This is set number 10784 spiderman webquarters hangout. This has 155 pieces and is retailing for 49.99 usd or 64.99 canadian and will be available beginning on january, the 1st of 2020 – and i was actually able to pick up this set early from mastermind toys here in canada, and this is the largest set in the Wave, it comes with all three of these spider people, as well as an exclusive miss marvel and green goblin appears in the set as well so lets go ahead and lets take a closer look at this set. So here is the webquarters and honestly i really like it. You know why, because it gives me like regular sort of toy vibes where theres, just this huge wacky, you know bat cave or spider man, uh cave youve got this weird bobble head of like the hero at the top, and it looks great like it feels like It doesnt feel like lego honestly, which is something really cool but anyways. It is lego its a four plus set. So keep that in mind. I know a lot of people are like, and this is such a bad set its not for you. It really is not for you, i guarantee you. The set is going to be such a hot seller, so from just the whole shape of it, love the tower at the top. All that so lets start down here at the bottom so down below here on the left.

We actually have gwens area and she is, i guess, a musician in the show. So shes got this uh brick here. Everything here is printed by the way, which is a beautiful thing about four plus sets um, so that is all printed the stereo, as well as the piano tile there, and she does come with a pink guitar which youll see in a bit but uh this piece Here is actually from mario, so its cool that these large plates are appearing in more and more sets. Um were gon na skip on over here to the right first, and this is miless section i guess in the show hes actually like an artist or something so he is actually painting like this cute little family photo like. I love to say that from the lego, batman movie with uh youve got spidey miles and gwen there now, underneath here is something really interesting, so youve got a little crate and other than that, like the bottom part, its very empty and open, which is fine. Im surprised, theres, no prison cell or anything. I would have liked that in the back anyway, so inside here, uh just while we were talking about miles, weve actually got a little paint palette there with a bunch of different paint colors, as well as a green paint. Brush, although he none of these colors uh, you know most of them, arent actually used or featured there. I guess he could mix and make colors, but it was also included rolled away theres.

Actually, this little red ball here and uh its not a basketball or anything. Its got this weird sort of texture. I think this is one of like the old ones. You know that would launch out of like those hands that you would like that. You know what i mean that would flick out anyways its a basketball. You shoot it on through the hoop and if you want to as well, you put the crate down below as well, and if you want to, you could have uh the basketball go on into there. So thats pretty cool now up top weve got this really cool computer tile. There, which looks great with the green goblin and theres a warning. Hes got a pumpkin bomb hes still in pizza or something in a video playing that whole video. There, like the whole screen. Actually reminds me of these screens featured in the spider layer from last year, so thats, pretty neat youve, also got and im going to call it this. This is a playstation controller, because last year they actually mentioned that thats what it was in the spider layer. So pretty cool now and if you notice here on the sides, these are actually slides. So what you do is you of course, have like the alert or whatever, and then they slide on down into their respective areas. So thats pretty cute play feature and then up above here weve got the big bobble bubble thing which is uh.

If i flip this around here, you can see what that looks like its it. Doesnt have anything on the back. Also, just going to show you here in case youre wondering this is what the back looks like um, you dont, really youre, not missing anything. The only thing that i can think of that you can do on the back. Is this, and maybe it is actually a prison? I was wrong. Hang on watch this ready, so im gon na take the two web pieces here now i havent seen a picture of this. Maybe there is a picture in like the lifestyle, but i didnt notice it, but i think maybe what you could do is you could store some of the villains up in behind there. So if you want, you could take your little gobby figure and you could web him up there and have him inside. So maybe that is what youre supposed to do with those two hinges there in the back and there is actually another use for those web pieces. You could take goblin here as well as one of the web pieces and then taking the other one, and you could attach it and close it on up like a trap there. So thats, pretty neat included in the set as well. Is this little table for them to have some pizza very simple little build, but there is one more thing and that is actually that there is a skateboard ramp there.

So you could take any of the figures. Im gon na take kamala and you put her on the skateboard that is included and you drive on up and you can do some some skate tricks and stuff like that. So so, besides, the huge web quarters youve also got this vehicle for gwen, which honestly is really great, its our first ever vehicle for her besides a purple skateboard in the past. So its really awesome. I love the printing there on the front uh with the ghost spider mask, looks awesome the turbines here and hot pink in the back as well. These little claw hands in hot, pink love, it love it love it and on the inside, there theres no computer panel, which i find really interesting. But if you want to you could take your gwen minifigure there and just stand her inside and uh yeah. I, like the whole shape of this the whole base. There is a four plus one huge piece at the bottom, and i know youre struggling to have everything that you want in this set. You want a green goblin car right. I i dont know why this exists. Its actually quite cool – i i know im making fun of it here, but its interesting, because youve got this goblin car, so you could put him on inside there and he drives around. Maybe ive put the backwards way, but it doesnt really matter because uh the center here, the goblin glider, actually flies on out, and i did put it the wrong way.

