started. So we got ta start with the drone and uh. Personally, i think this is the dumbest set out of the three for sure uh im, just not a fan of spider man. Vehicles never have been, but you do get a lot of cool gold pieces here. So i think thats pretty neat um, but i will say some people thought that they saw it in the trailer, maybe its in the trailer. But i just think that people are just so eager for this movie that they will see any scrapped piece of metal and say that it is connected to the set so anyways.

This is the drone and it is really interesting its definitely a unique. I i it is a vehicle because theres a spot to put them inside, so there is that it is very unique. I dont think there is really a vehicle that weve ever gotten for spider man in the 10 years of lego marvel superheroes next year. That even comes close to looking like this, especially the color scheme, so it is cool that it is in a color scheme uh, i guess tied to a specific suit. So i really do appreciate that. But all these little turbines here do spin around so its almost like a mini helicarrier there. So thats kind of neat – i guess, but if you were wondering what i was talking about before you can put a figure inside specifically, you want to put this spider man on the inside here, so you can go ahead and do that and its really interesting. What is actually being used here for the parts for this so right here in the front youve actually got one of the mech torsos. You know the ones that are ten dollars. Uh, presumably were getting another three in 2022 and its actually pretty much the same thing like youve got the nexo knight shield piece there on the front chest, but thats not printed. That is actually a sticker, so yeah. I think thats really interesting, that they decided to go ahead and actually use that piece in a non mech set.

I think that – and it works well for like this little hatch area, and it just closes on up really nicely in this beautiful pearl gold thats. So different than any of the other gold pieces here is just really great that it closes on up here on the top. We do have actually two stud shooters shooting, yellow studs that went really far um on the top theres, also a lot of stickers there. So you actually have the spider man, mcu symbol there, which looks really great and then on. The back. Youve got some more of like the same sort of design for this new suit, that is in the movie and specifically this set. So i think that looks really cool and you could lift it on up to actually get access to this little hatch in the back, and in that hatch, you actually have a if it decides to pop on out. We have a little spider bot, which is really cool. I like that, he actually has a little gadget included in the scent and if you didnt notice, weve also got a couple of stickers here on each of the different uh blades. I guess ill call them so. Thats, pretty neat thats the exact same sticker four different times, and then youve got this here. This is just meant to be like a web for spider man to grab onto so. I think thats really unique to actually include and use that piece as a web as well to just have him flying around there with that.

I really appreciate that, and here is the vulture build, and i think that this is definitely besides the new suit. This is what a lot of people want to get, because if you didnt get the homecoming set its great to have this return, and i think its a very interesting looking build. I would love to do a comparison if you guys are interested in seeing that, but youve got a ton of beautiful stickers here, three stickers there on each of the wings, one on the nexo knight shield there and then one on that two by three modified plate, Which looks really great and then the same thing on the other side, spinning it around here on the back. There is actually another sticker there, which looks great, and these turbines can actually spin if you wanted to as well as if you havent seen these can fold a lot. If you want to, and of course there in the middle, you could have them folding there also, but these the big turbines are actually on a ball joint, so thats really cool that that is actually able to rotate around you can just kind of have them angled. However, you want to just have it posing like that, i think it looks really great and to detach vulture. All you do is remove it there and it attaches right there um and its got that i like the padding for like boats and ships and things like that to move smoothly, so it actually just kind of makes it feel like it is actually touching the back Of his torso and everything like that so really solid build.

I think for the vulture here, and here is what is known simply as the black and gold suit for now and its really interesting. This is from the new movie, weve seen it in the trailer, but a lot of people notice that the pattern is actually the exact same as the lining from the suit that tony makes for peter from civil war. So inside that theres, this gold lining. With this pattern there that you also saw on the drone – and this is definitely probably the most detailed figure out of all of the figures that came in this no way home wave – it has side arm printing, which looks absolutely amazing, and i love that we are Getting that more and more in sets, they could have just easily given us black arms, but they went above and beyond and did that as well as i just love the pattern and the design on the torso and the head looks amazing how they have the gold Mixed in with the dark gray, amazing, perfect love the leg printing as well, really really great and spinning around here on the back, you can see. Youve got a lot of like different symbols there in between the webbing and the gold, so thats pretty interesting, and i love the symbol on the back of that torso. I really love the look of this suit and it definitely gives me uptown pride vibes from the miles morales ps5 game, so really really cool and i like to think of it, as that also included with this set, is actually gold webbing, which is incredible, and this Is actually the golden web pieces that weve gotten in a ton of sets now but in gold? So you get that whole bag in this beautiful gold here and i love the way that that looks.

Each of the webbing pieces have been recolored here in gold. Then you even get the handcuffs in gold as well as the long like little pieces here. Oh, my goodness, and of course you do actually get uh two of everything that i just showed you there with uh these appearing twice in gold. So thats really really cool, and i just expect to see these next year for the 10 year anniversary of marvel and specifically its actually 20 years for spider man, so really crazy and heres, the new vulture and its really interesting. What theyve done here, i i will criticize it a lot um, because i personally would have done it a little bit differently, but i like what they tried to do genuinely. I think its pretty cool that we do actually have some of the visor pieces and that mask introduced from city. I do appreciate it being here. I think it definitely works kind of for him. I would say he does have this stud shooter here, which will shoot a purple, stud and thats, of course, meant to be a chitari weapon, presumably or a modified. One. Youve also got this purple diamond crystal here, which is pretty interesting. All three sets actually have crystals. So didnt realize that until building this one, but it is really really fastening what theyve done here. So if i remove this helmet here, you could see that in behind hes actually got a bit of a mouth there, showing so really interesting.

Spinning around here you could see that hes actually got some face printing there on the back as well as you get a really good look at the back torso printing, which of course most of the time is covered up by this. But this figure is really detailed. Like look at the face, it is detailed. It looks a little goofy to me in my personal opinion, im not the biggest fan of the idea of this, but let me remove the mask here to show you what that looks like so yeah youve got this face and it just looks cartoony. It just looks very weird: the torso printing is great, though i love the fur and everything like that. It looks really great, but personally what i would have done thinking ahead to 2022. I would have done a old michael keaton face, so i could reuse that for the flash movie sets presumably im assuming were going to get sets next year, so personally, thats. What i would have done would have loved to get an old, michael keaton versus just this. Here: well there you have it everyone that is my review of the spidermans drone duel set and again its my least favorite of the three, but you know youre getting that really great looking suit, really detailed and then youre also getting vulture and its been since 2016. Since weve gotten the mcu vulture so its great to have him in another set, and i think that uh its an interesting, take and im not sure if its a downgrade, i definitely think its a smaller version for my memory.

So let me know if you want to see a comparison but anyways everyone. I would love to hear your thoughts about this. What do you think of this set? What do you think of the other two leave them all down below but, as always be sure to subscribe turn on the bell notification, so you dont, miss out on future lego, marvel superheroes news and reviews just like this one, but i hope you guys did enjoy The video hope you all have a great day.