So im just gon na flip that around there and he can fly away so its actually uh. A different glider build here than the one that appeared in the other green goblin set that weve already looked at on the channel, but its just really interesting. If you want as well, if you notice there are the hinges here again, so you could take this and actually try and web him up, which does not seem to be as successful here, but you could also, i guess, if you want, have them dragging behind. If you want to have the web like this and then attaching the longer web piece there and driving off and dragging spidey behind, you could do that too, and here is the spidey figure, if you havent seen it before, he does appear in. I believe three out of the four sets and i really like this figure. Unfortunately, when you print on red, the white looks a lot like pink but yeah. I love the torso printing, its really great, its very detailed, more complete than some of the other figures here that youll see in a second on the back love the logo back head printing as well, really really great and getting mid legs here in the blue. Color is really awesome, as well also included in the set, which only appears in another. One is tracy the little spider bot, which is such an adorable little piece, and i love that they created this piece just for a spider bot and the eyes there really really adorable printing – and here is the miles morales, spider man.

I dont like how theres like very little printing here on the torso there on the chest, and a lot of people said: why is it red legs its because, instead of doing like dual molded legs or printing, they just decide to give him red legs on the Back theres not a lot of printing there either. So i dont really like that. But the back head printing is cool. The vase printing is good as well and yeah its just its just lacking heres, spider, gwen or ghost spider, and i i think this is a great figure. I think the hood piece actually works. I know i would have preferred the new one from last year, but its fine, the guitar there thats nothing new. I believe thats appeared in at least a video set. Probably friends sets as well. The torso printing is very detailed. I really uh like the webbing on the side again its sorry, its not very detailed, like it kind of falls under the miles thing where the rest of the torso is very simple, but on the back it is very detailed, and i, like the use of the Mid legs and purple – and i think the eyes there look really great, except for where it is actually creasing there at the top. You could see how its ruining a little bit of the printing there. I love love, love this figure, and i know that a lot of people are only going to get this set specifically for kamala.

The fact that shes here after all these years is amazing, like i love this figure, i love that shes got mid legs as well. Shes, a teenager, it actually makes sense same with all the rest of them. Maybe they should always be using mid legs, but anyways. This is a brand new hair piece created just for her right now. So that is amazing and it looks great works great. I love this dark brown headpiece as well as like the torso printing is so great and the face printing, i think, looks really cool. I love the use of coral lips sucker for coral printing. I try and do that in a lot of my cmf series. So i love seeing it here and on the back there youve got some really cool back printing as well. I i im so just so in love with this figure. I im so glad that miss marvels here im excited for the potential of her getting her own figure from the new show or wherever else. Hopefully, we get like the stretchy arms back at some point, and here is the green goblin figure, and i didnt like this. Originally, but it is really grown on me, i think the face print works really well its the torso printing that having it in person, i dont, think, looks as good as the renders, but it is very detailed. I, like the g belt there i think thats pretty funny and on the back, its kind of simple, but he does have some printing there like the mid legs and purple just like gwen, the pumpkin is actually different than the other pumpkin bomb in the other set Um with it having this, you know, large piece here meant to represent like a smoke or something like that, but removing this here on the top you can see on the back.

Youve got this scared expression there or upset expression, which is really funny anyways everyone. What do you think of this set? It is the largest one i think its. If you were wanting to get some of the figures, i think this is the best one to do so, because you are getting all three of the spider people in the set youre. Also getting kamala here for the first time in years, youre getting the goblin figure so yeah. I think that including goblin in this set is a good and bad thing. It kind of takes away from the exclusivity of the small set that weve already taken a look at on the channel, but it is great because we then have him in this one, so you cannot have to buy the other one if you want, if you dont Want that miles vehicle, but as everyone, what do you think of this set? I think this is going to be a hot seller. I hope that kamala appears in future sets and we do need black panther hes, one of the other spidey friends thats on the show. So hopefully there is like another wave of this. I would be 100 open to that and the more that the show goes on. I hope they have more villains so that we can get some cool outfits for them as well and have some return like rhino and kamala back after all. These years is amazing but anyways everyone.

What do you think of this said id love to hear your thoughts? Be sure to subscribe turn on the bell notifications, so you dont miss out on future lego. Marvel superhero set news and reviews just like this one, but i hope you guys did enjoy the video and i hope you all have a great day.